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  1. this is normal against defensive opponents, the first formation the roles isn't 2 bad but definitely could improve the second formation i can see a few problems and i would recommend looking at this thread will help you a lot even in attacking systems you still need the right balance up front i would recommend you swapping either your inside forward to support or your striker to support to offer more support, but be aware if you do swap your inside forward to support i wouldn't use DLF as a striker
  2. sometimes its not about upping the risk and about analysing your opponents weakness for example in your tactic you have zaniolo as IF a, but your opponent might be playing with a defensive left back so you have to adapt sometimes, this is why its always good to have more then 1 tactic
  3. When you play with a DLF as a striker he is not going to be your main goal scorer if you do want him to score more thou you could change Zaniolo to and IW support or IF S and dzeko to maybe a poacher or pressing forward A
  4. hey the main problem with your tactic is that you have no real runners with only your IW Attack as the only runner you might struggle creating chances, i would try changing your AP a to maybe a cm A or even Mezzala A see what works best, would also change your Right Full back to a wingback support or change your IW attack to Support and make your right full back into a more attacking role to keep a playmaker in the midfield would also change your cm S to a supporting playmaking role in terms of Team instructions its not 2 bad but i would remove defend narrower this
  5. I'm not saying the false 9 doesn't work, it works beautifully but its easier to nullify a f9 on the centre of the pitch then it is to nullify a playmaker on the flank, there is more defence duties in the centre then there is on the flanks unless the Ai use a defensive winger
  6. I used that system with ajax squad and It worked for a couple of games until the Ai found out my system, I had more success using a playmaker on the flanks then in the centre because the playmaker has more space on the flank then he does in the central area especially against teams who park the buss
  7. Hi and welcome, I've recently had a foot injury from work and I've had a lot more time in my hands then normal and I wanted to share and explain to people how I play this amazing football game because there's only one reason why we are here and that is our love for football. I'm going to show you an example why false 9 systems struggle in FM 20 Here we have a typical system with a False 9, there's nothing wrong with this system its well balanced The opposition as you can see is clearly the underdog defending and playing mainly on the counter. Now can you tell
  8. I think these very fluid systems require really good players at least in fm 20 but copying these ideas into the Barcelona team i got some very fluid goals so far, it required the team to learn the tactic to become good a nice overload goal overload fm20.mp4
  9. Hey everyone this is my first time creating a topic in this forum but im really exciting to share my tactical experience with you guys and show you some wonderful stuff this post has helped me a lot and a lot of the ideas have come from here @Experienced Defender also learned a lot from experienced defender mainly the defensive side of football and how to make your team rock solid in the defence also using Total football analysis from YouTube helped a lot Klopp, the genius on counter pressing and counter attacking football! 1:Pressing systems
  10. So obviously you can always try up the mentality but I think the problem is the AFa role is not the best as lone striker keep your back line as it is I think theres no problems there PFa IWs Ws BBM APA or PFa IWs Ws DLPs CMa PFa IWs Ws APs CMa PFa IWs Ws BBM APa all these can work but its all depending on the players you have for the roles but give
  11. theres a few ways to get higher possession against teams who just pass around: 1.You can try an even more aggressive press in your front 3 players I tend to "press more" and "tackle harder" it can work but sometimes it can be to aggressive but it can work 2. look at scout reports I find the teams I lose possession to are the ones playing on a low mentality especially "defensive" mentality so I tend to go into these games by lowering the mentality of my own team go "balanced" so your players take less risk and keep hold of the ball longer before attempting an attack 3. Your tacti
  12. You have to think and ask your self if the AMC is doing what you want him to do, if so its not a problem and if the tactic is working its ok
  13. in my opinion having played in a few teams in the German league.... its hard to play possession football because of gengenpress a lot of teams do it there
  14. so I've tried the pre set (fluid counter attack) and it just doesn't seem to work, at least i'm not seeing what I want to see, for example winning the ball in our third then running at them with pace with short passes, most of the time when we win the ball back my players just hoof it up field like they are clearing the ball from danger. currently playing with lille in the French division, I watched videos on how they set up their tactic (last years Lille with Pepe) and Im trying to recreate somewhat close to their style which to me looks close to a fluid counter attack not sure if
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