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  1. Just catching up with this! Love an Austrian save. Wish Steinach had done a little better as that’s where my family is from! I’m playing as BW Linz on my save (on this forum too)
  2. 2020/2021 season Austrian Premier League And so begins my first season in the top tier! Here's the starting league table Some big teams in there such as RB Salzburg and the Vienna clubs. My aim for this season is just to stay up and build on that. Last seasons new boys Ried went straight back down so will be a toughie. Here's the fixture list Obviously the big game is in September against cross town rivals LASK and hopefully win there will please the fans. Transfers Here are the comings and goings A few loans in plus a few free signings to add depth. Hopefully that's enough! Also sent 2 of my youngters out on loan to get some experience and to see if they can find their scoring boots.
  3. 2019/2020 Season Erste Bank Liga Did we do well? Not half! Finished second in the league and as Liefering won it, we went up! Promotion!!! I can't believe we managed to get promotion and will be in the Bundesliga next season. Amazing. A good run in the last few games saw us good and it was tight all the way to the end and Wattens and Hartberg gave me a great challenge Youth Here is my youth intake for this season Pretty good intake for the season with the standout being Dario Bosnijak Any other news Can I stay up next season? God only knows! I have extended the loan for Guillenot who was my highest scorer so that's a bonus. I hope I can send some of my youth players out on loan, scrape staying up and push on the season after. That's the plan!
  4. 2019/2020 Season - winter break Erste Liga After a slow start, I started picking up some points and after another brief dip, I fiddled about with my tactics and at the winter break, I sit in 3rd 2 points off of joint leaders Liefering and Hartberg. Pretty good position to be in at the moment I think and it gives me the opportunity to push on in the second half of the season. Austrian Cup A thumping win in the first round and a tight win in the second round ultimately led to a 3-1 defeat to Grodig in the 3rd round. With a nicer draw I could have got further, but it wasn't to be. Success wasn't on the cards so I'm not too disappointed but another game or 2 would've been nice Any other news Not much else to report. Scout Kim Kallstrom left the club to join a Bundesliga team which was a blow. Also got another youth recruitment update which brings it up to extensive which is great as hopefully this means I get some really good kids coming through which is part of the challenge after all. In the second half of the season I'm looking to push on and challenge for the title.
  5. Also, here is my new parent club. Hopefully can blag a loan or 2 from them, especially in midfield as that is my weak area
  6. Season 2019/2020 Erste Liga Here we go for a second season! I am aiming for promotion this time around so here is my fixture list I am quietly confident at a top 2 position and to challenge for promotion. Especially with my new signings Transfers I have strengthened my forward line with some loans and a local signing from LASKs youth team plus bulking the midfeild with another loanee. Hopefully the loanee players and my youth players can come to the fore My aim for the season is to challenge for the title. Let's see how that goes...
  7. End of season 2018/2019 Erste liga At the midway point I was in fourth. At the end way point? Yep, still in fourth. Not a bad season all in all with some mixed results, but in my best Arsene Wenger, I though that 4th position meant I needed more youth!! Youth Here is my youth intake. Have to say that Alzenauer looks like the best of the bunch Also in the Austrian 2nd tier, you get bonuses if you play youth, so 400k every 9 games is very useful!! Hopefully can get the best 3 or 4 some game time off of the bench next season as they arrived too late to be put into my squad. So my plans for next season will be hopefully promotion and blooding some youngsters. Let's go Blau Weiss!!
  8. That’s the way I am doing it at my save. Every player I sign must be from Upper Austria (the state that Linz - my team is in) and everyone who comes through the youth academy is eligible. The further you go up the chain and the better your youth recruitment gets, the ‘wider the net’ is and you’ll get an increasing amount of players from outside of the Südtirol. But why bin the next Messi just because he happens to be born a few miles over the border into Lombardy?
  9. Yep. When you're doing a homegrown youth save, this is an added benefit to something you're doing anyway. Save up 2 or 3 of these windfalls and hopefully spend it on upgrading my facilities.
  10. Mid season 2018/2019 Erste liga It started so well! The season started in July and I remained ubeaten until late November. Unfortunately my problem was far too many draws (my usual FM problem). I currently sit 4th in the league after having lead for a while, mainly due to no wins in 6 (2 losses and 4 draws) which is hopefully a temporary blip Highlight so far has to be the 2-0 away win against Ried in an Upper Austrian Derby and the lowlight has to be a home defeat in a kind of Linz Derby to LASKs reserve team. Hopefully the Christmas Break does them good and we come back firing. Austrian Cup Was a good cup run whilst it lasted. A convincing 5-0 win against cross town lower leagers Edelweiss Linz which led to a tie against Bundesliga side Wolfsberg which I managed to win 2-1 (joint result of the season along with my win against Ried). Drew another top tier side in current champions Sturm Graz and lost 2-1 in extra time. Fancied would have gone through in my form at the time if I had drawn an Erste Liga or lower team but wasn't to be. Youth No intake yet, so little to report but trying to give my younger players a first team chance which also has financial benefits More good news on the youth front Any other news Not much other news, but hopefully my mid year/end of year reports will become fuller once I start to progress through the game.
  11. Love the area (got family from Tirol) and idea for this save so will be following this one! I’m trying to do a similar thing with BW Linz
  12. Start of season 2018/19 Here we go! Starting off in the Austrian second tier so here is the league table which includes a few B teams (such as cross town rivals LASKs) as well as Upper Austrian rivals Vorwärts Steyr and SV Reid so plenty of local derbies! Here's a bit of background on the team The facilities are ok but the youth recruitment is brilliant which helps my cause no end! The board expect an upper table finish which should be doable I hope/ I would love to be able to challenge for the title, but that may be a bridge too far in my first season. Here's how the fixture list looks A nice money spinning friendly against Hamburg as well as an easy 1st round cup tie against cross town lower league nobodies Union Edelweiss Linz. I will be back at the winter break to update you guys about my progress. Wish me luck!
  13. 2018/2019 Season - 4th in Erste Liga, Austrian Cup 3rd Round
  14. Welcome to my FM19 save where I'm taking charge of the rarely mighty Blau Weiss Linz in the Austrian second tier. Linz is the third largest city in Austria and is home to 2 teams in the top 2 divisions. LASK in the Austrian Bundesliga and cross town rivals Blau Weiss Linz in the second tier. Linz is more famous for it's steel works and being the birthplace of a certain 20th century dictator with a funny 'tache than it is for its football but LASK were the first winners of the Austrian League outside of Vienna. Blau Weiss are generally known as the team of the workers and have a small but passionate generally left wing following I plan to give them a bit of glory! It'll be a homegrown save so I will focus on youth and only signing local player s(so non local players will be slowly fazed out of the team). The region I will be drawing players from is the state of Upper Austria
  15. Does anyone know what leagues will be in FM19? Haven’t owned an FM since FM16 so have any new been added since then?
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