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  1. The biggest obstacle to better AI is that... it's really damn hard to do! People act as if SI implementing better AI would literally be altering a couple variables in the code and "BAM, AI BE GOOD!", but that's complete nonsense. There's a reason that difficulty in strategy games generally involves a combination of nerfing the player and giving the AI unfair advantages, instead off just "making a better AI". On top of that, better AI would most likely mean more processes it goes through before making a decision, which would mean a ton of extra processing because there's countless decisions made by the AI over the course of the game. Heck, I've played a couple strategy games with modded improved AI and the performance loss was absurd. In a game with way less decisions from the AI this might not be that bad when an AI's move goes from split seconds to a couple seconds, but imagine if AI decisions in FM were slowed down, it would massively increase processing time. There's definitely more than a few quirks in the AI that can be looked (and SI is looking at them), that could probably be adjusted without complicating things too much, but an improvement in the AI to the degree where it is even somewhat challenging to long time FM players is just completely unrealistic.
  2. So I just managed to score a goal that supposedly never happened. The AI scored a penalty in the 37th minute and I equalized right away in the 38th, but nothing shows that this goal ever actually happened. Apparently the game really didn't like it either, as it got stuck processing after the match and I had to force close FM, so I have no idea how the analytics treated the goal afterwards. Feyenoord v PSV.pkm
  3. Considering I've seen human players struggle to get Haaland interested in a new contract, what if Haaland himself doesn't want to renew? (And he really shouldn't considering the interest in him) I'd openly welcome more Haaland's that refuse to renew their contracts at any point, as keeping your big names at clubs that are not good enough for them as been far too easy in FM. What's so immersion breaking about big name free agents? Look at real life, it's starting to look very likely that Mbappé and Pogba are gonna leave on a free. Dortmund also did the same with Lewa in the past, keeping him for the last year rather than selling him for a low price.
  4. In fact yes, a lot of people have been asking about this over the years. A lot of people seem to forget again that their opinions are just opinions and not universal facts. Just because you want something it doesn't mean everyone must want it and vice versa, you not wanting something does not mean that nobody else wants it.
  5. Now I'm curious about all these games where you perfectly know what you're getting, without actually buying and playing the game yourself first.
  6. Yeah, type of match definitely matters. A PL or CL match would be considered much more important than the League Cup. I don't think any kind of man management in real life would help you from the wrath of your star player if you sub him after 60-70 minutes every game, they barely accept that happening once!
  7. Supposedly each player does have his own development curve. Due to the reasons pointed out in this thread already though, us players will rarely notice an actual late bloomer as we'd ignore them for a young alternative basically 99 out of a 100 times.
  8. Has a peak PA of 185 in the editor, so must've been quite a beast at some point. Not sure what FM that was though, I recall him being a go to for me in FM16 or maybe 17 just before he went to Europe IRL, but at that time he "only" had around 160PA. Still a bargain though!
  9. No clue to be honest, I'd just grab the version without it.
  10. shopto.net has it for ~26 pounds/€31. Got it there last year and they're an approved partner, so no issues with beta access or other shadiness.
  11. The thing with a small nation is that you will generally outshine your national league very quickly. I've dragged leagues to the 5th spot in the coefficients in past FMs (which then nets you 4.5* league rep which boosts everything, because league rep in FM is way too dominant in everything), but it was basically my team with back to back CL victories doing 90% of the coefficient lifting, with our league rep dropping the moment I had even a single bad year in my 5 year rating. Also, while the values of all players in the league massively rose, the overall player quality was very poor, so I was pretty much the only club that could make use of the higher values. I've seen players drop massive fees on local talent to try and boost the clubs around them, but I'm honestly not sure how efficient that really is. So you'll be stuck in a league where even your reserves will be better than what anyone else has to offer for a very long time, which might get really boring since only the CL matches will bring any competition at all. As for the big leagues, Spain and Germany work with secondary teams lower in the pyramid for your reserves. I'm not sure whether these secondary clubs get created for you in create a club (and especially in Germany I doubt they'll be anywhere near a level where you will ever see them in game), so depending on how much you like bloating your youth squad and using reserve teams to get them games, these leagues might be troublesome. Italy on the other hand has a reserve league for which you should be invited when you hit the higher tiers (I think, haven't done Italy that much tbf), so there should be room for your reserves. The leagues themself, Germany has basically no registration rules at all which I definitely love to abuse! Spain has relatively small squads, room for a couple non EU players and relatively fast Spanish nationalities for some non EU nations. Couple times I managed there I recall bumping into that squad limit more than once. Finally Italy has pretty strict non EU transfer rules, but the squad size (iirc) wasn't limited.
