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  1. In 4 matchprep weeks att movement get same bonus as if only att movement?
  2. Hey could someone tell me is there difference if theres many match preps? Example only attacking movement compared to def pos, teamwork, att cor and Att movement. Are the bonusvalues allways same?
  3. Game is almost unplayable at the moment. Please tone down longshots with a hotfix.
  4. Increase time and space player needs to get cross out. How many times in real life ball bounces from block over backline and not sideline or is lost? Thats why in real life theres no point try to cross that often and risk losing possession or get countered.
  5. I think long passes should be harder to make and long passes from side to side should easily be read out by the defense or middlefield. At the moment def is too static and passing/Vision is overtuned especially under pressure.
  6. Thanks. Its just little odd because if u train match preparation to a match and next games are with only 2 day rest time. Same match preparation will affect all games.
  7. If there's less than 3 days between games semipros cant train on that 2 day period at all.
  8. Semi-professional teams cant train even matchpreparation when theres less than 3 days between games.
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