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    I am a dad &husband who loves his family but every spare chance I get I am watching,reading something about football plus playing fm!I love the game

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    Football mad daddy&husband.my first love was manchester united football club


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  1. Is there any negatives to this mod?any knock on effects to the game
  2. Next game in same stadium and I didn't change a thing ,there are fans back in.
  3. Not sure if this is correct category to post this but I have no fans in the stadium quite alot.there is ment to be 5400 inside but its empty. Is this a known bug?
  4. I get the same a completely empty stadium for a league game in league 1.
  5. It will get easier to play. It all depends how you like playing.you can delegate to your staff if you don't want to micro manage everything.good luck
  6. It does get easier to navigate things plus you get alot quicker at sorting stuff the more experienced you become.maybe fm touch might be a option for yourself as not so bloated.you can put so many hours into this game its been such a great game for me with lockdown plus 2 young kids so it can be stressful so I find it a great way to immerse myself into my own little world.
  7. Totally agree I have players being played out of position just so they will fit the formation as my 1st team uses it.i can't believe this wasn't changed from fm 20.
  8. I love that story and hope I come across a maverick like this one day
  9. Oh thank you a shame but suppose that makes sense.thank you for info
  10. I would love more varied player behaviour. Players going out &getting into trouble or fights in tunnels.i have never seen a player sent off for a violent act or reaction.like pepe the other day for arsenal with a head butt.
  11. Can anyone tell me why he didn't get his permit as I gave him the wage I was told would work?
  12. Your telling me.i was told if gets a wage of £900 or above he will get enough points so I gave him £1000 as I am getting him on a free and he still had work permit turned down!!
  13. I have just have tried to sign pierre-emmanuel elimby from Chelsea i agreed a fee of £0 as his contract is running out.he was playing for me last year on loan at exeter city plus been in England 2 years.he didn't play a game for Chelsea tho.i am surprised to see his work permit get turned down is that ment to happen. Sorry my knowledge of work permits is very small 😀
  14. I did raise this in the bugs section of the forum ,not much of a response from many people so presumed it was my team needing glasses 👓
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