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  1. Like votes here are telling that it's really big combination of things that really makes a team successful in football. Theres no clear answer for being successful but I think there's some weight differences what affects more in FM vs real football. Like preparation example. What do you guys think?
  2. Choose your object to throw. (Level of anger is increased via object) water bottle, Thrashcan, chair, big tactics board, your assistant manager. Danger you may strain your back while selecting heavier objects, causing injury status. Ofc players can be injured too but not assman. He's just object and assistant..
  3. Actually I wanted to add mistakes choice because the way ball is given away is lacking and it affects badly to the flow of the game. This makes game too predictable. I think there's too little bad first touches,bad passes,bad decisions that lead to lost possession. This makes game look too perfect and Inhumane. Also there should be small mistakes what just cause switch in possession and nothing critical like scoring chance. Easier said than done!
  4. I'm hoping this is fixed by different scenarios. 1) Team tries to play risky cross too much compared to their skills -> more interrupted crosses and counters. NO throw-ins or corners as a reward.(fm20) 2) balls get through more often but defence handle them well and start a counter. NO panic clear every time.(fm20) 3)cross ball headed away by defenders and defending team reacts to looseball. NOT just stand and wait attacker take it again.(fm20) These added to the normal headed or shot freely to a cross.
  5. One step to a more realistic and challenging direction for player would be what kind of players AI managers sign and use. Depending what's the preferred style of the manager. Sitting deep and counter -> slow but tall dc's, hardworking cm's, quick st's etc. Playing flanks -> tall st's, good crossers and dribblers.
  6. I have to say I felt poisoned time to time after this thread opened and I came here. Negativity will get us or at least me (I) nowhere. Yes like many have said FM is not perfect but to set your brain on a negative mode just makes you blind. Not seeing the other facts what differs from yours. Selfishness is first step to stupidity.. there I said it and I'm sorry. I'm no "blind fanboy", but I really like get things done and negativity and "what I want rant" doesn't help in being constructive. Really close not send this but.. oh well. Here it goes.
  7. Very very much thinking same! In my opinion collision animations missing ofc shows most in corners and crosses, should I say in all box plays. This hits a wedge between game and realistic presentation.
  8. While I agree game lacks individual movement and skills to save the day alone. Still bigger problem in FM 20 was and is this endless running/dribbling alone.. riding to the sunset team mates waving you bye bye "run forest". Of course when you add players usually are toothless when in flanks game flow becomes throw-in fest because the space is in the flank but do teams really often want to cross? No! they keep ball moving and find the hole in more dangerous channel. Oh well. Venting out finished.. waiting more info from fm21 continues
  9. This has been analyzed through and reported in may at the bug forum. Have to hope there will be improvement to FM21
  10. I dont know anything about graphics but if just IF older grass got smaller resolution which shows further away VS. new one got bigger texture which makes harder for eye to see the difference if its far. Heres two picture 1 close one far. Grass close Grass far
  11. Some people see same ME which makes me question people's eyesight. Short video gives hints of: 1) A lot better reaction from players after ball is passed (uncontrolled). 2) Better line movements when ball is being carried or passed forward. Meaning more realistic waves of attacks are possible. Propably more efficient counters too. 3) Goals can be scored "through" the GK by lobbing. 4)New save/animation from GK. 5)Ball was volleyd from farpost not headed. A lot can change before game is released but don't say nothing is changed.
  12. While I agree. Do you remember how graphic details looked like when fm20 beta came out? Example manager man's eyebrows where like werewolves graphics details improved from beta to 20.4 which means they got their hands full. Hoping this time graphics will be more ready when game really comes out. I know.. annoyingly positive <-
  13. This is something I'm waiting to get fixed. "Hopely I can help in that". It might also be partly animation thing.
  14. Also reacting to ball movement is better. Like sharp if compared to fm20. Cant wait to see more
  15. Loved the movement from other team mates when player dribbles with the ball. Big improvement!
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