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  1. Thank you @Experienced Defender, that's solid advice (much more solid then my defence, anyway ). My next two matches are highly winnable so an opportunity to experiment with something other than two rigid lines of four.
  2. Thank you @Mike_Cardinal, I'll try some of that advice and accept what you say about trial and error.
  3. Yes, my not very good tacklers gave away too many free kicks and got punished for it I'm experimenting with upping the pressing a notch from standard, only done it for one match where I managed to disrupt the league leaders enough to only lose to a stoppage time goal when fitness had all but gone. Maybe I could try pressing with midfielders only and be prepared to sub 3 of them for fresh legs.
  4. Okay, here goes, thank you. I'm rubbish with technology so am typing it: AF(a) TM(a) WM/W*(a/s)* Cm(s) BWM(d) W(a) FB(s) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) GK(d) Balanced/cautious/positive * * depending on opponent strength, home or away etc In Possession: Slightly more direct Early Crosses More disciplined Transition: Distribute to full backs/Centre backs Counter Regroup Out of possession: Force outside Lower LoE I got help in this forum with the initial setup (thanks) and visual
  5. Hello, I'm playing in Northern Ireland tier three, and I'm trying to play a stereotype lower league counter attacking hoofball with a 4-4-2. I'm using a low LoE to draw the opposition in, but I'm finding they're just playing the ball around in front of my two lines of four with their own front seven or eight until they find an opening and score. Is there anything I can do about it that keeps to my simple, disciplined counter philosophy? My midfield is a WM, CM(s), BWD(d) W(a) and my two attackers don't seem to get involved in defence, although in fairness they occupy the opposing cent
  6. Yes, about half the goals in my matches post patch have been from outside the area which statistically is too many (real life stats suggest one goal in eight or so?). However, I've only played a handful of matches so not enough of a sample to know whether it's coincidence, the ME, tactical, or to do with player attributes but it's something I'm watching for.
  7. I've done it twice. The first time was after a narrow defeat, trying it out on the demo before I began a long term save, and nearly all the players reacted negatively. The second was after we'd been hammered at home in an insipid performance against our local rivals I expected us to win. Most players reacted positively, a few negatively, not many had no reaction. My take from that small sample is that it should only be done when 100% justified and that won't motivate everyone.
  8. Thank you @Atarin for the detailed advice. In a small sample of 3 games results are improved and performances seem less disjointed. I also have a couple of players who struggled to get involved now playing their parts more. It does seem to need a more adventurous mentality than the cautious I'd originally planned, but other than that the boys are playing much more as I wanted.
  9. Hello, I'm looking for some help improving my 4-4-2 please. I'm in the depth of the Northern Irish third tier, and generally pleasing my board in our aim of avoiding relegation. I think I should be able to get more from my players, but I'm not sure how. I have below average player stats for my division except physical where I'm about average because with skill at a premium I've tried at least to get in players who are physically decent. I also want to play a 'traditional' lower league game, with hard work, imposing myself physically, long ball and counter. My setup is (sorry,
  10. You're right, I didn't know about this and it gives a more exact rather than rounded number. Still looks okay overall in my three year save, although I haven't looked much at individual clubs' intakes in detail.
  11. In the 'FM' drop down menu top right there's an option to add or remove leagues. That gives current player count too. Just checked mine, at three seasons in in a holiday test which I'm doing to check whether I've got problems with the player registration or playing other teams only home or away issues (which after three seasons seem fine too), I've got a few percent more players so it looks okay for my setup of all British and Irish leagues plus top divisions on half a dozen or so major countries.
  12. Not preordered, but my demo game will be with my team, Aldershot, to spend six game months getting used to new features and in particular any changes to the match engine/tactics. Then assuming no showstoppers (which from the twitch stream looks unlikely) buy the game and start a career with the five British and Irish leagues loaded, starting at Armagh in Northern Ireland where most of my FM careers begin.
  13. I got my desktop tower made for me four or five years ago, because for budget reasons I wanted to be able to upgrade gradually instead of fork out all at once. Maybe the time has come to think about my first upgrade; my main aim would be to have FM run a little quicker or be able to run more leagues although for FM20 it's fine for the five or six leagues I'm happy running. At the moment I'm on: Processor Intel(R) Core i3-2130 CPU @3.4GHz Installed RAM 8GB Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Version 442.50 Monitor Packard Bell Maestro 243DL I only play FM and a coupl
  14. I haven't managed in Scotland for several years despite nearly always having Scotland loaded. I've always fancied having a go with St Johnstone (no idea why, I've never been to Perth, never seen them play, etc) so maybe this time...
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