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  1. Totally agree with this. After Neymar won the champions league game againt PSG last year the front cover of the paper had a picture of Messi, who had a poor game by his standards. I think this move makes sense for neymar.
  2. Short passing and retain possession is an issue if the players aren't within short passing distance of the player with the ball. Also it is important to look at what the players traits are some can override these tactical instructions. The amount of creative freedom can also stop players following your instructions if too high as the players perceives himself as being above the instructions.
  3. what i mean is that surely its good business sense when selling a player to put in this clause, its common place in real life. Im not convinced its a bug, i think it is realistic.
  4. I have always done this when selling players
  5. i am awful with big teams always get sacked im better with smaller teams.
  6. How many advanced playmakers do arsenal hav in their first 11?
  7. Talking of Clough, Zach Clough who plays for Bolton is the best false 9 in the championship by my reckoning.
  8. Number 1 Robben does not have 'both feet pretty good' as stated above he is a very 1 footed player, so far to the extent that he is known for it. The reason these inside forwards you talk about are not good at playing as a conventional winger is because they either do not have the appropriate stats for that role or their PPM's contradict what they are being told to do and in my experience PPM's out weigh player instructions.
  9. Most of my regens have mohawks, i like to see it as a trend!!!!!
  10. He also has he perfect job at Man City, why would he move? Money isn't everything!!!
  11. I've really enjoyed managing Midtjylland in Denmark. i find Denmark a really enjoyable country to manage in in general but Midtjylland have a good youth academy and i enjoy the challenge.
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