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  1. I started a new patch save today. Staff is an issue, the replacemtents that came weren't that good, so most I replaced. Pre-Season and the start sucks with Holidays and Injuries, which 3 games in, I've still not been able to use Gedson\Dele\Lo Celso\Foyth\Aurier\Son. Promoted Cirkin, Skipp for Pre-Season, Just scraped through.. Full-Backs need some depth and as you posted, need to make a call on a declining Jan.. I will likely sell in January's Window as i mised this one. Sanchez can partner Toby for now, then we've got a few back-ups CIrkin will do a job fo Pre-season, and lower cup games, but he's a season out for most. He'll progress well with me due to my OCD Training, and the fact he'll be used to rest players. Parrot also got a bump and is the same really. He'll rest Kane now and then (Or he'll fall into my "If players scores a Hatrick, bring on the youth player...") Speaking of Pre-Season, Tangana got played as right back for the lot - Kicked on very well from it, so he may well get more game time in season 1, to the point he can stay for a few seasons - still don't knw how he'll turn out yet. Vorm went for £1.5M, Wanyama for £20M to get some funds in. I mainly got some younger players in this time. Will post them next time i'm on and not half asleep. Aurier and the Loanee's will be on my sell list soon as well. 4-5-1 ATM for me, as the AMC's were all crocked.. Dier as HB (Depating that), Split press (Forwards Press, back-line don't). I'll blank Template it soon, and just add when needed. Lo Celso will 100% get told more risky passes.
  2. I've watched headers in detail, and ned to upload evidence, but here's my 2 cents: Watch these in full detail and you'll notice 1 thing that's glaring - Players struggle to get of the ground. I noticed this on a free kick, with an open, unmarked defender Jumping reach of 17, Heading of 14, Height of 6 foot 4.... blaze the ball miles over the bar. At the point of contact, his left foot was not even off the ground. The player in quetion was also Milenkovic if that helps Watching over and over, it seems to have the same pattern in that headers seem to be a last ditch reaction, vs predicting and jumping as the ball is approaching (not too early - lets say 5-10 yards before the ball is onto them), which is casuing the headers to blaze over.
  3. As per the screen: This was an issue pre-update, and is still an issue post update. The buttons are there, they are just VERY hard to see All Squads\Players
  4. Just 2 games for me last night, It was stable though. I'll do some more tonight and Tag you with a reply. My Pre-update best was 3 games before a crash mid game. I have some GUI Bugs to report - Were do i post them? Issue 1 - I have an invisible player (Transparant on youth intake preview, and Hair only on squad View) Issue 2 - Training - Praise and Critizize buttons do not show
  5. Hi @Neil Brock Just to add to this - Same stage of game (Jan Transfer window for me), and the same GPU. Random crashes during games which lock up the PC, so not able to provide a crash dump... I can play on, but i'm saving before\after every game atm, as I have to replay most of them. FYI - Nothing shows in Event viewer in\around the times either - The closest was an AMD Driver, which is part of AMD Overdrive - Installing and unistalling this removes the error
  6. I need to watch this game in full when finishded so that i can do a proper bug report: We are on control possesion, attacking mentality, with a defence retreating, and 3 (THREE) players in the middle... Where does the ball go? 1 - Back to the DC... 2 - Who then launches this out wide to the WB-D (Chilwell) - FYI the Longest pass of the bunch. TI-s - Slightly shorter passing, Higher tempo, work ball into box. I do NOT have play out of defence, altough the DC is Dier, playing as a BPD This image on its own shows a lock of central play, and one of the reasons Full-Backs get caught off-side. I will very shortly be doing the same insturctions on a blank slate, as I'm wondering if the Control Possesion Template (What i started with) has hidden codes over-ruling some of this - Even so, NONE of the above should happen with that template\combo at all
  7. I'm struggling with too many corners so far. This is so blatant, it's beyond a joke: Did Dele get the ball?! Nope.... - Kick it against the defender - With his weaker foot..... At the by-line, this option is taken far too much, which is leading to more corners, and hence goals from set plays.
  8. Logged under UI (Where i think it should be), but could also be Training.. I've tagged you, so move it if you think it's in the wrong place.
