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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to request my B Team/ 2nd Team to go professional so the players have maximum training time. I currently manage Stuttgart (now in Bundesliga)
  2. Does anyone have any tips on how I can get my staff on the game to sign loads of youngsters, so I can I have a full U18's squad and U23's squad. As currently each squad only ends up with about 10 players, when I leave the players eligible for the U18s in that squad and when I give players with 3stars (2gold 1black) potential full time contracts. Please note I don't want to have to scout and make the offers myself, I want one of my staff to do it. Currently I have sign players for those squads assigned to the Head Of Youth Development, but he rarely makes any signings.
  3. Has anyone got advice/ a guide on developing staff and your own manager's attributes?
  4. Does anyone have a guide to improving manager attributes as I never see the "Working with Youngsters" attribute improve. Ive seen people say before to manage the U18s but that means each season takes double the time, and when I've done so before for a season, there was no improvement despite winning the league.
  5. Maybe although it took this job in July 2020 and the other in October 2019 and I got one then. I don't think there was a chosen captain when i took this job so might be the problem.
  6. In my first season I received a code of conduct message when I took the job but I haven't received it in my 2nd season, managing a different team. Does anyone know how I agree to a code of conduct.
  7. How long do coaching badges take as I am 90% sure it said National C takes 3 months but it has been 4 months since I started it so I'm wondering if my game is broke or if it just takes longer.
  8. He was Vanarama National level hence i was going to release him when his contract expired but he was in the Under 18s squad when i got the message.
  9. I've got this message saying a player can't the pressure. He's a youth player who's contract is running out at the end of the season so it doesn't matter too much. But would be the best thing to do if this was to happen again.
  10. Who are the best newgens to come through non-league teams (without editior changes) have you ever seen. For me, its this guy who I managed against when he was at AFC Telford, managed him when i was England manager and also against him in the premier league.
  11. On players individual instructions, you can tell them where to aim crosses, Near post, front post, centre, target man. Which of those would be best to get the highest crossing percentage? I play with one advanced forward (Formation 4-4-1-1), my first choice striker is 6ft, my second choice is 6ft6, both have good off the ball attributes, I'm guessing similar for anticipation.
  12. Is this warning to the players, the one using the discipline option where you also fine players or the criticise last game option?
  13. As a top club, i now have over 100 staff in total so contract renewals and seeing if there is better staff available takes ages. Does anyone know how good Directors of football are at hiring new staff and renewing contracts. Is there any specific attributes i should look for to ensure that he does a good job. (Probably will get one with same preferred formation/way of playing to increase likeliness of coaches having this).
  14. Thank you for the replies, I've since found a 20 year old left footed right back who I reckon could be retrained.
  15. On football manager, in my squad I try to make sure that I have two players in each position and that one is English (when managing in England). Currently I can't find any good enough left backs to be my 2nd choice, so I'm looking for players for retraining, is there anyway I can find players via scouting that can be retrained at Left Back, as currently I'm trying to retrain my back up left midfielder there but he has low professionalism so he's probably not a long term solution. For example this guy has the right attributes but I dont know if he could be retrained, so if he can't there isn't
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