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  1. To be fair, he had Bowen struggling to develop. In my game he's got a Professional personality and 16 determination so he's got an excellent personality, and he was still getting the "higher level" indicator. I don't think personality can offset them specifically needing to play at a higher level unfortunately, and that's been in my experience as well. This is a very specific scenario that'll pop up in your training reports though, and you will almost always have a noticeable stall in development. I don't know exactly what causes some players to need to play at a higher level and others not, but I do tend to notice it's more likely to happen with a player who's played in the same league for a couple of seasons, regardless of how good they are at that moment.
  2. I haven't found that qualifying for/playing in Europe helps when you get told this, but I may be wrong. The main thing I've found that can help when I see this is improving the reputation of the league I'm in. I'm currently in Bulgaria and our league's reputation went up this season, also getting more qualification spots for Europe. Now I have a few players who needed match experience at a higher level that are starting to develop again. The Championship and the Belgian league would be two difficult leagues to do this in however - obviously you're not often getting in Europe while you're in the Championship, so it's hard to improve that league's rep. Belgium is already part of some of the "best of the rest" leagues, so it might take you making a more consistent impact in Europe for their reputation to improve, but it's certainly possible. So yeah, you might be in a bit of a frustrating situation with David. I'm surprised he's already getting that notification if you're early into your save. Your best bet however would likely be a good run in Europe and hoping that things improve next season, but otherwise, when this happens to me, I usually consider that it might be time to move the player on. Edit : To expand further, here's a picture of the screen I use to compare my league's reputation to others. Basically, have your league do well in Europe/hope leagues around you do poorly, and hopefully the game will consider your league a "higher level" eventually.
  3. @rain94 You can control + click players to select multiple at once, so you don't have to keep closing it over and over. edit : also @CFuller
  4. Well it's not clear what it does if you have to guess what it effects and that's a problem isn't it? And I'm saying it should certainly have an effect on all of those coaches, and that is something that should be worked on before adding more meaningless staff roles where only one or two attributes matter.
  5. Actually meant to put "adaptability" rather than "ambition" in my point there. I see what you mean and I do also lean towards staff with more professional/determined personalities and the like. I don't doubt that man management has some effect and you're probably not imagining that. When I have the option for two coaches that'll both give me the same rating in training, I do look at the other stats. I just think there's a ton of room for improvement on the existing staff roles (particularly non-coaches), where a large amount of the attributes don't have a seemingly large impact on the game, or they just aren't explained clearly enough. A physio or a sports scientist, for example - you can just find some random newgen physio with 20 in the physio stat but super low stats everywhere else. I'm pretty certain that's the only stat that matters for them, but there's a lot of room for the likes of determination, man management, motivating, working with youngsters, etc. to give all staff roles more personality and variance. If the new staff additions have a bit more to them than when they added the sports scientist and data analyst, then I'll be happy enough.
  6. Fairly underwhelmed by this annoucement I guess. Club visions make sense to add to the game for sure but don't necessarily make me excited, and I could see it also being another frustrating part of the game if it isn't implemented very well right off the bat. Development center is nice but it's a lot of quality of life improvements although I really appreciate being able to see youth intakes early. The overview screen is useful but I've personally never had an issue tracking this part of the game. The loan screen looks good but there was already a list of players on loan in older FMs which you could use to track basically all the things shown in that picture, just in a less aesthetically pleasing way I suppose. Playing time pathway, again, makes sense. But managing player complaints and such is already something a number of people on these forums find difficult and it wouldn't shock me at all if this also lead to more frustrations - how much playing time is an "important player"? New backroom staff is barely exciting to me. We got the likes of the sports scientist which you literally just trawl through newgen staff sorting by the highest sport scientist stat. Nothing really immersive and fun about that, and that's how the vast majority of staff in the game work. There's a bunch of attributes being shown but how much does it actually affect the game? What does, for example, man management actually do? When searching for coaches does anybody do anything besides look for the highest level of discipline, determination and motivation and then the necessary stats? For me I can't tell you I've noticed much of a difference in that case whether or not their ambition is 1 or 20, their man management is 1 or 20, etc. I really hope a lot of work is done here so I'm not just signing the exact same staff in every save because they get 4+ stars in training, disregarding literally everything else about them. Additional tactical advice is nice but it has to be a mile improved from older versions telling your possession based, tiki taka preset team it's a good idea they play with direct passes and much higher tempo. Seeing an automatic role in one of the recommended lineups bothers and worries me though. I think there's a bit of a disconnect with how the game tries to "teach" you how to play tactically, and how the majority of popular, successful posters on this forum approach things. The automatic duty shouldn't even exist, a lot of people don't even understand how it works and experienced users just "abuse" it to have a role with completely customizable instructions and I don't think they're compatible with the preset concept either.The Gegenpress preset with three attacking duties in a front 3 and all pressing instructions to the max would've been pretty rightfully criticized on these very forums if a user was looking for advice, and it disappointingly looks like it'll be set up more or less the same in FM20. There's no use in adding more advice if it's just going to still continue to confuse players and then they come on here to be told their tactic is all wrong when it's literally just a preset one with 0 changes. The presets are all far too extreme in 19, and then come match day your assistant tells you to change your positive mentality to a defensive one anyways disregarding literally everything about your side.
