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  1. I got married on a day when it was 40 degrees Celsius. Yes I am aware of what hot is. I also wanted to get out of the damn thing into something more comfortable as soon as I could Edit: As you're a royalist, name one way the royal family has improved your life. How does having a royal family make your life better than not having one?
  2. *knock knock* ‘hi it’s the electric company. We’re here to turn the electric off’ Person ‘well, it’s the middle of January, it’s effing freezing and I’ve just put me tea on. So not really the time or place is it? Sorry mate.’
  3. Isn’t he a bit busy with court cases and gay frogs? Maybe he’s trying to see the body to check for lizard blood
  4. My argument is why are they any more worthy of being the monarch than me? Or you? Or Dave from the pub? Being the head of a country (regardless of how much power they do or don’t have) shouldn’t be down to the lottery of birth.
  5. I dislike the institution of monarchy because it goes against my basic belief of we are all created equal. Why is a royal any different to me because their ancestor was mates with William the Conquerer whilst mine was knee deep in cow manure in some rural backwater? That should have little to no bearing on our lives 1000 years later. At the same time, I bear no ill will to Elizabeth as a person, after all I never met her. Some of her family can get in the bin however. I’m all for showing respect etc but cancelling cancer appointments and funerals never mind kids football and charity walks because of ‘respect’? Nah, not having it. Have a parade, give people the day off work, fine. I’m also split on the protesting of the monarchy at this time. Yeah I probably broadly agree with them and as it’s as the forefront of peoples minds now, it’s probably a good time to talk about it. But also it doesn’t feel like the right time if you know what I mean?
  6. Ffs Andrew. Don’t be a creep. Just stick to the toe sucking like Paul Scholes
  7. And that was just the week Phil was taking the corgis for a walk and happened on a game
  8. A beautiful and fitting tribute to one of the legends of out time who was taken from us far too soon and will live long in the hearts and minds of the general public who adored them. We will never forget you. RIP Harambe.
  9. Given that one Charles had his head chopped off and the other rules during the Plague and the Great Fire of London I think the next few years could be interesting…
  10. I’m an anti Monarchist Republican too and the most positive emotion I have towards them at the best of times is apathy so I’m erring on the ‘if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything’ side. Just enjoy the day off you’ll get out of it
  11. We all know the correct order is: Charles Charles II Charles with a vengeance
  12. Whatever your thoughts on her and her family, always sad when someone dies. Interesting time in history that’s for sure
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