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  1. On Benfica Julian Weigl doesn't fit on my tactics, I play on 4-2-3-1 gegenpress, I was able sell him for 14M€ to have some transfer budget. I need another option for box to box aside Gabriel and also a backup for Samaris as ball winning midfielder. My first sign was Roberto Gagliardini by 5M€, decent box to box considering my budget. Next target is ballwinning midfielder. Of couse I had prefered to sign Milinkovic Savic or Sandro Tonali but I don't budget for those targets
  2. My doubt was between a bug or if I'm missing something about new UI
  3. On staff search when I want to search for attributes I can't find profiles. On FM 2020 I had attributes profiles like defending technical coach, defending tactical coach, etc. Which select automatically the required attributes. I can't find that functionality on FM2021. I'm missing something? Thank you
  4. I already received the activation code for steam, but it's not possible to install yet. Let's wait for beta release
  5. I have Ferro and Cengiz Under on my squad, very good players, but they have only 11 on determination. I'm currently on year 2026 and they hit team leader status. To try build player partnerships I put them on mentoring groups, they are the most influential members resulting into some players dropping determination. Both are 29 years old, I'm looking for young players with good determination to replace them. They are good players but their influence is doing damage to squad determination
  6. Currently on my save I'm training Juventus, the B team plays on Serie B, Italian 2nd division. I only loan a player when there's top European divisions teams interested that grant at regular starter status at least. Otherwise it's better to have them playing on B team, so I can control their training and mentoring, and they are also available if there's a medium or long term injury on a first team player. On some cases if a top division team cannot offer at least regular status, I might consider the loan him but they have to be ready to pay unused fees
  7. Seems good for a pressing forward. Excellent agression and work rate, very good speed
  8. If the entire database is stored in memory you will need lot of RAM memory, a SSD disk and very good CPU for initial load otherwise will be very very slow to load saved game file. If lot of thing aren't cached or only loaded or memory cached on demand then you won't need a huge amount of memory but mostly a SSD disk and good CPU. If resources consume start with a low value and increase over the time, then is the second option the thing are only cached on demand. If the resources consume is fixed over the game play then the entire file is cached in memory. It depends how the software is de
  9. Maybe versatility hidden attribute will influence how fast a player can learn a new trait. I guess that a player with same attributes with lower versatility will need more time to learn the same trait.
  10. I train player traits mostly based on what role I want them to play, because will increase the chance of they doing the moves I want them to do
  11. I have a great team right now, it's harder to stop playing that save. The starting team is Gianluigi Donnarumma, Ben Chilwell, Diogo Dalot, De Ligt, Ferro, Tonali, McTominay, Talles Magno, João Félix, Verschaeren and Halland
  12. About question number 2 I choose animations, the 3d match can improved and use a better graphic quality, however it's decent. Maybe the development team is focusing on other management improvements, more tactical options, etc. Let's wait for FM 2021 news and see what's coming. 2d is always important to keep the game accessible for the ones without gaming computers and low quality graphic cards
  13. True, on Portuguese Primeira Liga is now allowed 5 substitutions my save doesn't allow it yet. I think 5 substitutions is good because it allow refresh more players and keep great match quality for a longer time, however it can be abused by weaker teams to waste time. It needs some more rules to be really good for the game
  14. I have goalkeepers keeping a clean sheet for several consecutive matches, usually 300 to 500 minutes without concede. The rating is always under 7, it's seems performance engine only values goals and assists when should also value goalkeeper saves and clean sheet.
  15. On FM 2020 I always play the same save since beta. It's compatible
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