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  1. Did they get a sugar daddy? If not, there's some game balancing where it'll give the club some money to prevent them from instantly going bankrupt from having facilities way above what they can afford even if you don't touch that in the editor, although the 1.36b seems a bit over the top. Perhaps the initial bigger than it should be sponsor deal kept increasing over 20 years?
  2. You and me both, 3 broken legs in 2 months, 2 broken arms... Putting it down to horrible luck for now, but I'm pretty sure I've never had 3 players out with a broken leg at once before. I recall reputation going wonky on FM19 long term saves, guess that was never entirely fixed. Just loaded up a 2042 save from FM19 and every German Bundesliga club has worldwide rep (With the Bundesliga being ranked third) and I also recall some cases with French club reputation skyrocketing. Player valuation unfortunately remains very wonky, especially for young players or low rep players where clubs bid way above value. Would love to see the board (and players, so they don't think 10k release clauses are fine) to recognize this, so they don't accept stupidly low offers. On top of that, obviously, boards not rejecting old offers if they get a way better one, but unfortunately they don't go back on offers and will accept any offer they deem good enough, even if they already received one that's twice as high. Unfortunately, I think, a large part of this comes down to clubs/players not really remembering bids. Wish SI would look at that part (anything to stop clubs from spamming the same offer 5x on deadline day )
  3. But what is a vanilla 4-4-2? Even if you take something like a flat 4-4-2, balanced mentality and no TI/PIs depending on the roles and duties used you can create a million different systems. Especially if you take a flat 4-4-2 and then set the roles to what supposedly is your players best role in that slot you can end up with very weird tactics, even if the baseline is supposedly a vanilla 4-4-2. Heck, even if you use the exact same roles and duties, but different players, you could see something very different. If you look at someone like Rashidi streaming he has saves where almost every match he takes a different tactic, generally from other people, and has no issues making them work. I believe he even finished unbeaten first season with Milan (without transfers) with all kinds of different tactics. So the claim that certain formations can't work is straight up wrong if you ask me.
  4. I have a split block with the 4 most advanced players having their PI set to close down more.
  5. You press very urgently, while pushing higher up the pitch and then you try to pass into space? How when you don't give the opposition any space? I play a 4-1-2-3 myself, with similar roles, however in order to create space for the striker I don't press urgently with the entire team and I have a lower LoE to lure the opposition out and create some space behind the defense. With that setup I've had no issues getting my PF(A) to be my top scorer.
  6. Gotta love how players are still aware of what your actual wage budget is and simply lowering it to its absolute minimum will massively reduce player wage demands Oh and then the board cuts my retained revenue from transfers because of "issues with the wage budget". Meanwhile the club has a bank balance of like 2 billions, I got an absolutely ridiculous 1.5b transfer budget, but finances are doing poor simply because I lower the wage budget.
  7. I feel supporting (lone) striker roles are in a rather awkward position in general. For me they don't drop enough to actually be a part of build up play (Even with drops deep PPM) and at the same time don't go forwards enough to regularly be a goal threat (again even with PPMs encouraging that), so they just linger in limbo where they don't get the ball as part of build up play, yet don't get the ball in dangerous enough positions to be a goal threat either. Meanwhile, I've had great success with sole AF/PF(A), roles that in past FMs rarely worked due to them being disconnected from the team. They don't really see that much of the ball either, but they have no issues putting the ball in the net at least. In systems where I played with a lone F9 (With drop deep PPM) and aggressive AML/R roles as goalscorers (IF(A) and RMD), the average position of my F9 was still ahead of either role out wide at all phases of play. Here's the passes received of my F9 in a 2 striker system. Most of them being throw ins... On the other hand, my IW on that flank has 70! received passes. Admittedly, this is a system I'm just toying around with in the league since I already won it, so I'm not gonna claim that it's a solid tactic. Still though, seeing a F9 with drop deep PPM be pretty much ignored outside of throw ins... Oh well, I have 5 more league games this season to screw around with this and see what happens.
  8. The disallowed goal in the 40th minute is caused by Moriba being offside, but where or when? There's no way he's offside when Pongracic heads the ball, after that the defender intercepts, at which point the ball comes from the opposition so he can't be offside and on top of that he's completely irrelevant towards the actual play after the defender's interception so how is this ever an offside call? PSV v AS Monaco.pkm
  9. Unfortunately no, the moment a semi decent team plays on a lower mentality against you they will have the ball... Having played on Cautious mentality myself a couple of times in tough European matches your players will take almost no risks, you'll just see massive amounts of passes between your CDs and pressing them hardly makes a difference. At the same time, since your defenders will have the vast majority of your possession you won't do anything offensively either, since even if you have roles set up that want to attack and get the ball forward they barely see anything of the ball (even while playing with BPDs). Team meetings are one of those things I don't dare to touch in FM to be honest, they almost always seem to end in a disaster for me. Somehow regardless of what option I pick the response turns into "omg why you putting pressure on us!!!" every single time.
