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  1. Just had this result in my 4th Season with QPR (English only challenge). Cant believe it, especially on this years FM where Liverpool and Man City are notoriously hard to beat. On a run of 11 games undefeated and sitting in the top 4. Underrated tactic, !!!!!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULFKnapIWP105EC.fmf . Cheers Knap
  2. 99% it was this one !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF442KnapP106ALLCUPS.fmf but with wingers pushed up to make a 4-2-4. was great to watch and centre backs scored so many from corners but understand this years match engine is different. As much as i love FM20 im finding it so much more difficult since the updates earlier this year to find any sort of consistency.
  3. ON FM19 i used a Beowulf 4-2-4 with 2 wingers and 2 advance forwards, was the best tactic i've ever used on any FM. Got 5 consecutive promotions with Dulwich Hamlet from the conference South to the Premier League and finished after 15 seasons winning multiple Premier Leagues and Champions Leagues. is there anything similar that works this year? can only seem to find 4-2-4's that use IF or WTM instead of wingers.
  4. Really hoping for a better match engine on FM21, seems to be so random
  5. have tried and tested loads of different tactics on FM20 but this is by far the best this result in my 6th season and 3rd season in the prem. Currently sitting in 4th.
  6. Forms a funny thing on FM20. No change of tactics at all (latest beowulf positive 4-4-2). Always seem to have a poor start and at one point was 18th after finishing 7th last year. One win against Burnley then Boom. currently 7th with 2 games in hand on the top 4
  7. always a big fan of the beowulf 4-4-2's so gave this a go, its completely turned my season around, gone from 13th to fighting for a european spot thanks again as always Knap
  8. Just about to start a new save and want to stick to the one tactic, is the most effective 4-4-2 on the current match engine still !!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))VOL3P107ECCC ? thanks guys
  9. Was finding myself bored with this years game, fed up with inconsistency, away games bias etc. and also bored of using the same wingers as i couldn't get any tactics using IF/IW to work. Started a new save using Knaps new 4-2-4 IF and 4-4-2 IW, both so so good (switched from attacking to positive, recommend this to anyone not using a top team). thanks a lot man, you've just kicked some life into the game for me.
  10. cant wait to try this out been after a 4-2-4 using IF in ages, was using the 4-2-4 IF from 20.2 but was so leaky defensively, this looks much better already thanks again Knap great work as always
  11. which 4-2-4 are you using? loved FM19's Beowulf 4-2-4 but cant seem to replicate the success i had last year with anything similar
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