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  1. Yeah most of my results are 3-0 4-1 4-2
  2. Could anyone inform me on, or possibly direct me towards the attributes needed to each staff role? e.g I know that scouts are JPA/JPP Thanks.
  3. Could anyone please explain what a Director of Football does? I mean in real life i'm sure he has a big say in signings and coaching structure but in FM???
  4. What makes the ideal Director of Football? Please enlighten me. 0 sarcasm please.
  5. I have downloaded and installed an update at 00:09 UK time, I assumed it was the full game? Help?
  6. Will the full Patched game be released at midnight on steam? or working hours (e.g 9am)?
  7. Although I realize some of these issues may be known, I am simply listing my findings from my first 20-30 hours of beta game play. - Goalkeepers seem to be prone after a parried shot UNTIL the next person touches the ball, at which point it's too late for the goalkeeper to get back into position. Goals are scored/conceded way too much via this bug. - In 2 on 1 situations (2 strikers 1 goalkeeper) players almost never pass the ball for a certain goal. Instead they shoot. - Silly amount of counter attacks every game. (without exaggeration) maybe 8-10 one on one chances every game with very few being converted. - Following on from the last point, very low percentage of one on one chances are converted. - Very high scoring games, often draws. 5-4, 5-5, 4-4 I have recorded ten times between them in one single season.
  8. I know Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been known to play FM as well as AVB.
  9. Even adding a lower division as advertised pre-release?
  10. Will editing the Database (e.g putting my local team Barry into the Welsh Prem) affect my standing in the player leaderboard? I ask this because I understand you would not qualify for ranking if you had made your team rich and all your players amazing. But I just want to play as my team in the appropriate division. Help?
  11. bumpity bump