  12. Newgens definitely don't follow that table, with them both having way lower and way higher values. Just a few examples from my newgens, I have a 189cm guy with 19 JR, 3 points higher than a good jumper his size should have. A bunch of 184cm guys with 15 JR, so two points higher. Other way around, I also have a 177cm with 4 JR, so 3 points lower than it should be (the guy gets outjumped by someone 10cm smaller than him ). So while I definitely wouldn't say that newgens never learn how to jump, there's definitely a much wider range in their jumping ability than you'd see with real players.
  13. In the end xG is an average for the football world as a whole, not for your player in that specific situation. As an example; a penalty is something around 0,74 xG. Does that mean every penalty taker has a 74% chance of scoring? No, a penalty specialist like Lewandowski will have a much higher chance and a striker lacking confidence after not scoring in over 10 games will have a far lower chance. Of course there's also a massive difference between taking a penalty when you're 4-0 up or a penalty decider in the last minute of a local derby. So what's considered as 1 xG could be way less when you're on a loss streak and your team lacks confidence or it could be way more when you're on a roll and confidence is high.
  14. One thing to also definitely keep in mind is your captain. His influence can go both ways, a high leadership captain with really poor mentals will heavily influence your team, in all the wrong ways. If he has trouble with big matches that can easily spill over to the rest of the team.
  15. From a statistical point of view you might be correct. The issue is that football doesn't quite work that way. Your team clearly is struggling with creating chances in general, so your strikers either have to make use of very bad chances or very few chances, then with every draw/loss your teams confidence drops further, to the point where it wouldn't come as a surprise if they even mess up the easiest chances. Basically the first couple games it can be bad luck (and with those xG numbers that can easily happen), after that it's the teams confidence faltering and it'll just get harder and harder to score. Looking at your overall record you seem to be playing incredibly passive, so your strikers will barely be involved in the game in general, which makes it even harder for them to switch on for the few chances you get. Gladbach is one of the bigger teams in the Bundesliga (Think they're even in the CL for the 20/21 season?), with a team like that your tactic should be much more positive than something that doesn't even manage 1 xG/game, as a lot of teams will be more than happy to just sit back against you and take the point your gifting them.
  16. Ginter under Löw was definitely on attack duty, guy roamed around the AM position the entire match to the point you'd forget he was supposed to be a central defender! (Until he got the ball and did absolutely nothing with it)
  17. Yup, just force stupidly long contracts on youth prospects (just throw in optional 2 years for talents younger than 18 that can't get a 5 year contract), suck up to him when he trains/plays well so he starts liking you and then just tell him to sod off when he wants a move. Even if he gets pissed, there will be a period of time during that long ass contract that there will be no major interest and he'll be happy, at which point you quickly get him a new contract. Rinse and repeat. If you've been at the club at a while and the overall club personalities aren't too bad one or two guys complaining won't do anything. Also, if the player is already with you for a while and becomes part of the higher tiers in the club hierarchy you can almost always convince him to stay by just telling him how important he is for your club. It's way too easy.
  18. Germany 1st and 2nd tier have basically no rules for registration or match squads. Netherlands are pretty relaxed too, although they have a minimum wage for non EU players, which can be limiting if you pick one of the smaller clubs. Can't remember France, haven't managed there too often, but I think they have relatively relaxed registration rules as well.
  19. Just grab the editor and play around with it a bit. It will tell you what the suggested CA for a player is, so you can easily see how much impact adding a certain position to a player has.
  20. Nope, it's completely random. Doesn't happen too often and can be both negative or positive, but it's basically there to mirror how sometimes events outside of football can have a major impact on a young player.
  21. 120? They'll probably manage to continue rolling around during the penalties as well!
  22. Italy managing to very quickly throw away the little sympathy they managed to build with their play in the group stages. Italians gonna Italian I guess.
  23. Van Marwijk largely relied on kicking the opposition out of the game, with that de Jong/van Bommel pivot, but he got to the finals, so nobody complained about how "undutch" he was playing. Playing good football is only a requirement when you lose, not when you win.
  24. Classic "He went in with 2 stretched legs, broke both the guys legs, but he got the ball first, so it's totally a legit tackle!" mentality
  25. There's unfortunate incidents and then there's risks you really shouldn't be taking. This one, definitely second category.
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