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  1. Colorado

    FMT19 Walkthroughs

    I don't know of any walkthroughs for FMT as such, but if you post whatever it is you're struggling to grasp, I'm sure we'll be able to give you some pointers.
  2. I dont think that works in FM Touch
  3. Not having correct club colours for Brazilian clubs is really taking my enjoyment out of the game this year tbh. I mainly play Brazilian saves and just can't get into it.
  4. Colorado

    [Uruguay] Data Issues

    I deleted the game sorry. Should be easy to replicate though - it was just a new Uruguayan game starting in January 2018 on FM Touch.
  5. Colorado

    1.5 update?

    Brilliant, looking forward to it.a Honestly, I've really tried getting into FHM as it's newer, but it's just missing that special touch you create in the game Riz. 👍
  6. Colorado

    [Uruguay] Data Issues

    This may or may not be a data issue but seems unusual to me, you guys will know more than me: Uruguayan league in the game starts in January for pre-season, but the transfer window is not open until July. Also when do the yearly loan totals reset? I'm having clubs with more loans than they were actually allowed. I appreciate the league format, Opening, middle tournament, Closing, overrall, but I'm not sure whether thes transfer windows in the game are properly in sync.
  7. Colorado


    Thanks for relaying that info, glad it's been fixed 👍
  8. Colorado


    Any update on this @Connor Winks? It's super frustrating and a real spoiler for me.
  9. Colorado

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    You need to double check the dimensions for Edinburgh City's ground - the pitch sides and lengths appear to be equal making it square!
  10. 2.2 GB is pretty large! Is thw scouting issue still there, the training one isn't really an issue as it's solely the user interface affected and not the game mechanics.
  11. Colorado


    Great thanks
  12. Steam just downloaded a 153.7 Mb update for FM Touch? Any news on this?? Really hoping scouting and training gets fixed and waiting to start a new game.
  13. Scouting is broken when you mask attributes so I wouldn't recommend using it anyway. Scouting knowledge doesn't increase after initial scouting report. Between that and players not returning back for pre-season training, I'm finding FMT pretty much unplayable tbh. Hoping these are fixed soon and not left for the January update.
  14. Colorado

    Broken Training

    Happy to send a game file but I note two others have already sent theirs and given it's easy to replicate and under review, I guess there is no need?
  15. Colorado


    Not sure if this is a bug or a tweak to the gameplay this year, I'm using the attribute masking feature and I'm managing at a low level (National League South) so obviously have limited ability scouts. When scouting a player, the initial report comes back without uncovering all the attributes and the knowledge level of the player is usually around 35-40%. When I scout the same player again, it isn't uncovering anymore information and the knowledge is staying the same. Is this how it's meant to be at this level or is there a bug in the scouting?? What's happening in other peoples games? Playing FMT on desktop btw.