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  1. I often start with a HB for that kind of build up from the back, but I do the opposite when facing a relatively effective press from a 4-2-3-1. I switch to a DM instead (typically) to help bridge the gap between defense and midfield - you retain numerical supremacy centrally and the opposition AMC will often look to press a CB, freeing up the DM as a passing option. If I'm playing a system that uses Play Out Of Defense, I'll often look to turn it off in addition to or as an alternative to the above. Since this TI makes your central midfielders drop deeper, you're potentially inviting mor
  2. What formation did Brighton play? What is your plan B when you need goals and the main tactic isn't getting done in a match?
  3. As a role, the Ball Playing Defender isn't necessary at all for a possession based tactic and can even swing into being a detriment sometimes. You do ideally want central defenders that are good on the ball though, but that's not the same thing. Really, it comes down to what style of possession style football you want to be and perhaps more specifically how you want to play out from the back. As an example, if you were opting for something such as/similar to vertical tiki taka, a BPD would mesh with that system.
  4. The False Nine drops plenty deep, especially if the player also has the Comes Deep to Get Ball. The real issue with the role, as I see it, is one of mentality. On balanced team mentality and lower, the role's individual mentality is cautious; on Positive and above, it only ever goes as high as balanced. What this means is the role is fairly risk averse in some senses; you'll rarely see mazy runs through the center despite the *Dribble More* instruction even on players with PPMs that further encourage the player. They'll fashion chances for others (both in terms of their movement and when on th
  5. Two footedness is something players can work on in technique training sessions now if I recall correctly.
  6. The thinking behind your tactic seems logical and solid to me. The only potential issue that comes to mind right now is that being Ajax, at least domestically, teams are going to be unwilling to give you the space you want.
  7. If you're set on playing more direct and utilising passing into space, then in my opinion, you need to rethink that striker role at minimum. You have no one pushing the defense and looking to get behind. As it stands that role selection is probably better suited to a more patient possession system.
  8. Mentality is fine. Positive/Attacking can be very suitable for counter attacking styles. The one thing that sticks out, and others have mentioned, is the use of playing out of defense. I can't really speak to the quality of your Benfica side vs that of Real Madrid but POOD when you're trying to be defensive and are the worse team in terms of quality, is not only inviting a lot of pressure on your side (potentially getting caught in dangerous positions etc) but also hampering your ability to hit them on the counter. Another that comes to mind is your choice of striker role/duty. A cou
  9. I see no reason why Dictates Tempo would be a bad trait necessarily for a Mezzala Support or Attack. May not be utilised as much on the latter, but not really detrimental. Can't see what other player traits your player has but it seems like he has Looks For Pass Rather Than Attempting To Score and that would be detrimental to a Mez(At) - you want him to be scoring, otherwise might as well use a Mez(Su) instead (in theory). For a Mez(At), the first trait I would probably want them to have is Plays One Twos. More situational and lower priority, any of the following: Runs With Ball Ofte
  10. I imagine that using a DLP as the '1' is probably partly why you'd see the ball going through it more than the CBs moving it on to the next line.
  11. I haven't got one currently as I'm doing a lower league save atm.
  12. There's a lot of contradiction in your instructions and role choices imo, but frukox has touched on most of that. Some other things that come to mind: I don't see Focus Play Through the Middle being necessary here. You're using a narrow formation and also have two ball magnets (playmaking roles) in the center of the pitch already. Playing this way, you're essentially creating space out wide and the play being more compact centrally makes it harder for your players to get through that area of the pitch. An advanced playmaker on attack duty is going to be looking to consistently
  13. The basic gist would be something like DLF-At IW-Su IW-At B2B-Su DLP-Su Anc-DE WB-Atk CB-De CB-DE FB-Su SK-DE (this instance would be Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo front three)
  14. Possession based systems are the ones I always end up gravitating towards and yes, you can be successful with them.
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