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  1. Or they ran out of time to get beta out in time. Deadlines breathing to your neck.
  2. I made this last weekend. Full game where I tried to play non direct football and it worked "ok'ish". It shows countering makes players shoot long passes more. I'm not saying ME is fine. hope this helps.
  3. You need to post .pkm and times where you see this happening.
  4. 80:07 Offside bug in corner.. no where near offside. ME2003 - Canvey Island v Oxford City.pkm
  5. This is what I love to see. DC Goes for ST and our WBR goes to DC spot in front of goal. This I want to see more.. Not so static defending and players covering others movement! while space is taken away from opposition. 90:58 good defending! ME2003 - Hampton & Richmond v Oxford City.pkm
  6. I think it would be nice to know what kind of pkm files you still need for testing and what you dont need.
  7. Yes. usually camera is turned on other things when these runs happen. ^^
  8. FM2003 - Oxford City v Concord.pkm I made full game "analysis" about whatever bugs there might be. All dc's fewer risk and WBL/R too. No counter, because I think it makes dc's take even more long passes. I dont write MC long passes because I can understand those. 02:11 Long pass 12:54 Long side switch even if DPM is free 14:24 long side switch 14:44 took WBR Fewer risks off to get more run balls for Adv.Fwd 15:18 Long side switch 17:58 Switched AMC playmaker to Att to get more penetration 18:47 long side switch 23:31 switch DC center to cover 26:29 Defline higher 28:41 Pass in to space setting (we're losing 0-1) 31:38 Long pass 33:47 too much space given when goal kick lands to AMR 34:14 freekick and some odd defending 36:42 tactic change STL to DPLatt and AMC to sup 37:14 Odd clear decision by the DC 43:12 put narrower to get penetration 46:00 We got it! 1-1 Halftime Lowered defline 51:34 too pass to space off and put tempo from low to normal 54:10 Long pass 54:37 long pass might be offside very hard to say 58:50 long pass 69:29 long pass, pass to space back on 77:08 Defline higher, still 1-1 77:41 2-1 GOOOOL, Defline back normal, no pass into space 80:41 stantard, get stuck in off. 82:15 Time wasting.. 84:20 DPM off BWM in 86:11 3-1 93:30 Gk is pressured and he makes clearance over the sideline. Actually this is second time in this game. win 3-1 It was surprisingly working.. There was not too many long passes allthough my formation without wingers affect that and that i didnt use counter or high tempo. It was positive experience I hope Development can use this for the good. I wrote all changes down that u know if something is working differently. FM2003 - Oxford City v Concord.pkm
  9. I think .pkm's need to be loaded to the IS cloud like instruction message says. I hope people understand that. Inserting file here is not enough(?).
  10. ME2003 tilbury v Oxford city.pkm Started making these notifications later game because I changed tactic low tempo and WBL/WBR passes short. 84:44 MC's Not coming deep to get the ball from dc and then perfect longpass from dc. 88:19 WBR got short passes and we play slow tempo. Still direct pass. Is mc/amc movement too lazy to find passing space? 88:56 I'm playing narrow def and much higher line of engagement. My three players go for GK with the ball. 89:19 WBL got short passes and slow tempo tactic. Theres 2 mc's free and still he side switch to wbr. I know theres a lot of space but... Then WBR (got short passes) Passes long pass to STL who shoots first touch longshot top corner. ME2003 Tilbury v Oxford City.pkm
  11. This is from one game Comprehensive highlights with 5-3-2 Tactic vs 4-2-3-1 tactic. At the end opposition played 4-3-3. I played stantard/ cautious low or normal tempo with DPM and AMCPM 00:12 First long pass DCL to WBR 00:18 another long pass WBR to WBL 00:20 Long pass DCL - ST Behind the line 02:41 Long pass DCR - ST Behind the line 09:31 Long Side switch DL - AMR 24:55 Long side switch AML -AMR 26:23 my cowering dcL is highest of the line and long pass from opposition DR-AMR Behind the line 45:45 DCR-STR Long pass perfect length and do not bounce forward. Do ball ever bounce forward or is it allways just perfect pinpoint pass 46:38 WBL-WBR Side switch very long succesfull pass 46:45 WBR-WBL Long pass back and onetouch shot to net. goooool :/ 68:55 Long pass DR-STL 90:40 Long pass DCL-STL ME2003 - Oxford City v Braintree.pkm
  12. Well said. Especially side switch long passes should be easily picked out by moving at the time pass is made. Atm its like duck hunting where hunters are sleeping when ducks are flying over.
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