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  1. Is there ever a competition where English fans dont get involved in something? Normally its against opposition fans but when your the host country even an England shirt doesnt stop you being assaulted, bullied, abused and mugged by your fellow fans. Total disgrace. I honestly feel the only thing that will make people stop and think is a ban for the next major championship.
  2. Disappointing for us but at the end of the day we made it to a major tournament and its been such a long time. We didn't embarrass ourselves and on other nights we could have won all 3 games. Which shows we belong at this level. A young team that can only get better.
  3. Were just not gonna score........
  5. The Croats will be going into the game thinking a 1 goal win will put them above the Swiss. They will probably go into the game thinking to beat us on the counter knowing we need 2 goals. My biggest fear is how much the England game will have taken out of some of the players.
  6. The "English" National Anthem was the same. I think it was more a Wembley issue as they were out of sink after the first verse. The Hampden game I was surprised by how in sync they were.
  7. I cant see some of the players playing against Croatia simply because some will be knackered after all that effort. I would like to see Forrest on the right and maybe being Fraser on for Dykes as he has to be knackered. Also I wonder if Gordon might get a game in goals
  8. No sympathy for you then. Sorry
  9. Well if we win on Tuesday lets hope that 4 points is enough. But knowing our luck............
  10. Am i right in thinking the best we can hope for is 3rd because the Czechs beat us? Unless they beat England and we manage to get our goal difference up and better than England's?
  11. Well done everyone of those players! Nobody disgraced themselves. Such a shame we didnt manage to get a goal and win the game.
  12. To be honest i am as disappointed as the english fans. We should have won that.
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