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  1. Maybe their father and the other brother is not their favourite person :P
  2. It seems crazy that you keep getting these bad runs!
  3. Congrats on Champions League! Champions next season and the the usual dafuge-domination?
  4. Also quite the difference in the compensation or clauses you can get!
  5. I've tried that as soon as I get the message that my players are in need of rest they'll get 1 or 2 weeks holiday. That way I can't select them for a match even if I wanted to.
  6. Anyone tried this? I'm an English team in the Vanarama National and I'm in the Scottish Challenge Cup I googled it to see if English team was invited in real life and it seems right
  7. 128 - 120 Can you show us Mrdja or are you still many seasons in?
  8. How are the finances after two 2nd rounds in the FA cup? Enough to upgrade something?
  9. I know. I have the same issue but I just think it's necessary as @keeper#1 says. It may cost some points. But, if it gives a more stable season it might be worth it.
  10. One thing I'm wondering about the poor form you run into from time to time. I can see in most of your updates that you have a lot of players that starts around 40 games a season. And it seems that most of the time the bad form comes in around the half-way mark. If so, could it be due to fatigue? I've just noticed it now, and I'm not even sure if I'm doing the same with Morpeth (I tend to lose points in the last 15 minutes, which might be fatigue and the opponent going more attacking)
  11. I'm hoping you complete the challenge sooner this year if you want this to be on 1 page
  12. @Padders Nice! Fingers crossed that this is THE save And it seems like a good intake! How many seasons into the game are you?
  13. How's it going this version? Still ending with losing streaks and you getting fired? I'm primarily in this thread to see how it goes for you this time as well
  14. How are you finding players each season? I'm trying to trial all expiring U-18 and U-23 from Premier League and Championsship clubs. Most London-players won't relocate to Morpeth which makes it a bit more difficult
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