  7. It's hard, imo, to figure out which coaches have potential and this is a really good point, something that's crossed my mind before. You have no real way to actually gauge it. Indeed, right now the best thing you can do is try and find younger, decent coaches who don't have all their badges and hope there's room for potential there. It's possible for staff to fail at getting their coaching badges though and this is generally an indicator that they don't have a ton of room left to grow.
  8. @ryandormer @AlexJames Think you two are talking about slightly differing issues. In your case Ryan I do find it pretty weird and it might be worth a bug report. You shouldn't feel a decline in performance, but playing a player out of position apparently impacts their decision stat. This shouldn't be noticeable at all at competent in my experiences, but it's still weird. With yours, Alex, the green circles are a bit different - they're a reflection of the players "best role" purely by looking at what the game considers the "ideal attributes" for that role. Something simple as an older player(a 29 year old for example) having a couple of stats adjusted (maybe a -1 loss of acceleration but a boost elsewhere) can make the game recalculate what it considers the players "best role". This is separate from what the players natural positions are. This can be frustrating but indeed don't worry about the circles if a player is playing well. I am almost certain there's no impact on the player here as long as they have the attributes/traits to do what you'd like them to do in the role. Think this part of the game could really use some work as it really misleads people to worrying about green circles.
  9. Yeah definitely think at least having the ability to permanently take over the training for a chosen player would be useful. One for the suggestions forum perhaps.
  10. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Yeah there's always a couple that I really don't want to move on regardless, particularly when they are players I put real work into developing and they've become exactly what I've hoped. Or, when they're on the older side(24+ lol), I have a tendency to keep below-par players who scored a couple of important goals or who have any other positive memories. That player is ridiculous and exactly what I'm talking about regarding the frustration. He's legitimately a pretty good player already IMO, who knows how good he could be, especially starting out with fairly determined which isn't bad and should help with easy tutoring. Even if tutoring DID turn out difficult, you'd have so much time to get it right. Hope you keep an eye on that one and report back, as zlatanera said, he should at least develop ok in Brazil being so young and you might already have a player on the verge of stardom when he's 18. Would really love to see how you'd fit him in. Your setups are some of the most interesting on the forum for sure and definitely opened my eyes to not sticking to all the "rules" I used to set for myself tactically and to just try things out, so I really appreciate your posts. Looking forward to seeing how you change things up. Spot on with having players who can fit into different styles. For example almost every save I play, I end up with defenders who can pass the ball. It always ends up being a benefit to me. Doesn't matter if if I'm playing a more direct style so they can actually accurately and calmly get it up the pitch, or if I legitimately want to play out of the back every time. I will forever preach feeder clubs! It's also great when you've been at the club for a bit so that you can pick one yourself. Don't know if you have many yet, but I always find asking the board for the "recruit foreign youngsters" and "scouting knowledge" affiliate clubs are the best for pure loans, but the scouting knowledge one may give you limited options if your actual scouting knowledge is high. @zlatanera Ugh the mentality thing drives me nuts too. It was already frustrating to me in 18 when you had the bars cuz you'd have to count them and I'm lazy but at least you knew exactly what was going on. Likely they wanted to move away from the "sliders" feel, which the bars were basically just sliders you can't change...but now it's just giving you less (fairly important) information! I think the tactic creator still needs to be more streamlined for this information to lose it's use, which it probably the direction they're going I guess. it can still be hard to understand exactly what certain instructions will do to your setup, though. I do still think both the compensating for lack of an attack duty and the AML-S control/attacking thing work similar. I just kind of assume there's an under the hood effect when it comes to mentality/the duties you use and your fluidity. I know SI have said fluidity is just a label now, and I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist or argue with what they say. But I think it's a "label" essentially letting you know your team changes depending on your duties. For example on very fluid with a balanced mentality, my striker on an attack duty has an "attacking mentality", if it's balanced very structured, he is "very attacking". Then go to a very