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  1. I take a look at staff personality and attributes. I like coaches whose preferred formation is the same as my own. I prefer some personalities over others, in much the same way as players - in lower league saves I don't like ambitious staff for example, as they tend to leave at the end of their contract when I want to build an off-field team that'll be around for the long haul. I also like man management; I've not tested this at all, but my feel is that staff with good man management tend to get on with the players which makes for a happier dressing room. Again, I've not checked and stats but my feel is that staff with high man management are more likely to be listed as players' favourite staff, so making them happier.
  2. I always use it, as I got used to it in 01/02 as a self-imposed way of making the game more challenging and it's an automatic part of my routine setting up a new save although I don't think it's necessary any more. One English manager who was often a summariser on the radio (David Pleat I think but I may be wrong) had such an encyclopedic knowledge of every player in England, including style, strengths, weaknesses etc I thought he went through his career with masking off!
  3. I've occasionally taken on a team that has been promoted to Conference/National North or South, or Scottish L2 etc with few players and minimal reputation. That often proves too much for me and I've gone straight back down to a non playable league with the inevitable consequence. Other times I've been sacked for criticising or arguing with the board over transfers or club policy.
  4. I'm having great fun putting together a tactic (a simple 4-4-2 which seems to be working fine for the lower leagues). I get most of setting up a tactic thanks to reading this forum - roles, tempo, passing length, DL, LOE etc - but I'm struggling with pressing, tight marking, and harder tackling, and when to use them. I sort of use pressing when I'm playing more defensive, and harder aggressive tackling when I'm the better team. Broadly and generically, is that right? And when is tighter marking the thing to do? I don't want to post my tactic for detailed advice because I want to do it as much on my own as possible, but I'm really struggling with these three things.
  5. Thanks all for your thoughts. My aim is for the Europa League within five years and looking at the projections even the relatively small prize money simply for qualifying should wipe out the debt I accrue over the next few years so I'll continue as I am, despite feeling a bit bad about it!
  6. Ten years or so in, I've taken on Donegal Celtic in the Northern Ireland third tier. When I was appointed manager I looked at the finances closely and the club was just about breaking even. However, there were no staff members (actually that might not be right, there may have been a coach but definitely no scouts, physios or assistant managers or managers/coaches for the junior teams). Anyway, the board recommendation was for physio and scouting teams of three, an assistant manager and a couple of coaches for the senior team and a manager and coach for the reserves and both youth squads. Appointing the staff the board allows would have pushed this not very big club into debt quickly, with the extra £3,000 a month in wages. What would other FMers do? Take the support staff and send the club into debt and say the budget is the board's responsibility, not mine, or would you take the responsible approach and keep appointments to a minimum? As an ambitious manager I wanted quick success so hired everyone I could and after six months of the season my finances have gone from okay to insecure, and news items are describing the club as financially stricken or similar. I am clear at the top of the league, though and comparisons show me as having among the best coaches, scouts and physios in the league. How would others have played this?
  7. I agree with what has been said above. A decent AI side down to ten men seems to counter attack very aggressively so I've learned not to throw men forward and play into their hands. My normal approach is to go positive, short passing, slow tempo, and up the creativity/expression to keep possession while looking for holes. I don't go all out unless it's late in the game or I'm against a significantly weaker side who are parking the bus and showing no inclination to counter.
  8. Yes, like some others on a match by match basis. Except for reserve keeper who is always available until match fit as there is little chance of a keeper getting too tired.
  9. Thank you both. Up to now I've generally accepted my assistant's advice but I'll think about it a bit more critically in future.
  10. Before every game, the assistant manager gives advice on mentality, number of attack/support/defend duties etc. Is it worth paying attention to this, either to 'obey' his suggestions to the letter, or to use it as a general guide (like the generic tactics), or is it flawed and so ignoreable? Or does the accuracy of his advice depend on his ability? As I struggle with tactics I tend to take any advice I can find, whether it's on this forum or from my staff! A second question, is does the number of duties suggested include the goalkeeper, who I always put on defend because I've never considered using a sweeper-keeper.
  11. N Ireland for me too, as a start for a career although it has attractions in it's own right. I like having three reserve/youth teams which makes developing players fun. I also like that qualification for Europe brings in a relative windfall against normal turnover. Finally, there are two or three bigger clubs but breaking into the top six with most clubs is achievable.
  12. Thank you all, I'll give it a try. I don't mind it being a challenge, but what I didn't want was to be at a significant disadvantage before I start. My usual lower league 4-4-2 is sort of a simpler version of Tom8983's which gives me a bit of confidence.
  13. Hello All. I'm a big fan of 4-4-2 in real life, and always use it in FM. Up to now I've nearly always done lower or low reputation leagues (N Ireland, Wales, the depths of England or Scotland etc) and I've got to know my way around 4-4-2 in these leagues to the extent that I do a bit better than the board expect, although I don't claim to massively overachieve. I'd like to have a go at a big club for a change but I'd still want to use 4-4-2. Is it possible to do okay or better in the Premiership, La Liga, Serie A etc with the formation, or is it too much of a challenge among elite clubs? I appreciate I'd have to change my structured route one approach considerably, and also have a couple of reserve formations for occasional use, but is it realistic to hope for some success while concentrating on 4-4-2 bearing in mind I'm hardly a tactics genius?
  14. I've just reached 2022 and after being sacked by Bath City I've taken over Hereford, who have just been promoted to the Vanarama North for the first time. They're the first English non-league side I've managed who don't have an Under-23 squad, just the seniors and Under 18s. Is it because they've only just been put in a playable league? Am I likely to have an U23 option at some stage?
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