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  1. Anyone got advice on how to sell players? Really struggled on both FM21 saves to find any buyers for players, and on the rare chance that I do they never offer more than approximately half of the players value.
  2. 1st game using the 4-2-4 IF and switched to cautious as you recommended Knap you are a magic man
  3. It is but worked so well for me since the beta, so good going forward. Any luck with any tweaks? i'm sticking with it at the minute but definitely more leaky after latest patch Tried using the RMD one before but left and right wingers always performed better for me as IF
  4. This is spot on, so frustrating and happens every year. Happened at least 3 or 4 times during FM20. CONSTANT match engine changes. Majority of us were so happy with Beta ME, and look at what we've got now. From now on I'm only going to buy in March when the (hopefully) final update is out.
  5. Bit the bullet after the season finished and got the update. Tactic from FM20 still works well going forward but now more leaky at the back, maybe to be expected from an attacking 4-2-4 but any advice for any tweaks to make after the new patch? I'm getting deja vu with FM20 that every patch released changes the M.E constantly making the game harder, with opposition more clinical and seemingly more RNG added also. Getting fed up with it to be honest. Thanks for your work Knap FM20 Knap Beowulf 4-2-4 IF.fmf
  6. What on earth is this match engine after the update Feels like a game of ping pong.
  7. how about 4-4-2/4-2-4? Haven't updated yet cause I'm top of the Bundesliga with Hertha Berlin and worried the update will change my results using 4-2-4 IF
  8. This is exactly why I've set my steam to offline mode as soon as I saw an update was out. This constantly ruined FM20 for me, as every few weeks id have a slump in form because of constant match engine changes. frustrating. Always takes 4-5 updates for SI to be happy with it.
  9. About to finish my second season with Hertha Berlin and win the Bundesliga, but have kept steam on offline mode cause the update will probably ruin my tactic like it did through the constant FM20 updates
  10. Hi @knap , sorry I know you get a lot of requests/questions but is there any chance you could look at this and see if anything needs tweaking to better suit the match engine? This is a tactic of yours I loved from FM20 and worked so well on this years Beta, but is now a little leaky at the back on the current patch (Maybe that's to be expected with a 4-2-4) or are you working on anything similar? preferably with IF/IW? Thanks for your work man Knap Beowulf 4-2-4 (IF).fmf
  11. What on earth has happened to the match engine? They did this last year, ruined it even further on each patch. All the nice central play of the beta has completely gone for long balls. I expect this will continue with each patch. Shame. Really disliked FM20 and this is more of the same. and now we also have a poorly implemented Brexit, lots of bugs and a very poor Match UI. Understand its been a difficult year and staff working from home etc, but I think ill be going back to FM19
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