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  1. I will probably wait for the Christmas sale to buy it. I just dont play FM's as much as I used to. FM15 as an example was over 1000 hours and every game the hours have dropped. FM18 was the first FM/CM I have never bought since 1993 & FM19 was only 189 hours and FM20 so far is 168 hours and will probably not go much higher.
  2. I dont recall ever being relegated and I have been playing since CM 93/94. I dont play in England so maybe thats why? No idea really.
  3. Actually as a paying customer I am asking for this.
  4. The Super Cup is 1 game but a lot of the players that received medals have played more than one game. Also I believe substitutes that dont play should still get medals but only the 11 players and 3 substitutes got medals. Uploaded save for after the game to SI server, CelticSuperupBug.fm
  5. Sorry I forgot to do a separate save for this bug so its not any use now, a full season has gone by. I will keep an eye out on it happening again.
  6. Just had one of my players automatically fined due to the new team disciplinary mechanic even though I appealed the red card and it was withdrawn. Player accepted he deserved his fine so isnt in a mood. But maybe there is potential for unrest there in other peoples games if the player does get upset about being fined? It might be an idea when appealing a red card to only have the option of fining the player if the appeal fails?
  7. He is interested in the Transfer though according to my scout report. And going from £1.2k a week to £75k a week is more than a huge pay rise, its a ridiculous pay rise.
  8. The wage demand for new signings are just crazy in this game. Its always been an issue but every game it just gets worse. Relatively average players wanting to be paid £50k - £80k a week for my Celtic team in 2nd season of the game where I have done nothing exceptional compared to real life. Here is an example. And he is just one of many doing the same. Its actually getting to the stage where its pointless playing in anywhere but England or Spain.
  9. I am using an instant results skin but sometimes I want to take control of the game but recently I have found that I am unable to see the match/highlights unless I use split screen. Is there some setting I have messed up or is this a bug? This is what I see instead of the actual game highlights.
  10. I am finding the tactical briefings a bit pointless in the game due to only affecting the players in the selected 11 when I haven't even selected my team for the match in question. Or maybe I am the only one that doesnt pick his starting 11 two days before a game though?
  11. Noticed a lot of my players in fm20 are getting coaching licenses in their mid to late 20's. Its not something I have experienced before as normally its players close to retiring that think about coaching. Is this change within the game a mistake? Or is it something that does happen a lot in real life?
  12. Found an older save where I havent requested it yet. And its still doing it. Saved the game again just before asking and uploaded it. File is called : Winter Training Camp Bug.fm
  13. Asked for a warm weather training camp and it has been rejected due to lack of space in the calendar. I am asking on 1st December but there is 17 days at the beginning of January free.
  14. James Forrest is still considered susceptible to injury but I think its been 4 maybe 5 years since he had any sort of serious injury and he has been playing 50+ games over the past 3 seasons.
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