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  1. I've only been relegated once, when I took over a newly promoted French side with only greyed players a few editions back. The challenge proved too much for me. I was heading for relegation with Bath City last year, but the board took action before it was mathematically confirmed. A handful of other times I've jumped.
  2. Sorry to hijack the thread, but it saves me starting a new one. Is there any way to give myself a nickname? You could in 19 but if you can in FM 20 it's in a different place. And you can edit appearance from the start screen or from your profile in a save.
  3. I stopped using sounds after my first ever CM match, not a reflection on the sounds which I've not listened to for over a decade I'd just rather have music.
  4. I also had match engine lag problems with FM19 so I downloaded an FM19 skin at random and that fixed the issue too I have long term save in FM19 I had to give up due to lag so I'm looking forward to getting back into it
  5. For me the Flut dark has very nearly resolved the issue. I still get minor judders with really big crowds but it's definitely playable, so thank you to those who tested and reported this fix .
  6. Good luck with the writing. I've managed to fit in both writing a novel and FM, so they're not mutually exclusive
  7. You're right of course, and I hadn't taken into account that I was playing pre season friendlies with my non league side in front of a handful of spectators. I loaded up a game as Man City and holidayed to the Community Shield, and the 3D couldn't cope with 80,000 spectators. It was good enough though when I switched off the crowd. So, playing in front of an empty stadium makes my matches watchable, but takes away the immersion - the reason I don't like 2D.
  8. Thanks for this tip, for me the Nvidia suggestions seems to be working at high 50s fps, after a couple of tests on both FM19 and 20. However, as I posted yesterday (above) I had a false dawn so chickens haven't been counted yet.
  9. I have an update... I played 2 FM20 matches earlier, the lag had gone, fps went no lower than 57 and was usually 60 and it was the smoothest I've ever seen an FM match. I went back to FM19 to see how that went, and it had the usual lag but showed 60fps throughout. Tried again with FM20, which now lags again as bad as usual, into the 'normal' 40-55 fps. No idea what I did to get the good results earlier, I've not changed or updated anything on my PC, and also changed nothing before going back to the low fps. I'm playing the demo, not the full game.
  10. I'm sorry, being a technophobe I've no idea how to help with the bottom two bullets. In terms of the first three which I hope is some help: * I'm only playing the FM20 demo and have noticed it. It's just about okay on 2D or Data Analyst view, but too hard on the eyes on TV view which I prefer. The issue seems to be worse (as others have said) when the 'camera' 'moves'. * Yes, I had in on FM 19. It got gradually worse throughout the year which is why I'm trying the demo first as I was worried about the same problems. No idea whether the worsening was to do with ME changes during updates, or me updating drivers, or something else. * There is little difference on different graphic settings; a just perceptible improvement. Matches are on anywhere between 40-55 fps on FM20. FM19 is more generally 60 fps or just below but the juddering/lag is about the same.
  11. I'm another with this issue, with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, getting 40-50 FPS. I'm playing the demo. It's just about watchable in data analysis view, I think because the 'camera' doesn't move, and I dont notice it in 2D. TV view which I prefer is too frustrating to use. Changing settings doesn't make any difference and the defaults are nearly all high with 5*. FM19 was originally okay for me but slowly got worse over the year, but as I'm a technophobe I've no idea whether it was due to something changing in the ME, driver updates, or something else or what I can to to minimise the problem.
  12. Good luck with that, I've seen Bangor a few times since moving to N Wales in the summer, they should be an interesting challenge this season for several reasons and may well be my first club when I get FM20.
  13. I keep away from clubs in the top leagues because I don't like trawling through the loads of players who are interested. I've always wanted to do Bilbao for that reason, so maybe this year... I was going to keep away from the British Isles for my journeyman save this time but the new Welsh divisions gives several clubs local to me. The Welsh team I support is Bangor, and it should be a challenge getting them back to being a power in Welsh football then getting a job in England. Instead of the British Isles this time I was going to load all the South American leagues plus Mexico. I don't know much about these leagues, but I'd love to start with a Brazilian 3rd tier side somewhere in the Amazon then move on to make a Peruvian club a world power.
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