attacking mentality, my DM-D has a cautious mentality on very structured, with a balanced one on very fluid. Changing the fluidity of my team also lowers my team's familiarity with creative freedom. It just makes sense to me that it works this way anyways. So I don't think fluidity is the exact same as it was in FM 18, but I do think there are as I said small under the hood changes to the mentalities of your players based on the duties of your other players. I wouldn't change a bunch of roles just to make my DM-D a bit more attacking, I'd obviously just change the role/duty/instructions. But I keep these things in mind, and some of the prettiest football I've gotten on this match engine was on an attacking mentality with lots of support duties, it just felt...well...fluid! Just my crazy thoughts though and I'm no tactical expert either...I mean, my success in this game has traditionally come from loading most of the playesr in the game, creating something simple tactically, and then filling the spots with bargains from obscure places so I could be completely off here. @Garrlor I actually had a save with a very useful Ricardo Gardner many, many years ago, so long ago I can't even remember where/when it was lol. Actually used to like him in real life too. I never have luck with older players though, if it were me starting him he would've gotten an injury at 31 bringing his acceleration down to 6... But I totally get it. Sometimes you have a player that just works so well in your setup why change it? Tends to be hard working fullbacks for me who end up sticking around. Also completely agree with cherrypicking the talent, especially with the level of success he's had. Only really need the best of the best now, if he is that, he will be good at 18 regardless.
  11. Yeah it seems personality really kicks in hard for development at 18. I definitely notice it having an effect when they're younger but not as much. However if a player is Resolute at 18 for example their attributes do often keep shooting up if they have a good amount of PA to spare, especially with some first team involvement. It's also a good way to determine if a player is close to peaking in my experience. Say you have an 18 year old and the coaches see his potential as one/one and a half black star above his current ability. He has a great personality, he was developing superbly...and then suddenly his concentration went up, but every other stat goes down! Yeah he's probably not that far off the finished product/hitting his PA at that point. I find good coaches start to get pretty accurate around 18 about a player's real potential for attribute development with the yellow stars. A single black star of potential left at that age usually isn't a great sign. If you notice the trends in development right, you can really trick the AI into overpaying for that black star of potential that you know isn't really there. I have a CB right now who's starting most games. He's 18, already a very good player, resolute personality. I think he's close to peaking as his development is getting strange with some stats going up, some going down. Coaches think he has one black star left, "could improve by a slight amount in the future" which I would guess is 10-15 CA left to grow at max. I'll probably sell him this summer for quite a bit more than I should as I think a team will take a gamble on his remaining potential cuz of his age. If I waited until he was 20 I don't think I'd get nearly as much regardless of how well he plays for me until then. Yup you're spot on about the loans. In certain positions this is essential to me - I make sure the AI's playing two strikers if I loan a fast poacher for example, or 3 in midfield if it's a pure DM or a box to box who's better going forward than defending. Basic things like that can really help. The AI can also lie to your benefit about playing time as well. Sometimes I offer a player for a loan and 15 teams bid but they all say he'll be a rotation player. I'll start looking through squads and comparing their players...wait a second, I'm loaning a striker, their manager plays 4-4-2, they only have one striker...and then I send them there and they play every game. The AI doesn't always do a good job of determining what the player's role in the squad will actually be. I think they may weigh in coach ratings/scout ratings too much, without putting enough into what their squad actually needs. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! This is a struggle I've always had and have tried to work on a lot in FM19 lol. I always used to get attached to players far too easily personally and indeed it leads to players with big potential who don't have a path into the first team anymore. I've sort of started creating long term plans for individual players - for example loan "here" at 19, loan "there" at 20, two seasons playing for me, sell. I'll then deviate from this a bit depending on how they develop/other players develop/how the loans go/etc, but generally if I stick to these I'll have a rough idea of what my squad will be in two years, three years, etc. I basically turn the club into a factory of players really lol. I also load a lot of active leagues and right now I manage in a weak