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  1. False Nine position has averaged 16.8 passes received over 5 games. 2 goals scored, no assists. I've been contemplating making the switch to a CF(A) or CF(Su) though. In my opinion, getting 30+ touches most games is a pretty solid amount for a striker, especially one that may not be in a very patient possession system. I'd probably caution against changing to a F9/SS, because what you've got seems to be working. You could probably have Tadic's understudy learn Comes Deep To Get The Ball so that player'll drop occasionally (sort of like a F9) and potentially get more involved but not lose
  2. Personal experience BP-C doesn't exhibit that behaviour either. But I may not have given it enough time to 'bed in' in a previous season admittedly. I was on FM 16 before making the jump to 20 - which still had the deeper 'sweeper' position and the libero role was via that position too. Would do the trick nicely here. Well, Valencia just thumped my AJax side 7-1 at the Mestalla, not helping the lack of interest that is hah. Players refunded the tickets of travelling supporters, that's something right?
  3. I can only speak for myself in that his positioning generally is fine and he's where I want him to be. It's only in the specific case of one of the wide CBs (I opt for stay wider on them as a default) being in possession; the expectation in this scenario being the central most defender drops off slightly so he is a passing option for the wide CB. Instead, it usually plays out that the wide CB is pressed, the central defender doesn't quite drop off and possession is recycled to the goalkeeper instead. I still have Onana so that's not much of a concern, as he's pretty good with the ball (althoug
  4. Yes, I remember your post. I'm not seeing how telling the Libero to hold position facilities dropping deep when necessary to receive a pass but I'll give it a shot.
  5. I did use BPD(C) briefly during the LVG take but I don't recall it ever noticably dropping deeper to present as a passing option. That was only a few games though before I just went back to BPD(D). With my current setup, I don't have anyone who is even half comfortable in the Libero(Su) position as of yet - I had intended to use Martinez there for the season but a few games in, a big bid came in and he was gone. Still early September so the replacements are a way off being comfortable. And I just can't get invested in this save to see it through, I might have to holiday the season and see
  6. Not had the opportunity to see how a Trequartista fairs in this setup, as I've gone off to do a 3-4-2-1 in the style of Brazil's 2002 world cup winning side on a whim hah. Planning on returning to this tomorrow. I've definitely noticed a few oddities defensively with my time spent with this formation. Martinez has the Bring Ball Out Of Defense trait which could contribute to getting caught on the ball, potentially. Definitely familiar with the flat back three as you've described. Even with the Libero(Su), you still get that kind of thing. The only logical reason I can think of for
  7. May have an effect but it's not really something I'd be concerned about on a striker (more important for players heavily involved in defensive duties imo).
  8. The main thing that springs to mind is that your striker is short. Not only short but has really bad jumping reach, in conjunction with average heading and strength, which tells me he doesn't have much in the way of an aerial presence in general nevermind at Premier League level. So my first suggestion would be that you need to change mixed crossing to low crossing, so he's getting more chances that he can actually get on the end of and be more successful. Hit Early Crosses is another tweak I would keep in mind to try out, as he looks to have the attributes that could take advantage of th
  9. Image is too small to make much of anything out, honestly. I will re-iterate my earlier point not to give much value to the player rating (6.50 to 6.80 is by no means bad or means the player isn't performing) especially if you are getting good results on the pitch. Instead, in my opinion, you need to be asking what is that you want that player to be actually be doing? And once you know what you want from it, is he doing what you want from him?
  10. Nothing constructive to add - just here to say that I'm a big fan of anything that utilises double sixes
  11. I had Laudrup in mind with my choice of the Mezzala there - it was that or an AP but I find the Mezzala is suitably creative without being a ball magnet. For Juan Carlos, I agree with your choice of Carrilero, As far as the inverted wingers go, I coupled this with width set to Wide (Balanced mentality). They stretch the pitch and often end up playing like a regular winner, but also make the inside runs when appropriate. So far, this has left plenty of space for the Mez & BBM to attack. Shadow Striker starts quite deep I find, which is nice, but I'm not really a fan of the role. A
  12. In terms of roles and formation I'd probably opt for something like (after watching the video): F9(Su) IW(Su) SS(At) IW(Su) MEZ(su) BBM(Su) HB(De) BPD(De) Lib(Su) BPD(De) SK(Su) Edit: Heading into season 3 of my Ajax side that was using LVG's system, so I'll switch over
  13. The main con I see is that the full backs are going to be pushing forward aggressively (WB-Su still gets a fair ways up the pitch on Positive) and I'm not certain a DLP-Su is going to provide enough cover to protect against the counter attack, so you're likely to be pretty vulnerable in that regard.
  14. I've found that if you give these sides the space to play out into, they will. They'll still do it cautiously or otherwise in line with the mentality they're using of course, which will be difficult to exploit but it's possible. Funnily enough, one of the ways I've seen Simeone's tactics countered is by conceding possession to his A. Madrid side though . In my opinion, if you're opting to play a more defensive brand of football as a top side, you just need to create a more proactive setup to keep up your sleeve as needed. You can start matches against these sorts of sides in your primary
  15. Need to see your system as a whole. But I would caution against relying too heavily on an average rating. A player could still be contributing effectively or even performing what you would expect from your chosen role without a good rating.
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