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  1. My game was playing fine and froze as can be seen on photo attached. There was no jumping or glitching that happened prior to the moment it froze. The mouse cursor remains as can be seen, even when task manager closes. No amount of clicking can do anything. Task manager states (staging) which I have never seen before. Any ideas? Only way out is to stop in task manager. I have left it open for now but it has been 45 minutes and no response.
  2. I've had this a few times over the years. Best was a goal in 15 seconds! But yes two goals in under two minutes happens, though rarely
  3. It can also depend a lot on the player and clubs situation - if he plays in a position which is top heavy and they need him to go elsewhere to get the game time he needs, they might be more likely to let him go free but this is probably more relevant for higher end players loaned to higher end clubs. In your case, higher reputation clubs are going to be more likely to loan out their youngsters who are good enough for first team experience in order to develop outside of the reserves, but unlikely to accept offers for players who are already established although they may be listed for loan. It is all case by case and situational.
  4. Defending set pieces is, in my opinion, certainly not an issue (unless you watch key highlights only ,which is an obvious). Everything Overmars said rings true. So I guess what IS key is to not go in thinking it is like 19 haha
  5. I'd suggest putting this (with screenshot) into tho bugs forum. Also just a way of handling it in the meantime... Send all your players on holiday manually to avoid them training
  6. You're discussing two different types of unhappiness here. You've got unhappy about not having their game time fulfilled, which will happen regardless of results. And you've got unhappy with situation at club. The latter is a problem I have brought up countless times with SI because when I click on this apparent unhappiness, it shows me their dynamic screen and there is no negatives. I can never get to the bottom of it (neither can SI apparently ,and so it gets ignored).
  7. Unfortunately the only thing you can get to significantly boost the performance is a laptop that performs better. You can of course buy more RAM , that will increase performance. I'd say at least 8gb, 12 is better and more is overkill IMO for FM. Don't expect miracles though, it would (anecdotally) probably get you 2 stars I reckon. Maybe not even that. You could buy a solid state drive, but unless you have an extra slot for a HDD this may not be possible. And a new graphics card. This is all if you're slightly tech savvy. I'd suggest putting windows on your SSD and keep the SSD for windows programs only, and everything else on your second HDD . If you have one. Limit background programs running, isolate everything you don't need on . Sound easier to just buy a new laptop??
  8. You feel sorry... For finishing first in a title race between the top two clubs in Italy? And disappointed that you had an exciting title challenge rather than run away with it?
  9. I didn't know you could be forced to retire? Screenshot?
  10. Fellas. Listen. FM gives London a better attraction rating than Manchester or Liverpool or Newcastle. So, you may think you like these other cities better... But you don't 😂😂
  11. 1. 2. Yes 3. Yes, regens can however 4. Download Steam, buy online. Shops are shut 😂
  12. What I am saying is, it cannot. In my opinion. London does have more of an attraction to a lot of people. Newcastle offers it's own kind of attraction. Some people would prefer to be in a city like that or Liverpool rather than London. You cannot tell me, for example, that I would prefer London just because that's what the majority of people prefer. Throw this one in there - a player described as loyal and came through Newcastle ranks would probably prefer to stay there at his city. But what you're saying is that "he doesn't ,because London has a higher attraction rating".
  13. I am not sure how this could be implemented? Surely every player is different - in RL some players would prefer to be at a city like Manchester or Newcastle as opposed to London. So there couldn't possibly be a blanket rating?
  14. It would seem you've answered your own question I'm guessing
  15. Bloody hell, amazing si haven't sorted that out 😂
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