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  1. Congrats in going pro. That always helps. That's the next jan for me in my save. I've done a Gibralter save and dabbled in Andorra and getting the champs leage money early doors is always a help with upgrades etc.
  2. Season 1 2016/17. Midway point Been an interesting few months at Zug so far. Got off to a flyer winning my first 4 games of the season and going unbeaten in 9. Unfortunately then a defeat and a few draws saw me slip to 3rd in the league, but there are only 4 points in it (only top spot goes up and there are no playoffs). I am the highest scorers in the league with 27 goals, but unfortunately Muri's defense is a tight as a Scotsman the day before payday! Free signing Korkmaz has been on fire so far with 11 league goals in 13 games whereas Schnider has been a tad disappointing with only 1 goal in 12. As long as Korkmaz keeps sticking them away we will be ok though. A god cup running, ending in the 3rd round at home to Luzern helped bolster the finances a bit with an almost full house saw us lose 3-1 at home to a team 3 divisions above us. In some other news, I now have a feeder club in the league below (SC Goldau who are at the top end of Lake Zug) and the chairman has boosted the junior coaching, both of which will help a lot with the homegrown element of the save. Fingers crossed we can carry on this decent form, as only 1 loss in the first half of the season isn't bad but we need to turn some of these draws into a few wins. Muri are due a bad patch (I'm not too worried about Delemont to be honest) at some point and will hopefully start leaking a few goals
  3. Judging by what the majority of people post on here, it is very playable for the majority of people who play it regardless of how much/little success they have. Agree 100%
  4. It's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts. Said no FMer ever...
  5. 4-6? That looks like an epic!
  6. It's Switzerland so the rules will be a bit different. Decided to dive right in anyway
  7. Some amazing progress here mate! I had a decent save with the Imps once and really enjoyed it
  8. Thanks! if preseason is anything to go by, I will really need it...
  9. Start in the lowest tier of a big league, or in a tiny country and take them to champions league glory. It's a long hard road, but very worth it. Look at some of the threads in the careers forum or in the challenges forum for some inspiration. Some ideas could be: 1) Small team in a big city (Red Star Paris, sant andreu in Barcelona etc) 2) Taking a club from Andorra/San Marino/Gibraltar to glory 3) A homegrown/youth save ie managing Liverpool and all players are from Merseyside/Lancashire or have come through the youth academy 4) Choose somewhere you've been on holiday to and take them to glory There's so many options out there!
  10. Great news on the turning pro and better junior coaching. Can I borrow your chairman? Given that I'm doing a homegrown/youth save, I could do with an upgrade but my chairman is a bit hesitant As for the Europa league draw
  11. I would say more like anticipation
  12. How about vaporising? That would be very useful when defending against counter attacks
  13. Imagine the stats? Bending space and time: 17 Probing: 19 Creepiness: 20
  14. Yeah, I am. I was only a week into the first season anyway, so restarted. Half of them are a bit naff, so should have stuck with the greys