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  1. This might be some sort of bug, post it in the bug forum so it can get looked at. It might get missed here.
  2. Yeah sounds like a database issue - report it in the German data thread and hopefully it'll get adjusted before release.
  3. I'm making that transition this year, or will at least try to! I think scouting (as in how long it takes to uncover all attributes), media interaction and team talks slow things down quite a bit but not sure whether I'm confident enough to leave my assistant manager in control of all that stuff - I feel like I'm walking on egg shells dealing with that stuff as it is, especially with players.
  4. Where is this? I'm in two minds about getting an all-in-one. I could just get a desktop and by monitor separate. I'm currently using my laptop with a monitor and keyboard so it is pretty much used as a desktop it's permanently sitting on a desk!
  5. This could suit me. How well would this run FM in terms of running several leagues in detail etc? I currently have Processor: Inter Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60 GHz, 8.00 GB RAM on my laptop and want to improve on that if I'm going to get a desktop.
  6. @Cleon Would love to see more on how to use the analytical tools and make appropriate in-game changes.
  7. Undecided but four choices... Uruguay, Botafogo in Brazil, an unemployed club in League 1 or 2, or an unemployed club Scottish Football League.
  8. If it's not functioning right then report it. They've already said the logic behind the change was to give greater clarity on transfer values.
  9. Thanks for sharing. How well do you think that would run FM, my knowledge is really limited but I thought i5 processors were becoming dated and 8 gb of ram wouldn't be large enough?
  10. I don't really want to spend more than £1k. Ideally around £700, but I'm not sure how realistic that is. I don't have the expertise or time to learn to build one, although I understand that is a usually cheaper option.
  11. Not looking for a laptop but if anyone spots any good desktop deals, please share. I'm not entirely sure what sort of setup I need, but I don't use PC for gaming other than FM, so don't need high end graphics etc. I would like to be able to run quite a large db without it struggling.
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