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  1. That is right, but to an extent. I remember people just speculating about which of the new features might be included. This should be clearer this year imo.
  2. Colorado

    Colombia VS Japan (1pm KO)

    Sorry if this has been mentioned already, but where are Mina and Zapata for Colombia. Was expecting one of them to start today
  3. Read a lot about the potential of Uruguay's new look midfield but they looked out of sorts today and the balance wasn't quite there. They have a few options to will be interesting what the do in their next game.
  4. Looking forward to seeing Uruguay
  5. @Riz Remes any update of where things are at?
  6. Just seeing this, will give it a go. Can you do the same for FM19 if it's the same issue.
  7. Colorado

    Crash Dump

    I've recently started getting crash dumps too (never had them before and have been playing game since launch). Can we upload the crash dump files somewhere??
  8. Me. 3D looks like something from PlayStation One. I think it's terrible personally.
  9. Any update news Riz? Also, (having played FHM 4, I do prefer EHM), is there any chance of making the game run quicker? I'm got a average-above ave spec laptop and it's painfully slow running a handful of leagues compared to newer Football Manager games (with far bigger databases/leagues) and FHM 4. Do appreciate it's a one man band, but a nice update would be gratefully appreciated and welcomed!
  10. Colorado

    Football Manager touch on sd cards

    Don't think you can save them to card
  11. Does anyone have any idea about how I could about editing the media names for FM Touch. Is there a file which is editable somewhere? The default media used can be pretty unrealistic when playing in certain leagues and at certain levels so would like to make this more accurate if possible.
  12. @Rashidi Oh, I was hoping you would reply as I watched your video. I remember you felt the two CMs and a FW were the main threat, but I couldn't see how you felt they were more of a threat than anyone else as the lines were the same thickness going to the other forward, who left alone. Big fan of your tactical guide videos btw.
  13. Can anyone share a good link or help explain, exactly how to read and utilise the passing combination map on the analysis screen. I've never been completely comfortable in understanding it! My understanding is the thickness of the lines represents the number of those passes but I don't get the direction, other players/dots who are not linked to the passing web (are they just uncompleted passes??), and other than put pressure on those making the most passes, what my options are? I'm sure I'm overlooking stuff so would appreciate some help here!
  14. Thanks for sharing your views, I'm going to run a trial game to see how it works for me and then look to do a new career if it works out.