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  1. Already decided this will be my main challenge for FM21. Tried this year but only got to Championsship with Enfield. I have already decided on what team assuming they will get promoted after the holiday season!
  2. Ah. I thought he meant he would start and go for it in FM20 (Y)
  3. Wait what? It would take you a month to play 333 seasons? Are you just going on vacation for the games or how do you play them? My longest was in FM12 where I got to 2045 with St. Albans FM20 i just got to 2030 with Brøndby.
  4. 3 star potential should mean that they have enough potential to be a part of the first team? So, it might not be that bad. And I saw someone in the career thread testing the potential stars with PA from the editor which gave an idea about the accuracy from the assistant and they were not always right about the stars. And the stars could changed when signed etc
  5. Okay. I'm not expert at FM but wanted to check what you did.. I know how frustrating it is when you feel like there's nothing to do and just wait to get some points again....
  6. I've been following your career for a while. You seem to always get those losing-streaks. What do you do when you get them? Do you change anything or just keep going?
  7. https://www.pcspecialist.ie/saved-configurations/recoil-III-gtx-15/jtkH2TFmv2/ Not to spam this thread. But something like that maybe?
  8. Thanks! I will reconsider and look at the one you sent (I don't like the design of the laptop - but that's a small issue )
  9. My latest laptop was a Lenovo Yoga 720. (3-in-1) I wouldn't know what to look for with a Windows Manufacturer to know that it would run as smoothly or swiftly as I know a Mac does.
  10. Thank you! I might want to rephrase the "I don't like Windows laptops" to "I prefer Macbook's over Window laptops". I had a Macbook Pro from 2012 to 2018 and it was great! I then bought a Lenovo Yoga with pretty good specs but, I felt like i didn't perform to what it should based on the specs. I feel like Macbooks are just better quality all-around and way more fluid in how it works. (Does that make any sense?) I already have a pretty decent PC which is under one year old. And I know that buying a Mac might be overspending. If I take the one on the right - would it make sense to upgrade to 16 GB ram? Or is that not important in this case?
  11. I'm thinking about getting a Macbook Pro so I can play FM on the go. Usually I do not play with a lot of leagues. At most 10 I would guess. 40-50k players with changes in the database. Would one of the two below play FM fast enough? Would it help to get 16gb ram instead? If this is the wrong thread - I'll move it somewhere else. I only play in 2d. I'm not looking for an exceptional strong PC. I recently sold my laptop, as I don't like Windows laptops.
  12. Enfield Town - League One - 2024/2025 League Table - Promotion! League Graph - Solid season. Had a bad period in January and start-Februay. Managed to secure promotion on the last day! FA Cup - 3rd round loss after replay. Lost to Brentford who got promoted from Championsship. EFL Cup - Also 3rd round loss. To Nottm Forest who ended just outside playoffs in Championsship Squad - 6 loans this season. Couldn't find cheap and good enough players to joins. So relied on loans. It worked! No idea yet who will be staying. 9 players has a year left on their contract. Most of the 9's not good enough for the step up. Transfers - £2,4M profit! Got 2M for Schackleton + 50% of next sale. Couldn't say no to that! Finances - Looking great! Key Player Profiles: Paris Haynes - Did really well in CM(a) role! George Davis - Loaned when Shackleton was sold. Did great! Jake Taylor - Not the best average rating but the team played much better when he played. Bossing the DM spot. Career Overview: Season Team League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/2021 Enfield Town Vanarama National League South 2nd Won Playoff (Promoted!) 2021/2022 Enfield Town Vanarama National League 5th n/a 2022/2023 Enfield Town Vanarama National League 2nd Won Playoff (Promoted!) 2023/2024 Enfield Town League Two 1st Champions (Promoted!) 2024/2025 Enfield Town League One 2nd n/a (Promoted!) Next Season: I just want to survive.
  13. Clean sheet does not, necessarily mean a good keeper-performance. How many saves has he? Is it the defenders who are doing all the work meaning no shots against you?
  14. Update: I'm about to start my season in League One with Enfield. Still haven't gotten any youth players to post here but will do as soon as I get one I believe can do it
  15. Thank you! I'm really surprised by the quick progess this year as I always struggle in the lower leagues! Good luck to you
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