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  1. There is no cursor. I'm playing on iPad. Are you able to resize that window on iPad?
  2. Agreed with all of that. Top competition like Champions League should have all players available. Nobody wants to play against greyed out players. At least starting from group stage.
  3. During a match we have an option to see player's performance or body language. My question is how can I expand that window to see full text about my player's performance? Right now I can only read most of it but the ending is replaced with 3 dots... For example one of my player is "In danger of being..." What?
  4. 1) Was watching penalty shootout with camera set behind the goal. Each time after penalty was taken the player who just took penalty was still walking towards his teammates while opposing team was already taking penalty. It takes away from realism. I thought maybe he would at least glance behind his back to see if his goalkeeper would save a penalty but No, he just kept walking towards the middle were his teammates are waiting without giving any f@#$😁 2) My assistant keeps telling me to sub my tired players even though I had already used all(3) my subs. Shouldn't he know better? I might
  5. Just finished second season. Still my team had the most penalties awarded. I'll post again if this happens in my third season.
  6. Great to hear that the project is well and alive! Why not release a new version (instead of a patch) and use money to further develop this great Franchise ? BTW: Does the patch 1.5 fix the resolution issue?
  7. Playing FMT on iPad. Detailed stats could be accessed through Analysis drop down menu during match or right after the match ended. There you select Players and you will see categories like Shots,Passes,Tackles, Interceptions etc. Not sure if this is the same for Switch...
  8. I promised a new contract to few of my key players at the end of the season. Then I forgot about it😁 Now they want to be transfer listed. It would be nice to have some kind of reminder the day before promise "expires"...
  9. I've been awarded too many penalties comparing to other teams in my opinion. It takes away fun and excitement when they happen so frequently. Has anyone experienced something similar to this ? Strangely most of those penalties have been awarded at the beginning of the season.
  10. Just finished first season with Roma. My 2 players had the most key passes. Nothing wrong with that except the numbers are really high comparing to other players behind Also in other leagues the top players had about 30+ key passes so I think that needs to be looked at. Also almost my entire team is leading in Mistakes made and Pass Completion.
  11. I also have a question here. Is FM Touch PC identical to FM Touch Tablet version in terms of difficulties? Past few years I've been playing Touch on my laptop and found it really hard (which is good) but now I'm playing on a tablet(iOS) and it seems easier to get a good results.
  12. Board thinks I'm well short of winning silverware but standings say otherwise....Come on, I'm 2 points behind ...uhmm...Zebras
  13. A few games left in Serie A , I'm fighting for the title (AS Roma). Just had a huge game vs Inter and this question was asked(see picture). Nothing wrong here, I picked my answer, tied the game. Then my next fixture comes up and its against last place Verona and again this question pops up. So my assistant advise me to tell players that they are not expected to win ???? On top of that I tried picking each answer and all of them had a bad effect on team. Perhaps FM forgot to clear cache or something here after that crucial game against Inter I had...
  14. Yes, experiencing the same. I'm hoping this issue will go away after I play more games.
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