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  1. I'm 4 seasons in to my save (FM16) and managing a top 3/4 club in Austria with average youth recruitment. I have 4 feeder clubs (2 in Austria,O'Higgins in Chile and the Aspire Academy from Qatar). O'Higgins have only been my feeder club for a few months, so too soon to see an effect but Aspire have been there from the beginning. My nationality is English with Kyrgyz second nationality. So far I have had 1 English newgen (a keeper who was a bit rubbish) and the rest have been Austrian. Aspire are set up to feed promising Qatari youngsters into my system, but none so far plus I added the second nationality to see what effect that has. Maybe 4 seasons is too short, but nothing so far. I would say the following are the most important factors: nationality of manager and coaching staff youth recruitment nationality and type of feeder clubs location of country/club (you are more likely to see Welsh/Scottish/Irish newgens in England than Uzbek or Zambian for example) luck
  2. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    I'm predicting at least Champions League knock out stages within 10 years...
  3. Best Feeder Teams

    Have them as my parent team. Some cracking loans from them
  4. Best Feeder Teams

    Honestly not sure. Would like to know myself. What is your rep and what is theirs? If it is close maybe that is why. Or sometimes they just can’t come to an agreement
  5. Che bello è Avellino

    Nice promotion there!
  6. In Linz beginnts (FM16)

    Start of season 2019/20 Bundesliga Welcome to the start of the new season. I'm very optimistic for this season. Here are my fixtures for this season The board think I should finish mid table but I am aiming higher for that. The league has lost a champions league place which is a pain so the only way to qualify for it is to win the league. Fingers crossed the teams in Europe can up their game and get that place back! I am aiming for third or better this season. Austrian cup Here is my draw for next season. Should make it past the first round and I would really like to win it so I can finally win a trophy! Europa League Another tough draw and another Premier League team. Not holding out much hope but who knows. If I get a win in the first leg at home, then anything is possible Youth My players have come back from their loans and most are into the first team squad. Ahmetasavic, Raguz, Feichtinger, Scmid, Aichinger and Demircioglu are all in the first team squad. They all had good loans last season and I am confident that they can step up to the plate. I have plenty of players in the Austrian U-19 squad so obviously something is working with my youth team. I have also signed Wimmer from Prambachkirchen (a small village a few miles away) who is in the U-19 squad at the age of 16 so he looks one for the future. Transfers Despite me saying I wouldn't make any more loan signings, I have made 3. A keeper from Juve plus 2 more to bulk out the midfield. I have rid of some of the dead wood and sent a few youngsters out on loan. Should be the last season of bringing some loans in and fingers crossed they step up to the plate for me. Any other news Not much else to report other than it could be a big season for my young players!
  7. In Linz beginnts (FM16)

    End of season 2018/19 Bundesliga Very successful season for me finishing third in the league, 5 points clear of Austria Vienna. I had already bagged third by the last game of the season, so stuck the young kids in and lost both times but didn't bother me as I had already bagged my highest league position yet! Very pleased with this as it bodes well for the future. Austrian Cup Another year another win for Rapid Vienna. Nothing to see here Europa League I will be entering in again at the third qualifying round so fingers crossed for a decent draw and I don't get battered again. Youth Not a bad youth intake this time around. I decided to keep all of them again just to bulk the youth team out. I shall be slightly more selective in future. Here is the youth intake Probably the best player to come through is Sebastian Ammerbacher who is a striker. Not great technically but not bad otherwise Not a bad year for the U-18s who won the cup which was a good result for the lads! Good sign for the future and when the loan signings come back with their experience they will take the place of the loan signings and hopefully lead me to bigger and better things. Transfers Here are my transfers for this season. Bit too reliant on loan signings this season, but with my players coming back from their year on loan, I should be able to grow on this. I added 2 players to my youth team who are both defenders and will help me grow into a better side. Sikov went on loan as he was not happy at the amount of games he was getting and Austria Klagenfurt have an option to buy him for 20k which I wouldn't be opposed to as I can't see him playing too much next season. I shouldn't have to bring in any loans next season. Any other news Thrilled with my third place finish and really excited to see what condition the loan players come back in. They have grown with the experience I have given them and most of them should be able to slot right into the first team squad. Gartler has decided to hand in his retirement, which is a shame as he has been a brilliant striker for me. He is staying for 1 more season so hopefully he will be able to help bring some of the younger players through whilst sticking plenty in the back of the net.
  8. Best Feeder Teams

    When it comes to the merch clubs, the bigger the better in my opinion. But just look for clubs with the best youth/junior coaching in countries with decent regens (Spain, Germany, Brazil etc etc). The better your rep, the better feeder team you are likely to get.
  9. Best Feeder Teams

    Agree with XaW. Anyone with the best facilities and youth coaching/recruitment you can find. Or if merchandise/money is what you're looking for, then someone from Japan or the US are usually the best

    What a win against Italy! Amazing stuff mate
  11. What is your ideal league?

    The Austrian and Swiss leagues have 10 and are 36 game seasons as you play each team 4 times (twice before winter break, twice after). Not masses amounts of money for winning them but is a challenge.
  12. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    I’ve been wanting to do a german save for a while. It’s just the whole naming thing that does me (cba to go through and change them all) plus would wanna do a lower league save. I would go for it though. How they doing in your save?
  13. In Linz beginnts (FM16)

    Winter break 2018/19 Bundesliga So far so good in the league. I currently lie 4th but within touching distance of Sturm Graz in 1st (only 5 points separate us). I briefly lay top of the league for a few hours and I'm very please with my league form. I seem to be a lot better in front of goal this season and the team is looking confident and ready to battle to stay in the top 4. I can't wait for the rest of the league season and I plan to battle for a third place finish at least. Austrian Cup Disappointed in how this went as I would like to win a trophy sooner or later. Could have gone either way, but my focus is very much on the league this season. Europa League As predicted it didn't last long, but I definitely should have put up more of a fight. At least the fans got to see some goals... Youth As said earlier, most of the young players are off on loan either in Sedan or in the Austrian second tier. They have been putting in some decent performances and should be ready for next season. I have also brought in Lewandowski (no, not that one) from SV Chemie Linz. He's a local boy and looks a gem. Hopefully he can progress well in my youth team (who are performing well in the U-18 league and currently lie second). Transfers I purchased Muller (an Austrian U-21 international) from Mainz to bolster my midfield. Apart from that, not a lot more to report other than bringing in some loans from PSG. Any other news Not much else to report other than a new parent club (PSG) and feeder club (O'Higgins in Chile) to spread some LASK love around Europe and the world. Hopefully sme good loans/regens will come from them, but who knows. Aims for the rest of the season will be to challenge for third and entry into the Europa League third qualifier.
  14. Can’t remember my full backs tackling stat, but they’re not horrendous. It’s more a case of tactics in my case I think. I have set my team to press and they have no cover as I play without wingers so there is more presssure on them. My right back is an assist machine and the tactic is working by and large so hesitant to change too much. Just wish they would pick up fewer bookings but no tactic is perfect and my full backs sitting out 2 or 3 games a season is a small price to pay. Plus it encourages me to play my youngsters as ‘the assist machine’ aka Manuel Kerne isn’t getting any younger
  15. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Never managed in Holland, but how are you youth facilities/junior coaching/youth recruitment? Those plus a large slice of luck are the keys to a good youth intake. Once you’ve got them there, it’s all about the HOYD, youth + training facilities, youth coaches, tutoring and playing time to help them fulfill their potential.