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  1. Mid season 2021/2022 So far so good this season with me in 5th currently only a few points off top. As you can see, only 2 points off of 2nd, so I will be aiming for that in the 2nd half of the season. With a little luck, and keeping my form up I should be able to achieve that even though it is asking a lot. I have faith in my boys! The goals have been shared around fairly evenly with both main strikers (Merlinschinowski and Erhlenkotter) 0n 4 each with 5 or 6 on 2 or 3 each so that's nice, The only slight disappointment is going out of the cup in the first round, but it was against a team in the league above and it went to the lottery of penalties so can't be too disappointed to be honest Youth It's been a good season for youth so far as currently 5 of my first team came from the youth academy so that is very promising. These players mixed with some of the more experienced players is a good mix so far. Hopefully my youth team can keep developing talent so that by the time these 5 are in their mid to late 20s, the whole team is from my youth team and we're going up the leagues. That's the dream at least. The U-19s are currently mid table. This is probably due to a chunk of last years team being in the first team now and being replaced by 15/16 year olds but it's more about player development rather than having the U-19s win every game
  2. Start of season 2021/2022 Another season in the third tier and I aim to be at the top end of the table, hopefully challenging for promotion. Whether I get promoted or not is to be seen, but I will defo give it a good go. Here is the league table for the start of the season: There are some good teams in the division again so promotion will of course be a challenge, but let's see what happens. In the cup, I have drawn Ingolstadt who are in the second tier. Given that I somehow managed to beat Dortmund last time I played in the cup, I'm optimistic, but of course as they are in a higher division, they are definitely the favourites. A nice cup run will be fun and good for the bank balance Transfers Here are my comings and goings for the season Some of these are my loans from last season that came to me on a free. But I am struggling to attract loans at the moment which is frustrating as I still need time for my youth prospects to develop before I can be 100% homegrown (hence why there are a few non Berlin players I've brought in to bulk up my squad in the meantime). Youth Speaking of youth, I want another good year from my youth team in the youth leagues as well as drafting some more into the first team. I will be giving more starting time to Grigoriadis as well as having Wilke, Maek, Karantzalis and Ehrlenkotter on the bench. There was no interest from other parties in terms of loaning them out, so I think bench time will be good for these players and getting some minutes under their belt. Other In terms of football in Berlin, my goals for the season are more Berlin clubs doing well. Hopefully Hertha can do ok in Europe and in the league, Union can finish further up the table in the second tier, Sparta can challenge near the top in the third tier and as the 4th tier in the Northeast in 50% Berlin/Brandeburg, hopefully one of them can get promoted and the same deal in the third tier where almost every club is from Berlin/Brandenburg (TeBe Berlin or BW Berlin would be my preferred choice). And maybe even my B team might end up in the 5th tier.
  3. End of season 2020/2021 Sorry about the long gap guys! Christmas and my trip back home kinda got in the way of things. Well how did the season end? It all promised so much until I hit March where I lost all 4 games I played. That's where my promotion chances were really lost as I was playing catch up after than and I finished 3 points off of a playoff spot. Still, having been predicted to go down and massively overperforming before then, a run like that was long overdue really. But with 1 more win and a few more goals, I would've clinched a playoff spot and that would've been a lottery. Still, I'm very proud of what I achieved and gives me something to aim for next season Nice to see 1860 Munich climbing back up the leagues. Also nice to see Furth stay in the league. Irl I've been there many times and always stayed near the stadium (I have a funny story about former Irish snooker player Ken Doherty in that hotel but that's probably best left for another time). But plenty to go on for next season and fingers crossed I can challenge for promotion again next season. Youth Another decent youth intake for me this season with the standouts being Ghanaian midfielder Kwame Opare and Berlin born defender Moritz Fuchs. Opare has already been called up to the Ghanaian U-20 team so that's promising. He is eligible for this homegrown challenge due to him coming through my youth academy. I think every intake has been called a golden generation due to the club being 3 years old. Academy product Grigoriadis had a decent season with 13 games for the first team (10 starts). He spent the first half of the season in the U-19s and then after the break was on the bench and rotating at left back/covering suspensions. He is ready for first team football on a more permanent basis but depending on what loans I get in for next season, I may send him along with fellow Greek/German young midfielder Markos Karantzalis out on loan along with 17 year old striker Axel Ehrlenkotter and 18 year old defender Peter Wilke. These 4 could form the backbone of my team in the future along with a few younger prospects so I think a full season maybe in the 4th tier could do them a wonder of good. They are all good enough for that level currently and a full season of pro football will do them wonders rather than sporadic appearances off the bench or the U-19s. I set up my B team with a lot of friendlies with maybe 2/3s of them against clubs of similar or better quality and they won maybe 85/90% of them so if they go up into the 5th tier, I will just keep them with me instead and let them play for the B team. Another good season for my U-19 team. My U-19 team finished 4th in the league which was a decent performance for them and hopefully some of those prospects can make the step up soon Other As before in this section, I'll be updating you on other Berlin clubs. Hertha finished 7th in the Bundesliga and qualified for the Europa League so more European football for them. Their U-19 team also won the league with the Union U-19 team just surviving whilst the first team finished middle of the pack in the 2. Bundesliga. Pleasing to have 3 Berlin teams in the top U-19 league. In other Berlin news, @Makoto Nakamura will be happy with Croatia Berlin gaining promotion from the 5th to the 4th tier. Looks like the Regional North East league (the 4th tier) is at least 50% Berlin/Brandenburg clubs which is encouraging. The end goal is 2/3 top tier Berlin clubs with another 2/3 across the second and third tier with the 4th being 50% Berlin/Brandenburg. That way, young prospects will get the space to develop in the lower tiers.
