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  1. Just waiting release in FM when having player with high acceleration and pace combined to low decisions, off the ball and anticipation would be worse possible scenario
  2. I think splitting organisations (teams) reputations to historical and near future reputations would help example press conferences being more realistic. If you have example won championship last season when historical reputation is lower press AI would know how to see you from the near future reputation. Transfers would be calculated from both reputations so bad near future performances could affect how good players you can sign.
  3. It's risk and reward. If you play high mentality high tempo which human player often do you will get scored on more often with that one shot. If it's over risky you will bombard opponent with shots but it will also give ball to opponent more often and that gives more chances for AI to score.
  4. Let's accept ME generates too many shots/headers and corners when all the channels are overloaded. Let's half your shots, corners made and increase your possession by let's say 10. This would give Possession 64-36 Shots 12 Corners 7 Would this make you feel so wrongly won? Then add some presentation of more counter attack attempts by the away team and voila we're very close realistic numbers and football match. Problem is FM is a bit too arcade like in vertical movement, too static in lateral movement and a bit too divided to defending and attacking areas. So it's ha
  5. Yeah game is just missing some animations like. 1) Bad quality passes, passes to chest or knee height 2) Bad first touches and technique all together. Both of these would make easier for the fm player/manager understand why player had less time and why he made a wrong decision because of this.
  6. Suggestion. Move Amc to center from Amcl position and add him move forward more often if you want to use support role. This way you will have 1 player occupying center channel inside the box and especially low crosses tend to find that spot (you can also set someone to cross center). Because st is in STR position he tend to make more runs to wide channel and you need someone going for the most dangerous scoring area.
  7. Don't play Chui Ka Kit as a tip of the sword because his traits supports a more playmaking role. Use him as a IW or IF. To the current tactic, if you're going to play lower tempo you need more men to support short passes. Now your wide defenders are not supporting possession and wingers roles + mezzala push attack early so there's no one to really pass and make proper combinations. Advice NFB off and -> WBdef/sup, take off counter, test does through the middle really work, Chu ka Kit to a wing role with more play creating role.
  8. Because team instruction is shorter passes logical test would be try increasing DLP Player instructions passes more direct. Also I don't know what's player Rice's preferred foot and I feel having left footed CMR could encourage to switch side to AML. Also you could try switching DLP Def to support role, but then again you need to be cautious with opponent counters with other role.
  9. Yeah of course. It's just every example is unique in its own way, player attributes, team formations etc. And more there is examples from different sources more efficiently problem can be investigated or fixed and it saves their time too. But yeah I Don't know if there's much more you can do in Xbox edition bug reporting wise.
  10. Just an coincident that GK is Jacobs(on) and TM Miles? anyway I think SI needs saved matches meaning .pkm's to investigate this through your experience. Also there should be timestamp for goalkicks where TM is dismissed when taking goalkick. This way (If I've understanded right) SI can try changes and then look how it affects to your specific goalkick scenario. 1) .pkm 2) timestamp. Example 56:34 Goalkick to flank when TM open
  11. It's way more complicated than just tactic Vs tactic or roles Vs roles. It's also who Vs who (player attributes Vs attributes), preferred leg Vs leg, who has scored their first goal in match/matches before this game, who has scored plenty of goals before but now can't in this game, it's about is Valencia luckily had match preparation scheduled this week or week before against you.
  12. Of course I have answered and everyone should! I think the survey will at least point out for SI what kind of player bases there are at the moment in numbers.
  13. Personally I choose 2 highest selections because I would want to believe 2 lowest selections could be improved with better AI and more complex tactical presentation inside matches. But if that's not an option I would like to test version where teams play with their own style and not let reputation affect to the tactics. Edit. Even when that would possibly mean realistic stats would not be possible to maintain.
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