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  1. In real world if you request a scout report, he won't be ready next day, some time is needed. 1 week seems a resonable minimum time to adquire some player knowlegde
  2. Assign staff responsabilities Check team report and identify strenghts and weaknesses Checking B team Checking youth team, offer professional contracts to players with good potentital Build tactics, select roles, players, etc Identify what kind of players I need depth Search for possible transfer targets, assign scouts Evaluate loan proposals for my youth players and consider if I have place for them on my squad Evaluate proposals for first team players and analyse if I already have someone capable of replacing those players or if I have to go to market When I arrive to a new team there are many things to do before move forward until next match. I assign to director of football and youth coordinator the responsability of hiring staff, otherwise I would take even more time. I'm playing Benfica, big club. When you manage a big club there's many more things to do than on a small club. That was my 95 minutes
  3. So far only played 95 minutes, enough to play first match. Very positive first impressions. I'm playing with Portuguese language and find some translations missing, but I don't report on bugs forum
  4. Being able to give instructions to field areas, defense, midfielders, forwards seems realistic. Would be a great improvement
  5. Florentino Luis maybe, http://footballmanagerstory.com/scout/fm-2017-player-profile-florentino-luis/
  6. The best you can ever be is connected to the quality of the people you work. If you work with low potential people, you aren't challenged and you won't develop. But, if you work high potential people you are constantly challenged and you will develop much more. The best you can ever be is dynamic...
  7. If he's morale is low, most likely the inconsistent will trigger. If you are playing a big match, he feels pressure, inconsistent can also trigger, unless he's good on big matches
  8. For an average forward that is training with Messi, Cristinano Ronaldo or Neymar, world class players. Probably his potential will increase, because he's training with the best. The opposite can happen, player with high potential training low potential players, most likely his PA will decrease. PA can be dynamic.
  9. https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2017/06/05/hockey-analytics/
  10. Let's see if they are overrated, time will tell...
  11. Put someone tutoring him, if possible, with high determination, maybe this will help him to recover some determination
  12. I was asking if is possible to cross use a "full fat game" on touch or mobile version. Your answer was clear. Thank you
  13. I start a career on Desktop version, can I continue playing it on Touch version?
  14. Maybe you just find a bug. Report it on bugs forum
  15. Being fired is something that happens to almost all managers. Few rare exceptions, Rui Vitória (Benfica) and Jorge Simão (Braga) never get fired, soo far...
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