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  1. No, should be available again in the next game. And Netherlands ahead again. Looked like goalie could've done more there at first glance.
  2. By being rooted to the ground and staring the ball out of the net with psychic powers? Hasn't seemed to work for him so far.
  3. Civilized eh? Probably should get rid of that southern part first before you make claims like that Also 1-0. Well, that was bound to happen.
  4. To be honest, being the striker in the Dutch team has sucked for a very long time, just look at how van Persie fared when he still played.
  5. Even if Krul had a great season, the matches he played for Holland he looked pretty poor. No surprise Stekelenburg was picked over him to be honest.
  6. That's about the only decision De Boer made the Dutch actually agree with. Considering how he performed in the U21 EC with a bit more space behind him, I also have to agree with them, he looked completely out of place and the only thing he was good for was making people wonder how he could possible be playing for the French champions.
  7. See Germany, that's how easy it can be to score against Macedonia.
  8. While these kind of matches can be fun occasionally, I don't see Macedonia trying much of anything nor do I see Austria having the quality to overrun them. Probably a scrappy 1-0 for Austria, unless they get lucky with an early goal that forces Macedonia to go forward. Although even with a goal down I doubt Macedonia will really try to attack.
  9. Dzagoev just stuck to Russia his entire career and never quite developed in the end. Looking at his recent seasons, he tore his ligaments in the 18/19 season and since then hasn't really been making that many minutes at CSKA.
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