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  1. I find them quite hard to follow during the actual game.
  2. I suggested this many years ago and have mentioned it occasionally since but feel this is something small but logical which is being overlooked. When viewing games (i.e attending games which your team isn't playing in), why can't some of the players hidden playing attributes be uncovered as you're actually scouting them? Managers will view other teams, reserves, youth teams frequently in real life at all levels of the game. It would make sense to promote and encourage this in the game. There could even be travel restrictions to make it realistic, just like the game already does when arranging friendlies: 'We cannot sanction this fixture as we the board feel it is too far to travel'. I've never had any feedback or understood why this can't be implemented, I'm not a programmer but it does seem like a logical feature to me.
  3. I have said for years that if you attend a game you should uncover some of the players missing stats.
  4. What's your save look like? Sounds good, never played around Asia.
  5. Managing in MLS, where in FM Touch there is no reserve league. I always thought that the assistant will arrange friendlies in this case but he hasn't, so unless I arrange reserve friendly matches, the reserve team players won't play. I have a couple of feeder teams in unplayable American leagues where I can send players to. These clubs are obviously greyed out however. In terms of player development, where are my players best off? Playing friendlies in reserve team or on loan to lower league club who are greyed out??
  6. Ohh will keep a look out for this, did this occur from the start of the game or after a few seasons? I'm playing on the new update so, as you say, it might be fixed now. Also on FMTouch too so might make a difference.
  7. What's the Copa Libertadores bug? I've just started a career game in MLS and want to progress to a big South American club and win it.
  8. Thanks for this, I really think the game should at the least have a help screen with this information on it, and at best some sort of indication advising what are the consequences of sending players down etc.
  9. Right, I really enjoy EHM, I generally understand the NHL but I don't understand the finer details of salary cap hits and players being waived/sent down. I don't feel the game offers enough explanations to detail the impact that changes to roster actually make and it's starting to put me off playing it now because I don't really know what I'm doing when trying to plan long term. A couple of questions which I'm particularly getting frustrated with: Do my players in the minors count towards my salary cap? If so, is it all their salary or a percentage? Why can I send some players down and some need to be waived? This has happened to players who are even the same age. I really don't get this and it's making it hard for me to build my roster, develop players. The game really needs to do more to explain/warn what impact changes will make. As I say, I prefer EHM to FM these days but it's putting me off playing.
  10. No expert but I would suggest you need player roles on support or attack duty to get them looking to play upfield, high tempo and try through balls. Perhaps playing direct and a target man who you constantly aim for might work for you.
  11. I'm going to try something which is a bit new for me but purposely set up a team with a heavy emphasis on short passing, possession and good movement. I'm going to do this with an MLS team on FM Touch. I'm not sure what approach I'd need to take, I presume fluid or very fluid, in order to keep the team moving together in order to keep passing options open. I have read though that rigid is usually better with more specialist player roles so a little confused. I've not yet created the game or considered role, formation yet. Any advice on this or relevant pointers would be much appreciated!
  12. @herne79 thanks for your reply about the counterattacking. Excellent post.
  13. I kinda get what you're saying but how would you suggest playing on the break then? My understanding is counter retains possession until they can outnumber players/have space to attack and then get bodies forward quickly.
  14. Sorry, but why wouldn't counterattack do that? Playing on the break and getting the ball forward with purpose.
  15. Could you share your file by any chance? Would like to see some different screens