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  1. Mid Season 2020/21 I was hoping to be competing this season and competing I am! I currently sit top of the league with a 3 point gap over surprise package Una Strassen (as someone who speaks German and Italian, this team name REALLY annoys me). I have had a fantastic first half of the season (in the league at least) and long may it continue. Cups I have used the cups this season as a way of keeping the squad happy and using it to play squad players as well as players in need of game time. Luckily with the exception of one game (where I played an almost full str
  2. Start of season 2020/21 Here we go! Ready to start a brand new season. I am aiming to finish in the European spots again (although the board are happy with a top half spot apparently) although winning again may be a step too far. Here's the league table at the start of the season Europe Not expecting much this season, especially as I've been drawn against Rangers although Luxembourgs best achievement in Europe did come in beating Rangers in the Europa League so you never know. The money should be nice though Transfers Here are the ins and out
  3. End season 2019/2020 Well this season ended far better than I could ever have imagined. Did I finish third? Nope. Second? Nope. I only went and won the damn thing! Managed to pip Fola Esch by a single point on the last day of the season. Absolutely unbelievable. I have to say it's one of my best ever FM achievements, probably second only to winning the Europa League and 10 straight titles with Austria Vienna on FM12. I played Fola Esch on the second to last game and managed to salvage a draw away from home with a 68th minute goal. I then just had to match them on the las
  4. Had a really fun save with Eschen/Mauren a few saves back. Good luck!
  5. Mid Season 2019/2020 So this season is going far better than I could have ever hoped so far. I currently sit in 3rd in the league. Yes, that's THIRD. Not bad for a bunch of newly promoted amateurs right? There's a nice 6 point gap between 3rd and 5th which is valuable as the top 4 are the European spots. It's far too early to be seriously thinking about Europe, but getting there will be invaluable to my finances which are looking a little ropey (to be fair, it's my first season in the big time and that big time is the Luxembourg top tier...). Another potential way into Europe i
  6. Season 2019/2020 Here I am. Season 1, game 1. Looking forward to getting started. Here's the top tier I am aiming to finish midtable but as long as I avoid relegation, it'll be a good first season. Nothing much to say here to start, as I don't know too much about the teams, but I will know a lot more when I next update you at the Christmas break. Cups There are 2 cup competitions apparently and a run in one of them would be great but it's not essential. Staying up is. Transfers Here are my ins and outs for this season As I am an amat
  7. Aims Turn Semi Pro Turn Pro Qualify for Europe Win a cup competition Win the league Win a European game Qualify for the group stages Qualify for the knockout rounds Qualify for a European final Win the Europa League Win the Champions League Have a youth product captain the team Have a youth product win a full Luxembourg cap Have a youth product captain Luxembourg Have my first team 11 all come from the youth system
  8. So here we go! Thought I would try something different this time around. Yes, it's another youth based/local player save but in a country I've never managed in before. The mighty Luxembourg! I have used an edited database to get all the Luxembourg divisions all the way down to the 5th tier but I have started in the top one with the mighty Blue Boys Muhlenbach who have a bulging trophy cabinet with 2 3rd tier titles. The team is newly promoted and plays at the Stade Camile Profer (according to FM) and the Stade Mathias Mamer according to Wiki. I prefer the Stade Mathias Mamer because it's in Mu
  9. End Season 2023/24 So how did I do this season? Yep, I kicked on and made top spot my own. I put the memory of a crappy December behind me and remained undefeated after Christmas to win the league Can't believe it. It went right down to the final day and was very very tight as you can see with only 5 points between the top 5. Can't believe I won the thing and can't wait for a crack at the Bundesliga 2 again next season. The standouts were Peter Wilcke at left back with a 7.31 rating, Ehrlenkotter with 21 goals and Huth with 23 clean sheets. Those 3 won it for me really. Dos S
  10. Mid season 2023/24 So far so good. Apart from an appalling December. Started the season very well with a bunch of wins but a shocking December (with only 2 points from a possible 12) sees me sitting in a respectable 4th As Hertha II can't be promoted, 4th spot sees me in the playoffs so that's ok at least. I've organised some nice easy friendlies to help my strikers refind their striking boots and 1 toughie against FC Luzern to keep the defenders on their toes. German Cup Nowt to report other than a spanking from Dortmund in the first round Youth
  11. Start season 2023/24 New season new me and all that. So another season in the 3. Liga for me and here's the table: Some decent teams in there included lots of II teams but fingers I can challenge for at least playoff spot. I've decided to get the band back together and not send out too many players out on loan. Grigoriadis, Wilcke, Karantzalis and Ehlenkotter are all back and in the first team. As is Gio Dos Santos who I got on a free. He's only got a season or 2 in him but hopefully he can mentor the kids and help me get back up to the 2nd tier asap. Boum and Cakar who were on
  12. End season 2022/23 So the season ended in relegation with me finishing bottom of the league. Absolutely shocking season for me to be honest. To be honest, the gamble of sending a lot of players out on loan failed but you live and learn at the end of the day. Next season I will be in the 3rd tier so fingers crossed this experience helps me in the long run and I'm back in the second tier in no time and can make a better shot of things. I certainly have the players for it and now they have the experience I think. Transfers Not much to report more than I said in th
  13. Mid Season 2022/23 So this season is proving to be every bit as hard as I thought it would be. I am currently propping up the league on 11 points with only Sandhausen and Darmstadt keeping me company, both on 12 points. Looks like the gamble of sending players out on loan isn't working out so far, but if I do go down, I will be stronger for it as the players out on loan are mainly at 2nd and 3rd tier sides. Transfers My players out on loan have been performing fairly well, especially Karantzalis at Bundesliga 2 St Pauli who has a rating of 7.11 so far this season,
