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  1. Too bad it was the goal that broke our back 3-1 ;D 73:02 hole in direct freekick wall VID-20200122-WA0001.mp4 Telford United v Oxford City.pkm
  2. Just a comment after reading some 1on1 bug tread. We can want all kind of things to the game but the fact is user observations and bug reports are just one of thousands dimensions in a bigger fm world picture especially concerning ME. But to the point.. I'm going work so in a hurry. 1on1 and finishing player traits should be let loose. Meaning technical strikers should round and lob keeper more. If good first touch try more onetouch shots. If good str shoot with power. flair more overheads.. now we dont see these "at all". Free them from their cages!!
  3. What was your tempo in your tactic at that moment? But yeah some bad central playing and decision there. :/ And pass to wbr(?) was bad too :/
  4. I'm guessing its got to do something with defense long pass fix. They dont just give ball away anymore
  5. OMG . Sorry my language. I just went to check my teams last game analysis. I hope you can use this game when trying to get more central play going. I would like to see a bit more effort to get ball into box. I used cross less in purpose to see how I can get normal passes in. Now its like Long throws are to only passes going in to the box. Heres Key passes Used this tactic and also Higher tempo on and pass into space checked almost whole game to get a win. Also changed my Playmaker to advanced at some point, but it didnt really help. Wide defenders got cross less to get passes to the MCA's Oxford City v Eastleigh.pkm
  6. Just my opinion that many unrealistic indirect freekicks could be avoided and fixed with better goalkeeper coming out, aerialplay and punching ball?
  7. Maybe just very bad luck, but I havent scored a goal in 4 games. Even when I've had many(ish) chances. Also it seems its very hard to get through from the center or there just isnt good passing patterns to pass through middle. 5 (including subs)of my MC's got play one-twos and quite good technical skills for the league. Here's some pics and I'll Download my Save Oxies1 to the cloud too. Solihull Moors v Oxford City.pkm Oxford City v Torquay United.pkm Wrexham v Oxford City.pkm Oxford City v Ebbsfleet United.pkm
  8. 52:40 GK take steps to the right and then saves shot from the bottom left corner. Solihull Moors v Oxford City.pkm
  9. 73:39 Missed pelalty. GK Takes first steps to left but then saves shot from the bottom right corner. Maybe thats just what goalies do but worth checking. Wrexham v Oxford City.pkm
  10. VID-20200118-WA0000.mp4 71:20 DCR leaves ball to opposition at the byline. Opposition just puts it over? Dunfermline Athletic v Oxford City.pkm
  11. 25:10 stepping over ball and bad clearance Birmingham v York City.pkm
  12. 01:00 steps over Tottenham v York City.pkm
  13. 13:47 STL Steps over ball and loses it 35:32 WBL Steps over ball and loses it Hartlepool v Oxford City.pkm
  14. My personal experience is match preparation teamwork helps a little. Might be just me dreaming but its worth a shot.
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