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38 "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"


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    I am a dad &husband who loves his family but every spare chance I get I am watching,reading something about football plus playing fm!I love the game.

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    Football mad daddy&husband. Mufc the religion.


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    Football ,playing fm

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    Manchester United

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  1. I got one too I thought it must be a scam maybe now I will go fill it in now.did s.i organise it ?
  2. Yeah like arsenal and spurs!Manchester united couldn't even get through the group stage of champions league but now think they are too good to play the likes of leipzig and basaksehir!juventus nowhere near winning there league but think they are too good for champions league.you are entitled to your opinion but I have never been more furious with something that concerns football than this
  3. I have 2 young children so I do understand but they can't hold fm back anymore than they already do graphics wise.buy a laptop if you can .I got a lenovo idea pad which will play fm fine on highest specs easy for £650,you could go lower if you wanted.i brought my laptop for fm and despite I know its alot of money one of best things I did.kids are hard work and fm gives me a great release in the evening or when paw patrol is on 😀.if money is tight then get a xbox one s to play on £250.
  4. How can I stop my staff keep taking courses they all seem to be going on one plus its costing a fortune. I changed the responsibility of it to me the manager weeks ago !
  5. Everyone is entitled to a opinion but I have played both games and I don't see what coaches could honestly take tactically from fifa 🤔. Far prefer fm but that's just my opinion.
  6. Well I for one when I first started playing the game I reloaded some games to learn about the tactics and try some things out.something I haven't done since as I started some proper long term saves but it did help learning&understanding the game.you can certainly get completely different results of the same game.
  7. I would love the fans to be revamped completely plus the noise &atmosphere. The different atmospheres around the world is part of the appeal of football for me.playing the game from England to China or Germany should be different. I wanna hear drums &chants .but maybe thats just me
  8. This really should be in, the game does occasionally pick a kit that clashes.
  9. OK thank you for the reply I did wonder myself but thought would ask
  10. Someone said to me that because I started my save during beta the game will be easier as the opposition don't do team talks I just wondered if this is the case.i thought the patch would sort that.
  11. Is there any negatives to this mod?any knock on effects to the game
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