  14. Start season 2022/23 So excited for my first season in the second tier. Here is the league just before I play my first game: As you can see, there are some huge clubs in this league such as 1860 Munich, Eintracht Frankfurt, St Pauli and Kaiserslauten. I am just looking at survival this season as the goal. Going to be very tough as promotion was a shock last season. German Cup I have been drawn at home to Bochum. Tough game so lets see what happens Transfers In a fit of wanting my youth to progress (partially fueled by lager) I sent a lot of players ou
  15. End Season 2021/2022 Firstly, sorry about the long gap but I bring great news. Promotion!!! I only lost 1 game after the winter break and managed to snag the second automatic promotion spot. 3rd and the lottery of the playoff was the best I could hope for and that was my aim going into the last game as I sat in 4th. But I beat Munster 0-3 away whilst Braunschweig drew and Chemnitz lost which gave me second behind Furth. Absolutely unbelievable! I'm actually speechless. Can't believe it. Going to be playing 2nd tier footy next season. Youth Here's my intake
  16. Mid season 2021/2022 So far so good this season with me in 5th currently only a few points off top. As you can see, only 2 points off of 2nd, so I will be aiming for that in the 2nd half of the season. With a little luck, and keeping my form up I should be able to achieve that even though it is asking a lot. I have faith in my boys! The goals have been shared around fairly evenly with both main strikers (Merlinschinowski and Erhlenkotter) 0n 4 each with 5 or 6 on 2 or 3 each so that's nice, The only slight disappointment is going out of the cup in the first round, but it was
  17. Start of season 2021/2022 Another season in the third tier and I aim to be at the top end of the table, hopefully challenging for promotion. Whether I get promoted or not is to be seen, but I will defo give it a good go. Here is the league table for the start of the season: There are some good teams in the division again so promotion will of course be a challenge, but let's see what happens. In the cup, I have drawn Ingolstadt who are in the second tier. Given that I somehow managed to beat Dortmund last time I played in the cup, I'm optimistic, but of course as they are in a h
  18. End of season 2020/2021 Sorry about the long gap guys! Christmas and my trip back home kinda got in the way of things. Well how did the season end? It all promised so much until I hit March where I lost all 4 games I played. That's where my promotion chances were really lost as I was playing catch up after than and I finished 3 points off of a playoff spot. Still, having been predicted to go down and massively overperforming before then, a run like that was long overdue really. But with 1 more win and a few more goals, I would've clinched a playoff spot and that would've been a lottery. S
  19. It's a lot of fun. I mainly keep an eye on the Berlin clubs whilst checking out the top 2 or 3 Brandenburg clubs on youth intake day. I'll go more in depth if/when I climb up the divisions as it'll be easier to poach talented youths.
  20. Mid Season 2020/2021 Another season that's going really well for me. I am currently 2nd (yes, second!) in the league and playing really well. The only downside would be drawing a few too many games with 3 0-0 draws in a row at one point, but I shouldn't really complain as I was expecting to be at the other end of the table fighting relegation I am a few points off of Halle at the top and 2 points off of Chemnitz in third. Can I keep this up? Doubtful but I intend to enjoy it whilst I can. Highlight was a 4-3 away win to 1860 Munich which was a cracker of a game You
  21. Start of season 2020/2021 Here I am in the 3rd tier with some decent sized teams such as 1860 Munich and Karlsruhe as well as the reserve teams of Dortmund and Bayern. It's going to be a tricky season and to be honest, I'll be happy with avoiding relegation this season. Here's the table As I said it'll be a tough season and I will be happy finishing out of the relegation zone. Transfers I have brought in some loans from Bilbao and Union as well as a couple of free transfers. In the most random transfer so far, one of my youth players who is an English player bo
  22. End of season 2019/2020 I managed to hold on to top spot and win the league fairly comfortable in the end As with last season, the gap flattered me as I beat Hertha II 3 games to go to win the title and their form died around the same time. So next season brings 3rd tier football which I'm thrilled about and happened far quicker than I thought it would. I managed to get 4 points from my rivals Dynamo Berlin and Lok Leipzig and a full 6 from Hertha II which is brilliant. Youth So another decent intake for me with the best player being 14 year old striker Stefan
  23. Winter break 2019/2020 So far so good in the league for me. I sit 4 points clear at the top of the table which is far better than I could have hoped for. Me and Hertha II were very close until they leaped ahead of me and then a game or 2 later ended up on equal points. The next game? Yep, Sparta v Hertha II which I won and gave me a slight buffer going into the winter break. Hopefully this form keeps up and I can go into the third tier next year but a drop in form could be just around the corner German Cup I said the first round would be tough? Borussia who???
  24. Start of Season 2019/2020 First season in the fourth tier and the prospect of some derbies against Dynamo Berlin and Hertha Berlin II as well as a rivalry against LOK Leipzig is brilliant. Here is the league table I'm predicted to finish near the top again, but I will see if that happens. Going to a test, that's for sure. I'm really excited for this season, especially with all the derbies, local games and a whole new challenge. German Cup First season in the Cup and nice easy draw to start with Ah well, at least it'll be a bumper crowd and plenty o
  25. End of 2018/2019 season The second half of the season was pretty much me and TeBe Berlin leapfrogging each other whenever a team dropped points. I ended up winning the league by 5 points after they drew and then lost in 2 successive games. The 5 points flattered me a bit it has to be said but I'm not going to complain. So next year I will be playing in the 4th tier against my big rivals Dynamo Berlin, LOK Leipzig and Hertha Berlin II. Berliner AK and Viktoria 1889 are in the 4th tier as well as Babelsberg who are based just outside Berlin in Potsdam. Transfers
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