Poland so I have plenty of suitors for my players, and I've had to learn the art of flipping my players at the right times. If I notice teams are interested and I'm ready to sell, I'll offer him them out without transfer listing them, as long as they're interested in speaking to other clubs. I find it's also sort of fun checking in on your sold players every few months and watching how their careers go. However it'll depend on how rigid I am with my playing style and tactical philosophy in the save. I usually develop players to just make them into the most effective they can be in their ideal roles for most teams, rather than developing them for a specific philosophy, with maybe a couple of "DNA" elements such as defenders who can pass or players with high workrate/teamwork. I understand it's different when you're developing players to a certain philosophy. I'm less likely to move a player on if I'm playing a very specific 4-2-3-1 that needs a very specific type of winger who I don't have a like-for-like replacement for. But if I'm willing to significantly adapt tactically in the upcoming seasons, I may move that winger on to make room for that young advanced playmaker. Then now I need a more attacking fullback so somebody else has to step up in that role - now that right back out on loan is very useful and is a future starter. It kind of becomes like a domino effect. Sometimes I'll start the season with a very different starting lineup to the previous, playing an aggressive 3-4-3 and then switching to a patient 4-3-3 for example, but it was all planned out, and since a lot of those players were squad players/academy players last season the cohesion and all that is still pretty good. As long as I try to think of what I want to do tactically/transfer wise a year or two ahead of time, I can make space for players even if they don't fit into my current setup. Then I get the most out of them in the new setup, move them on, shift towards a different setup. Regarding the academy balancing, that's very interesting. Honestly I've always been the type to create new saves a few seasons in, only recently starting to do longer-term so I don't have a lot of experience with long term youth intake trends. This save is more for the long haul though and I'm only using Polish players so my youth intake is even more valuable, so I'll certainly keep an eye here and in my next few similar saves to see if I notice the same. And yeah, it's insanely frustrating when you see that 16 year old Brazilian waste away for two years cuz you can't have them!
  12. I wanted to talk on this a bit as youth development is an aspect of the game that I've really focused on in this version and I've put an embarrassing amount of hours in this year lol. I know you're a regular poster on the forum and you're very adept at the game so I apologize if you already know some of these things - I don't see them commonly talked about on these forums, and maybe it can help a few others, but I think I clarify a bit of the randomness. The youth team part of the game is very inconsistent indeed with what will and will not develop a player and I think I've narrowed down, for the most part, a good few rule of thumbs for this. I do think SI could do some work making it more consistent throughout the leagues regarding how youth teams work. When a player is under 18, you should absolutely keep them in your youth squad which is common knowledge I think, preferably at the youngest level they can play. Good coaching, facilities, a good personality, and I think keeping them match fit(aka actually having them play in youth games) will help them develop and you can get some ridiculous growth from players at these ages. It's not uncommon for a regen with decent PA to get pretty close to his potential before he's even 19 with all those mentioned factors being ideal. At the age of 18 I feel it kind of turns into a tossup. I feel things may have changed for FM19, or maybe I didn't pay as much attention in FM18. I find players at 18 years old who are playing in the youth squads won't develop at the extreme rate they can before that, but they also usually don't stall, and you can really get some serious boosts here by giving them occasional first team action. This changes at 19, however, and it can be pretty much instant. At 19 you'll soon get the dreaded "Needs more playing time and match experience", and if you can't offer them semi-serious game time at this age they will stall. Now to touch on reserve/youth teams, the randomness you mentioned, it depends on how your league handles them. In a country like England, with dedicated youth leagues, players don't seem to develop that much if they're 19 or over playing exclusively for youth/reserves, so a loan is a good move in these cases if you're not going to play them. Players 19 and over who I keep in the u-23 squad in England, for example, tend to stall in development, getting "Needs more playing time and match experience". The only time I've seen otherwise in England seems to be for EFL Trophy matches which I think do seem to count as first team football. Otherwise, here I'd be looking for a loan at the right level. In a league like France or Poland(where my current save is) this is