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  1. I just started over. Was reloading and got a team I haven't seen before - Haringey!
  2. The latest date I tried that worked was May 15th
  3. I will! I started with Hendon in the dafuge challenge, so might be a while before I get someone able to play that long
  4. I just started what I hope is my last save this year. Hopefully I will be able to get players near 1.000 games
  5. Decided to go with Hendon. Just because of the logo:
  6. 30th May was not early enough. I'll try April instead edit: That seems to work
  7. Thank you! It was driving me crazy Couldn't figure out what I did wrong. I'll try with 30th May - Then just holiday to the 25th June?
  8. The last few days I've been holidaying to the 24th of June, so I could holiday one day and get different teams promoted but somehow the teams does not change? Each new save has the same 6 teams getting promoted. I have done this before without issues and simply don't know what is wrong.. My setup is unemployed => Advanced setup => and , If you know what I'm doing wrong, please tell me
  9. I did not have a save game from that season. The closest is September 2023. I have uploaded as "Brøndby - SI"
  10. I'm playing with Brøndby in the Danish league and in the 2023/2024 season. I was checking which teams were playing in Europe. The relegations half has a Euro Playoff stage and when looking at the stages in 2022/2023 I can only see the first round: And none of the two teams had any Europa League or Champions League qualification. I then checked the rules for how it worked: It shows that there is a second round and Final. But none of these matches were played. As shown in the first screenshot, SønderjyskE won the First round. But they do not have any matches for the second round.
  11. Back to the normal dafuge now I see Congrats!
  12. Thanks I'm especially struggling in the first season, as I haven't got any further. First try ended in relegation. Second try might aswell, still got a few chances to stay up. But I have trialed ALL players available as unattached. But even the best of them are well-suited or leading for regional prem divs.
  13. How are you finding good enough players? Kings Langley does not have a good rep from the start? I have trouble finding players good enough for the lowest league, at least according to scout and the assistant. Are you trialing a lot og trust the scouts or how do you do?
  14. Aaaaaand relegated... Worst try ever at this challenge.. Will use some time to find the next team and try again
  15. Just got my first win as Royston manager. Won the 5th league game. Finding this more difficult than any previous tries. Can't seem to find players good enough for the league. And one thing I have noticed is free kicks in either side outside the box tends to go in atm..
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