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  1. What a player you have there! He's so young, and if his potential is as high as it looks, he could easily strengthen up a bit and be a DLP... but since you're using a CM-A he's pretty much perfect IMO. I'd be training him as a box to box mid personally as it'll keep training him to be well rounded, and also to work on some of his physical stats. I'd consider putting him on individual strength training as well. Those stats will develop naturally anyways as he gets older, but that could help speed it up. In regards to playing him, if you keep him in the youth team his development is very likely to skyrocket until he's 18, but I don't think playing him will hurt much either. I think overplaying a player can hurt their development(not certain), but I've never really noticed a very young player failing to develop when they play, even if he MIGHT develop quicker if you keep him in the youth teams. But yeah, if he's your best mid and you could use him now, I'd keep him around the first team squad and slowly start introducing him now. Good luck mate!
  2. If he's hitting numbers like that then yeah for sure, that'll massively contribute. If you have the National League loaded as playable(simulated leagues, such as non playable ones, calculate ratings differently), 7.2 is probably amongst the better players in the league haha. Wouldn't be shocked if he was up for an award, or maybe he won top goalscorer? All of those things would have likely an effect on his reputation and that might even come into play a bit with coach reports, although his performances are the most likely thing when it comes to those. I just had a player in my last save getting a 7.8 in the Macedonian league, and my scouts overrated him like crazy, saying he'd be my best winger when he'd genuinely be a third choice winger at best for me. Went to the Netherlands and has only been OK and he dropped a star in my scouts eyes in like two months! Reputation is an incredibly weird thing at times in FM but it's rather important for basically everything as well...as I said, I imagine if he was in contention for any awards that would play a role. The difference in rating from a 7.0 to a 7.2 in FM is surprisingly big so a 7.02 might not be good enough to "stand out" if that makes sense. It may be a more gradual gain in reputation for players like that, but it is tough to say. I wouldn't worry about it TOO much, the higher reputation for Bohui will probably just benefit you if you're looking to get some money out of him. Cheers and good luck on your save! @Hilly1979 If Clarke is better as a Winger Attack then I wouldn't hesitate using him there. I imagine Bergwijn developed a little as well, and they're both more well rounded and Bergwijn more two footed than Clarke so I would probably rather have them cutting in/playing more creative roles than Clarke. That'll help them in the views of the coaching report - which is almost trying to gauge a players "overall" rating, but yeah, three years in I think Clarke probably could be a better pure winger than both, despite what your coaches say.
  3. @smeagoltonezHow well has Bohui played on loan? Solid performances can seriously boost how good a player is in the eyes of your scouts/coaches. Even an average rating of over 7 could have a pretty large impact. If he hasn't changed that much, his CA hasn't gone up by much and he doesn't really fit into your side, I wouldn't worry about keeping him. I'd personally be interested in giving him a shot as his pace alone is a massive asset at that level(L2/L1?) and he seems to have pretty decent potential but I wouldn't base his current rating off my scout/coach's reports, except for what they say about his consistency and how good he is in big matches, and I agree with your assessment that right now hes all pace. If you're not really gonna use him I'd try loan him to league two and I wouldn't be surprised to see his attributes start to really climb and then maybe you could reassess it again. @Hilly1979 Curious which players you think he is better than. Looking at Clarke I do think there's a player who's attributes can make him very useful in specific roles right off the bat, more or less a pure winger who can finish, but he definitely takes a bit of a hit because of some of his mental attributes (concentration, decisions in particular but also teamwork vision and workrate), and his long shots and passing are pretty low for a wide forward. In the prem I'd probably only use him as a winger on attack for example. Again though if you can find a use for him, try it out as the coach reports aren't perfect and as long as players have the right attributes for what you want them to do it'll usually work out. I've had plenty of players over-perform their coach reports over the years, and I've had others over-perform their attributes.
  4. I don't think there's actually an issue here? You can't click the button because the screen exists so you can plan your squad registration before the actual registration date. This is a new feature this year, and looks to me like it's working as intended.
  5. The pressing forward role needs to go IMO. Pressing from the front line is such an important thing in the modern game, we shouldn't have to use a specific role to get it to feel consistent. In my experience no other striker role is as effective defensively as a Defensive Forward on support, regardless of instructions. Can't comment on the defend duty though, never used it. On an attack duty does it really do anything all that different from an advanced forward? Perhaps they are involved a little more, but like any other attack duty striker, they generally stick to the half way line pinned to the center backs. There's a good opportunity there to replace it with the default role that a number of people have wanted over the years, call it the Center Forward or Central Forward or whatever. Keep "Gets Further Forward" locked on the attack duty if you must(please no "Move Into Channels"!), support duty with no instructions, and a defensive duty with "Hold Position". As long as the other forward roles can press well there's no real loss for me.
  6. Yeah agreed with bowie, if his actual attributes aren't declining (which I honestly doubt they are that much), then it's possible his form for his old team had your scouts overrate him a little. Now maybe his form hasn't been as good for you, so your coaches are actually underrating him a bit. I've seen many players on good form go up a full star in my coaches eyes without any real significant attribute change, particularly in the last two editions.
  7. @Johnny Ace For what it's worth I'm also seeing an awful lot of weird cross field balls that I am pretty certain I wasn't seeing in the beta to this degree. In regards to other issues you've been seeing, I'm seeing them as well, but don't want to be too reactionary as I need to give it more time, and I played a very good amount of the beta. It took me two games to feel like there's been a change in passing though.
