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  1. Can it be because, while it was a minor injury, it can have been an injury which they player has had multiple times? Also if a player has had a major injury in a certain area, and then followed up with a minor injury in same area shortly thereafter, then it "might" make sense that the transfer is blocked
  2. I often use player with 85-95% condition and they tend to play just fine, but ofte need to be subbed at HT or at least relatively early
  3. I rarely play with bigger clubs but my experience is that players recover just fine. Most players will get really tired after playing 4-5 matches in a row with 1 or 2 mid-week matches and will need rest. If this gets worse I will have to swap my entire squad every 2-3 matches. No team in the world has to do this IRL. Perhaps it has to be tweaked for the very best players if they recover too fast, but the mid-shelf players and lower league players are fine in my opinion..
  4. I am on Windows 10, but almost all games I play via Steam can be launched via a pinned shortcut, except FM16 and SW: KOTOR2.. Even FM15 worked with pinned shortcut! And I had the exact same issue with both FM14 and FM15 when they were launched and in both cases the issue was fixed, so I was hoping the same here.
  5. When I try to start the game from the pinned shortcut I get this message: "Error: Football Manager 2016 is already running" followed by a steam message saying: "Failed to start app: app already running". If I try to start the game from inside steam the game starts just fine. When right clicking the shortcut I noticed that the version seems to be wrong. Don't think that is related to the above error, but thought I should mention it.
  6. Nevermind.. I found it.. You may close this thread
  7. Hi fellow FM-oholics I'm struggling to find this setting.. Am I blind or has it been removed from FM16?
  8. as a Faroese manager, I got a faroese player come through my youth squad in Newcastle in FM14. He eventually turned into a very good Premier League defender, playing 400+ matches for me. Not world class, but he was probably in top 10 defender in EPL. Of course he also was a star for the national team
  9. There is a work-around Instead of adding/removing columns by rightclicking then add/remove columns in the "edit current view" option in the drop-down.. This way columns wont disappear and everyone is happy! - I'm not 100% sure of the name of the option to go into the "edit current view", but I'm sure you'll find it
  10. Yearly and DKK - always - Tried weekly and Euro once.. never ever again ..
  11. Squad, Tactics and Training screen mouse-scrolling is still painstakingly slow and "sluggish" compared to other player overviews like Transfer screen and Scouting screen.. - Really really annoying! In other news.. Does anyone know if there is a way to have ordered sorting? - Like sorting squad view by 'Position/Role/Duty' and secondly by 'Value'?
  12. I do about 1/3 or 1/2 of them.. My problem with them is when there are like 10+ questions.. thats too much! - If I could somehow limit them to never ask more than say 3 questions I think I would do answer them everytime. Another problem is that I want to play a game, not read a book and some question do really have quite a lot of text and with the current skin its quite hard on the eyes to read it. For me at least.. So in summary.. shorter text, fewer questions and a better skin (darker = better!)
  13. My memory must have failed me then - I was sure there were some issues in the previous years where - at release time - there were at lot of people who couldnt download the game
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