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  1. I don't think there's actually an issue here? You can't click the button because the screen exists so you can plan your squad registration before the actual registration date. This is a new feature this year, and looks to me like it's working as intended.
  2. The pressing forward role needs to go IMO. Pressing from the front line is such an important thing in the modern game, we shouldn't have to use a specific role to get it to feel consistent. In my experience no other striker role is as effective defensively as a Defensive Forward on support, regardless of instructions. Can't comment on the defend duty though, never used it. On an attack duty does it really do anything all that different from an advanced forward? Perhaps they are involved a little more, but like any other attack duty striker, they generally stick to the half way line pinned t
  3. Yeah agreed with bowie, if his actual attributes aren't declining (which I honestly doubt they are that much), then it's possible his form for his old team had your scouts overrate him a little. Now maybe his form hasn't been as good for you, so your coaches are actually underrating him a bit. I've seen many players on good form go up a full star in my coaches eyes without any real significant attribute change, particularly in the last two editions.
  4. @Johnny Ace For what it's worth I'm also seeing an awful lot of weird cross field balls that I am pretty certain I wasn't seeing in the beta to this degree. In regards to other issues you've been seeing, I'm seeing them as well, but don't want to be too reactionary as I need to give it more time, and I played a very good amount of the beta. It took me two games to feel like there's been a change in passing though.
  5. To be fair, he had Bowen struggling to develop. In my game he's got a Professional personality and 16 determination so he's got an excellent personality, and he was still getting the "higher level" indicator. I don't think personality can offset them specifically needing to play at a higher level unfortunately, and that's been in my experience as well. This is a very specific scenario that'll pop up in your training reports though, and you will almost always have a noticeable stall in development. I don't know exactly what causes some players to need to play at a higher level and others not, b
  6. I haven't found that qualifying for/playing in Europe helps when you get told this, but I may be wrong. The main thing I've found that can help when I see this is improving the reputation of the league I'm in. I'm currently in Bulgaria and our league's reputation went up this season, also getting more qualification spots for Europe. Now I have a few players who needed match experience at a higher level that are starting to develop again. The Championship and the Belgian league would be two difficult leagues to do this in however - obviously you're not often getting in Europe while you're in
  7. @rain94 You can control + click players to select multiple at once, so you don't have to keep closing it over and over. edit : also @CFuller
  8. Well it's not clear what it does if you have to guess what it effects and that's a problem isn't it? And I'm saying it should certainly have an effect on all of those coaches, and that is something that should be worked on before adding more meaningless staff roles where only one or two attributes matter.
  9. Actually meant to put "adaptability" rather than "ambition" in my point there. I see what you mean and I do also lean towards staff with more professional/determined personalities and the like. I don't doubt that man management has some effect and you're probably not imagining that. When I have the option for two coaches that'll both give me the same rating in training, I do look at the other stats. I just think there's a ton of room for improvement on the existing staff roles (particularly non-coaches), where a large amount of the attributes don't have a seemingly large impact on the game,
  10. Fairly underwhelmed by this annoucement I guess. Club visions make sense to add to the game for sure but don't necessarily make me excited, and I could see it also being another frustrating part of the game if it isn't implemented very well right off the bat. Development center is nice but it's a lot of quality of life improvements although I really appreciate being able to see youth intakes early. The overview screen is useful but I've personally never had an issue tracking this part of the game. The loan screen looks good but there was already a list of players on loan in older FMs which you
  11. It's hard, imo, to figure out which coaches have potential and this is a really good point, something that's crossed my mind before. You have no real way to actually gauge it. Indeed, right now the best thing you can do is try and find younger, decent coaches who don't have all their badges and hope there's room for potential there. It's possible for staff to fail at getting their coaching badges though and this is generally an indicator that they don't have a ton of room left to grow.
  12. @ryandormer @AlexJames Think you two are talking about slightly differing issues. In your case Ryan I do find it pretty weird and it might be worth a bug report. You shouldn't feel a decline in performance, but playing a player out of position apparently impacts their decision stat. This shouldn't be noticeable at all at competent in my experiences, but it's still weird. With yours, Alex, the green circles are a bit different - they're a reflection of the players "best role" purely by looking at what the game considers the "ideal attributes" for that role. Something simple as an ol
  13. Yeah definitely think at least having the ability to permanently take over the training for a chosen player would be useful. One for the suggestions forum perhaps.
  14. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Yeah there's always a couple that I really don't want to move on regardless, particularly when they are players I put real work into developing and they've become exactly what I've hoped. Or, when they're on the older side(24+ lol), I have a tendency to keep below-par players who scored a couple of important goals or who have any other positive memories. That player is ridiculous and exactly what I'm talking about regarding the frustration. He's legitimately a pretty good player already IMO, who knows how good he could be, especially starting out with fairly determine
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