  8. To be fair, he had Bowen struggling to develop. In my game he's got a Professional personality and 16 determination so he's got an excellent personality, and he was still getting the "higher level" indicator. I don't think personality can offset them specifically needing to play at a higher level unfortunately, and that's been in my experience as well. This is a very specific scenario that'll pop up in your training reports though, and you will almost always have a noticeable stall in development. I don't know exactly what causes some players to need to play at a higher level and others not, but I do tend to notice it's more likely to happen with a player who's played in the same league for a couple of seasons, regardless of how good they are at that moment.
  9. I haven't found that qualifying for/playing in Europe helps when you get told this, but I may be wrong. The main thing I've found that can help when I see this is improving the reputation of the league I'm in. I'm currently in Bulgaria and our league's reputation went up this season, also getting more qualification spots for Europe. Now I have a few players who needed match experience at a higher level that are starting to develop again. The Championship and the Belgian league would be two difficult leagues to do this in however - obviously you're not often getting in Europe while you're in the Championship, so it's hard to improve that league's rep. Belgium is already part of some of the "best of the rest" leagues, so it might take you making a more consistent impact in Europe for their reputation to improve, but it's certainly possible. So yeah, you might be in a bit of a frustrating situation with David. I'm surprised he's already getting that notification if you're early into your save. Your best bet however would likely be a good run in Europe and hoping that things improve next season, but otherwise, when this happens to me, I usually consider that it might be time to move the player on. Edit : To expand further, here's a picture of the screen I use to compare my league's reputation to others. Basically, have your league do well in Europe/hope leagues around you do poorly, and hopefully the game will consider your league a "higher level" eventually.
  10. @rain94 You can control + click players to select multiple at once, so you don't have to keep closing it over and over. edit : also @CFuller
  11. Well it's not clear what it does if you have to guess what it effects and that's a problem isn't it? And I'm saying it should certainly have an effect on all of those coaches, and that is something that should be worked on before adding more meaningless staff roles where only one or two attributes matter.
  12. Actually meant to put "adaptability" rather than "ambition" in my point there. I see what you mean and I do also lean towards staff with more professional/determined personalities and the like. I don't doubt that man management has some effect and you're probably not imagining that. When I have the option for two coaches that'll both give me the same rating in training, I do look at the other stats. I just think there's a ton of room for improvement on the existing staff roles (particularly non-coaches), where a large amount of the attributes don't have a seemingly large impact on the game, or they just aren't explained clearly enough. A physio or a sports scientist, for example - you can just find some random newgen physio with 20 in the physio stat but super low stats everywhere else. I'm pretty certain that's the only stat that matters for them, but there's a lot of room for the likes of determination, man management, motivating, working with youngsters, etc. to give all staff roles more personality and variance. If the new staff additions have a bit more to them than when they added the sports scientist and data analyst, then I'll be happy enough.
  13. Fairly underwhelmed by this annoucement I guess. Club visions make sense to add to the game for sure but don't necessarily make me excited, and I could see it also being another frustrating part of the game if it isn't implemented very well right off the bat. Development center is nice but it's a lot of quality of life improvements although I really appreciate being able to see youth intakes early. The overview screen is useful but I've personally never had an issue tracking this part of the game. The loan screen looks good but there was already a list of players on loan in older FMs which you could use to track basically all the things shown in that picture, just in a less aesthetically pleasing way I suppose. Playing time pathway, again, makes sense. But managing player complaints and such is already something a number of people on these forums find difficult and it wouldn't shock me at all if this also lead to more frustrations - how much playing time is an "important player"? New backroom staff is barely exciting to me. We got the likes of the sports scientist which you literally just trawl through newgen staff sorting by the highest sport scientist stat. Nothing really immersive and fun about that, and that's how the vast majority of staff in the game work. There's a bunch of attributes being shown but how much does it actually affect the game? What does, for example, man management actually do? When searching for coaches does anybody do anything besides look for the highest level of discipline, determination and motivation and then the necessary stats? For me I can't tell you I've noticed much of a difference in that case whether or not their ambition is 1 or 20, their man management is 1 or 20, etc. I really hope a lot of work is done here so I'm not just signing the exact same staff in every save because they get 4+ stars in training, disregarding literally everything else about them. Additional tactical advice is nice but it has to be a mile improved from older versions telling your possession based, tiki taka preset team it's a good idea they play with direct passes and much higher tempo. Seeing an automatic role in one of the recommended lineups bothers and worries me though. I think there's a bit of a disconnect with how the game tries to "teach" you how to play tactically, and how the majority of popular, successful posters on this forum approach things. The automatic duty shouldn't even exist, a lot of people don't even understand how it works and experienced users just "abuse" it to have a role with completely customizable instructions and I don't think they're compatible with the preset concept either.The Gegenpress preset with three attacking duties in a front 3 and all pressing instructions to the max would've been pretty rightfully criticized on these very forums if a user was looking for advice, and it disappointingly looks like it'll be set up more or less the same in FM20. There's no use in adding more advice if it's just going to still continue to confuse players and then they come on here to be told their tactic is all wrong when it's literally just a preset one with 0 changes. The presets are all far too extreme in 19, and then come match day your assistant tells you to change your positive mentality to a defensive one anyways disregarding literally everything about your side.
  14. It's hard, imo, to figure out which coaches have potential and this is a really good point, something that's crossed my mind before. You have no real way to actually gauge it. Indeed, right now the best thing you can do is try and find younger, decent coaches who don't have all their badges and hope there's room for potential there. It's possible for staff to fail at getting their coaching badges though and this is generally an indicator that they don't have a ton of room left to grow.
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