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  1. that is probably the best idea john because ive been stuck for an hour and have no idea how to proceed - it seems impossible. Any under 19 player that i can possibly bring into the first team is unavailable because they've played the same day.
  2. I'm genuinely stuck on the game and thought id post a message here to see if anyone can help. In the Welsh Premier League I must register 2 under 19 players in the match day squad. My usual under 19 players that play in the squad are injured, whilst the under 19 side played on the same day meaning any available under 19 players (including those in the reserve squad) are ineligible to play on the same day. All other players in the under 19 squad not involved are grayed out and cant be promoted to first team So I can only register 1 under 19 player and can't proceed to game - what do i do? Any help will be appreciated, thanks.
  3. This is without doubt the most cringe-worthy thing I've ever read on this forum.
  4. I genuinely read the first two paragraphs and couldn't be bothered reading the rest. What a terribly dull, boring and uninteresting post. Can this thread be moved?
  5. Easiest team to manage??

    This is exactly true and is what I have done this year, allows you to enjoy success as well. In my first full season I have an SPL title, a league cup win and a scottish cup final as well as a champls league quarter final. Not bad going!!
  6. game crashed cant restart

    weird situation where the create profile bit would open and freeze but its come unstuck now and running fine - thanks for the help.
  7. game crashed cant restart

    thanks for the quick response!
  8. game crashed cant restart

    thing is i as soon as the game reloads I am given the 'create profile' section - and here the game freezes. i cant close the box so im stuck.
  9. Who would you say the easiest team is to manage - in terms of competion, trophies etc. For me it has to be Celtic (the team I'm managaing now) - very easy to win the league every year, favourite for all cup comps. Obviously Rangers playing at the level they are as well. Are there any other similar teams to these???
  10. My game crashed for the second time yesterday night halfway through a game - now when I try to relaunch the game it tries to make me create a new manager profile and freezes. never had this problem on fm before - HELP!!
  11. So guys its my second season with Celtic - (2014-2015) and as well as successfully dominating the SPL (as expected) I managed to take them all the way to the Chamions League quarter finals - only to be cruelly and harshly dumped out by Bayern Munich on penalties after two 1-1 draws. This was after qualifying from the 2nd qualifying round - opening up with a 16-1 away win against EB Streymur of the Faroe Islands and an overall 21-2 aggregate win (a personal record.) A fantastic group camapign saw us finish top of a group with 11 points - containing the likes of Valencia, Lyon and Olimpiakos - followed by a last 16; 4-2 aggregate victory over Porto. We were never expected to get so far, and in the end we were so close to getting to the semi-finals of the Champions league with Celtic - which would be one hell of an achievement. Hoping for more of the same next season. Anyway - this was done without 'cheating' - I have made no permanent signings - and I just wanted to say that if you 'velieve' - then anything can happen on Football manager. I will keep you guys updated with my progress.
  12. Lost in the game...

    I have heard so many people, even experienced gamers who play all different types of games that say FM is incredibly addictive. I don't necessarily play constantly for long periods of time, I often have it on in the background whilst doing other things in my spare time. I am also not addicted to the point where I play on the train, whilst eating dinner, whilst socialising with friends, whilst having a poo on the toilet, whilst on the phone etc....not that theres anything wrong if you do do that.
  13. My first sacking!!

    Fantastic! Cheers for some really useful info. Just to note I took over Blythe and were in the relegation zone with 6 games to go!!
  14. Champions League Slaughters

    Yeah I remember when I managed Rangers In my group I got beat 8-0 by Real Madrid whilst Crvenea Zveda were beaten 8-0 by Juventus IN THE SMAE GROUP!! Also got panned 8-1 by Spurs, 6-1 by United and plenty of 5-0's.
  15. I always start a game in real life date; ie: The Boston United game I recently loaded began on May 10th so I 'holidayed' until that point.