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  1. Ginter under Löw was definitely on attack duty, guy roamed around the AM position the entire match to the point you'd forget he was supposed to be a central defender! (Until he got the ball and did absolutely nothing with it)
  2. Yup, just force stupidly long contracts on youth prospects (just throw in optional 2 years for talents younger than 18 that can't get a 5 year contract), suck up to him when he trains/plays well so he starts liking you and then just tell him to sod off when he wants a move. Even if he gets pissed, there will be a period of time during that long ass contract that there will be no major interest and he'll be happy, at which point you quickly get him a new contract. Rinse and repeat. If you've been at the club at a while and the overall club personalities aren't too bad one or two guys complaining won't do anything. Also, if the player is already with you for a while and becomes part of the higher tiers in the club hierarchy you can almost always convince him to stay by just telling him how important he is for your club. It's way too easy.
  3. Germany 1st and 2nd tier have basically no rules for registration or match squads. Netherlands are pretty relaxed too, although they have a minimum wage for non EU players, which can be limiting if you pick one of the smaller clubs. Can't remember France, haven't managed there too often, but I think they have relatively relaxed registration rules as well.
  4. Just grab the editor and play around with it a bit. It will tell you what the suggested CA for a player is, so you can easily see how much impact adding a certain position to a player has.
  5. Nope, it's completely random. Doesn't happen too often and can be both negative or positive, but it's basically there to mirror how sometimes events outside of football can have a major impact on a young player.
  6. 120? They'll probably manage to continue rolling around during the penalties as well!
  7. Italy managing to very quickly throw away the little sympathy they managed to build with their play in the group stages. Italians gonna Italian I guess.
  8. Van Marwijk largely relied on kicking the opposition out of the game, with that de Jong/van Bommel pivot, but he got to the finals, so nobody complained about how "undutch" he was playing. Playing good football is only a requirement when you lose, not when you win.
  9. Classic "He went in with 2 stretched legs, broke both the guys legs, but he got the ball first, so it's totally a legit tackle!" mentality
  10. There's unfortunate incidents and then there's risks you really shouldn't be taking. This one, definitely second category.
  11. Wait, you're assuming Germany actually had a game plan? Haven't seen them have a game plan under Löw in years.
  12. Werner... It's all ogre. All ogre. Oh well, flags going out for Löw finally being gone anyway.
  13. If Germany wins, Germany wins, if Germany loses Löw is finally out. Win-win for me!
  14. Should've let him taken it, holy crap he coolly slotted his penalty home. Not what you'd expect from a relatively young defender of all players!
  15. Mbappé of all people of course. And look at all the solid penalty takers the Swiss have, why did they let Rodriguez take it!
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