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  1. Try now It should be in the crash folder. It should be noted I have since advanced 13 years in this save but It crashes during any national tournament if you rest all players.
  2. Hi guys, apologies if this has already been addressed. When managing an international team at a tournament (World Cup, Euro's ect) I have found that if you try and click 'rest all players' in between games, the game will crash. I don't know whether this is because the 'rest all players' was designed with only clubs in mind perhaps? Anyway I have found this with Brazil & Wales on the latest DB. I know that it might not be worth fixing for FM17 but maybe it would be something to iron out for FM18
  3. Advice needed.

    Ok I will check, cheers
  4. Hi guys, long time reader, sporadic poster. Who would be the best person or best line of contact to enquire about becoming a scout for a newly promoted team in the Welsh Premier League? Cheers
  5. Shots on goal in FM 15

    Yeah most of my results are 3-0 4-1 4-2
  6. Could anyone inform me on, or possibly direct me towards the attributes needed to each staff role? e.g I know that scouts are JPA/JPP Thanks.
  7. Could anyone please explain what a Director of Football does? I mean in real life i'm sure he has a big say in signings and coaching structure but in FM???
  8. What makes the ideal Director of Football? Please enlighten me. 0 sarcasm please.
  9. I have downloaded and installed an update at 00:09 UK time, I assumed it was the full game? Help?
  10. Will the full Patched game be released at midnight on steam? or working hours (e.g 9am)?