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  1. People acting like it will be unsuable or even look bad if he doesn't drop £500 on a screen. Get your PC and enjoy it mate.
  2. I just wish they'd let people use the BOTW engine to make other games.
  3. Maybe the best forum game you've run yet. https://www.amazon.co.uk/NVIDIA-GeForce-3070-Founders-Graphics/dp/B08MYCN952/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=Nvidia&qid=1608570000&sr=8-4 or similar ilk. built a new pc recently and currently got a 'gpu fund' envelope on my desk containing several amazon gift cards already. It'll get there eventually!
  4. Rogue should be at least 169. Left the pvp trinket on, not even the new version! Looking forward to M+, but some of these dungeons are going to cause arguements.
  5. I've done way too many heroics too. Queueing Mists at least once a day for the gf's Memory and yet to get it. Snap on 181. 162 ft. Legendary
  6. Back at work today. Ended up getting my DK and Rogue to 60 and ticking off everything they can do on week one. Made legendary shoulders on the Rogue last night, DK has to wait for Nathria though. Since it was our last day off yesterday, we started at 10am and cleared every M+0 on mains. Was a fun run.
  7. Yep my pal got dragged in with me twice and said "fair play, you absolutely ****ed me". Sitting at 179 currently, Rogue is almost 56 but I cba leveling the last couple. Ideally get him 170ish before reset.
  8. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTuGw0mW-s2nKPaiunMQsAK2CiX8w0ULLCMD8-ymgpIfxQ5veiv-iwHZlcDF8oC4PwRulspZxO4Ndcd/pubhtml# Pretty handy spreadsheet to see what there is to do each day/week etc. Just finished all 8 M+0 dungeons, it's been raining loot.
  9. The story in Maldraxxus was awesome, but got bored of the scenery pretty fast. Got Loremaster of Shadowlands last night and Revendreth is probably the zone I liked the most, even if it's so hard to navigate.
  10. Really enjoying this so far. Got involved in M+0s at ilvl140 and that was a lot of fun. Few groups of friends are coming together to make a guild, 2 nights Mythic raiding a week. Not had a 'raid schedule' for a while. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/defias-brotherhood/bionotics Bionotics#2538 if anyone wants to add.
  11. I can't play without the league name fixes and team name fixes either.
  12. Definitely badges and kits. Real player faces too.
  13. No news, only rumours. Diamond/Pearl remakes doing the rounds.
  14. Aww you guys. Why do we have no love hearts and kissy emotes? @Neil Brock can we get some more affectionate ones please?
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