  10. To be fair it was a friendly against a German lower division club, you could play 10-0-0 (If it'd fit into the tactic creator) and score 9 goals.
  11. Alright that formation looks overkill in the complete opposite direction. Who actually is gonna score in that set up? You do not have a single player attacking the box there, especially combined with the fact you only play on standard mentality. So you have 3 play making roles that attract the ball and a winger that's... well gonna cross. You can't really work the ball into the box because most of the time there won't even be anyone in the box. It's kind of what I feel a lot of clubs irl ran into trying to play the F9 as a lone striker, they suddenly didn't really have anyone that'd actually score. So yeah, 3 play making roles I think most people agree on is overkill, especially with three very similar play makers. So what happens is in the center you have a bunch of play makers that don't have anyone in front of them, so they can't really make attacking passes. Sooner or later they'll pass the ball out wide, where it'll end up with either the winger or one of your full backs, with the winger and CWB naturally staying wider (and the winger crossing more often), so they will run wide like their role tells them to at which point they can either A: pass the ball back to the play makers that are gonna be sitting deep since that's what their roles dictate or B: sooner or later swing a cross into the box and hope someone runs into it. Which considering you played against weaker opponents isn't that hard. As for your winger hitting home 2 crosses, you play narrower and players shift quite a bit when the ball is on the other side of the field, so it's not that much of a surprise that when your CWB has the ball out wide on the right side your winger on the left post attacks the far post. (Especially with nobody else being in the box) Personally I haven't had much success with a more supportive single striker this season (although so far I've also not had the greatest players for that role), but generally a F9 is not supposed to be your main goal threat. You need someone else the F9 actually makes space for. So I'd make one of the wide players an IF(A) and probably would tinker around a bit with the midfield trio as well. Turn the DM into the holding player, have some kind of runner in midfield and whether you need an AP in midfield when you have the F9... maybe try a DLF instead of the F9 if you want to keep that AP. That would require some testing I personally haven't done much this version, so I'm not the best person to give you advice regarding that. Also I got a feeling we're gonna get bonked with a "don't discuss tactics here" if we keep this up.
  12. It's indeed very Munich like, back when Müller was still tearing it up from the right flank. Then again, Heyncke's Munich was in no way possession based, they shredded teams apart through their direct play, with a deep defensive line to lure teams out. Guardiola's Munich... well they won the BL through Bayern's quality, what they showed in the CL though was rather embarrassing, so whether you want to take that as a benchmark . As for players cutting inside, he's playing narrow and through the middle so I don't think that should inherently be an issue, especially considering the RMD will naturally come inside even without the instruction as he wants to go for goal anyway (I'm also assuming Reus has cut inside PPMs, but he's retired on my save so can't check) and is instructed to sit narrower. And while the front three aren't inherently an issue for possession, they're the only option for the RPM going forward, so you will most likely see the ball end up there very fast, unless the RPM plays a lot of backwards passes. Meanwhile, Can and Witsel can definitely pass the ball, but both have a role that lowers their risk taking, so while they definitely can play those balls, their roles will hinder them in that regard.
  13. I see, so all your roles and TIs are completely different. Wonder why you linked these screenshots then.
  14. While the ME is nowhere near perfect, can you really say your tactics should create "beautiful possession" football? You run a target man, which is the striker role I'd associate the least with a possession based tactic, as he simply attracts high balls being played onto him. You play a RMD, which is basically a wide poacher, not really the kind of role you'd expect to be pinging the ball around since all he wants to do is score goals, you have a Treq, who is going to be looking for an attacking move rather than circulate the ball with his mentality and he's really lazy so defensively he's not gonna do much to help you recover possession, you play narrow and through the middle, but 2/3rds of your midfield is just sitting back because they're on def duty, so you have little support in that regard going forwards. So you have a front three on attack duty aggressively pushing forwards, play through the middle, but the only deep player who goes forward there is the RPM, so you're kinda expecting him to just dribble down the entire length of the pitch or something? Looking at Dahoud he's a solid passer, but he doesn't look like the kind of guy who would run with the ball a lot (at least on my save). His dribbling isn't great and he's slow, so he's most likely just gonna pass the ball, but since your front three are all rushing ahead, he has nobody around him centrally, so he probably will often just opt to try and play in the target man. So when your team is pretty disjointed due to the front three being high up the field, while having a striker role that attracts long balls and you telling your team to focus play through the middle, how do you expect shorter possession based passing to happen? How do you expect your team to work the ball into the box when your main creative outlet has an attacking mentality and your two other roles up front just want to score goals? Not to mention, again, one of these being a player that naturally attracts high and long balls. How do you expect to recycle possession with both the Anchor and BWM sitting way deeper due to their defense duties?
  15. Yes, regens can showcase a bunch of unprofessional behaviour. Haven't seen it too often myself, as I don't buy regens with bad personalities, but if you sign regen Balotelli... well expect Balotelli things to happen
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