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  1. Thanks mate, I will look to put this all into practice later (y)
  2. Hey folks, bit of a lurker in these forums for almost 20 years now In FM 20 I am struggling to find a tactic that can create good chances. I'm getting 60% possession every game with a standard 4-3-3 wide (man city esq) formation but i'm still getting beat 1-0 or 2-0 because my team cant score. I've tried using Inverted wingers, inside forwards, poachers, deep lying forwards you name it i've tried it! I've had this issue with Cardiff/Bayer Leverkusen/Arsenal a variation of teams. No goals being scored. I suppose the question I want to ask the SI community is... where am I going wrong???
  3. Could we bring in the ability to change a manager shout once it's been selected? The amount of times I have selected 'Praise' and then a highlight starts, results in an opposition goal. My team think I am praising them for conceding and become confused an demotivated. As soon as I select my shout it 'greys' out leaving me and my little computer players frustrated
  4. Hey everyone, I carry out tactical briefings for my team before every game. I just wondered what effect/bearing does this have on the squad? Because I set out my team roles/instructions anyway and my players abide by them. Or is this purely a aesthetic mechanism to enforce the realism? Cheers
  5. Probably licencing issues or some crap like that. I bet FM 20 is a glorified data update for FM 19
  6. all of these are 16 years old so I assume you mean under 17?
  7. I am in 2020 with Bilbao, my scout brought to my attention a few 4 star potential youngsters so I decided to try and sign them. After signing about 6/7 4+ star youngsters I thought I had won the lottery. But none of these players are even secondary Basque? Am I missing a new rule?
  8. false alarm, I thought by winning the playoff you went up
  9. 3rd season I finally did it! Haha no transfers either, I released all italian trialists on every new intake regardless of potential to ensure my youth team is purely Sammarinese
  10. Guys let's simmer down. Everyone's entitled to their opinions but I certainly don't think knap is doing anything wrong As the original poster of this I just wanted to suggest that we organize the forum a bit more efficiently in order for everyone else's tactics to get a look in. Again, I want to reiterate that knap's tactics are tremendously helpful to many people and many are grateful including myself, I just feel the forum is awash with knap variations.
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