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  1. I think you could find some quality upgrades in the 500k range. It really depends on how many leagues you have loaded however, and obviously you're a few years into the future so it's a bit harder to give names. I tend to load a ton of leagues and players personally, so your mileage may very, but I find the Scandinavian leagues and Portuguese leagues a good place to find some real bargains, and you can usually find some serious gems on free transfers/expiring contracts. Since you've stayed up while conceding a fair amount of goals, I would think your attack is doing it's job to some degree, so would look at putting that money into a LB and a CB in particular.
  2. I'll offer a slightly different perspective here and say straight up that I think it's mostly your players. I'm not brilliant on the tactical side of the game, much stronger at buying/picking the right players, but I don't see anything extremely flawed about your tactic defensively. It's a 4-1-4-1, so you can afford to be a bit more adventurous generally speaking with the midfield 4, particularly with a cautious mentality. I'd maybe switch the right cm to a BBM or even a cm-s personally, depending on the players and how games go. It's ok to push your defensive line higher if you feel like you're giving the opposition too much respect so I wouldn't be too worried about that. I'm sure there's other tweaks that could be made watching the games, but it's not a setup that screams flawed to me. Your defenders, on the other hand, I would be a bit worried to use in La Liga particularly looking at their mental and physical stats. Kalas isn't bad at all, but lacking in the air, so defending too deep might see him struggle. Atienza really lacks in physicality, has a 2 for determination, and I don't think the rest of his mental stats make up for it. Andujar is ok, but also has low anticipation, composure, decisions, and positioning. Perez hopefully could become a good player and is a decent one right now, but I see he's only on loan. Garcia could be good too, but the 5 determination worries me, he's lacking in physicality(although still young) and his positioning could do with a bit of work too. Kalas, Perez, and Garcia is an ok three to have, but I think you could do with a CB who is strong in the air, decently determined, and with fairly good mental stats to partner Kalas, especially if you're losing Perez and Garcia. Not a fan of De Los Reyes - 5 determination and just an average second division LB IMO. Serviceable backup I suppose but I think this is the position I'd address first. I'd be looking for someone with much higher determination primarily, but I think you can also find a player here who is just better in most areas, or significantly better in one area, as he doesn't stand out anywhere. Rodriguez is a good backup but I feel a player with better all around physical stats here is necessary at this level, although he's not a bad player otherwise.
  3. Sorry to chime in here, just wanted to ask. Do you mean a CM attack on the same side as the winger on attack? Always been too scared to try that one out
  4. How are people dealing with wingers getting so narrow in the final third when they're in the attacking midfield strata? Any time a team defends even slightly deep against me, the only width I can get is from my fullbacks. If I move them deeper I struggle to press as high as I'd like.
  5. I'm sure you can make adjustments tactically where this causes you less problems, but this has also been reported and acknowledged as a bug.
  6. I like threads like this because one of the first things I do personally after a database update is scan through a lot of teams. I look at who I'd expect to have either improved or had their attributes reworked. You might've passed up a player before who has improved/has a different attribute spread, or a team may have new options tactically for a new save. My random contribution is Ruben Aguilar at Montpellier who looked pretty good before, but now looks like a really quality right back for most teams. Also Robert Skov at Copenhagen, fantastic long shots and free kick attributes(deserved from what I've seen!)
  7. I'd consider support duty strikers barely moving when you're in an attacking phase a pretty "major" issue personally and I don't think I'm alone in that.
  8. Has anyone noticed that when the AI use two strikers they often seem to play two attack duties? Feels unrealistic seeing two players just waiting on the halfway line. Also seems a waste considering support strikers defending deeper is something I feel is an important change in this match engine. I tend to get caught out by this pretty often even with a DM and fairly conservative fullbacks.
  9. A - I don't use personalized roles so I haven't experienced this but it certainly sounds like a UI bug and may be worth posting to the bug form. Don't think I've seen anyone mention this one. C - I do believe when it says they have a casual approach to training it's generally an indicator of the player being on the less ambitious side. You might just be unlucky having some unambitious players. In FM18 I found that it was something that could kind of come and go so you should still be ok in the long term with resolute personalities
  10. Anyone know if there's any differences between the Advanced Forward and the Pressing Forward on an attack duty besides closing down/tackle harder? I'm thinking the AF would probably have higher creative freedom but wondering if anyone's noticed?
  11. Agreed. This was also the case in FM18 and I thought perhaps it was a typo - maybe it was meant to be 12? Figured I'd bring it up. Understand Celtic supporters don't rate him all that high but 2 makes him a liability anywhere.
  12. I've never watched Jack Hendry play in my life(maybe one time) but isn't a passing rating of "2" incredibly low? Especially with his first touch, technique, vision and composure being ok?
  13. I had this issue in my Toronto FC save and that was on the last 17 patch, so no, I don't think it was fixed
  14. To add to this, if a player is stalling due to the level he's playing at, you can see it in training reports. It'll say that they need match experience at a higher level to progress.
  15. Right click the game on Steam, go into Properties and there should be a tab called "Betas" which will allow you to opt out. Not sure if this is what you meant
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