where I'm finding it a bit more complicated, but I think I've also figured it out. I have the Polish 4th division added, where my side's reserve team start, so we do actually play real fixtures and I don't know how it'll work without them. If your reserves are in the same league system as your parent club, but you DON'T have to register them for the reserve squad and can freely move them between squads, you will (edit: sometimes) get "Needs better challenges" if they are actually placed in the reserves. I find this won't always completely block a players development like some of the other bad training reports but it will certainly impact it negatively. I have seen players even at the age of 17 get this in their training report if they are placed into these specific types of reserve sides. If they are 18 and under, you are best off keeping them in the actual youth squads for development. In Poland 18 year olds can't play for the youths though so I had to figure out a workaround. I found this can be avoided by having reserve players moved into your first team squad, but marked available for your reserves. I only do this for the ineligible 18 year olds, but I no longer get "Needs better challenges" from these players.This obviously will leave you with a huge first team squad which is a headache, so I personally wouldn't even bother in a normal save, but I'm currently doing homegrown players only so I'm trying to really maximize development. However, for 19 year olds, it seems like my players have all had their development slow using, and occasionally I get "Needs more playing time", so I've started loaning them out in this save. Edit : I don't think all leagues with these types of reserve sides will tell you players need better challenges. In FM 18 I didn't have this issue in the Netherlands but I'd have to test this for 19. It gets really interesting in a league like Russia and I'm not certain if other similar leagues are the same. In Russia for example, your reserves team are considered a completely separate side with their own squad registration. Spain and I believe Germany are the same but I haven't tested how this works there so I can't be too sure. Therefore you gotta move them into your reserves and usually can't control their individual training, and they won't be getting the benefit of either your first team coaches or your youth coaches, or the ability to control what part of training your they actually coach. You also won't actually see the arrows by their attributes changing unless you go onto Development > Training on their player page. On top of that they develop pretty poorly so I wouldn't be surprised if they were getting "Needs better challenges" here too. The workaround I found in Russia was, again, keeping players in the first team squad and making them available for the reserves. The tricky part in Russia came transfer deadline day, as I couldn't register players for my reserves side without actually moving them into the reserves, but while the window was open, they didn't need registration. What I would do here is move all players who are going to play for the reserves back into the actual reserve squad on deadline day. I would register them, wait until the window closes so they're locked in, move them back into my first team, and make them available for my reserves again. This had brilliant results to the point where I'm feeling it's pushing toward being a bug. Players who played for the reserve team would develop very well regardless of their age. I was signing 22-23 year olds with wasted potential, playing them for my reserves, and having them get some serious development before moving them on for a profit. On their training reports, they often got "Gained match experience at a higher level" regardless of where I bought them from, so I'm thinking the game was treating the game time they were getting as if it were in the top division, while my reserves side played in the second division. Couple that with the players performing very well, which helps with attribute development, certain players really shot up in attributes a lot higher than I thought, to the point where some became first team players. I'm planning on testing this out in the likes of Germany and Spain to see if it works the same, and I might potentially report this as a bug if so, but it made for a very fun test save where I was just trying to improve as many Russian players as possible. If you intend to loan a player out, the level you send them to depends on a few factors from what I found, looking at it purely from an attributes development standpoint. You really want to avoid the "Needs match experience at a higher level" training report which is almost as bad as "Needs more playing time and match experience", and there's a few ways to do that. If they've just turned 19 and have barely played first team football for anyone, it's good to loan them to the lowest reputation league(preferably a club with good facilities) who will give them playtime in the position you want. You can find this under Europe > Competitions > Leagues, where they'll be sorted by the star rating of reputation. I have never seen a player in his first season of first team football needing "match experience at