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  1. Colorado

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    You need to double check the dimensions for Edinburgh City's ground - the pitch sides and lengths appear to be equal making it square!
  2. 2.2 GB is pretty large! Is thw scouting issue still there, the training one isn't really an issue as it's solely the user interface affected and not the game mechanics.
  3. Colorado


    Great thanks
  4. Steam just downloaded a 153.7 Mb update for FM Touch? Any news on this?? Really hoping scouting and training gets fixed and waiting to start a new game.
  5. Scouting is broken when you mask attributes so I wouldn't recommend using it anyway. Scouting knowledge doesn't increase after initial scouting report. Between that and players not returning back for pre-season training, I'm finding FMT pretty much unplayable tbh. Hoping these are fixed soon and not left for the January update.
  6. Colorado

    Broken Training

    Happy to send a game file but I note two others have already sent theirs and given it's easy to replicate and under review, I guess there is no need?
  7. Colorado


    Not sure if this is a bug or a tweak to the gameplay this year, I'm using the attribute masking feature and I'm managing at a low level (National League South) so obviously have limited ability scouts. When scouting a player, the initial report comes back without uncovering all the attributes and the knowledge level of the player is usually around 35-40%. When I scout the same player again, it isn't uncovering anymore information and the knowledge is staying the same. Is this how it's meant to be at this level or is there a bug in the scouting?? What's happening in other peoples games? Playing FMT on desktop btw.
  8. This is looking great, fair play. Players moving from south to north and vice-versa so frequently is a pain. Perhaps we can raise this as a data issue.
  9. Firstly, apologies if this doesn't quite fit in here, I did read the FAQ before posting but felt this was probably the best place to make this post. If I posted in the EHM forum, it wouldn't get seen by skinning community. I note that the top of the forum requests no graphic requests, but this post is more about seeing if anyone would be interested in a project to freshen up SI's ice-hockey management sim EHM, which still has a strong core following. The game was re-released a couple of years back but it's a very small, one-man project operation compared to FM, so updates are very sporadic and the game would really benefit from a fresh look. I know absolutely nothing about skinning fwiw, but the layout is very close to former versions of FM so I'm just putting this out there to see if someone creative fancies attempting a new project.
  10. Now, we know EHM is essentially a one-man gig and Riz is juggling his love for the game with his main profession and family, but now FM19 has been launched, does this mean the EHM guru is able to once again put some time towards the long awaited 1.5 patch??
  11. Colorado

    How to get .fmf files to work in FM Touch

    Sorry, I should have been clearer; I was referring to club colours (not skin colours).
  12. Colorado

    How to get .fmf files to work in FM Touch

    i'm trying to change colours specifically.
  13. I'm trying to add an edit to FM Touch but it's in .fmf format. The edit files tend to be dbc, edt, inc - I'm very much a novice at this stuff, but would it be compatible?
  14. I am trying to make an edit but only file available is .fmf and I'm having difficult getting it to work?
  15. Colorado

    Football manager on PS4

    This would work.