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  1. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Not an error as such, but I'd really like to see the club LKB/Gistrup added to the database. It's of course a lower league team, but IRL its actually a quite big club with lots of youth teams. Membership-wise its bigger than many other small danish local teams that are in the game. If necessary I can provide all needed info, incl. hq logos and such as I'm currently a youth team coach at the club.
  2. Can it be because, while it was a minor injury, it can have been an injury which they player has had multiple times? Also if a player has had a major injury in a certain area, and then followed up with a minor injury in same area shortly thereafter, then it "might" make sense that the transfer is blocked
  3. I often use player with 85-95% condition and they tend to play just fine, but ofte need to be subbed at HT or at least relatively early
  4. I rarely play with bigger clubs but my experience is that players recover just fine. Most players will get really tired after playing 4-5 matches in a row with 1 or 2 mid-week matches and will need rest. If this gets worse I will have to swap my entire squad every 2-3 matches. No team in the world has to do this IRL. Perhaps it has to be tweaked for the very best players if they recover too fast, but the mid-shelf players and lower league players are fine in my opinion..
  5. Pretty sure he was being sarcastic
  6. I am on Windows 10, but almost all games I play via Steam can be launched via a pinned shortcut, except FM16 and SW: KOTOR2.. Even FM15 worked with pinned shortcut! And I had the exact same issue with both FM14 and FM15 when they were launched and in both cases the issue was fixed, so I was hoping the same here.
  7. When I try to start the game from the pinned shortcut I get this message: "Error: Football Manager 2016 is already running" followed by a steam message saying: "Failed to start app: app already running". If I try to start the game from inside steam the game starts just fine. When right clicking the shortcut I noticed that the version seems to be wrong. Don't think that is related to the above error, but thought I should mention it.
  8. Board logic

    I'm Newcastle in my third season, struggling in 15th place. Playing Tottenham (3rd) home and we get a red card after 3 minutes and fight our way to a 1-1 result. Next day board haul my behind to a meeting asking to explain why we didnt perform better..? - I've just had a "point target", which we successfully managed (9points in 5 matches) and are finally in good form (only lost 2 last 8 matches) and slowly climbing up the table. Job security is "Insecure" which is fine since 15th isnt good enough, but how would any board ever expect any better, given the circumstances? Maybe this is real-life-like, but it seems a bit silly to me.
  9. Nevermind.. I found it.. You may close this thread
  10. Hi fellow FM-oholics I'm struggling to find this setting.. Am I blind or has it been removed from FM16?
  11. as a Faroese manager, I got a faroese player come through my youth squad in Newcastle in FM14. He eventually turned into a very good Premier League defender, playing 400+ matches for me. Not world class, but he was probably in top 10 defender in EPL. Of course he also was a star for the national team
  12. There is a work-around Instead of adding/removing columns by rightclicking then add/remove columns in the "edit current view" option in the drop-down.. This way columns wont disappear and everyone is happy! - I'm not 100% sure of the name of the option to go into the "edit current view", but I'm sure you'll find it
  13. Yearly and DKK - always - Tried weekly and Euro once.. never ever again ..
  14. Squad, Tactics and Training screen mouse-scrolling is still painstakingly slow and "sluggish" compared to other player overviews like Transfer screen and Scouting screen.. - Really really annoying! In other news.. Does anyone know if there is a way to have ordered sorting? - Like sorting squad view by 'Position/Role/Duty' and secondly by 'Value'?