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  1. Not a single one is even an icon Frahn and Mateschitz start as legends with 100 importance. Olmo played almost his entire career for RBL and holds the record for league apps. Quintero is an amazing newgen that retired at the end of my first full season who played 15 years for us (Poor guy missing out on all the titles), Poulsen, Kaiser and Rangnick start as legends (If Rangnick is a legend I really should be for what I've accomplished!), but got dropped down to Icons (never noticed that being a thing before?) and Cerven is a newgen that was at the clubs 11 years and holds the record
  2. I mean has the PL ever made sense in FM? United instantly becomes the powerhouse it has always been, Arsenal manages CL spot finishes first season in the majority of the saves I've seen and even when they don't they start splashing cash and quickly settle in the PL top again, Spurs crash and burn and sooner or later Everton is guaranteed to relegate. Oh and there will always be one new tycoon club that just helplessly floats around in p8 or lower mediocrity despite their great players.
  3. A baseline FB is indeed more passive than the WB, however with look for overlap he will be on attacking mentality, just like a baseline WB, so with the instruction the FB will play a lot like a WB(Su) without the overlap TI. Furthermore, the look for overlap will also alter the behaviour of the wide man ahead of him in various ways, which is why personally I haven't used the TI in ages and simply relied on role combos that naturally overlap. If it works for you that's fine, just keep in mind that "look for overlap" has a lot more effects than simply your FB getting forward a bit more often.
  4. Why do you keep holding on to the overlap instructions while running very passive fullback roles? Also I guess you had overlap instructions on while you were using wing backs? Because yes, those will further increase their mentality (and drop the mentality of the wide players up front) so wing backs that have high enough mentality to overlap naturally will go a bit crazy. It doesn't make sense with your desire for a stable back 4 either, as positive mentality + overlap means your fullbacks will have attacking mentality, so they're basically on the same level as a wing back without overlap.
  5. Pretty sure grounds don't get renamed, instead new grounds get named after existing club legends. So Spurs and a new ground will take ages and I doubt you're considered to be a legend yet at the club, even if every fan will worship you forever for that season! Seems to me they slowed down how fast you get recognized as icon/legend in recent FM versions by quite a bit. I took over RB Leipzig in 2041 in one of my saves, lead them to their first ever BL win (Yeah RBL kinda sucks in FM) in 43 and then a triple in 44 with their first ever CL win and... I'm favoured personnel.
  6. Nah, they blast me all the time. Same for managers that call me out on my tactics being crap, getting their ass kicked and then going "Nope, this Freakiie guy sucks, I mean we lost 4-0 with not a single shot on target, but that's all down to us playing even worse!". Ironically I even have a supposedly good relation with a bunch of them!
  7. My advice is to not bother with CA/PA in the first place and instead focus on the actual attributes of a player. Especially with newgens you can find plenty high CA players that are pretty crap due to missing certain core stats, while having much lower CA players with all the right stats that can be far more useful. I've also seen plenty of very well rounded players (which is a rarity with newgens), that have relatively low CA due to not having any exceptional stats (the higher a stat the more CA per point it takes up), but which I'd be more than happy with to have in my side even if CA wise t
  8. Well, VAR is slowly improving, previously every VAR penalty incident would be a foul and only occasionally a penalty would not be given due to the foul being outside of the box. Since 21.3 we actually got VAR checks that turn out not to be fouls at all. Of course, plenty of areas still left to improve, like the always offside situation you mentioned or commentary talking about or "obvious dives" after a VAR check (although foul visualizations is a completely different can of worms, it's basically impossible to tell why some stuff is a card, some stuff isn't and some stuff is no foul at al
  9. It's not the only solution, although if I were to try and play a wingplay based system I would avoid a formation with an AMC due to these reasons. Alternatively, you can try the Treq who naturally drifts out wide and can actually link up with your wingers, while also offering more of a presence in the opposition area as he's more of a goalscorer than the AP. Another option, do away with a playmaker (Your wingers are your creative force, why do you need a traditional playmaker up front anyway?), and use a role that aggressively attacks the box like the SS/AM(A), although these players will need
  10. Yes, he's in an advanced central position which your tactics are completely avoiding. Try to imagine how your build up will look like when you play wide while focusing the ball down the flanks. Your players will look to get the ball to your WB/Wingers ASAP and those players will then dribble forwards with the ball looking for a cross. At what point will any of this actually involve your AP? Your tactic is looking to turn your wide players into your sides creators, so where is a centrally positioned AP gonna come into the picture?
  11. So a couple of things from my point of view. 1. Your midfield duo is very aggressive. Yes, the DLP theoretically has "hold position" and the BBM theoretically tracks back, but when you have the ball both will pretty much be parked just outside the opposition area, leaving tons of space behind them and nobody from your team sitting deeper in order to recycle possession or keep counter attacks in check. 2. You want to play wide, yet as pointed out by Yourih, you only have one wide flank basically. Your right side has the IW that will cut inside and a FB(Su), which is a relatively passi
  12. It has been pointed out multiple times already, but in real life there's basically no highly successful team around (outside of the occasional short tournament setting) that repeatedly plays with a defense first mindset and the few bigger teams that consistently do play with more passive mindsets regularly end up tripping up against much smaller opponents as those teams will be perfectly happy to just lean back and do nothing, which completely undoes the "let them have the ball and counter" strategy, something that for example Spurs or United have run into multiple times this season. At t
  13. What's his xG to goal ratio for you? Does he get an absurd number of chances or is he simply incredibly clinical? Honestly curious what makes Haaland so amazing, compared to for example Kane, a player people seem to seriously struggle with to get amazing numbers out of, even though he should be an amazing goal scorer as well.
  14. Not really, an attacking mentality with lowered DL/LOE will still take much more risk due to the inherent player mentality than a defensive tactic with higher DL/LOE. Of course you don't have to do so, but if you don't you will have a rather extreme tactic and while you might want that extreme (gung ho when you're a goal down or shutting up shop when you want to protect a lead), if you want to play these mentalities as your base mentality you probably want to tone them down a notch, as you don't want to go into every trying to park the bus or trying to rush forward with 10 man desperate f
  15. U23s imo heavily depend on what kind of a set up your club has. For example, the English U23s play in a reserve competition that's a non competitive league and the match experience from that is pretty irrelevant. If you have a player that already has developed to a decent level playing in the U23s will not do much for him. On the other hand, German or Spain secondary clubs play lower down the league (if you have enough leagues loaded) and while the leagues obviously aren't the highest quality, they are proper leagues and thus have a much higher "match experience" rating than reserve compe
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