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  1. Well I agree, these should only apply to regens because by the time regens are in the game, then the repetitive nature has set in. In response to SI giving us fair play football, they give us red cards for violent conduct which you could argue shouldn't be in the game, but just like drug test bans...they are. I want a realistic game, not a fairy-tale fair play wonderland.
  2. clemo

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    Calm down lads, the real test is yet to come. Battering part time Papaya farmers is nothing.
  3. I know these are not positive but they do happen and I have noticed they don't happen in what is the most 'realistic' management simulation, I am talking about events off the field that effect events on it and around it. - Player failing a drugs test and being banned? - Player crashing his car and facing police action? - Player being involved in an assault case? - Players fighting in training? - Managers falling ill and a caretaker steps in? - Foreign player asking to fly home after parent passes away? And it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom... - Following a great season a player is now the headline athlete for a sportswear company, bringing in more publicity for the club. - In a players' contract he can request you buy his parents a house, himself a car or maybe move his family over to help his transition. - Similar to job interviews, you can have a chat when signing a player where you tell him what your plans are and vice versa. - Organizing team days out in pre-season to help team cohesion. Just a few thoughts to help combat the repetitive feel at times.
  4. clemo


    This has probably been discussed 1000 times but I haven't seen it mentioned in the top page of this section. Var to be introduced in FM19? I mean, I can see it being a simple mechanic.....
  5. clemo

    Random Crashing in match

    I am having the same issues on high end PC. Playing on the latest patch, i leave my PC to get a drink and when I come back it's my desktop. Usually happens at HT / FT
  6. 181m transfer budget for gillingham in 2020!!!!!!! That doesn't look right
  7. I said SI games, I didn't mention the words 'football' or even 'manager'. Great attempt to make me look silly. 3/10. _______________________________________ Thanks for the response Neil, I think it is a real niche in the market I would love to live out my dream as a footballer in a digital way haha. I don't quite know how it would be engineered though.
  8. Making a game solely focused on one player's journey through his career, from 16 years old to retirement? Kinda like Be A Pro/Journey Mode in the FIFA games but with much more detail and much longer.
  9. really unnecessary lol chill out mate
  10. It breaks the immersion of the game for me when I am managing a lower league side with 250 people at the game and when a goal goes in it sounds like the KOP end going nuts. Maybe for FM19 we can have some sound clips from amateur crowds, even if it is 30 people giving a mild applause. Maybe varying sounds for various games? Cup Final/Derby or just a pre season friendly What do you think?
  11. Is there a way I can have away with 'players roles' and just have the sliders like times of old? For example instead of 'Target Man' I can just tick 'hold up ball' slide down the passing to short ect
  12. I pressed 'advanced setup' and then chose to cancel out of hit and this came up.
  13. There was only one choice being a Welshman.
  14. Here we go boys Let's do this....