  4. It's a lot of fun. I mainly keep an eye on the Berlin clubs whilst checking out the top 2 or 3 Brandenburg clubs on youth intake day. I'll go more in depth if/when I climb up the divisions as it'll be easier to poach talented youths.
  5. Mid Season 2020/2021 Another season that's going really well for me. I am currently 2nd (yes, second!) in the league and playing really well. The only downside would be drawing a few too many games with 3 0-0 draws in a row at one point, but I shouldn't really complain as I was expecting to be at the other end of the table fighting relegation I am a few points off of Halle at the top and 2 points off of Chemnitz in third. Can I keep this up? Doubtful but I intend to enjoy it whilst I can. Highlight was a 4-3 away win to 1860 Munich which was a cracker of a game Youth League rules say that I must have at least 4 German U-23 players in the match day squad so that'll help the youngsters. 18 year old Grigoriadis had a run of 5 games in the first team at the start of the season before dropping down to the U-19s again and has defected to the German U-21 team from the Greeks. The U-19s are currently 5th in the league which is pleasing.
  6. Start of season 2020/2021 Here I am in the 3rd tier with some decent sized teams such as 1860 Munich and Karlsruhe as well as the reserve teams of Dortmund and Bayern. It's going to be a tricky season and to be honest, I'll be happy with avoiding relegation this season. Here's the table As I said it'll be a tough season and I will be happy finishing out of the relegation zone. Transfers I have brought in some loans from Bilbao and Union as well as a couple of free transfers. In the most random transfer so far, one of my youth players who is an English player born in Berlin was poached by Morecambe. Random. Youth The league rules state that I must have at least 4 U-23 German players in the match day squad, which suits my youth focus down to the ground really. I will plan t try and give some of the U-19 players at least a bench spot and hopefully some playing time whilst keeping them also active in the U-19s.
  7. End of season 2019/2020 I managed to hold on to top spot and win the league fairly comfortable in the end As with last season, the gap flattered me as I beat Hertha II 3 games to go to win the title and their form died around the same time. So next season brings 3rd tier football which I'm thrilled about and happened far quicker than I thought it would. I managed to get 4 points from my rivals Dynamo Berlin and Lok Leipzig and a full 6 from Hertha II which is brilliant. Youth So another decent intake for me with the best player being 14 year old striker Stefan Bartel Towards the end of the season when the league was wrapped up with 2 games to go, I gave 5 youth team players debuts so that they could get some experience. The U-19s finished middle of the pack in the league and I think 1 more season of them playing together will do some of them wonders before I throw them into the first team. The better opposition for them this season has brought them on leaps and bounds with Grigoriadis being the standout and I think he could really develop into a solid player for me. I also managed to beef up the junior coaching again so hopefully the next youth intake will be even better. Other Not a bad season for the Berlin clubs with finally some big silverware for the city when Hertha win the cup. Union finished 5th in the 2nd tier so there is now 1 Berlin team in each of the top 3 tiers. No Berlin team came up from the 5th tier (Luckenwalde who were promoted are just south of Potsdam so not too far away but not Berlin) but hopefully some Berlin teams have gone up into that division. Looking forward to a good season next season and trying to finish in the middle of the pack. Having a soft spot for second and third teams in cities, I'm gutted both Fortuna Koln and Viktoria Koln were relegated from the 3rd tier. One thing I'm gutted about is that as my stadium doesn't meet 3rd tier standards, I've moved into the Stadion an der alten Forestei and now groundshare with Union Berlin. It's a bigger ground but sad to be leaving my old ground. Hopefully I can move back there in the future!
