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  1. Don't really think it's a bug. Players kinda have an internal ranking of where they view themselves to be, so if he considered himself second choice (Since you said Adams was pretty solid), the purchase of El-Mhanni would have him potentially drop to third choice, but with Adams moving he's second choice again so he's back in the spot he originally considered himself to be in. The AI isn't so much focused on the player you brought in, but more in losing their overall spot within the squad, so by removing either of the competitors they're fine.
  2. *Looks at Foden* You tell me! But yeah AI can be pretty crappy at youth development/squad management. Guess the player might complain about not being allowed out on loan after they reject your offer and then the AI just sticks him on the loan list to satisfy him? And to be fair, for Man City that guy really doesn't look like first team material (yet).
  3. Based on league staff rules I think, although I'm not sure if you could actually change it. Can only find rules regarding full/part time contracts for staff in the editor.
  4. Way too many players for the leagues you have loaded. Either start adding leagues (which I would do anyway, unless you want to steamroll everything while vacationing basically) or restart the game with a far smaller database.
  5. The AI does not figure out your tactics. It will adjust their tactics based on your performance, reputation and stuff like that, but that's it. Ok, now that that's out of the way. You will lose. It's as simple as that. Heck just look at Liverpool, 3-0 against what, second last team in the league while they were flying high? Then knocked out of the CL in a match they completely dominated, but it was literally thrown away by their back up goalie being terrible? That's football. Managing morale is incredibly important. When you're flying high you want to cut down expectations, tell your players they played poorly (even if you just won 3-0, get their feet back on the ground), talk up the opposition in press conference, talk about how you have a difficult match ahead of you (it sounds cheesy, but that's basically Pep's press conferences in a nutshell). Don't think that a team talk is good because it gave lots of green reactions, nor automatically assume it was bad because you got red reactions. You can't just shove feathers in your players asses over and over, it'll lead to massive complacency and that will come back to haunt you. Vice versa, you have to keep morale up during bad streaks. Don't just continuously bash your players for losing when on a bad streak, hold team meetings to make sure heads don't drop too much.
  6. No idea since I have no clue what your tactics are, what your Bilbao squad looks like and so on. At the same time though, that's not a discussion for this thread either. Open a topic in the tactics section and let people take a look at what you're doing there to see if they can give you some tips.
  7. My point was that "Player needs more shots to score than the AI" isn't black and white at all in the slightest. If it is for you, that just shows that you're apparently doing something wrong. If the AI needs less shots to score than you clearly they're creating better chances than you are. It's not as if every shot on goal is completely equal. But apparently the AI being able to create better chances, or perhaps you creating poor chances is not logical?
  8. Iunno, for me the AI needed 20 shots on goal to score and I need 4 shots. Where's the logic in that? Probably in me having a far better team, but that'd make too much sense.
  9. If it's not your tactics then what is it? Do you honestly believe that SI rigs the game against the player? What would even be the point of that You win some, you lose some. Sometimes you have ****** luck, but if you think it's an actual trend then yes you're probably doing something wrong.
  10. Ah league rep, how I despise you. Especially obvious when you play in low rep leagues. Try to sign a player: "I want 500k/yr salary!" Sure. "I want a 250k sign on bonus!" Sure. "I demand a 200k release clause!" .... that's a joke right? And then when a club comes in from a higher league rep he signs for them with the exact same basic demands, but instead of a nonsensical 200k release clause he is fine with 6.5m. Selling players from low rep leagues has become much better this version and you are able to get decent prices, but players have not changed how they value themselves at all. I'd be fine with players demanding release clauses when they sign for an Icelandic club, but when they demand clauses that wouldn't even cover their signing on bonus, let alone a single year of salary that just gets ridiculous.
  11. They generally do because they hit their PA at that point. Player development in FM, generally, is far too fast and reliable so players can end up close to their PA in their late teens. This doesn't mean that players in FM can't develop at older ages, it's just that as FM managers we very rarely give players a platform to do this and thus are unlikely to see it happening. If you were to take some external scouting tool and signed a bunch of high PA 24 year olds that are far away from reaching their potential you probably would see some that develop quite a bit. That's generally not how we scout though and considering that we can find 19 yr olds that are just as good as these 24 yr olds and far more likely to further develop if they haven't reached their PA yet it's no surprise that we ignore older players that might not have hit their potential yet.
  12. If you look at your training schedules you can see what the different units do and which attributes are trained by doing this. If you don't manage your training you probably wouldn't want to stick a striker in your defensive unit for an extended period of time, but at the same time, if you heavily rely on your wingers to help defending it might not even be that bad to have them in the defensive unit so they build up some attributes they normally would not get in the attacking unit. In FM19 moving your wing backs (and certain DM roles) to the attacking unit was quite common, as the defensive training in FM19 severely lacked regarding attacking movement. FM20 luckily fixed that with a couple schedules that focus on the defensive unit, but the attributes trained are for offensive movement. I'm by no means a training guru though and leave the general training side to the AssMan for the most part. If you really want more detailed information regarding training Rashidi and herne79 have some excellent guides over in the tactics and training section and Rashidi also has some videos on training on youtube, they know far better than me how training works and how you can optimize it.
  13. Boards LOVE high reputation signings. My PSV board is the same, 2-3 seasons in they go "Hey we won the Eredivisie a couple times, go buy high profile players now!". Had it with other boards in the past too and it's especially lovely when you're at a club that does not have the finances for this at all. "Hey we're cutting your budget AGAIN, but by the way, sign some high profile players would ya?" Need to tell them 3-4 times every time that no, I will not sign high profile players at which point they let it go. So yeah, removing these visions can be a pain, but is definitely possible. Just gotta keep trying instead of accepting it when it comes back the first time.
  14. Any talented youth player I promote straight to my first team and then set him available for the U18s so I can mentor him. Any others, move them up when they're too old to play for the U18s. U23 match experience generally has a low impact, but it's still better than no match experience at all. For actually talented players though I'd try to avoid relying on U23 play time by giving them play time with my first team (Doesn't mean turn the guy in a starter ASAP, but even a couple of minutes with the first team can be more valuable than U23 matches) or loan them out at that stage.
  15. I wouldn't set up such rigid groups to be honest. Beyond the "are they in the same training unit?" criteria my groups are completely fluid depending on what tutors I actually have available and which players I want to have mentored. No reason not to have a young wing back mentored by a central defender as long as the CD has no PPMs that could be detrimental for a player I want to have an offensive impact. Vice versa, if I have a wing back tutor with "gets further forward", I probably would avoid putting a young CD in his group (then again some 3 at the back systems would be perfectly fine with a CD going further forward, so this again would also completely depend on how I play). Also some positions can be in different training groups depending on the role they train in (mainly those in the midfield strata, not sure about DM/AM positions, don't have the game open atm, but considering some of the role overlap I think some DMs would also go in the attacking unit but not sure). So yeah generally I just look at what training unit are my good mentors in, what PPMs do they have and then I give them a small group of youngsters that are in the same training unit and wouldn't mind learning the PPMs of the mentor.
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