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  1. Hello, in the mid 2030s I've taken the manager's job at FCUM, who are underperforming in mid table despite having the second highest wage budget in the National League. I was hoping to use a 433 which I had success with at Fylde (thanks to help from here which was invaluable) but as my star player is my AMC and I don't have a decent DM I've been trying to get 4231 to work, with mixed success. I have a lot of possession but having problems turning it into shots. In summary, the tactic seems just a bit meh and not as good as it should be with the quality of players I've got and I'm stumped
  2. I've got a defender who wants more 'technical defensive' training. I can't see a training module with that title; does one (or more) of the other modules cover it? Or might an individual focus on defensive skills do the trick?
  3. Actually, I think I've sorted this. I've: * Gone wider, to stretch the opposition * Lowered my defensive line, to prevent balls over the top * Lowered my troublesome LB to support, which does enough to fill the hole he left * Shortened my passing, to keep possession That all seems to let me keep possession and probe for openings without having to worry about being caught on the break by long balls, so means I can give my midfielders more freedom to help my front three, with full backs providing support too. Against weaker sides the probing with the numbers of bodie
  4. Apologies for resurrecting this, but any suggestions for my problem breaking down mid to lower table sides are welcome. If I use the above tactic 'as is' or try being more aggressive I get caught on the break and end up drawing or losing to the fewer good quality chances the opposition creates. I've tried being more cautious/patient in terms of lowering the mentality/passing length/tempo etc, and less aggressive roles and duties, and keeping an extra man back at attacking set pieces, but often end up playing stale goalless draws against sides I'm better than man for man. I *think* the p
  5. Thanks again to @Experienced Defender for your advice. Here's an update, as promised. I'm twelve games into the next season with one more point than at the corresponding stage last year. That's better than it sounds, because I lost some of my better players in the summer so my team is weaker, and also some dropped points are down to my in game management mistakes. The football also looks more fluid so is more enjoyable to watch. I'm winning against the better sides, who want to make a game of it, and against bottom sides who can't cope with my team's better players. My main struggle is a
  6. Thank you @Experienced Defender for taking the time to type this. I'll let you know how it goes, although competative matches matches are a while away as I've only just finished a season.
  7. No, I'm open to other approaches. I thought as I was trying a new formation I'd give something other than my usual direct high tempo game a go but I'm happy to abandon the experiment if necessary.
  8. Hello, I'm looking for some help with a lower league 4-3-3- please. About a decade in I've taken over Dover, who have just been relegated to the National South. My best eleven fell naturally into a 4-3-3 so I've taken the risk of changing from my usual 4-4-2 to try a formation I've never used before and I'm floundering a bit. I've just played my first season with the side and finished seventh; a little below the media prediction of 4th, but enough to satisfy the board who only asked for a play-off place. So, the season hasn't been a failure but I do think I should have got more from
  9. Thank you @kevhamster that's very helpful. It also gives me something to aim for if I end up needing a completely new build.
  10. Sadly my PC is going to the repair shop today because it won't boot up. I had it made for me a few years ago for budgetary reasons so I could upgrade in bit by bit rather than having a big outlay all at once. Assuming it can be fixed it makes sense to get an upgrade at the same time. My current set up is Processor - Intel Core i3-2130 CPU 3.4 GHz Installed RALM 8GB Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 1060 3GB version 442.50 Earlier in this thread it was suggested my priority could be updating the CPU, possibly to an Intel Core i7-3770. Now a few months have passed is that st
  11. Thank you @Experienced Defender, that's solid advice (much more solid then my defence, anyway ). My next two matches are highly winnable so an opportunity to experiment with something other than two rigid lines of four.
  12. Thank you @Mike_Cardinal, I'll try some of that advice and accept what you say about trial and error.
  13. Yes, my not very good tacklers gave away too many free kicks and got punished for it I'm experimenting with upping the pressing a notch from standard, only done it for one match where I managed to disrupt the league leaders enough to only lose to a stoppage time goal when fitness had all but gone. Maybe I could try pressing with midfielders only and be prepared to sub 3 of them for fresh legs.
  14. Okay, here goes, thank you. I'm rubbish with technology so am typing it: AF(a) TM(a) WM/W*(a/s)* Cm(s) BWM(d) W(a) FB(s) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) GK(d) Balanced/cautious/positive * * depending on opponent strength, home or away etc In Possession: Slightly more direct Early Crosses More disciplined Transition: Distribute to full backs/Centre backs Counter Regroup Out of possession: Force outside Lower LoE I got help in this forum with the initial setup (thanks) and visual
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