  9. As per @Seb Wassell suggestion: Injury Rehab, Set Piece, and Attributes are headers, and some refinment would make these stand out a bit more as Headers. the faded coulurs are also the same a the Goal keeper Traning (Which I understand is clearly only for Goalkeepers, so no issue there), but as a result, this could lead to a bit of confusion.
  10. I think the Injury rehab is a heading - And the options are what's underneath. Maybe something for the UI Team - But the fact this is a heading could be made clearer by changing the colour - Grey\Faded denotes to many that it's an option we'd be able to click on at some time, which it's not.
  11. The main is the split Press: The front 4 are all told to press more. This is to gain possesion higher. The back 4 press less, This is done to keep defensive shapes. As for big games - What you see is the same tacitic I used vs Real, which was just a fingers crossed match! I'll Happily admit it has flaws: I'd switch WB-S to a FB-S, and FB-A, to FB-S\D on left and Right full backs, and re-group vs bigger teams - It's not been tested as much, as My Knockout rounds were vs Shacktar, and Bayer 04, so it still needs a lot of work. vs Bigger teams in general, I'll watch in detail and try to cut off at source, via Line\PI's - So I may compress the space and press higher vs a big team with slower forwards, lower vs quicker. For the latter, I'll maybe switch to Balanced, and switch some of the front 4 to an attack role. I'll will also switch the MC combo's to sit more via CM-D and DLP-D\S. For PI's, I ask the AML\AMR to mark the opposition full backs, to track back and help out, Kane would also go toa DLP-S to drop in to help a touch and to be a target for the counter. Vs most Big teams, I'm aiming to counter vs outright attack. Olmo has been fantastic in that he can break past players and expose the spaces left by attacking teams. I've avoided a LOT of big teams in season 1, so I'll struggle a bit more this season, Champions League Knockout, I avoided Bayern, Juve, PSG, Liverpool, Man City... I got Shaktar, Then I got Bayer 04, which was a hard match, but we got through. I can't quite work out stopping Liverpool yet, they are crazy good. I'm starting season 2 soon, and a Lot of transfers have changed a few things, so the tactic may evolve with those players. I've added height and Pace in Defence, More movement up Front (Chiesa, Son, Almo all have OTB 17....), and added a new Keeper (Livakovic £12.5M), Although Liverpool will be crazy hard again as they singed Dybala, and Bruno Fernandes!
  12. Hi, I play a spurs myslelf, My Tactic is over on that thread, but is different from what you have, However: Tactic-wise - I'd start by swapping Ndomble, and Lo Celso. Ndomble is better defensively, and his attacking attributes are poor, Le celso is more creative and should have that role. Plus him as DLP-D who has 10 tackling. I'd wan't something better in that role. Defensivlely - What's the pace of Gimenez? Jan is slow and could lead to you being caught out in behind. Same also applies to Dier if you rotate him in there.
  13. So, this just happened - I was hoping not to get thumped.... Pretty sure this is a partial Fluke result, we were just dealy on the counter. This was the Tacitic in the end: Tactical Adapatations: I started at Control possesion, but after just playing keep-ball, It evolved to this: Defence\Out of Possesion: We don't have the quickest Defence, so High Line is not the best idea. We also got caught on the counter a bit, hence lowering to standared line. Pressing got us Yellow cards, so the back 4 have reduced pressing. Prevent Keeper highlighted a bug - I beat Man City with a David Silva own Goal as I pressed him. Against Arsenal, This limited them to 1 Shot on goal (That was also massively helped by closing the break away options via Berge\Zanilo\Meunier - All taller players that didn't get caught out over the top, so recycled the ball for fun..) Transition: Counter won me the above match, amounst others - I wish my upload to youtube worked so I could upload them, but it never works for me. Lloris has single digit Distribution\Vision..... In Possesion: Shorter and High Tempo met the Boards enterntaining Vfootball vision. Pass into space - Also won me the above match Levy got me a few of those singings, so I'm gonna see if he can do it again for me... Zanilo was cheap, and I rasied £125M in sales - Toby, Jan, Eriksen, Wanyama Next is Post\Pre-Season - Looking at Aarons, Godfrey, and Cheisa has just gon on the list for £49M....
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