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  1. 1) Lightening fast wingers (or fast wingbacks) 5 meters in front of the nearest defender waiting waiting and waiting to cross, until he gets blocked by a defender with half his pace. 2) Possession! How can mediocre teams have 60% against you and you simply cant get the ball off of them no matter how you play. Happens too often. Possession I find quite strange in this game. Yes I understand against top clubs sometimes ... but not teams far inferior to you. 3) Playing cautious, slow down pace and time wasting and the team hoofs the ball clear with no danger in sight.... all the time.
  2. I am new to the later editions of FM but remember that once you had created a team that made you champions, it was pretty much given that you would win the league every year after that. Cup games where a different thing, but over a complete season your team would always be so strong that you would come up as winners. Is this still the same in FM nowadays? I won the league two years running and then suddenly lost to a Man U who had the most incredible run. The first 3 years the points were very close at the top end of season though. Last 4 years however, I have won pretty convincingly as t
  3. Yes. I play an attacking midfielder on attack just behind the forward in my 4-2-3-1 formation.
  4. I always play with with "dribble less" in team setting. Only way to have a decent possession % in my tactics. Also makes the team play faster. Advanced playmaker is the one I dont understand as "shoot less" is hard-coded. If your midfielder has over 15 in long shots why not take the chance once in a while? Longs hots can also be a blessing with very defensive formations.
  5. Mentoring with highly influential players who have lower determination attributes will always pull determination attributes down. Watch out for this. Having highly influential players with low determination can have a bad effect though-out your squad, I have seen highly determined youngsters gradually loose determination over years. The one thing you can do is always choose a captain with high determination and never ask players with low determination to welcome new players. It can be painful to watch when your squad is affecting new signings negatively, but it is something that you over
  6. Ok so this is a first. In the latest player advice summary I receive this message on my 22 year old who just started in a champions league final we won. In the "player progression observation" it stated "The Coach fears that The Player may have become somewhat complacent after all the recent successes". His personality is still resilient so I dont know how much his professionalism or ambition has dropped which I guess would be affected. I have tried to do a search on this but very little came up. Would anybody know where I can find more on this topic? He will be turning 23 in a month
  7. I have always assigned my chief scout to scout next opposition as I then presumed he would have a lot of free time at the club to also dissect scout reports coming in from around the World. None of my scouts are un-assigned and this I know saw was recommended as the assignment list would then be handled quicker. I assign all scouts to specific regions or countries and if they then find anything interesting I then assign them to scout that player for a month or a number of games. I recently read about having "cross checkers" without specific assignments and that sounded quite interesting.
  8. My youth intake has been pretty miserable the last seasons even though I have state of the art facilities and exceptional junior coaching and youth recruitment at Nottingham Forrest. I would imagine that Mauro is up for the job as he has good stats and is professional. Can he really be part of the problem and should I sign Garrone instead and let him have a chance? Or is it just bad luck getting bad youth intakes for a couple of years even if you have everything in place?
  9. The decline you see from the screenshots was when he was already at the club, so the scouts before he was bought and also the coaches (screenshots) agreed he was world class. This all happened within 3 months. His attributes havent changed. I was wondering if it could be something to do with adaptability and it might bounce back? He speaks fluent English though. His performances equal that of an average player at the moment so the current evaluation seems correct. Before he was bought he was on the fringes of the Brazilian national team with 2 goals in 3 matches so he was pretty good
  10. Has anybody experienced this kind of decline for a new signing? Both my scouts before and also the coaches after he arrived, labelled him a world class player. I really though he was going to be the player bringing us to the next level, but six months in he is now competing to be on the bench.
  11. Better take up those yoga classes if you want to succeed in the next version of FM. :-)
  12. There really is some sort of "determination bug" in this game. Starting a game with team leaders who have low determination can really turn into a vicious circle. No matter how high determination your new signings have they will be influenced by the team leaders and gradually decline before they finally climb up the hierarchy themselves. By the time they themselves have taken over and become team leaders they will have declined in determination to the level where they now are influencing your new signings or youth players negatively who then start to drop in determination. For 4 seasons at For
  13. Do tactics still get "hacked" if you only use the same formation all the time? Meaning the AI will judge that your tactic has been "read" by the opposition and render it pretty much useless. Doesnt happen to AI teams of course who can play the same formation for decades.
  14. During Covid I bought FM for the first time in 15 years and as a previous addict I was really looking forward to spend time on my guilty pleasure. I am playing Nottingham Forrest and won in the playoffs to get promoted first year. Second year I finished 7th in the Premiership and miraculously won the Carabao Cup . Now in my third season I am maybe going to get a spot in the Europa League. How did I do it? I have no clue as the results seem to come at random. What is even more serious.... I actually didnt have fun. I am so frustrated playing this game that I actually have to remind myself that
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