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  1. Yeah I'd rather not Lenovo, we use them in workand they're not reliable at all. Would the all-in-one run extensive FM databases ok, do you think or not? I think I'm leaning towards an all-in-one, but if not viable then will get desktop.
  2. Oh nothing graphically intensive, Eastside Hockey Manager, Out Of the Park Baseball in terms of games. Would that be suitable for those sort pf things and an extensive FM database? I wouldn't normally look at all in one's but just seemed practical and guessing the tech has improved since I last owned a tower desktop around 10 years ago! I would definitely consider tower options if any recommendations.
  3. Hi all, I'm currently using a laptop for work and leisure but as I need increased monitor space, I have it permanently sitting on my desk with a monitor and keyboard attached. It probably makes sense for me to get a desktop, I've got a budget of around £700. I struggle to differentiate between what different processors and storage can mean and not very aware of what would be good value, so any help would be much appreciated. I'm not a gamer other than playing FM and other sports sims, so I'm looking for something that will comfortably run large FM databases with several nations, wit
  4. Thanks for flagging this. Will take a look.
  5. I had a really good career game starting out at this team a few years back. IRL, I believe their owners are a group Uruguayan expats living in Canada, hence the name. Good luck, Uruguay is my favourite league in FM.
  6. Surprised FM Touch didn't get a mention until this far down. It's absolutely perfect for new or younger players. This isn't mentioned nearly enough imo given it's nicely balanced by being testing yet streamlined. Best advice I can give, is start in FM Touch and when you are settled and confident with that, then perhaps look at the more micromanagement and depth in the full FM.
  7. @sharkn20 Well in fairness, I suspect it's a busy period for them and these people are still all remote working as far as I understand. So as it appears to be a bug, you upload your save to their cloud and here are the instructions. It's quick and straightforward, you just drop your save file in there. Just confirm the name of the file you are uploading in this thread so that they can find it. I'm sure it won't be ignored.
  8. Well, you can upload your save so they can identify exactly what's causing it. I haven't seen that before so it's not occuring every time.
  9. That doesn't look right, best if you log and upload that as a bug so that they can take a look at it.
  10. I'd say this for 100 percent. If the sales figures were strong enough, they would be probably be releasing new versions. The fact that they allow Riz to continue working on it tells me that they must think something of the game, otherwise they'd just prevent Riz from updating it and let it die.
  11. @Ieuano Regarding the incorrect teams, I will check and correct where necessary - I will have to hold my hand up if this is an error, as I thought I'd entered this correctly at the time.
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