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  1. Shambles and yobbery? That describes the standard England at a tournament tbf
  2. We need all the help we can get next season. Would ask if you have anyone good up there but after last season…
  3. Don’t have any more upvotes but yes. All games must be on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke. Appoint Pulis and we can’t go wrong
  4. BG, I agree with a lot of your views but give it a break sometimes. I think all of us know we have a very scummy section of so called fans who follow England home and away. The anthem booers, the taking the knee booers, the hools etc. But have a night off and just enjoy the fact that we got to a final ffs
  5. Cheers lads. Hopefully your lot can join us there. Like i always say about the other UK/Ireland teams, love having you at tournaments and really hope you do well. On the caveat that you don’t beat us when we play or go further than we do
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