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  1. 30 minutes in an episode but over 7 minutes of that is ending credits
  2. You can get the basic game for £6.49 after using the £10 coupon if you dont fancy paying for all the DLC right now
  3. Ive just bought Anno 1800 Complete Edition on Epic for £31.99. Down from £83.99
  4. Epic have not done that previously so I doubt it. You could always try emailing them and asking for it?
  5. I think they cant refuse you if you ask for a refund within the 2 hours gameplay. After the 2 hours you can still ask and they review your case. I think I was around 3.5 hours but a good hour of that was trying to fiddle with settings. I assume if you explain your reasonings for the refund they will accept it.
  6. So glad I got a refund on this game from Steam after 3 hours of gameplay. I look forward to buying the game when its fixed and half price
  7. For anyone thats not got it already, you can use the £10 voucher on Cyberpunk
  8. Yeah thats why I am thinking. I am just hoping that it doesnt end up being one of Epics Free 15 games
  9. So tempted to buy SW The Fallen order on Epic. £21.99 but only £11.99 after the £10 Coupon.
  10. We sell 30-40 items a day on eBay/etsy and its a nightmare. Every day people are complaining that post is late and not arrived. I have already sent an email to Royal Mail demanding compensation for the bad reputation its causing us and come next month I will be putting in lots of claims as I have had to refund over 10 customers so far and expect that amount to rise considerably.
  11. Well, maybe I am using the very respectable Sun Newspaper to back up my point? I am not btw. I am sure there are reasons he has only played a hand full of senior games. Some of which could be: 1 Being he is a small 17 year old in a physical league. Which might only damage him. 2 Celtics terrible start to this season has meant Lennon cant risk giving him game time 3 He is out of contract at the end of the season so there is a chance he will leave us. I wonder if he does leave Celtic at the end of the season to join a club in a big league then will FM22 have him with
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