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  1. Yeah it's just this is a game and if we should make a decision do we see too many or too few direct freekick goals then too few is closer realism. If dfk's was made better then teams with excellent direct freekick takers would be op. I don't think in real football you can count on dfk's but in FM many years those have been too good. And after freekicks start going in we start losing openplay goals to keep thing balanced. It's opinion Vs opinion, risk&reward. I choose open play and teamwork not individual technical skills.
  2. Maybe there's still some information that can be used from your breakdown. I think how low morale play is displayed in ME got too big scale. Can't really offer any examples at this second but anyway it might be that high morale performance is displayed too entertaining compared to very low morale or vice versa.
  3. Opinion I know this is not discussion thread but increasing direct freekick goals would mean. 1) You will get punished more often by underdog setpiece goals. 2) You will get punished by favourite when trying to keep the lead by defending. 3) Propably longshots will be more dangerous. It would create feeling of helplessness, frustration of your tactic not meaning enough because all it takes one foul and you will get punished by a freekick. I would think very very very hard when wishing more goals outside openplay. Sorry for pointy message it's not meant like that. Just
  4. I just very very much need to defend current version Vs beta. Claiming beta was better because it was more reactive and that there was more through balls and it was more enjoyable etc. Etc. I respect people like to see their team attacking and see pass plays, but it's the same you would train attack on a field and then you would be mad for defending team to play too tight and interfere attacking plays. this is football SIMULATION not football highlight creator or football passplay editor. Balance is needed or it will not be football.
  5. I think its got to do GK kicking ball from his hands he doesn't drop it and when he moves further with the ball opposition defline/formation is not reacting so there's a space behind Def where GK thinks he must try.
  6. It could be GK take these some times because of counter setting or pass into space?@Josh Brimacombe-WiardBrimacombe-Wiard?
  7. You need to time incident like example "85:75 missed penalty, penalty taking skill X" and add that games .pkm meaning saved match. https://community.sigames.com/topic/538789-read-before-posting-attaching-a-pkm-when-reporting-an-issue/
  8. @Jemal WisemanWisemanWisemWisemanWisemanWisemWisemanWisemanWi Don't know what wrong with this!! cant erase. anyway this looks serious?
  9. Better report these with times (00:45 long pass not needed etc) .pkm and tactics you're using. It's still very early days and everything is possible. They are not going backwards.
  10. This game is something special this year. I enjoy watching even AI games almost like real football excited what upcoming patches brings to the game.
  11. Are both leagues in full detail? Those MLS numbers are insane anyway it's over 10 clear per game at the top and just a little under 10 at the bottom. it's stats thing most likely. Here's link for file upload. Mention save game name what you upload here. https://community.sigames.com/topic/538431-how-to-upload-files-to-us/
  12. What's his preferred foot? Left side he can make longer pass easier with his left. Not saying it's completely fine now. Maybe something they should keep eye. "Usage of feet when passing center/wide balance"
  13. 46:39 Cross to defenders outer foot makes ball bounce to byline direction which is highly doubtful. One more corner. It should not bounce there. Maybe just animation thing but reporting it anyway because high number of corners. Going to continue looking if crosses what hit to defender bounce wrong direction. ME21.2Aston Villa v Man City.pkm
  14. A clear bug 18:35 Low cross from wide ball goes front of GK laterally who reacts to cross by jumping save to near post direction. AML scores from far post area. ME21.2.SheffU-Liverpool.pkm
  15. Sorry for opinion but I would not touch these unselfish acts.. the other option may be they always head and never flick. but let's see how SI reacts..
  16. He already said in earlier post "we would need a save game to investigate, or attach PKM's from the matches where these corner goals were scored in." post them fast that they get it today I beg of you @Josh Brimacombe-WiardBriBrimBBrimacombe-WiardBr (bugged can't erase it) do not make this game another freekick and corner simulator.
  17. I'm no admin but you should time those hoofs that SI can try their build fixes to those times examples. 05:34 CD hoofs ball when option to pass short is near. They don't have resources to go through thousands .pkm's to look IF there's something wrong.
  18. Have to throw a comment. FM21 is great but the way people are reporting bugs at the bug forum is a disaster. We all want polished FM so before you report something read HOW. It's waste of time for you and SI to report something without .pkm or time "example 92:21 leading team goes attack". Or even save game IF NEEDED. This is guide for ME bug forum reporting.
  19. Going to comment on this before some admins do the same. They need .pkm to try their fixes to the possible problem. There also need to be time when this happens example 05:34 long throw, player not marked.
  20. Happy to see feedback forum is not in fire and people surrounding SI with pitchforks. Long live Fm21!
  21. Like votes here are telling that it's really big combination of things that really makes a team successful in football. Theres no clear answer for being successful but I think there's some weight differences what affects more in FM vs real football. Like preparation example. What do you guys think?
  22. Choose your object to throw. (Level of anger is increased via object) water bottle, Thrashcan, chair, big tactics board, your assistant manager. Danger you may strain your back while selecting heavier objects, causing injury status. Ofc players can be injured too but not assman. He's just object and assistant..
  23. Actually I wanted to add mistakes choice because the way ball is given away is lacking and it affects badly to the flow of the game. This makes game too predictable. I think there's too little bad first touches,bad passes,bad decisions that lead to lost possession. This makes game look too perfect and Inhumane. Also there should be small mistakes what just cause switch in possession and nothing critical like scoring chance. Easier said than done!
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