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  1. Something I've wondered for a while, because I think I've heard both things. Are there actually any differences between roles besides the player instructions that it changes(or playmakers)? If I compare a CM-S for example to a BBM, everything in the player instructions is the same - mentality, passing directness, closing down, etc. Aside from "roam from position" these two roles appear to be the same. If I set a CM-S to roam from position is it the exact same thing? I understand that this is something one could potentially learn just through watching, but after a good few years of playing FM understanding the match engine is still rather difficult sometimes. I feel that if there are subtle differences between roles that aren't stated in player instructions, perhaps a bit of assistance in future iterations with this will help some people with improving their tactics. Thanks in advance.
  2. Already being discussed in the bug forum
  3. I'd certainly appreciate a couple of more Polish players if you think they're deserving, such as Wlodzimiersz Lubanski, Kazimierz Deyna and Andrej Szarmach. Perhaps Milan Baros as his international record was quite good, and maybe Andrei Kanchelskis? Will probably have a few more names that pop up in my head but wow, what fantastic work. Thanks a lot for this. Edit : Oooh, this is an outside shot, but how about Robin Friday?
  4. What are their squad statuses? Edit : also ,at the second point, I believe you can only use a tutor once a season as opposed to the 2 I'd usually get in for FM13, but a tutee can be tutored by multiple people in a season.
  5. Then, if anything, I've created a plethora of chances that quality players would score the majority of the time, that were not considered CCCs or a half chance(let alone the missed CCCs and half chances). If anything, doing this supports that the engine is currently flawed imo
  6. Here you are sir there's tips unfortunately
  7. I'd certainly say in the past season, Hazard's goalscoring/assist stats have been better than Kagawa's for sure. not only that, in a much worse team too. He is also younger and is the creative, pacy player Chelsea desperately need...United don't really need a second striker in Kagawa. I don't see why Kagawa will necessarily be the better signing here bit off topic anyhow
  8. What he said ^ Bentley got his chances, was not nearly as impressive as he was for Blackburn, and lost his spot. I can actually cite a real life counter example to this, Pavlyuchenko completely lost his spot at one point for Spurs and was a fringe player. He scored a few important goals in the cups and got another lease of life at Spurs.. this never happens in FM with AI managers. Then you're either biased or your game is significantly different than mine, as I can show you numerous examples of this.. and it happens more and more as I get further into the future.
  9. Yes, but how often do you see a player purchased in real life for a large amount, who barely makes ANY appearences? I once saw Ilicic bought in FM by Spurs for around 15 million. He didn't play a single game until one League Cup match where he scored a hat trick.. 1 - you'd think that if they are paying big money for a player, they'd play him. If they played him, he played poorly and he was dropped it'd be different. Wasn't like that at all. 2 - Players can play well in FM and managers will not select them if their CA isn't high. I remember seeing Jelen(again at Spurs) who had more goals than games in the league, but only played around 4 games..
  10. Running on Windows 7, I went from 2 GB of ram to 4 GB and it was a huge performance increase overall. FM also loads much faster and very rarely freezes, as well as lagging the rest of my computer less
  11. I struggle to sell players too. In my Chelsea save nobody was interested in Kalou for more than 1 million pounds. I mean surely he would go for quite a bit more than that IRL. Also, I doubt many players would stick around completely unwanted just because no other club matches their inflated wages. You have the odd example of that here and there (Bogarde) but really, many players are actually interested in playing football in reality..
  12. This thread is a tad old now
  13. Couple of things - Jan Koller is listed as a left winger in my save. He's been a striker his whole career I believe. Physical stats are also really low for alot of players(strength and stamina especially, such as in Steve Bruce), and certain mental stats are too. I understand that you are only focusing on 3 attributes per player but perhaps a look at that for future consideration? Also, perhaps swap George Best's finishing with his dribbling? Otherwise, well done, really looking forward to future updates, cheers.
  14. Chelsea 2-1 Man Utd, FA Cup final, 09-10 Scored two early goals when I wasn't looking, I was a little ticked about that and then held a steady defence the rest of the game to win the final. Completed my double after a really really poor run at the end of the season (Drogs got injured and Anelka couldn't score, we proceeded to lose against Madrid twice, at Liverpool when we could've won the title, at Villa when we could've won the title, had to win it last day hosting West Ham )
  15. I've sold a TON of players for cheap, (including Utaka to Real Madrid.. what were they thinking!? ) and brought in plenty of loanees. We are currently 15th with one game left to play, if we lose we could still be relegated. It was very difficult to get the club going, but once they did, I actually have a half decent side. Akale is one signing I've made who has been brilliant, and we've been winning the majority of our games lately. However, I think I'm resigning if I keep them up.. without the loans, I'll basically have no team next season and no money to buy anybody with. I also did not get any deduction of any sort.