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  1. I enjoy FMT but the lack of relase info and availability of features compared to full version does start to push me back more towards the fulk version of the game
  2. I personally would rather see improvements and additions to the game as opposed to an editor.
  3. Football Manager TV: Scouting

    I would say it's a more defensive minded box-to-box midfielder, perhaps more energetic too.
  4. Football Manager TV: Scouting

    Looking good. Have been playing FMT on laptop last few seasons but think I might get the full version this year
  5. I'm playing a South American career game and have just left Uruguay to take up a job at Internacional in Brazil. I've not played FM in the top division of Brazil for many years and am trying to work out what a sensible monthly fee would be when loaning out my players to other top division teams. Is there some kind of rule as a yardstick (i.e 100% weekly wage plus a fee equating to their monthly salary?) I don't know how much I should be asking for and it feels a bit hit or miss.
  6. I'm only now seeing this thread sorry but with regards to the above, isn't that just what a playmaker does???
  7. Did this before but very briefly. He kept signing players in a position which my tactic was trying to move away from. Frustrating. In terms of conducting transfer business and contracts, FM is nothing like real life.
  8. Is the previous manager screen on the club's history screen working ok for anyone else? I'm in a long-term save and it's only showing the most recent or current manager for me which is shame as I like to follow who's gone where etc. I've posted it in the bugs forum but not had a reply, it's a real bugbear of mine for this year's game.
  9. Commentary wouldn't work but I would love the crowd to be realistic and more immersive. Different style crowd effects for different countries and different attendances etc
  10. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    Option for increased inbox information. Much more managerial news/speculation etc
  11. As title suggests, customised views when searching for players annoyingly keeps reverting back. To reproduce this: ammend view by changing/adding columns on player search or shortlist screen. Leave the screen and go back into it. PS - Are any of the bugs here looked at? There are hardly any replies to bugs people are raising. Be interesting to see how many of these exist in the next game. I get SI are busy but a brief reply acknowledging that an issue has been noted takes seconds.
  12. IRL Milan's money is all based on funds obtained by their Chinese owner with high interest. This is overlooked but if they fail to reach the Champions League this season they'll be on a slippery financial slope.
  13. I reverted back to my original save file and just continued from there. At least I know I'm getting close to a top division job. Next time I get a contract, I'll insist on a compensation clause.
  14. Notes from Uruguay

    Really sorry to report, but my save got corrupted at the end of the season. I was a few months ahead of what I was posting. We did actually get relegated on average points despite finishing 12th out of 15 clubs. I immediately got sacked and Omar Pouso became the manager!
  15. No nothing, not heard a thing since they said they couldn't agree compensation and perhaps I could find a way of clubs accepting. I asked my club, they said no as I had a job to do with them. Like I said, when I resigned I played around two months and didn't hear a single thing. The caretaker manager just remained in post as the caretaker manager. If they wanted me I presume they'd have offered me something with the two months of me leaving my old club.