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  1. Player values in the PL get massively inflated due to PL reputation (Hurray for the rep system). On top of that both Sigurdsson and Gueye aren't the youngest players anymore, so is it that surprising that clubs are not going to massively overpay for not that great players that have no rest value? In the end the total value of that offer is 45.5m (If he plays his matches) for a player that is soon thirty. Considering it's not that hard to find other players as good as Gueye, I see nothing wrong with Barca giving it a shot and telling you to take it or leave it. As for the whole "but we have to massively overpay!!" Getting a relatively old player for his squad value isn't that hard. Sure, the AI probably won't accept the first bid, but if you get the player unsettled it's not that hard. However, how often do we as players even bid for mediocre 30 year olds? Almost never I bet. Instead you'll be hunting young players with potential, who often have lower rep and contracts, thus lower overall value (Again hurray for rep system), but if you compare a 23 year old first team player with potential to a 30 year old first team player it should be obvious that the 23 year old holds far more value. In FM however this is not reflected in the shown transfer value, only in what the AI/the player will demand for the player.
  2. England attracts top players way too easily in FM, that's the big issue. Clubs like Utd and City can poach players from Real, Barca, Bayern, Juve etc with no issues whatsoever and the players also are far too keen to go because "omg premier league reputation is sooooo big". Not sure how the importance of league rep is in 19, but I remember in 17 that the golden ball winner wanted to move from my 2x CL champion Bayern side to West Ham (who weren't even playing in Europe and despite a tycoon takeover had no achievements at all) simply because "PL is a better league". Seeing Real selling Isco, Asensio and Casemiro within a year, while they were performing and the players seemingly being happy (at least judging by the transfer prices that were needed to get them) just makes no sense. Vice versa, would someone like Isco be that interested in a move to Utd? Perhaps if Real tries to dump him, but I doubt he'd come begging for a transfer if Real said no to Utd. As said by others as well, the lack of fitness struggles with how overloaded the PL schedule is and how almost no players have issues adapting also should be looked into, but in the end they just strengthen the fact that the PL can buy every player in the world in FM, whereas in real life there's plenty of clubs that can say no to Utd/City without their players flipping tables that they must play in PL because reputation. As for England dominating world cups, they do get some pretty outrageous regens and with how easy it is to develop regens in FM it's no surprise that England in no time becomes one of the strongest national teams simply due to raw CA. Which considering their RL youth situation doesn't make all that much sense either, seeing how most clubs completely neglect youth and just buy cheap foreigners due to beneficial labor laws and then just loan them out a few times before pawning em off for some easy money.
  3. So I had promised one of my players to develop youth players after he complained about squad depth. The progress on the promise was fine, with him being delighted about it and then suddenly at the end of the season I get the message that he's angry I broke the promise, despite him being happy about the progress during the entire season. So digging up some old save files, he's delighted with the progress off the promise just after my final match and then the moment I go into the season break the progress suddenly drops and he claims there's a lack of improvement from the youth players. Uploaded a save called "Freakiie - Promise Issue" which is basically one continue away from the promise progress degrading.
  4. My team is professional, but the wages for those players are less than what they would get off social welfare As far as I know players have a certain willingness in regards how far they are willing to travel, so that probably is what's kicking in here.
  5. Playing in Iceland I've noticed the same thing for free agents that are not based in Iceland. Kinda makes sense to me, some amateur/semi prof footballers are not gonna fly to another country for a 1-4 week trial which could potentially be for nothing.
  6. You told your strikers to go where there is space (which generally isn't the box) and then reinforced that by telling them to stay wide. Considering you basically gave them two instructions that tell them to stay the heck away from the box, what kind of movement did you expect from them? As for the OP, I also play a narrow 4-3-1-2 and I have no issue with my strikers at all, so this does look like a case of "it's your tactics", but we'd need a complete overview of them rather than just your formation to know where exactly the issue lies.
  7. Now if only the youth intakes would get better again.
  8. Definitely some strong showings in Europe, even if the results didn't go your way in the end. Going in the right direction from the looks of it though! Now to see whether that new HOYD helps, he looks damn good for your level.
  9. With the kind of wages Portugal were offering you could've become a Sugar Daddy for San Giovanni!
  10. These news items are getting more and more annoying. I got promoted last season and I'm now predicted to finish 13th. Held a stable midtable position all season long (around 8-12th place), yet everytime I lose a few matches I get tons of news items popping up about how my team is struggling and comments from club legends how they dislike seeing the club in this state blablabla. I mean what? I got the club promoted to the fourth division for the first time in the clubs history and I'm performing above media expecations. Why do these news items constantly pop up? In what way exactly am I struggling? Then there's also news items about me getting replaced because my contract runs out soon and supposedly bad results, when I have a parttime contract that can't be extended for more than one year anyway. In the meantime my position with the board is very secure, so it's not like I'll get replaced, but these kind of news items just look stupid. Struggling club, sure after getting promoted against all odds and doing fine in the higher league. You'd think these club legends would be overjoyed to see their old club going up, no instead they get grumpy because I lost a couple matches.
  11. What herne said. Cleon does post results to a certain degree, but obviously those are fake or not long term enough to be considered credible. I mean he could've just been lucky winning the PL first season with Swansea in his possession football thread right? Or the back to back promotions as champions with Sheff Utd in his Invincibles project, pure P2W using those magic sponges right? Of course this is a game and it's still 1s and 0s. But when there's so many 1s and 0s you can't just say "somebody else did it, so it should work for me too!". Even if you copy somebodies tactic, play with the same team, make the same transfers and so on the results could still be different because even after all that there are still plenty of factors left.
  12. Yes players that have been succesful in FM for ages and have made countless of guides over the years, even before FMT/Microtransactions became a thing, have all just been cheating this whole time and were just tricking us by reload scumming or using stuff like FMRTE obviously. Also nobody ever claimed that these guides are foolproof ways to victory. They are guidelines, made to help you understand FM better. People spend their own time writing these, in order to help out other FM players and then you accuse them of "cheating" in order to make their guides look better than they are? You should be happy there are users that spend hours sharing their experience, but instead you try to bash them like this.
  13. There's plenty of methods for that anyway, with the simplest being straight up reloading. So kinda pointless to blame that completely on having these options available on FMT.
  14. Ugh Badstuber is such a pain. Removed his injury when starting my test save for this version, two weeks in the season he tears his cruciates anyway.... Then when he's finally fit he messes up his knee after a week or something and is out half a year again. Think he's played like 5 matches in 3 seasons or something.
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