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  1. Squad of 20-23 normally after about 4/5 seasons Depending who i can get rid of.... Main first team play most (Maybe 75% of matches), but I'll rest and rotate vs "weaker" teams, or play the 2nd in postition\Fringe Youth stars vs Lower league teams. I'll also sub at 45\60 minutes, if any specific players are on the edge and need a rest - Example if they've just come back from internationals, and\or are tired (Hover over the heart icon) the day before a match, these players will normally only play 60 minutes max. I'd rather get the result and bring them off early, vs bring them on because we need
  2. That's 1 way, but you can also add the U18\U23 players to the maint training unit. Next, have the AM put the mentoring groups together. Personally I still tweak this as not ALL players need mentoring, or moving, so do this sparingly and only when needed - Too big a group can be not as effective. He'll then add the players into the mentionering groups, and the players stay within their relevant sqauds: Below is my Current Goalkeeping unit, Siggeirsson is in my U23 squad, The other 2 are the 1st team Keepers.
  3. I'm actually against determination being hidden, I'm not sure why you think otherwise. My Discsussions on this topic have all been about personalities being more than just the one attribute. My Posts have been about trying to discuss the OP's (IMHO) flawed option, that determination is the SOLE factor. And for the last time, Personality is made up of so much more than Determination: Ambition, Loyalty, Sportsmanship, Pressure, Professionalism, Controversy, Temprement.... all make up part of the personlity. YES, Determination does play a PART in SOME of these, but it's not THE #1 factor...
  4. Is he down as a "Star player" - They will expect to play every game unless you speak to them and advise to rest as they look tired? I've done this with star players and never had the issue. Contract squad status is one to really take a careful look at, as too many "Star players" + heavy rotation could cause an issue. I tend to try to max out at "important player" or "regular starter", as i phase out I'll try to lower that even further to "Squad player" This is something I manage a lot, and get very few compliants. Player pesonality plays a part in this as well, so less ideal personal
  5. Applogies for a dual post, i can't add to my other one for some reason. I also mention Determination exactly as you mentioned, highlighted the OP's Basis for the discussion that determination should be hidden as the OP believe's it's THE determining factor. I mean, are you even reading this thread? Or even will to DISCUSS the key argument of determination being deemed as THE #1 contribution factor of devlopement?
  6. I've read a lot of the tactical forums, and in fact my training\coaching has devloped a lot from this alongside others: Whilst i'm also following this and using some of the principles to adapt my training of players:
  7. x 2 -Comes deep to get ball - I had a young stiker with this, and high passing\vision. I trained him to also have "tries killer balls often", paried him with an SS, IF-S (LW), and IW-A (RW), and he fed them chances for fun. Not had the experience with "plays with back to goal" as yet, but i'd imagine that could do simlar, but you'd probably need a brute up front with good touch\mentals
  8. You do get that a Dicussion should allow people to have opposing views right? It's not meant therfore as an attack, It's an alternative view, which is based on my opionion. Below is the OP's first line: "Determination is the absolute most important attribute when you want to develop wonderkids. I dont even bother buying high PA youngsters that have low determination because they are never gonna develop into wonderkids or star players. I think that determination should be a hidden attribute." So lets talk about determination, and some of the tips we are shown in game: "playe
  9. If this is a discussion, then why do you never anywer the other aspects of player devolpment? As mentioned, Player personality overall + mentoring\tutoring\facilities\Coaching\training plans all play a major part in devloepment. Putting this all on 1 single visiable trait, and saying it's the sole cause is short sighted, and does not factor in the sum of all the parts. So, I'll make you a request: Can you show these same players progession further in the game to see if they have or have not developed? That would acctually HELP your case here if you were right, BUT it would need
  10. It's not down to determination alone. It's the personality that's much more important. Take the 2 examples you've provided: Balanced can be viewed as good or bad, it's a variable rating for profesionalism, and ambition, but it's as much about the other parts of the personality that make this up. Plus you can bump this up with performance warinings, as well as mentoring. Ambitous can also be a personality to take note of, not always good. I've had players spit their dummy out and be a right pain to manage with this personality. It's not the worse, but there are better. 1 who was mento
  11. Temperment, Adapabilty, Sportmanship, Loyalty, Pressure are some of the definite modifications i've had in reports from player mentoring. Both Positive and Negative.
  12. Acutally, this would be reperesnted more as "player is unhappy with the QUALITY of defensive coaching" That would relate to the star rating of the coaches, or the training (If they are training more than 1 item, it'll lower ther rating). The "player is unhappy with the AMOUNT of", would be displayed as per the question: "Wants more defensive techinical training" would be more likely to be one of the modules that cover training for defenders. So in other words, sessions that target Tackling\Marking\Heading etc. Sessions like General - Defensive, or any of the Defending Category sessio
  13. 1. I've been caught out a few times with over-populating the U18's. So I tend to be around 16-19 players if i can. The reason for this, with the smaller squad, players all got the game time which helped them devlop. Overloaded led to many players not having the same development. This was over 2 versions, 7 saves with the same training schedules. U23's - I promted based on ability perviously, but now I do this on atributes, if they ahve developed to the required level, they go up. this is based on a Defender, but once they are at Heading\Tackling\Marking\Positioning, etc all as a set ratin
  14. As per above - Also check the personalities of these unhappy players. Some also have limits - Example, one of my youth players had a "Jumping reach will not increase any further", so it made little sense to keep him on that, even though his strength needed improving. Being 5 foot 3 did not help him in that regard either... Traning needs to be adapted anyway. Personally I adapt mine almost every season. This is probably not needed, but I'm doing this particular save as a development save, and so training is a big part of what I'm trying to do.
  15. Nope. Still realistic: Here's ONE starting point: https://www.uefa.com/memberassociations/uefarankings/club/#/yr/2021 Just winning the 1 league, and Champions league will not make up enough of a gap. Whilst I don't know how much it would jump, I can say that i've had personal experience of wining league\Champions league with Premier league teams (Spurs\Man UTD) and this STILL did not bump the teams to the max rep (It took another 3 seasons for that with Spurs, and even we have a higher coefficient!!!). The Premier league rep would also give a bigger bump that winning the Italian le
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