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  1. Gutted I missed this as was doing an exam. Always had a soft spot for Austria and they’re very much my second team after England. Vorwärts Österreich
  2. He may have had a point if he claimed to be exhausted but then went to hike the Andes or sail across the Atlantic in his summer. I’m happy to see our young players on a beach in the Maldives compared to collecting STDs in Amsterdam or getting into fights on a Greek island
  3. English commentators are the worst. ‘He claimed to be exhausted but then was spotted on a beach holiday in the Maldives. But everyone is allowed a mistake.’ Yes. Because going on a beach holiday when you’re exhausted is particularly scummy behaviour. Should’ve been doing double shifts in the NHS whilst raising money for kids and spending the rest of his free time working on his game.
  4. BBC in ‘not moving the sun a little further to the left’ shambles.
  5. Tbf I stood for the anthem. Ok I was taking a pre game pee at the time but still…
  6. Just catching up on this. Really scary but thank God he is alive. Could’ve been worse but so scary nonetheless
  7. I’m consider turning the sound off. The American commentator is beyond irritating
  8. The most random panel here at half time on ESPN. Alessandro Del Piero (whose at least Italian so makes sense to have him on) and Steve McManaman. Dunno whose English the Americans struggle with more.
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