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  1. I generally only load the league I am playing in, play with the lowest graphics and the game (non-match play) does not flow smoothly at all, it briefly freezes when I click on things and the match engine is jittery. It is an old laptop, I would say over 6 years - one of those purple HP ones.
  2. Ok, thanks for answering this. I am really struggling to run this years game it is very stop start and match engine is jumpy. The game freezes for short periods a lot. Does anyone know an affordable decent laptop that can’t be affected by viruses that will run the game well? Thanks!
  3. I am thinking of buying a chromebook laptop and was wondering?: (1) Does FM 2021 run normally on chromebook? (2) Can I switch the current game I have which I downloaded from Steam onto windows onto a chromebook? Thanks!
  4. No they complaining that they are not being played in the role agreed to in the contract, despite the fact they are.
  5. I have noticed that teams are seeded for the FA Cup qualifying rounds. In the 2 and 3rd qualifying rounds South and North sides are seeded from the rest and in the final fourth qualifying round National League sides are seeded. This is not the case in real life.
  6. I am getting messages from loaning team managers saying I am playing their players out of position during their loans spell when they are not. Is anyone else getting these messages? clearly a bug as it has never happened before.
  7. Only on my first coupe of seasons in the game but I have had over 40 goals (in 50 games) scored for me disallowed for offside, whilst only 6 opposition goals disallowed for offside. Has anyone else noticed this?
  8. I have the same issue with every full back that plays for my team which is has been a successful one. It is misleading as I have been wasting time looking for new ones. It is clearly an issue within the game.
  9. I have been looking through this forum to see if anyone has posted this. They are definitely harsher this season, I am 3rd in the top division as a newly promoted team and 1 player in a 30 man squad averages over 7. Also a lot of match performances in the 6.1- 6.6 region, even if we have turned someone over 5-0 with no individual mistakes. It is certainly different and harsher this year and will take some getting used too.
  10. Hi, the hopes are just to make us a strong force in the Welsh Premier as nobody realistically expect to even challenge TNS with the huge financial backing they have. They actually qualified for the Europa League II season 2022-2023 which will give them even more money! It is unheard of for a Welsh club to qualify for the group stages of a European competition. I am currently 3rd in the league 2/3 through the season, I will update at the end! Cheers guys.
  11. First season on FM 2021 an I am managing Colwyn Bay in the Welsh Cymru North (second tier.) They have recently re-joined the Welsh system after playing many years in the English non-leagues mostly due to operating costs. I was champions and promoted in my first season which was expected as our wages were 3X the closest side, this current season (2022-2023) is the clubs first in the Welsh Premier division.
  12. In managed IFK Gothenborg for 6 seasons winning 3 leagues and one cup and built a strong side - we advanced in Europe and managed to get to the Europa conference league group stages and latterly the Champions league group stages in my final 2 seasons. I had some impressive results over some strong sides the years beating the likes of Ajax, Sporting Lisbon, Bayer Leverkusen, Celtic which would be viewed as a major achievement in real life. However I suffered seem real battering's against 'top' European sides including 8-0 away to PSG, 2 X 6-0 defeats against Spurs and finally an 11-0 firs
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