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  1. Could we bring in the ability to change a manager shout once it's been selected? The amount of times I have selected 'Praise' and then a highlight starts, results in an opposition goal. My team think I am praising them for conceding and become confused an demotivated. As soon as I select my shout it 'greys' out leaving me and my little computer players frustrated
  2. Hey everyone, I carry out tactical briefings for my team before every game. I just wondered what effect/bearing does this have on the squad? Because I set out my team roles/instructions anyway and my players abide by them. Or is this purely a aesthetic mechanism to enforce the realism? Cheers
  3. Probably licencing issues or some crap like that. I bet FM 20 is a glorified data update for FM 19
  4. all of these are 16 years old so I assume you mean under 17?
  5. I am in 2020 with Bilbao, my scout brought to my attention a few 4 star potential youngsters so I decided to try and sign them. After signing about 6/7 4+ star youngsters I thought I had won the lottery. But none of these players are even secondary Basque? Am I missing a new rule?
  6. I am the Barry Town researcher and just to clear a few things up, Barry Town (before it was dissolved) Went by 'The Linnets' or 'The Dragons' but now Barry Town United have been set up as of 2013 we have no official nickname. 'Town' would be the closest approximation. Also Barry see's TNS as a competitive rival from the early 2000's Cardiff Met historically has not been a rival but I will look to amend this as it is the most local proximity between two teams in the league so thank you for bringing this to my attention Muchos Gracias
  7. false alarm, I thought by winning the playoff you went up
  8. 3rd season I finally did it! Haha no transfers either, I released all italian trialists on every new intake regardless of potential to ensure my youth team is purely Sammarinese
  9. Guys let's simmer down. Everyone's entitled to their opinions but I certainly don't think knap is doing anything wrong As the original poster of this I just wanted to suggest that we organize the forum a bit more efficiently in order for everyone else's tactics to get a look in. Again, I want to reiterate that knap's tactics are tremendously helpful to many people and many are grateful including myself, I just feel the forum is awash with knap variations.
  10. Thank you for all of your continued tactical and help for us all knap - but every thread seems to be a knap tactic? Can we get a sub-folder where we do not have to filter through knap's 8,349,822 tactics to find other community gems?
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