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  1. Nice one, so the Intermedio is fairly irrelevant then (apart from the points counting toward the overall table)? Saying that, wouldn't the team that topped the overall table be likely to be one of the teams winning the apetura/clausura? Does that mean in that case they get two chances to win the title?
  2. I'd forgotten all about that! I've definitely got unfinished business in Brazil then, that makes it twice I've failed to spend a decent amount of time there!
  3. Just click on the link icon, it should be clear from there.
  4. You can start from the beginning with the same team, sure. You can't just add a new manager to the team you were managing when you got sacked though.
  5. Yes, that is fine.
  6. Playoff - we were really unlucky, we probably deserved to win this. The good news is that we had already qualified for the Copa Libertadores, this was just for the league title. The Champions playoff seems to have disappeared now
  7. It seems that the winners of this playoff will qualify for the Champions playoff. I wonder who they will play?
  8. Having better players than the other teams
  9. We now seem to be in a playoff match against Danubio. I'm guessing Danubio are there as winners of the Intermedio and we are there as 2nd place in the league because Danubio won that as well. Does anyone know what is at stake? Is it a place in the Copa Libertadores?
  10. Peñarol - Campeonato Uruguayo - 2019 Following my title win with Huracán, I got the opportunity to manage one of the giants of Uruguayan football. Opening Stage - despite a decent start, we suffered a bad slump in form. Intermedio - I made the embarrassing error in not realising that this counted toward the overall table. I rotated the squad due to the fixtures piling up and paid the price. I nearly lost my job on two occasions following this stage. Closing Stage - things finally clicked, finishing the season with nine consecutive wins. Overall Table - we were never going to win the title, but things look good for next season. Copa Sudamericana - a tough draw ended our hopes early on. Squad - there were a number of excellent prospects at the club when I joined, I'm hoping they will make the first team. Transfers - a number of these transfers were already arranged, which left me with a load of unhappy players for half the season. Finances - the finances are great, although I may have spent it all on new facilities. Key Player Profiles: Diego Rossi - top scorer, although we had a player on 13 from 13 who had already agreed to leave. Facundo Castro - easily my best signing, our most valuable player. Gastón Rodríguez - started as a striker but had to cover the left wing. Lucas Taylor - my only foreign signing. Gastón Guruceaga - he wanted to leave for ages, but I finally managed to persuade him to stay. Career Overview: Season Team Country League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017 Huracán Uruguay Segunda División 3rd Playoff finalists 2018 Huracán Uruguay Segunda División 1st Promoted 2019 Peñarol Uruguay Campeonato Uruguayo 2nd Next Season: This club has massive potential, but catching Danubio is going to be hard work.
  11. The linked images are pretty much the same as before, the embedded images can be added by copy and pasting from the image on a hosting site.
  12. Things aren't going well at Peñarol. I'm currently 8th in the league with a group of unhappy players. To make things worse, Huracán are 3rd This was interesting though, both teams had the same points and goal records.
  13. I'd be disappointed if I didn't get at least one
  14. That's what I thought, but both of those bottom clubs were relegated Rampla Juniors somehow stayed up after winning a playoff