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  1. Yes and no. I remember one save where I was promoted to the Spanish 2nd tier in my 2nd season. By Christmas, I had 2 points. Because of my low rep and chances of going straight back down (which I did, not that it should be any surprise given that I was on 2 points at Christmas) no one wanted to come and the 2 or 3 loans didn't perform. But it worked really well for my young players (by March, I thought 'sod it' and played all my good prospects), who thrived once down in the 3rd tier and I was straight back up as champions the next season
  2. I know where you're coming from as the fans is part of how I choose teams too. Had a great save with Fulham once ('05 or '07 I think...)
  3. Tempting! I may start a thread in the career section to (partially to help keep me motivated) so want to get it right. If it's a country the size of Ukraine, I may even go that extra mile and only have players from that region (yes, I'm a bit mad, I know...). Toying with the idea. Will look through all the rules of it again before I decide!
  4. Congratulations on your real world promotion. Wow. A little bit of me just died there having to say that... Miss derbies against you lot. Bournemouth pretending they have one with us is just tiresome. How are your lot to manage in FM anyway? A challenge I imagine...
  5. Looks interesting but I'm still on FM16! Always fancied a Dutch or Belgian save, but think those teams would be too big for me. I prefer it with minor teams. Very very tempting I have to say...
  6. Competing in Europe would be the long term aim and I like doing with a mid sized to smaller nation. Although as you say, the 'smaller' the country, the harder this will be, which is why I need to get the balance right...
  7. I was wondering which country you would think of doing a homegrown challenge with? I like doing this challenge as it's very rewarding and a long term save. If you were to do one with a European team, where (country and/or club) would you do it and why? And also how hard do think it would be out of 10 (for example Barca would be 1/10 whereas someone in the Andorran 2nd division would be 10/10)? Which country would tempt you most and why?
  8. What makes you choose who you start a save with and why? For me I'm all about the long term homegrown save so a lot of thought goes into it. But interested to see how you choose who you start a save with. Is it the team you support? A random team? Or what makes you decide?
  9. Exactly. I usually manage smaller clubs were budgets are tight so a HOYD who can also coach/scout a bit covers a few bases. When searching for my HOYD I look at his personality and determination first off and then at the attributes I mentioned if I'm choosing between a few. If he's training the youth prospects as well as picking them, then all the better and if he has good scouting abilities, I can trust him more when he decides who he wants to offer youth contracts to.
  10. True. I kind of use mine as a glorified scout and youth coach (as useful way of adding an extra coach in there).
  11. Second this but would add the most important attributes for me are: Judging potential Judging ability Working with youngsters
  12. This is brilliant! As I used to live in Switzerland, I want to try and bring FC Kussnacht up through the leagues. Would this work with FM16, or is there an FM16 file somewhere?
  13. Enjoying this and just started one myself with La Florita and the national side. Only started yesterday but highlight is beating Birkirkara in the Europa League 1st round and drawing West Ham in the 2nd! We'll try and keep that one in single figures...! Was going to start a thread but seems like you beat me to it! Good luck and decent progress so far!
  14. Good ideas so far! I'm toying with the idea of a lower league Italian save, rejuvenating my FC Luzern save in Switzerland or somewhere in Central/Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia etc) or Scandanavia
  15. Hello. With the New Year looming, I am looking for a HUGE save to crack on with. I am not starting yet, as given that I've been a very good boy this year (honest! Well, there was that one time...I only meant to go out for 1 pint and then...anyway, I digress), so I might even get FM17 at Xmas (I currently have FM16). This save will last months (if not the whole year), so I really want to get the decision right. That's where you guys come in. I have a few things that I am 100% sure about, but some things I'm not. My requirements: Must be European (preferably not UK but may be tempted) Not a 'big' club (ie not a Man U, Barcelona, PSG etc) with a lot of money There must be some scope for growth there I love doing the homegrown saves, where I sign all play players from that region (ie if I was Liverpool, all the players would come from Merseyside/Lancashire) or in the case of a small country (Luxembourg, Malta, San Marino etc) just from that country. Players from the youth intake are acceptable. Preferably not in the top tier (exception for the likes of Gibraltar, Andorra etc) Preferably something/somewhere that makes them 'stand out.' Such as small club next door to a big club (Red Star in Paris or Unterhaching in Munich for example), or anything you can think of really I may well do career updates so preferably not something that's been done a lot before (such as the Gibralter challenge Any ideas you have would be brilliant! Thanks in advance