  8. Winter break 2019/2020 So far so good in the league for me. I sit 4 points clear at the top of the table which is far better than I could have hoped for. Me and Hertha II were very close until they leaped ahead of me and then a game or 2 later ended up on equal points. The next game? Yep, Sparta v Hertha II which I won and gave me a slight buffer going into the winter break. Hopefully this form keeps up and I can go into the third tier next year but a drop in form could be just around the corner German Cup I said the first round would be tough? Borussia who??? Somehow managed to beat them 2-1 and get into the next round where I faced Cologne. Unfortunately that ended in a 0-1 defeat in the 89th minute. But the cup run was fantastic for me not just on the pitch but off it too. I earnt almost a million in TV money and over 300k in prize money as well as 2 full houses so that was fantastic for me Youth Where did I spend that cup money did I hear you say? Yep, I bumped up my junior coaching. As well as that, my U-19 team has slotted into the middle of the pack in their first season after promotion. They started well occupying 3rd place for a few weeks but are now solidly mid table. They also made the quarter final of the U-19 cup where they lost to the Dortmund U-19 team. A solid mid table finish will do me this season I think. In terms of international call ups, I have a Greek and Kosovan U-21 player in the youth team who were both born in Berlin. Shame they didn't choose the German national team but in reality, I doubt they are good enough plus some international experience is really helping their development, especially Grigoriadis who should develop into a decent defender for me. He's the Greek U-21 international if you couldn't tell by the name...
  9. Start of Season 2019/2020 First season in the fourth tier and the prospect of some derbies against Dynamo Berlin and Hertha Berlin II as well as a rivalry against LOK Leipzig is brilliant. Here is the league table I'm predicted to finish near the top again, but I will see if that happens. Going to a test, that's for sure. I'm really excited for this season, especially with all the derbies, local games and a whole new challenge. German Cup First season in the Cup and nice easy draw to start with Ah well, at least it'll be a bumper crowd and plenty of money. And good to see a Bundesliga team at my place! Transfers Plenty of movement here with a lot of free transfers coming in, mainly poaching young local players plus a few more experienced players to sit on the bench to give me some depth.
  10. End of 2018/2019 season The second half of the season was pretty much me and TeBe Berlin leapfrogging each other whenever a team dropped points. I ended up winning the league by 5 points after they drew and then lost in 2 successive games. The 5 points flattered me a bit it has to be said but I'm not going to complain. So next year I will be playing in the 4th tier against my big rivals Dynamo Berlin, LOK Leipzig and Hertha Berlin II. Berliner AK and Viktoria 1889 are in the 4th tier as well as Babelsberg who are based just outside Berlin in Potsdam. Transfers Little to report here other than picking up a 16 year old defender who can play all across the back who will slot into the U-19s to see how he develops. Youth Speaking of the U-19s, my U-19s won the league on goal difference so will play in the Youth Championship next season which is cool. And I also got a youth intake which was a pretty good one with the highlight being striker Axel Ehrlenkotter It was a pretty good intake (including a couple of 14 year olds!) and they look promising. That allied to the the fact that my U-19 team is already pretty good means I'm very optimistic for the future. Look forward to seeing these guys grow up through the system
  11. Winter Break 2018/19 Made it to the winter break and am sitting pretty at the top of the league. Lost 2 (once to BW Berlin and once to TeBe Berlin). Speaking of TeBe Berlin, they are my biggest challengers so far as they are just 1 point behind me It's an encouraging start to the season and fingers crossed TeBe Berlin drop a few points and I keep up my amazing defensive record. Only conceding 5 goals so far is the key to my success I think Transfers Part of my defensive stability is due to my signing of Maloney (Union Berlin) and Bernaola (Athletic Bilbao) on loan as they've been the rocks at the back for me. As this is a youth save, I am aiming to be less reliant on loans once I start producing half decent youngsters and hopefully raiding other Berlin teams
  12. Just listed as 'lower league' so must be just out of the playable leagues. Hopefully they get up next season as I want all of Berlin football to strengthen ideally
  13. Start of Season 2018/2019 German Division North-East-North Here is the league table at the start of the season As you can see, a lot of Berlin teams in there and I'm excited at the prospect of improving Berlin football and getting some of these guys up the divisions (obviously me first though). As you can see from my objectives, I want as many Berlin teams as high up the rankings as possible (apart from Hertha and Dynamo. Scheiss Hertha. Scheiss Dynamo). The board expects me to win the league and the bookies have me at joint second favourites alongside BW Berlin and just behind TeBe Berlin. Here is the fixture list for the season Some nice money spinning friendlies against GCZ and Rapid Vienna as well as my cross town friends at Union Berlin plus some lower ranked teams so my strikers can hopefully find out where the back of the net is. I had to have a friendly at Croatia Berlin as @Makoto Nakamura was one of my inspirations to try out my luck in Berlin again. Transfers The transfer window isn't open yet but I will be trying to secure some loans. I will be looking to bolster the midfield and hopefully get myself a centre forward as a goalscorer is always vital at any level and finding someone who can bang in 15-20 goals this season will be vital. Other I have bolstered the back room and bought in a head of youth development and another coach so I can hopefully get a decent youth intake and give my players some good training. That's about it for now. Time to dive in
  14. Objectives: Win a trophy 5th tier title in 2018/2019 Gain promotion to the Bundesliga Win the Bundesliga Win the German Cup Qualify for Europa Get into the group stages of a European Competition Win the Europa League Win the Champions League Get my II team into a playable league Have a team full of players from my youth intake Have a product of the academy in the national team Have a youth product captain the national team Get 5 Berlin teams into the top 2 divisions
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