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  1. I'm sure you can make adjustments tactically where this causes you less problems, but this has also been reported and acknowledged as a bug.
  2. I like threads like this because one of the first things I do personally after a database update is scan through a lot of teams. I look at who I'd expect to have either improved or had their attributes reworked. You might've passed up a player before who has improved/has a different attribute spread, or a team may have new options tactically for a new save. My random contribution is Ruben Aguilar at Montpellier who looked pretty good before, but now looks like a really quality right back for most teams. Also Robert Skov at Copenhagen, fantastic long shots and free kick attributes(deserved from what I've seen!)
  3. I'd consider support duty strikers barely moving when you're in an attacking phase a pretty "major" issue personally and I don't think I'm alone in that.
  4. Has anyone noticed that when the AI use two strikers they often seem to play two attack duties? Feels unrealistic seeing two players just waiting on the halfway line. Also seems a waste considering support strikers defending deeper is something I feel is an important change in this match engine. I tend to get caught out by this pretty often even with a DM and fairly conservative fullbacks.
  5. A - I don't use personalized roles so I haven't experienced this but it certainly sounds like a UI bug and may be worth posting to the bug form. Don't think I've seen anyone mention this one. C - I do believe when it says they have a casual approach to training it's generally an indicator of the player being on the less ambitious side. You might just be unlucky having some unambitious players. In FM18 I found that it was something that could kind of come and go so you should still be ok in the long term with resolute personalities
  6. Anyone know if there's any differences between the Advanced Forward and the Pressing Forward on an attack duty besides closing down/tackle harder? I'm thinking the AF would probably have higher creative freedom but wondering if anyone's noticed?
  7. Agreed. This was also the case in FM18 and I thought perhaps it was a typo - maybe it was meant to be 12? Figured I'd bring it up. Understand Celtic supporters don't rate him all that high but 2 makes him a liability anywhere.
  8. I've never watched Jack Hendry play in my life(maybe one time) but isn't a passing rating of "2" incredibly low? Especially with his first touch, technique, vision and composure being ok?
  9. I had this issue in my Toronto FC save and that was on the last 17 patch, so no, I don't think it was fixed
  10. To add to this, if a player is stalling due to the level he's playing at, you can see it in training reports. It'll say that they need match experience at a higher level to progress.
  11. Right click the game on Steam, go into Properties and there should be a tab called "Betas" which will allow you to opt out. Not sure if this is what you meant
  12. This, and I think these are valid questions. For example, compare a BBM to a CM-S - the BBM has slightly higher closing down(despite no "close down more" pi), and roam from position. So if I add "roam from position" to a cm-s, when my team is on the ball will hebehave the same as the BBM? The Half-Back role is hard coded to change the way your team sets up. What other roles are actually hard-coded to do different things? What, exactly, causes the DLF-A to come deeper on the ball than a AF? They both have the same mentalities, move into channels, and get further forward?
  13. Something I've wondered for a while, because I think I've heard both things. Are there actually any differences between roles besides the player instructions that it changes(or playmakers)? If I compare a CM-S for example to a BBM, everything in the player instructions is the same - mentality, passing directness, closing down, etc. Aside from "roam from position" these two roles appear to be the same. If I set a CM-S to roam from position is it the exact same thing? I understand that this is something one could potentially learn just through watching, but after a good few years of playing FM understanding the match engine is still rather difficult sometimes. I feel that if there are subtle differences between roles that aren't stated in player instructions, perhaps a bit of assistance in future iterations with this will help some people with improving their tactics. Thanks in advance.
  14. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/413609-No-option-to-discipline-fine-players-after-poor-performance-since-15.2-patch Already being discussed in the bug forum
  15. I'd certainly appreciate a couple of more Polish players if you think they're deserving, such as Wlodzimiersz Lubanski, Kazimierz Deyna and Andrej Szarmach. Perhaps Milan Baros as his international record was quite good, and maybe Andrei Kanchelskis? Will probably have a few more names that pop up in my head but wow, what fantastic work. Thanks a lot for this. Edit : Oooh, this is an outside shot, but how about Robin Friday?
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