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  1. Use the only allowed to smoke if you lose a game method. That way smoking becomes a punishment and might see you quit completely. p.s. Will only work if your not rubbish at the game
  2. Oh wow really? That seems like a bad change but I will wait a bit longer before shouting out my outrage
  3. Just wondering how to add youth players into the new mentoring system as I cant work it out.
  4. Hairycull

    Awful strikers?

    I dont want to say its your tactics but it looks like it is. Your side are not scoring near enough goals for the amount of games you have played.
  5. Hairycull

    Stroppy Youth Players

    The conversation system has always been bad. I dont expect it to ever get better as were having conversations with an AI thats pretending to have emotions based on a couple of numbers in their attributes will decide their response. Its the same as the media questions its all just programmed nonsense . The newest addition to the conversations system is a massive time saviour though. Captain informs you player x might be wanting to leave for a bigger club. You go to speak to player X and he confesses he was wanting to leave but now will stay because I basically said hello to him. If only all interactions were as easy as that!
  6. Hairycull

    [Scotland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Quoting this in case it has been missed. League Cup fixtures clashing with international matches.
  7. Hairycull

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    Celtics finances are wrong. Currently showing as a lowly £22m December 2017 they had £30.9m recorded in bank http://www.celticfc.net/news/13937 Since that time the sale of Virgil Van Dijk to liverpool gave Celtic £7.5m, £7m from the sale of Stuart Armstrong to Southampton and just under £20m from the sale of Dembele to Lyon. Take into consideration the signing of Edouard then the Celtics bank balance should be at least £50m but perhaps more as Champions league money I assume would have been added after that tournament finished? And also playing in Europa league after those December 2017 figures were published.
  8. So happy to see this! I always thought violent stuff like that wasnt in the game
  9. Hairycull

    Low attendence

    Try sigming high reputation players if you can afford it. They will generally boost your attendances. Champions league if you can make it can boost your reputation which in turn will increasee attendance.
  10. Hairycull

    Football Manager '07

    Thought about an external USB dvd drive? That's if you have or can find a hard copy.
  11. Maybe to do with ground capacity?
  12. Hairycull

    FM17 My First ever worldwide Journeyman game

    July 30th 2017 Away to 10th placed Skoftebyns IF, only 6 points ahead of me. So would love to get a victory to half that gap. I keep faith with the team that won last week with the exception of Thongsomboom returning after his suspension, his time at the club can only get better surely! We were the better team and the better team won. Can scoring a brace, his first just after the minute mark. delighted with the win! We move upto 11th in the league and now only 3 points from 10th! for the first time since I took over we are above the relegation and playoff battle. Still a way to go though so we wont get too far ahead of ourselves. League at the end of July
  13. Hairycull

    FM17 My First ever worldwide Journeyman game

    July 17th 2017 I brought in left winger Tobias Johansson on loan from Eskilstuna City FK for the rest of the season. July 23rd 2017 A must win game against bottom placed Kortedala IF, they have the same points as us so a lose will put us at the foot of the table. We are at home so that gives us the edge in what I'm sure will be a close game. I opt for a change in striker as Hesselheim has done nothing since the first game so top goal scored with an amazing (insert sarcasm here) 3 goals in 13 starts and 3 sub appearances Zana Can gets his first start for me. Tobias Johansson comes straight into the team as well. Stats dont lie they say but these ones do! Our goalkeeper Jakob Kindberg kept us in this match with 4 very good saves. On any other day that would of been a defeat. Saying that I was impressed with our patient build up play at times. I counted 17 passes before one miserable shot on goal from us that really deserved a better finish. new loan signing Tobias Johansson played well and made the assist with a nice cross for Mikael Loön to score his first goal for the club. Albin Ek popped up at teh edge of the box to get his 2nd goal in 2 games. 3 points is 3 points and I am delighted with them! League wise we were let down by IFK Uddevalla again as they won as well. Vanersborgs didnt however so we move up to 12th again and one point behind IFK Uddevalla. With 4 games gone since I took charge the team has managed to score 8 goals which was the amount the previous manager managed in 13 games, add the 2 wins into the mix and I would say were in a better position then when I took over.
  14. Hairycull

    FM17 My First ever worldwide Journeyman game

    July 15th 2017 The transfer window opens and I had previously agreed terms with versatile Fredrik Landén. Will be used in the DM role but can play DC, CM and RB. He might get pushed onto the bench if I can find a dedicated DM but its not the easiest club to sign players for. July 16th 2017 Were away from home to 3rd place Karlstad BK. They have managed to score in every game so far this season so confidence in a victory is slim. The addition of Fredrik Landén to the team will help as we will now have someone that is 100% familiar with that position. If new signing Thongsomboom was poor in his first match he was truly awful today after being sent off in the 50th minute for a 2nd yellow card. Karlstad took an early lead but we were playing okay and at half time I encouraged the players hoping we could get a goal but the red card blew the game for us. 7 minutes later they were 2-0 up and we could only manage a consolation goal in stoppage time. IFK Uddevalla managed a draw against league leaders Skövde AIK so we drop to 13th place. But 2 points away from 11th, so I still remain hopeful.
  15. Hairycull

    FM17 My First ever worldwide Journeyman game

    July 6th 2017 I sign my first player on a free. 22 year old right back Don Thongsomboom. A youth player from BK Häcken but failed to make a single appearance, had been without a club for over a year. He is nothing special but at least I now have a usable right back. I had expected to get him during the transfer window but ended up with him now, I wont complain about that though! July 9th 2017 My first home game in charge of the club sees us up against Lidköpings FK who are currently sitting 2 spots above me in 10th. Having drawn their last 2 games against higher up teams I expect this to be a slightly tougher game. Made tougher by 2 key suspensions in Central defender Marcus Arnold and my covering DM Håkan Sjölinder. Transfer listed Igor Coric comes into the DM role for this game. I am tempted to change to a default 4-4-2 but stick with the 4-3-3 as I really want us to push on and score goals. A lot less goal action in this game compared to last. Took 30 minutes before anything worthwhile even happened. on the 50th minute Lidköpings FK took the lead with a cracking half volley just outside the box. We didnt look like much of a threat going forward at all although on the 88th minute we should of equalized when substitute striker Zana Can was one on one with the keeper but found the post instead of the neat. Don Thongsomboom made his debut for the club and failed to impress. After that we remain in 12th place in the league.