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  1. Thanks for bring this up. I'll see what I can change. @Gripper Have you come across anything like this before? Obviously Cardiff Met are an academic institution. Not sure what I can tweak in the editor to prevent a takeover from occurring, is there an option or should this be logged as a feature request?
  2. Great to see you progressing in Serie B, realistically you're going to need to be a Serie A team if compete with Inter and Gremio. Looks like a really good save!
  3. A really original challenge and playing the Brazilian leagues are a lot of fun! Good luck in Caxias, beating Inter and Gremio will be very tough.
  4. @BajaHater You'll be glad to know that I have made all these changes for the latest database. After all this, I've also had it confirmed that Kerry Nicholas definitely isn't involved in football since May 2018 and is a physio with a local rugby team! That was why he wasn't with Briton Ferry in current database. He will now exist as a free agent in the game.
  5. We don't mind the feedback, we want to get the database as accurate as possible - there were a lot of changes made to the database for FM20, particularly with introduction of Tier 2. It doesn't matter if it seems trivial, it's always worth raising. Speaking from a Cymru South perspective, I'm trying to make the CA/PA more accurate for the next update. A lot of players had 0 CA/PA (as I had to create them en-masse) , when it's left at zero the game randomly sets the figure based on the level they're playing at. I think this is creating the problem of the some players coming out way overrated like the examples you've shown. The game should really be setting them more realistically, but it's not working quite as well as I would've hoped.
  6. @sammummery thanks for the continued posts, I'm not ignoring them and will reply fully over the weekend. There should be a few adjustments made to Cymru South players for January update, Gavin Jones being one.👍
  7. Are player traits / nationalities now viewable?? Sorry, have just seen the official post confirming fixes. Thanks
  8. The difference in the stars rating would suggest it's a bug rather than a database issue, although I can still check. I would post this in the bug forum.
  9. Thanks for this - a list of players would definitely be useful. I'm not familiar with FMM2020 or its inner-workings, but it should essentially be the same database.
  10. Ok... this isn't straightforward and this is a long-term problem which came about before I took on the HR role so I can't provide a full explanation as to why this has happened, but we need to get this sorted for once and for all. Fwiw, I know both players and their respective careers in real life. Craig Morris 74002019 does not exist in the database. As you say. Craig Morris is now 74017477 which was previously Kerry Morgan. Kerry Morgan no longer exists in the FM database, there is no record of him. I think the best thing to do here is as follows: We keep Craig Morris at 74017477 and will update him to include the additional info you have provided, we will then create a brand new Kerry Morgan with all correct info up to present day. I know this doesn't explain what happened but will at least solve this long standing issue. @BajaHaterI will make these changes over the weekend, so if you want to discuss this further please do so before then. Thanks for your patience with this!!
  11. Yeah, I will log this and recommend 1st July start.
  12. @sammummery , sorry now replying. I will of course raise this, out of interest what date do you feel would be suitable? I see you noted the first week of July as the start date for other British leagues but this season, the actual first Europa League qualifying round commenced on 27th June.
  13. Purely speculating here, but my guess is the patching process is perhaps taking longer because it's over multiple formats which complicates the process. No doubt they're working at it though.
  14. Comparing the two screenshots, the FM18 one actually looks a lot better.
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