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  1. Only way to watch it in "full" is keep rewinding forward over highlight endings like referee whistles etc. that game can't jump to next highlight. If it happens just go back and remember rewind it this is something I have been struggling with too but it's possible to bypass highlights.
  2. Bad tactics cause mistakes yes? Does this happen in FM? Bad tactics cause shots in FM I mean yes there is some mistakes that ME represent if bad tactic for your team, example CD loses ball if defline too high when you got cd with bad composure and bad first touch. But is there enough bad passes or interceptions If your roles are all attack and high tempo? Or bad fwd run decisions? Why is this so? I think it's because it would require a lot more intelligent AI to pull this off. I mean matches would be so much more complex to handle that keeping numbers near reality would be very hard. Just my
  3. Good point and also points out the biggest area of improvement needed for FM. How ME represents situations in game when manager does everything/something wrong. Over attack or over defend. When over attacking should cause against you dangerous counters and lost balls it causes 30 shots Vs 1 and lost header in freekick. When over defending should give you too many fouls, penalties, bad bounces and minimal penetration to opponent it shows against you 40 shots. There just aren't that much chances (good or bad) in football.
  4. Then again in real life you could set your attackers to defend deeper to interfere opponent buildup play and it would not affect their attacking positions when attacking. (Or wingers sup -> etc etc) Example setting 2 st's support but when attacking having them up the field. Defending deep has benefits in real football to anticipate passes to wide even when playing deep and narrow. It's understandable that people think you can play like this (deep, narrow, low engaging) because game is named FOOTBALL manager. Edit. Deep defending teams would not clear the ball back to opponent from deep
  5. Because they got so many freekicks and corners that stones got loads of headers to a goal. In other words assistant is speaking nonsense and you should have changed your defending setpieces.
  6. Hey could you upload .pkm of this game here or directly for me. I would like to watch it.
  7. Unfortunately this is and have been true for a long time. It all comes how formations move laterally and how dynamic individual positions are when defending. Example DL closes AMR CM sup/Def helps CD defend ST or block passline for him. Have to hope this will be next big thing that gets fixed because I'm tired of seeing these 20+ shots, blocked crosses etc. Unrealism in game especially when defending deep etc..
  8. Answered I usually change tactics at half-time depending on results. but usually I don't make tactical changes at half-time but later in the game. Also some role tweaks to interfere opponent buildup plays.
  9. There's no proper fence behind the goal to prevent ball fly to market square. Of course it has to go in.. also look out kiosk worker.. I hope ball doesn't fly to the deep frier
  10. This caused some thoughts in me. Wouldn't it be more realistic that unsuccessful crosses are too low than now when they are very much allways too high?
  11. Another proof there's no point going too defensive no matter who you're. If you would have let AI play your game the shot would be 25 Vs 2 4-0 lost. Just because AI tries to play the game defensive like in real world and loses because that doesn't work.
  12. Just being curious what was your match stats in against Liverpool which you won 1-2?
  13. Do you have secondary tactics where these changes are included. If not, you should just to get familiarity levels up IF you decide to use these changes again.
  14. Just some hasty brainstorming about ratings. Reasons why some ratings seems to be too average 1) Good off the ball movement is not rewarded in ratings. 2) Good defensive positioning and anticipating is not rewarded in ratings. 3) A bit same than in 2) but teams deflines movement and unity does not wary between teams and can't be rated because of individual performance. 4) Secondary passes are not rewarded and more longer pass chains leave players outside from positive ratings.
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