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  1. Something i've noticed, and more to post as something that may help in reducing Injuries. I'll take a Proper screenshot to show this image later but: Dier was injured in the 22nd Minute. This was a crazy game in which i was 4-0 up, so Tactically, I could afford to ease off, and lower tempo. Of course this is something that i have done, without injuries and partly with this, I do think it reduces them. A big part of why i'd like this, is that as we probably know, few teams can runa Gengenpress for 90 Minutes, so i have a alternate tactic that i use as a "cool down" type, but that fits most players (Need to tweak some roles). I expect a few players may possibly miss this initially But - what actually happens, is we make the injury sub, and only Positive is an option. Team instructions\Sub\Formation\Opp Instructions\Shouts are ALL faded out. This means i can't manage the game, and slow down - At this point - I know my players are tired, and can struggle, but it would help. This option dissapearing does not help the injury situation
  2. Thanks for this - I was about to post this issue myself. IMHO, I'd expect Fatigued\Tired to be more relevant in this case, as it has been for other FM Versions. FYI - This in my save was also an issue for other world cup players - Pogba was the only one i can confirm - I didn't check out many more
  3. I think it's Training - Coaching - Edit Coaching assignments.. (I'm not at game ATM, but think it's there)
  4. If it's the quality of Strength training, It'll be down to coaching - Either poor Coaching, or Coaches having too many assignments, which can reduce effectiveness of training categories
  5. Paqueta is good, and in range of what you can buy. I also got Dennis Man cheap. I got a backup striker from Atlanta, His name evades me though at the moment. It remains to be seen what happens with Injuries, at the moment, but could need some big depth for this year: Dembele\Winks\Lamela\Rose are all injury prone, so when i hit long term save, i'll be looking to factor this in. I sold Sissoko (Never have rated him), who goes for very little, but want him off the wage bill. This leads to pre-concern over midfield depth - Probably a big part of this is Winks\Dembele\Wanyama starting injured. I got close to asking prices for Llorente, Gazzaniga, GKN to fund a few more signings Upgrading the staff is tricky, as despite agreeing terms\comp, coaches seem more loyal to their clubs this version. I'm still to finish U23\U18 staff with this. I always sell a few players at Spurs - Aurier (I swear this guy is sleep walking at times), Wanyama - BWM who gets too many bookings\suspensions. I don't know if world cup players being out of match practice is a bug yet (I've asked this a few times in the beta feedback thread - should they not be fatigued? They played during summer, so should not be the same level of match sharpness that the rested players are IMHO), but that also plays a part in a poor pre-season training camp, as it's got to be filled with Youth\U23 players....
  6. plcarlos

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    WAs looking in the free players, and this guy showed up:
  7. Injuries - I know they are being looked at, but it's insane that i have 9-10 of thew squad out, and it's Sept\Oct in game. Pre-season is a nightmare - I played Spurs, and the WC players are all on Holiday. That's fine, but they have zero match fitness - Is this a bug? Surely Fatiged\in need of a rest would be better reflection - I do think this may be hard to reflect as tacitical awareness would be down, but starting a game where players can just about play 60 mins is not ideal. Defenders give a lot of corners - Some through tackles (Fair enough) but too many via poor backpasses. I'll forgive Jan's wrong foot one but Toby\Trippier smashing the ball out seems a bit off.. Also: Match is playing - you get 4 Injuries - Both Wingers, Left-Back, and Centre Mid. We have to sub 3 of these - So why do the press ask "You chose not to sub Kane off today...." - "Well I'm only allowed to make 3 subs..." would be a nice option. Finally - When we do get injuries, we get locked out changing tactics, or making a shout.... - I'll work around this by re-setting it as i change positions.
  8. All the international players are starting as lowest match fitness on Holiday - This does not seem right. I understand their tactical awareness (Based on us as new managers) will be lower, but basic fitness etc, should that be so low? These guys played most of the tournament.
  9. Agreed with above - I've played for a long time, but i enojoy the game much more when I focus on how I want the team to play. I build around that. Players being in the right role to achieve that comes secondary, Also - i'd not pay as much attention to the circles, if the player can play the role, it can be fine. Also give the plan time - even the best players can't switch in 1 game.. Far too many people switch too much, too often
  10. plcarlos

    New Stdium vs Facilities

    They will be as before - They are seperate facilities. On my LLM Save, i got a new stadium, but had to upgrade youth facilities, training facilities, youth coaching, and recruitment all seperately.
  11. Runs with ball through centre - Is there any way to utlise this on a MC? I like that the player can beat his man opening the pitch, but they run into walls (Everyone is defending deep), and don't pass the ball. This is on a CM(S), who sits next to a CM(D) in a 4-2-3-1 I'm 90% the way to untrain it personally, but wanted to see if anyone has made use of it?
  12. OK, thanks - We can't train anticipation directly though, that's only through Role training, and Tactitcs? -Interested to know this actually, as it's a stat that comes in low far too often I'm lucky enough to have a few good prospects in the DC role, This was just a question based on the player having some good stats for the role (Heading\Anticipation could be better yes), and other players out on loan who are annoningly being played in wrong roles (MC is being played as an AMC - He's on my recall list for Jan though)
  13. Does training in Multiple postitions cost CA points? More a question driven by this guy who could in theory fill in at DC if needed.... It's U23\U18\International's that have played him there
  14. plcarlos

    Squad advice (Spurs fourth season)

    I also play Spurs, and spent signifiacant time on staffing based on the youth this save. I primariy aim to develop youth, and look towards home-grown as much as i can, inlcluding poaching youth early on. I appoligize for messing your order up... 1 - Don't be sentimental. 2 - I've sold Lloris a fair few times, at that age the fans did not hate me - I'll add that i start aware Lloris is older, and I hunt out a Younger Keeper on day 1. Also I've previously signed Pickford, who became unhappy at Everton - He did really well for me, AND is Homegrown 3 - Dembele and Lamela are 2 players i try to sell and fail - Dembele's Injuries, and Lamela - If not using, and you can sell, you can use the funds to strengthen another positsion 4 - Jan I sell a lot, he seems to make a fair few mistakes that cost me, he's been guilty of this much more in previous saves, so i may be biased here. I sold Toby in my current Save for a £61M release clause, the fans\club did not even blink. I sign either Rugani or Caldira? to replace, and all is well. Sanchez is good in this version too - I can never develop Foyth\CCV enough, so I sell on. I play Dier mainly as a CD - Just my preference 5 - Eriksen I've played in CM a few times, Moura and Son Tend to play very well, but Son gets hunted by a few clubs, and I'm a greedy so-and-so, so sell knowing i can buy a replacement with the Money 6 - KWP has been mixed for me a lot, until this save where he was actually decent. But then i got lucky with a Golden generation, so was able to sell him. I just don't like Aurier, His Desecions being low puts me off, and i can buy another (Normally Ordrizola, or a few others)
  15. plcarlos

    FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    These came through in my second season as part of a Golden Generation... All have improved massively.. 2 seasons later, Agu is still developing in my youth team, Thorn is rotation RB, Soares is backup #1 and still has 5 star potential vs Rugani,Tremble is still working on building up, but can cope with cups vs championhip teams