a higher level" at any club I've been at, so this first loan is really important as it dictates what their next loans are. It's good to take a look at the manager's tactical setup as well. I used to see teams playing a 3-5-2 for example bid for my wingers, lie that they'll get first team football, and then barely give them a game. You then continue loaning them to progressively higher levels, preferably keeping them in leagues that have a lower reputation than the club you manage at. Affiliate clubs can really help with this, so I always try to ask the board for clubs that can help with scouting knowledge. I often see the same faces, such as Botev Plovdiv in Bulgaria, AS Trencin in Slovakia, and NK Domzale in Slovenia, all with good facilities, all in lowish reputation leagues. If you finally decide to bring them back from a weaker league to your first team squad, you are likely to get the "Gained match experience at a higher level" training report which can significantly boost growth. I've signed players at 26 years old who end up growing a lot just because they are playing regular football at a "higher level", and you can really find some gems this way by getting a player to grow later than you'd expect. There's also a chance a player just has an off year in development. This has happened to me numerous times in numerous saves, and it just seems like a player barely grows in any attributes for an entire season. This appears to be able to happen at any age, with any PA, and I don't think there's much you can do. I had NDombele at Lyon in my first season completely fail to develop in his first season, for example. I changed nothing in his schedule or anything like that, and the next two seasons he grew a lot and I believe hit his max potential. Couple other tips - I believe if the coaching report says they are unhappy with the workload, it's an issue with professionalism, and if they have a casual approach to training, it is a problem with ambition. I think the workload one seems to be more detrimental to development as when they are unhappy they don't train as well, while the casual training one can come in and out of training reports. Bit of a tangent here and I apologize if this derails the thread a bit, and I haven't had a read through in a long time so some of this might already be known.
  13. Feel like centre back roles need some looking at. I think the "Brings Ball Out of Defence" concept could use some work for one. It's a great PPM, and I absolutely love when a centre back(or a full back which is a really underrated tool) has it. However, it seems to be incredibly hard to teach to players, or at least, my coaches never seem to think it's a good idea to teach it. If you use a ball-playing defender you can tell him to dribble more, which seems to have a similar effect, and I think this didn't do anything noticeable in FM18 so that's nice. But then you're stuck with the risky passes PI, which I find can make a CB really wasteful with his passes particularly on higher mentalities. I think telling a player to bring the ball out of the defense should be possible at any time - it's a fairly common part of the modern game. Who cares if my player doesn't have the ability to do it? I find it can really change a tactic for a better, and if I choose the wrong players to do it, I should just be rightfully punished by the match engine - that would be my mistake. But I generally have defenders who are good on the ball and at the moment only have one CB with the PPM, which makes him feel almost irreplaceable at times when he's nothing amazing attributes-wise. I'm thinking maybe the solution is, again, having a look at the centre back roles. Perhaps the default CB role shouldn't have any pis forced besides hold position? Or you could just get rid of the risky passes PI and turn the ball playing centre back purely into a role who plays the ball shorter, and then you could give them the instruction to dribble more/play out of defence. I imagine SI are also thinking about this, but there's also a lack of options for the wide CBs in a back three. I think a role that pushes into the final third here is an essential addition to the match engine. Perhaps a support duty variant that plays a bit more like Azpilicueta did under Chelsea's Conte, pushing into midfield playing relatively deep crosses from the half space. An attacking duty variant could be more like Sheffield United's wide centre backs who really can get forward into the final third. Just food for thought.
  14. I think you could find some quality upgrades in the 500k range. It really depends on how many leagues you have loaded however, and obviously you're a few years into the future so it's a bit harder to give names. I tend to load a ton of leagues and players personally, so your mileage may very, but I find the Scandinavian leagues and Portuguese leagues a good place to find some real bargains, and you can usually find some serious gems on free transfers/expiring contracts. Since you've stayed up while conceding a fair amount of goals, I would think your attack is doing it's job to some degree, so would look at putting that money into a LB and a CB in particular.
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