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  1. Little strange thing

    I won every game apart from 1 draw in a season once. I still haven't forgiven the other team (damn you all to hell Ibach!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  2. Is there a challenge for me?

    There are some quality players in those countries (Alaba and Arnautovic in Austria or Shaqiri and Xhaka in Switzerland). True, there are some big teams Sturm Graz in Graz, Rapid/Austria in Vienna and GCZ/FCZ in Zurich, but they're large population centres so maybe some room for another? Plus if you want to be able to pronounce the players, how about French speaking Switzerland (I've been to Belgium and some of those Flemish names are tricky despite me speaking German!)
  3. Edited it as soon as I realised it. D'oh
  4. Shame to see you get sacked. Was the Kosovan national team available to manage off the top of your head? Better luck in Montenegro though
  5. Hadn't considered Kosovo before! Will add it to the list. Good luck with this!
  6. Simulation leagues

    If you look at the bottom 3 in the second season, you have Napoli (4th previously), Sampdoria (11th) and Crotone (16th) and the top 3 you have Inter (2nd), Palermo (newly promoted) and Benevento (13th). Maybe Napoli played Juve, Inter and Lazio? Or have a key player or 2 out/underperforming? Palermo and Benevento have had decent starts but if they are there at the end of the season it could be a fluke but then again, remember irl Leicester won the Premier League after almost getting relegated the season before so stranger things have happened. Plus Kaiserslauten won the Bundesliga the season after getting promoted in 97/98 and Notts Forest won Division 1 after being promoted in 77/78 plus the League Cup and then won the European Cup the year after.
  7. I've watched Blau Weiss a few times as well. I used to live on the same road as the footy stadium there so was dead close, but as most of my work colleagues were LASK fans I started to watch for their results. There are a few long term things I want to test, mainly: does having a second nationality effect the regens coming through? if you put the youth intake of a random tiny country to 200, what happens? if you gave a non league club a sugar daddy, what happens? A long term save would be a great place to test these
  8. Club Reputation

    Exactly. If you've gone straight from League 2 to the Prem (good cup run or not) your rep hasn't had time to adjust so to speak. A few more seasons in the Prem, maybe a cup win or 2 and you'll see it starting to grow.
  9. The Great San Marino Challenge (fm18)

    San Marino are on my shortlist for FM18. So will be following this
  10. Club Reputation

    Whilst I agree it sounds a little low, I don't agree that Huddersfield have a bigger reputation than Leeds. Arguably they are the 'smallest' team in that list. How quickly did you go through the divisions?
  11. Club Reputation

    Irl who would have the higher reputation of these clubs: Huddersfield Leeds Sheffield United Portsmouth Blackburn Brighton Leeds have the highest reputation ahead of Poopey in my opinion from this list despite there being a former Premier League Champion and 2 Premier League Clubs here. Being in a higher league doesn't automatically give you a better reputation
  12. Club Reputation

    The only way to keep it moving up is to keep winning and stay in the prem. It may be slow, but that's what it takes. This would be how it works in real life too, as players/fans/pundits etc may think you're a flash in the pan and will slide down the leagues again. Sustained success is the key
  13. amazing achievement mate. Congrats
  14. Spot on with this, as this is exactly what I do. I do love Innsbruck (I've been there dozens of times and my family is from just south of there) but I used to live in Linz for a few years so LASK all the way for me! I enjoy managing FC Luzern in Switzerland (used to follow them when living there as they were the closest pro team) or FC Kussnacht in the lower leagues as they were the amateur team in the next door village (mine was too small to have their own). The 3 things that do it for me is finding a connection with the team (real life fan, been there on holiday, whatever really), homegrown/youth saves do it for me (taking the local bunch of farmers/fishermen/miners to glory and showing the world!) and there's the unkown factor (some saves just click for whatever reason). In terms of the creating a manager with no resemblance to yourself, I might give mine a random second nationality (Tajik maybe. Or a small Caribbean island. Maybe Faroese...) to see if any random regens come into my academy