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  1. How high you pressed in this game? Or is it really the manager tendency because they pass around in own area.
  2. Its because this happens when attacking usually higher reputation team uses very high LOE and higher defline and extremely urgent pressing intensity. Defensive team goes cautious or less mentality and they cant make passes fwd at all because lower mentalities take less risks with passes. In earlier versions of game cautious mentality defenders would have hoofed ball to st's even with short passes set on. Now they move ball back to gk and clear ball over sideline. So your tactic is not aggressive enough in terms of pressing to get this cautious ball passing out of oppisition. I'm not aggressive presser neither so this is not a problem for me too.
  3. There is info if you pay your leagues scouting package from player search. Also have scout always scout upcoming opposition.
  4. I thinked same today. The day FM comes close realism players start complain they cant affect anything and games just flies by and players play they see fit, ;D And that no matter what they do they lose all the time with that underdog team
  5. I think this skin shows the roles of opposition too https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1938145778 Formation window show what mentality AI is using. If theres only formation numbers then its stantard mentality. Ofc this doesnt tell how high LOE or DL they have. Yes of course but be careful not to let one games one situation have too big influence to your tactic. Looking games in full is especially useful to know how high opponent is pressing and how high their defline is. Also it tells if your wide players go too wide or are your roles suitable for teams passing length or tempo. There's also danger you start to see what this years ME version is lacking If you play example standard passing lengths you could set your PM passes more direct and wing back go more wide and attack from the side of PM better foot. or if you are playing slow tempo but you cant get up from your own area maybe opposition is pressing too high and you have to take long kicks or make your FB make more direct passes from the side supporting ST is. Or if you have gone wide whole game you could change wide players and/or attackers preferred foot inside and go to center. or just remember your most mistake making player at the end of the game. Dont keep that player in for 90 min if its a tough game or dont keep that dc in the side with opposition pressing / hard working FW. If you go more defensive at the end dont keep all roles same or they will just lose the ball under pressure because they are positioned too high. for example.
  6. These high shots games reminds me of Chelsea - Watford game last week. Watford was very cautious and I think they just gave too much space for chelsea and could not handle their quality of ball moving. Chelsea just walzed in to box while watford stand static. In those fm high shots games there was 2 dm's formation wich basicly means they just stand in front of defline doing nothing to intercept. One of the biggest differences in real football and FM is forced tendency to shoot and cross. Wich is multiplied because of static narrow defline and overtuned first touches in fm. Ball is too easy to handle and downtuning of defensive movement. While I understand @Cadoni used tactic what really is not about patiency these games are good examples what happens if opposition over defends in FM and in real life. https://www.sofascore.com/chelsea-watford/zN
  7. 1. Before saying anything going to say preparation is everything maybe not so much in this game than in real life but still. Train match preparations with respect, know your opposition players and detect how attacking they are. Using comprehensive highlights is essential. Keep windows open what show yours and oppositions body language, formation and rating. This way you dont miss so much critical info like player motivation problems, poor performance and if opposition makes a substitution or formation/mentality change. Learn to know how your tactic work, what you get with your formation when you increase like example tempo, or if you increase your defline and how different roles work together in game, I take a pencil and paper. I have playbook of sorts where I mark what might work against something and if something happens how to counter. Having a good goalkeeper helps and gives you time to adjust your tactic if he saves your or others mistake. 2. If playmaker is having a bad day theres multiple reason for that. 1) Your other players push too far before you PM makes the pass --> drop someone to support you playmaker? change mezzala A to normal CMA? Whats the preferred foot of your PM? Maybe one of the wide players should be more support and not run up. Check what kind of players your opposition have. If their CML is Physical and your CMR pm is having hard time try to change CMR to CML? More about opposition. Opposition strikers ST is tall choose tall DC to your line-up. opp STL is dropping deep maybe use stopper DC (be careful). If opposition is slow (especially strikers/wingers) push higher defline, check their no1 cm passer and mark him out. Test and learn and write it down.. live a breathe your team and tactic. 3. Maybe already answered but saying again. Taking notes makes you more aware whats happening in the field with your tactic. Be patient and dont make too big changes (good goalie helps to when trying to be more patien ) 4. I use comprehensive highlight because of this (it could show more). I'm not a big statistic nerd. I trust my eyes and those windows what I said in 1. Hope these help! This is how I done it from CM times, less at the beginning more when moved to 20th century
  8. I think you could just tone down your championship tactic. -1 defline, -1 loe, positive mentality, tightermarking off, pressing urgency -1, no interrupt short distribution. This could work as a home tactic at least.
  9. Maybe not the main point of the post, but cdL is clearly lower than Kirby.
  10. Yep. Theres also full physical weeks in the middle of the season and if there happens to be 2 games.. its ouch.. even if there would only be 1 game why you want to risk it and make 1 extremely hard week when you can spread it and make 2 average weeks.
  11. Another tip. Dont trust assistant made training schedules. Many times theres General training after a game first no recovery. Start week with recovery. 1-2 days between games assistant fill these many times with General training. Go for match prep like in real world.
  12. Sorry for quoting myself. I just have to add something. At the moment theres a lot more free spaces in flanks and in front of middlefield. Middlefield position them too close defline and defline is static narrow block when ball is in middle and relatively easy to get defline retreat to own box area. This open spaces to flanks and closer middlecircle. Mainly because middlefield is too low and st's too high when defending. So to the point. How its possible to make system and individual performance balanced if formation, defline, marking, leaves open areas. Its not possible to balance things if theres too much space on some areas for individuals. It would make game too individual dependant. In real life theres not a lot of space and defending as a unit limits individuals effect to the game. Team wins - individual performances usually. Just my opinion tough.
  13. Thats because if you want to make numbers match real life you cant have individual players doing things as much you would like. The balance between system and individualism is more and more system based. Game should let managers and players make bigger errors and ofc good decisions too. That would really make you feel you are now managing something what is delicate and can go horribly wrong. it would require managers have like commentary screen where would be added things what manager (you) see. "Dm cant pass to playmaker because he's in too high positions", "cd's cant keep ball and pass it out because opposition is pressing so hard"
  14. The more complex tactical features come in match engine the more it will eat away players individual freedom. Especially if strict real life statistics are pursued.
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