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  1. mark1985


    Good luck with this one mate!
  2. mark1985


    I know the feeling mate! Any ideas where the next one will be?
  3. Does anyone have a file for the german or Italian lower leagues in FM16? All the ones I’ve downloaded on here don’t seem to work for me.
  4. mark1985

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    Well, that's a great picture of Tite. And the fella scrubs up alright too
  5. mark1985

    England's World Cup 23

    Agree. But who else is there? Looking at the stats for this year, the leading English scorer not included in the squad is Glenn Murray from Brighton.
  6. mark1985

    Leagues represented in the World Cup

    According to Wikipedia, a decent chunk of the Panama team look like they play in the Panama League and the MLS. So they'll be represented
  7. Struggling for motivation with this one at the moment. May delve into another save for a while and leave this on the back burner for a while to get the motivation back!
  8. Haha, trying to retrain him into a ball winning midfielder so need to remind myself sometimes
  9. Start of season 2023/24 Here is the league for this season Me and Vaduz are in the same league for this season so unfortunately no teams in the top tier this season! Hopefully one of us can make it up sooner rather than later.As long as I don't get relegated I will be happy and a top half finish will be massive progress for me. Youth Looking forward to see how they progress this season as many have gone out on loan (mainly those who are on the fringes of the squad but aren't quite ready to be involved quite yet so first team footy for a season in the lower leagues will be beneficial). Transfers Here are the transfers out Lots of guys out on loan, especially at my feeder club of Kussnacht so hopefully they will grow together especially as they are playing a better standard of football than last season. My HOYD have brought 2 young players in for the youth team and they're cheap as chips so worth a punt (especially as he has a judging young player stat of 20 so hopefully he can spot a half decent player...). Young Boys are sniffing around Lukas Zikkert already and that alone is enough to put him on the bench with cameos off of the bench. National team Losses against Israel, Sweden and Switzerland in the qualifiers so not much to report. Any other news Fingers crossed for a tough finish and realistically will be 2 or 3 more seasons before I can realistically look at challenging for that 1 promotion place.
  10. So he has done this 3 times in 3 months yet a fine is unfair? A free transfer is in order I reckon
  11. So I have moved up 48 places in the rankings, so now Eschen/Mauen are in the top 300 clubs in Europe and top 20 in Switzerland. Not bad for 2 little villages in a tiny country.
  12. End of season 2022/23 Phew. I stayed up. By a long way in the end, even though I finished 9th out of 10. A 21 point gap in a 10 team league is absolutely massive. The 3 teams in 7,8 and 9 were split by only a few points, but once I had secured myself in the league, I put some young players from the youth intake in to gain experience as I thought that them gaining experience was more important than my final placing. Liechtensteiner Cup Schaan surprisingly got to the final and unsurprisingly were absolutely destroyed 6-0 by Vaduz in the final. Youth Here is this seasons intake It's another really good intake with the following 2 standouts They were given a few games at the end of the season. I am really pleased with how the youth intakes are going. Obviously I would love to improve my youth facilities even more, but I don't have the money to do so. But despite not having the best facilities, I am producing some very good players. Also, I had 40 players playing for Liechtenstein in the last international break, with 32 of these in the U-21 and U-19 teams (who I don't pick) so that shows how well my youth is doing Transfers Little to report here. My players out on loan have done pretty well and some will be ready for a bench place next season. National team Same old same old Current standings Liechtenstein 153rd Vaduz 10th in Super League, relegated to Challenge League USV Eschen/Mauren 9th in Challenge League FC Balzers 7th in promotion League FC Triesenberg 14th in Swiss 2. Liga interregio group 3 FC Triesen 3rd in Swiss 2. Liga interregio group 3 FC Ruggell 10th in Swiss 2. Liga interregio group 6 FC Schaan 2nd in Swiss 2. Liga interregio group 1 So close for Schaan! Any other news Swapped Sion for Basel as my parent club. Better club and more money, so can't complain at that. Next season I want to finish top half in the league. That will be tough, but doable if I play well and put a few good runs together. My feeder team, Kussnacht also got promoted to the first league again so that will be good for me as any player sent there will get a better level of experience.
  13. mark1985

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Literally never seen this before. And there's me thinking there was nothing to do in Liechtenstein
  14. Sorry it's been a while (had a week away back in the wifes hometown and when I took my laptop on the flight that's when all the problems with it begin, so rather irrationally I left it at home). Here's what's happened since Winter break 2022/23 Here is the league table 2 wins against Tuggen, 1 against Bretenrain and 1 against Basel U-21s are my only wins this season so not the greatest of seasons, but staying up is the main thing this season. Been a tough old season so far but confident that I can stay up if I get get a decent run going. Liechtensteiner Cup Drew Vaduz, lost 4-2, end of. Europa League See above for more details. Really really proud of what I achieved and a shame I won't get to try again next season. Youth Mats Altenau is playing really well and I still can't believe that he came out of my academy! He is attracting attention from the bigger clubs and I hope that I can keep hold of him. But pleased that out of the starting 11, a regular 6 or 7 of them came out of the academy which isn't bad after only 7 or 8 seasons. Transfers I managed to get Leander Grosse back into the fold as Thun released him. So I promptly sent him out on loan to Schaan. Shame he couldn't kick on at Thun (he made 2 first team appearances and played in fits and starts for their U-21 team but I made a load of money off of him and resigned him on a free. Bonus! Apart from that, the younger players not involved in the first team are off on loan to get some first team experience National team After 4 losses in a row, a draw away to Malta and a win away to Belarus saw me shoot up to 145 in the world so not bad. Current standings Liechtenstein 145th Vaduz 9th in Super League USV Eschen/Mauren 8th in Challenge League FC Balzers 6th in promotion League FC Triesenberg 13th in Swiss 2. Liga interregio group 3 FC Triesen 6th in Swiss 2. Liga interregio group 3 FC Ruggell 6th in Swiss 2. Liga interregio group 6 FC Schaan 2nd in Swiss 2. Liga interregio group 1 Any other news I have Sion as a parent club now so nice bit of income there. Aside that, no more news. Right, time to concentrate on staying up
  15. Pfffft. Saukerkas and wine is where it's at.