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  1. Champions league win in 6th (!) season with Plymouth Argyle, thanks to Beowulf 4-4-2. No tweaks or changes just plugged and played since the start. Back to back promotions from league one (favourites for relegation in both seasons), followed by 13th, 14th, 3rd and 6th place finishes in the EPL and a crazy early Champions League Win. Thanks Knap
  2. @michaeltmurrayuk thanks so much for this. Is there any way of changing the turquoise colour from the Touch alt skin on the inbox and continue button to a dark green? tried to look in the XML files mentioned above but found it a bit overwhelming, not sure where to look
  3. any chance of a beowulf version similar to this? a 4-2-4 with WB, Wingers and Advanced forwards? Used one on FM19 and it was great
  4. Cant talk highly enough of Beowulf 4-4-2, been using it since FM19. Started a long term save when 21.4 dropped in League One as one of the favourites for relegation and ended up winning the league. First season in the championship with a media prediction of 24th, and 10 games in sitting 6 points clear at the top having just beat Newcastle 3-0. So good to watch as well and loads of goals. Thanks again Knap
  5. Hey all, just to confirm since we always get some confusion: The only changes to the ME were to CCC recognition and to throw in distances. We did not make any other changes, it'd be far too risky for us to do so for an update of this kind. Since the only real ME change was to throw ins, it's unlikely that open play would be affected in any noticeable way. Thanks! from the Feedback thread
  6. If you've got the time and think it would work? loved the Beowulf 4-4-2 since FM19 and used it exclusively but pretty sure I used a 4-4-2 last year with one of the central midfielders dropped back as a DM for tough away games and worked really well, thought it was a Beowulf variant but maybe not
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