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  1. I can tell you categorically, no player at Welsh Premier level gets £5 per week.
  2. EHM Wishlist thread

    More descriptive information in fights. Shots on goal by period (pretty sure this isn't in game). More text explanation of league formats, drafting and scouting. I.e. where CHL teams should scout etc. (This could be community driven rather than burdening Riz).
  3. So much negativity around FM 18, I'm finding the interface disappointing this year and it's prevented me from getting into a proper career game so far; how bad is the actual match engine? Is it not worth starting a career game??
  4. The new roster update is out now btw. I've seen Medvescak play irl, they travelled here last summer.
  5. The TBL forum says they hope to release their latest roster update before Christmas so that could be anytime now. Can't get into FM18 at all so will be getting stuck back into EHM when the update is out; got me thinking who to go? I think I've narrowed it down to either Coyotes, Habs, Ducks or Kings.
  6. Just can't accept the 3D, the graphics and stadium designs are just way below what I feel is acceptable. I strongly feel that unless SI can get it right then they shouldn't bother trying to force the 3D thing, I'm sorry but it looks like some from PlayStation 2 gen.
  7. I really would post that in the tactical forum and you will definitely be able to get some help with that.
  8. Wouldn't this be completely workable as a separate database, sort of as FIFA did? SI are pretty forward thinking and inclusive about football (the gay player thing is an example of this). I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this included in the near future.
  9. The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    Thanks @Neil Brock for the reply. Appreciate that.
  10. Match interface

    Agree 100% with the OP
  11. This is from FM Touch (desktop) so can't be certain these apply on the full FM: Under the Preferences > Screen flow page, once a new screen has been set the text of the competition is invisible - I think it is because both the bar and the text are black. Secondly, there is no option to use the new 'Matches > Competition Review as a screen flow option. I use the screen flow options a lot to improve the immersion on FM Touch so have scores from other leagues etc popping up, the new Competition Review screen (on FM Touch at least) is the only screen flow option which shows both the results and league table. Please can this page also be added into list of screen flow choices.
  12. The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    Genuine question - with all due respect, what made the SI team think the match screens would be an improvement this year (doing away with the match info tab, changes to 2D, and more clicks to access stats? Personally, I'm astonished at how much of a backstep this is from previous years.
  13. [FM18][MOD] Match Review Screen Mods

    Just to confirm works fine in FMT.
  14. [FM18][MOD] Match Review Screen Mods

    Ah, so the panel folder just sits in the folder along with editor data, graphics etc. I'll try this, thank you.
  15. Make South America Great Again!

    Had an absolutely epic career starting in the Uruguayan second division in FM17. Started with Canadian SC with crowds of 15 home fans (no lie), eventually moved onto another second division club, Rentistas, and gained promotion after a few seasons. Then got job with Danubio on of the top clubs and won the mid-season mini competition. Immediately got offered job in Brazil with Internacional, who were in relegation and I got sacked after taking them down. Couldn't get another top job and didn't fancy taking over a mediocre midtable club back in Uruguay so my career game fizzled out. Probably best career game I've ever had in FM though so enjoy!