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  1. Isn't there a use fake players option when creating a game?
  2. @Jimbokav1971 @cel1234 Just to confirm what John says, the stadium definitely doesn't exist in the actual database and has been generated in your game. That said, a stadium of that size in that location would be very unlikely in real life, especially in 2022. I don't know what can be done to improve the realism of stadiums that are generated - a smaller stadium built in that location would not be unrealistic so I'll raise it with SI.
  3. Can confirm that this has been addressed. Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks for this @MrScaleh, good spot and I can't question the supporting evidence! ha If you are familiar with the club, and have any other suggestions please let me know. We're also looking for assistant researchers to strengthen and improve the database. Feel free to DM me if easier. This applies to anyone reading this who feels they can help improve the database. Thanks!
  5. This is something that has been flagged. We're unsure what has caused this as our Cymru North researcher would not have removed them, and they were previously working in the game fine. Very strange but we're definitely aware of it.
  6. Almost certainly a data entry error, will ammend in database for future updates/releases.
  7. So that's a yes, then. I remember a few years ago it wasn't possible.
  8. My android device doesn't have enough space to install FM Touch. Is it possible to install the game onto external memory via a memory card? Years ago this wasn't possible but unsure whether this has changed.
  9. This thread sums up exactly why FMT needs to revert back to the name FM Classic. I really hope some of the senior staff who work on this version of the game read these posts. It's becoming criminally overlooked imho - partly due to an elitist element which is derived from its title, to misconceptions around a differing ME and difficulty levels.
  10. Thanks for bring this up. I'll see what I can change. @Gripper Have you come across anything like this before? Obviously Cardiff Met are an academic institution. Not sure what I can tweak in the editor to prevent a takeover from occurring, is there an option or should this be logged as a feature request?
  11. Great to see you progressing in Serie B, realistically you're going to need to be a Serie A team if compete with Inter and Gremio. Looks like a really good save!
  12. A really original challenge and playing the Brazilian leagues are a lot of fun! Good luck in Caxias, beating Inter and Gremio will be very tough.
  13. @BajaHater You'll be glad to know that I have made all these changes for the latest database. After all this, I've also had it confirmed that Kerry Nicholas definitely isn't involved in football since May 2018 and is a physio with a local rugby team! That was why he wasn't with Briton Ferry in current database. He will now exist as a free agent in the game.
  14. We don't mind the feedback, we want to get the database as accurate as possible - there were a lot of changes made to the database for FM20, particularly with introduction of Tier 2. It doesn't matter if it seems trivial, it's always worth raising. Speaking from a Cymru South perspective, I'm trying to make the CA/PA more accurate for the next update. A lot of players had 0 CA/PA (as I had to create them en-masse) , when it's left at zero the game randomly sets the figure based on the level they're playing at. I think this is creating the problem of the some players coming out way overrated like the examples you've shown. The game should really be setting them more realistically, but it's not working quite as well as I would've hoped.
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