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  1. Thanks for sharing your views, I'm going to run a trial game to see how it works for me and then look to do a new career if it works out.
  2. I'm struggling to find enough time to invest into playing FM. I stick to playing FM Touch now but still find it's taking me ages to get through by looking at tactics in matches and opposition analysis etc. I'm considering going back to CM01/02 but prefer the usability and depth of FM, so it got me thinking, is it realistically possible to have an enjoyable game using commentary only? Does anyone still play this way?
  3. This really bugs me. I like to look at manger histories after a few seasons.
  4. I did in Uruguay in FM17 with an obscure low level club and ended up going to one of the bigger Uruguayan clubs before taking on a big Brazilian club. Best FM game I've ever had.
  5. As the title suggests, I prefer to start out with a managerless club.
  6. Biggest thing for me is to go back to the FM17 matchday screens and layout, that is singlehandedly the biggest issue I have with the game.
  7. FMT18 is the only version of FM, I've given up on. Uninstalled from desktop after a couple of months trying to get into the new match views/screens. If I go back to FM again it will be FM17.
  8. In all the years I've been playing FM I never knew that. I'm glad you posted this but it's incredibly frustrating when the game is so vague sometimes. You would never be able to tell that from looking at the ME.
  9. I can tell you categorically, no player at Welsh Premier level gets £5 per week.
  10. EHM Wishlist thread

    More descriptive information in fights. Shots on goal by period (pretty sure this isn't in game). More text explanation of league formats, drafting and scouting. I.e. where CHL teams should scout etc. (This could be community driven rather than burdening Riz).
  11. So much negativity around FM 18, I'm finding the interface disappointing this year and it's prevented me from getting into a proper career game so far; how bad is the actual match engine? Is it not worth starting a career game??
  12. The new roster update is out now btw. I've seen Medvescak play irl, they travelled here last summer.
  13. The TBL forum says they hope to release their latest roster update before Christmas so that could be anytime now. Can't get into FM18 at all so will be getting stuck back into EHM when the update is out; got me thinking who to go? I think I've narrowed it down to either Coyotes, Habs, Ducks or Kings.
  14. Just can't accept the 3D, the graphics and stadium designs are just way below what I feel is acceptable. I strongly feel that unless SI can get it right then they shouldn't bother trying to force the 3D thing, I'm sorry but it looks like some from PlayStation 2 gen.