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    I am a dad &husband who loves his family but every spare chance I get I am watching,reading something about football plus playing fm!I love the game

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    Football mad daddy&husband.my first love was manchester united football club


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  1. I know there is a lot of negatively about fm 20,but I for one is really enjoying it still.i know the m.e defo needs work but I can still spends hundreds of hours playing .I am a husband &dad so time for myself isn't possible alot of the time but getting my laptop out for fm is a brilliant release for me. i will be pre-ordering fm 21&cant wait for release .
  2. I know what you mean about the atmosphere, I have been to games all around Europe.one of my favourite things is the way the fans are different.one thing fm does terribly is the stadium atmosphere. Plus dont fall out of love with football ,i hope you can rekindle your love again 😀.
  3. Is he playing for u-23(youth team)as well because I had that when I forgot to take a player off youth team duty to build fitness
  4. Cheers,quite funny I am 3-0 up after 23 mins !!sure it won't last.
  5. Thank you so much both of you for taking the time out to help .its exactly what I am looking for i think there's so much to this game to learn which is fantastic. I am quite limited as I have 2 slowish centre backs so I don't like to push the l.o.e up to far .but I will experiment a little with the advice&watch that video.just set up my team now to try to shut down Northampton Town where i think they will try to play out.i love watching tactical battles in real life so this should be fun.
  6. I want to take me game to another level ,I have a grasp on my own teams tactics &role up to a point which i am happy.but I use the same roles &tactics nearly every game,I am doing fine with my exter team top of league 1 at the minute.i can see a man who should be tackled harder etc as thats easy based on attributes ,I wondered if anyone has written or done a video explaining how they set up depending on the opposition (the little tweaks here &there).like seeing where the opposition like to build up play &then shut that down to stop them.where to attack yourself where they are weak or space etc.i think it would make the game more interesting for me at the same time.
  7. For me its the enjoyment I get out of just playing the game.i get so invested into the teams I manage&the players.the amount of times I have heard my wife say to me" I actually think you belive its real". There's always something new to learn about the game too.i would love to know the average play time people spend on this game that would probably say alot more than words
  8. I know there's been enough said about about the m.e etc so I wanted to ask if there's any plan to update crowd noises etc during game as they are awful.i love watching football from around the globe because of the different crowd noises,flares and drums etc(as well as my general obsession with football of course).if it would take far to much resources when for more important things need addressing then fair enough
  9. Yes to the first bit ,I haven't changed much in general training but I looked there isnt quickness training on the calendar.i will check again. Is it something that I am doing wrong then?is this out the ordinary?thanks
  10. Hello anyone but how do I stop my players moaning about doing to much quickness training?none of them are doing quickness training plus I have put them on playing position only.is this a bug?thank you
  11. I will be buying it ,I know there is some annoyances with the m.e(I hope they do work on them).I am still enjoying playing the game.i dont think there is a game out there without faults.fooball games are my favourite &I think this is the best you can buy right now
  12. On the subject of installing a hard drive how would I go about it.i brought a lap top with a 226 gb ssd &I would like to install a hard drive too.its the Lenovo ideapad l340. I have only 60 gb free on ssd at the minute so if it's best to leave it nearly empty then I need a hard drive at some point
  13. Sorry ment to say the battery could be better but I dont mind to much as play on my table next to power point.plus it's not as well built as more expensive laptops with a plastic casings etc.but I am very happy as mine as didn't want to spend more
  14. Good price I paid £659 for mine with 16 gb ram,256 ssd&4 gb 1650 graphics card.i play fm 20 almost exclusively and it runs that well.here is a picture of my leagues that I am running in current game.i do believe you could maybe run more as its processing the days fine.i did get a mouse as click pad was driving me nuts.
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