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  1. Or... he just played poorly? He got solid ratings against Brescia and Kyiv, two matches where he was heavily involved. On the other hand, against Napoli and Brugge he was involved much less, so it's no surprise he doesn't get a great rating. Parma is only for 15 minutes, so not much to say there and Juventus he was involved in the game, but didn't do anything to stand out, so he gets a fairly average rating. I don't see why he deserves a higher rating in any of the matches where he didn't stand out. If you think he doesn't stand out enough in general, then perhaps reconsider his role
  2. These players are at a big club, in a big league, performing really well and probably earn more than what they would be offered somewhere else. Why would they want to leave unless you actively kick them out? You basically gave the best tip already; actively offer these players out and tell them you don't need them anymore. Yes, that will hurt their values, but you're the one that wants to get rid of them, they are perfectly fine staying.
  3. The bigger your club, the better your players, the more likely it is that compared to what is at your club your youth intakes won't be that amazing. If I get a 100 CA/150 PA youngster while playing in the third flight somewhere, then that's an amazing player, that's good enough to continue playing for me in higher leagues (as long as he improves). If I get that player while playing at Bayern, well guess I might let him stick around as a bench warmer? If I get him while playing a club like PSV, he'll be a solid first team player, but still by no means an amazing talent. When you have
  4. Researchers make mistakes. The game doesn't. A researcher might wrongly judge the peak of a player, the game won't. The whole "but researchers buff players" is really not all that relevant to the discussion of player development. Not to mention it also depends on the researcher and lets face it, more than a couple have a tendency to overhype the players they're rating (no surprise since it's largely done by fans of said clubs), meanwhile a Lewandowski needed to win world player of the year and a new set of researchers before someone looked at him and went "yeah, he really has improved these pa
  5. Vice versa though, it also makes it cheaper for other clubs to poach you when you're playing a journeyman save.
  6. PA is fine and definitely better than the occasional alternative that gets suggested here. The issue is player development. In the original database there's 4 21 or younger players with 160+ CA. These are all 20/21, 3 are in the 160 range and the fourth is Mbappé, who is absurdly good for his age. Increase this to 23 years or younger and it'll only add 2 more players, both exactly at 160 (And seeing how Frenkie plays at Barca, I question that 160 CA tbh, but that's another story). So, in real life players with CA high enough to be a regular starter at an absolute top club at young age are
  7. As was pointed out in the other thread on ratings, Key Tackles have vanished apparently. Can concur that in my own save not a single player has made a key tackle so far (like 10 games or so in the season). Meanwhile, my fullback who is on loan to an inactive league and thus does not have full detail matches did make some key tackles and has a better average rating than any of the fullbacks at my club (except for one guy who played like 60 mins in a win and scraped out a 7.0 for reasons unclear to me).
  8. I'm surprised you even managed to get through 5 seasons with that many leagues loaded! But yeah, definitely surprisingly fast progress you're making considering all the leagues are loaded.
  9. All these things are basically negated by league rep. In real life very few top players want to go to United (Poor form, often no CL, no silverware in quite a while), and those that go will demand absurd wages knowing that United will pay those. United itself also has to pay premium, because clubs know they have money and not a lot of options. In game though? Big club from the highest rep league in the world?! Who cares that they don't play CL, win no silverware, I MUST play in the premier league! And voila, United will casually empty much better clubs than itself, like Bayern and Real, becaus
  10. What leagues do you have loaded though? European qualifiers tend to be relatively easy (at least in the Champions route) since most people don't load all the smaller leagues and playing against a team from an inactive league is far easier. Without any active leagues I can easily take an Icelandic club to the CL knockout stages in a matter of years while doing a youth only save, simply because the opposition isn't there.
  11. If you break the promise the guy will definitely not like it. You will get a chance to talk with him about it, but it's highly unlikely he'd drop a broken promise. Now, depending on his agreed playing time you might be able to ease him into it by playing him occasionally where he wants and other times where you want him. Once the first season is over the promise will be considered as finished, after which you can play him wherever you want.
  12. This was a rule update for FM21 as some leagues in real life allow multiple assistants.
  13. "Gets forward whenever possible" on a DLF(s) sounds like a potentially really useful trait, as they can regularly struggle with making a goal scoring impact, so pushing them further up the field can be quite helpful to be honest! Generally the only PPM that is a straight up no for me is the long shot one, just annoying (and often the player isn't even any good at long shots) and I've never seen a player where the coach agreed that he'd be capable of unlearning it and generally when the coaches say it won't work they're right. Also regularly refused to pick up attacking full backs that the
  14. Player ratings feel really iffy, a defender that does his job as defender, but then has a poor passing rate because he hooves the ball up front (which I'm perfectly fine with considering my tactics) gets garbage ratings because his passing accuracy is low. Seems pretty silly that my entire back four is considered to have had a pretty poor game, while keeping a clean sheet. Seems passes are a bit overrated rating wise (at least for players in positions where this shouldn't be the main priority). Other than that, I haven't really seen any of the major issues that some people are getting wit
  15. Looks like this was asked during a press conference? So if your AssMan is responsible for those he'll give an answer.
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