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  1. @Macgreg best 2 striker tactic for me is the darkside of the moon IWB (attached, only tweeks are to attacking and defending corners and attacking throw ins). It seems to essentially be the top tested pilgrimage 433 but with the SS pushed up and used as AF. Used this tactic for 2 full seasons - With Mbappe and Haaland as the AFs, Mbabbe has 147 goals and Haaland 94. Lost only 3 league games in the 2 seasons, drew 3, won all others. 8 trophies. 21.7DARKSIDEOFTHEMOON.fmf
  2. @Augustin1979 @paulo.massaro Its actually quite a way down now on the list of top tested tactics (started with it about 2 weeks ago), but having tried 5 or 6 of the best tested ones this is the best IMHO in terms of consistency, results, goals, football played and posession - Tactic ID: 214153 Use it with my shouts guide on main post. My outfield 10 are all 4 / 4.5 / 5 star however
  3. my 2 cents - the highest tested darkside of the moon 4-3-1-2 tactic is the best around for elite teams / with the right squad. I cant make IWB tactics work and cant bring myself to go strikerless with the players I have. 5+ trophies in both of the past 2 years. 72 goals Mbappe:
  4. NUFC season 2 - the quadruple is possible using HGF 451 Id have done it if it wasnt for inuries to Wilson, Szoboszlai, Almiron and ASM all at the same / wrong time. Season fell apart home vs Man U, up 2-1 and lost 2-3 in the last 15. Battered PSG home and away but with no strikers I didnt convert so went out of the UCL in the semis - same story with the EPL games at the end of the season. Reaspectable cup double done, 2nd in the league. I used HGF 451 for about 80% of matches, others when I was big favourite, 424 Parisienne. I had £30M still in the bank from Jan - signing 2 good back up
  5. EPL season 1 with NUFC (achieved across multiple saves) For clarity, this success is down to Knaps HGF. This guide is largely how to re-vamp an awful squad and how to secure a £60+ million transfer budget within 2 weeks of a new save. Having tried all of the top tested tactics, this one works the best for NUFC. - Upon starting a new save, offer mutual termination to Agnew. Best coaching staff available (for free) for NUFC = Laudrup as ass man., Berkgamp as coach, Ivan Cordoba as coach. Designate all general training to Ass Man. - Instantly relagate Andy Carrol to u23 team (he i
  6. Long time FM'er, first time poster ~ Newcastle season 1 EPL champions using Knaps HGF 451. Cleared alot of deadwood and brought in quality. If anyone is interested (and with Knaps permission), I can write a little guide on how to win EPL season 1 with NUFC (ignore Camavinga, Musiala and Boadu on the bench, Ive just brought them in for season 2).
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