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  1. Does anyone know what the actual numerical youth level to get this is? I'm doing a LLM alongside my Main save, my LLM have no under 23's which i'd like next season - We are level 3 youth at the moment, League 2
  2. My default is a wider version for wingers\overlaps. 2nd is vertical and narrow, but same formation. 3rd is option 1 counter attack attempt One day, I'll post here fpr advice so i stop tweaking so much. LLM Saves have 2 - A main, and a counter attack defensive one that flukes me cup wins
  3. Can you post a pic of the ste piece routines, that you notice this in? It will help to spot any erorrs. If there are none, I'd log this under bug reports - match engine
  4. This game can be cruel and wonderful sometimes - I tend to get lots of fullbacks for some reason... I always get good full backs - Jupp and Watts came through at League one level. Due to injuries, I had to play them way to early, and they gave me no reason to drop them Maragh and fox came through at the same time. Alonso £3.2 and Goncalo £6.25M had buyouts. Lerza popped up searching for a new youth AMC - Just had to add his price in there Melo came up looking for a young midfielder with high passing - Cost a Riduculous Bank Breaking 5.5K Ford is my newest gem - Looks insane. It's pre-season post his intake
  5. I play 2 teams - Main is Spurs, who I support. I also sometimes do a LLM save with Stevenage - I grew up near there, went to college there at the time that they played Newcastle in the FA cup. In my my previous years, I also did a Rangers save, but that was way back in late 97/98
  6. - Refuses to cross when in space - Especially during corner (When ball is cleared and returned to corner taker in 10-15 yards of clear space) - Crosses to far post\head height regardless of settings.
  7. anyone know what the criteria is for Hits Early crosses? I can't teach it to a few of my better players (The plan was to add that to add vairety to crossing)
  8. Yes, primarily for player updates. I would say for transfers, but that bit me this time round playing as spurs..
  9. Militao has a release clause of £45M Third season, I got £78M - Sold Pau Lopez, Pellegrini, and Jovic for an extra £100M. I'll add I've sold a LOT of the dead wood in the youth team as well, most with sell on % as well Probably raise me £15M each season on this. I've also brought a lot of youth, I also had a Left back and a Right back come through the intake at League one\Championship level - 10 games in the U23's they were good enough to "rest" my top players. I'll attach those here tonight, and hide the Potential stars - more to highlight my learning that i don't need to hunt for 3.5/4 star players every time, and base stats are much better. I focus on youth heavily, so I invest in there, and manage the training for all 3 teams myself, based on what i want the team to develop as, and the better individuals Got Laturo Martinez for £32M rising to £48M after weeks of haggling (They wanted £100). Lafont after Unsettling int he Previous Jan window (Hugo's Declineing in game now).
  10. @B_en_n Post that over in the All other Game play, If you can upload a save of that as well It'd help them a lot. This is more for data ammendment requests here. Otherwise, I can't help but notice 1 stand out - Club Stature is in decline and you only have Zurich as an Affiliate? I manage spurs in game and ask repeatedly for - Stature (USA\Asia are my normal picks), then youth intake. I tend to make 2 requests per year for this one of each. Season 1 I get at least one, Season 2 I normally get both. Where are you pre-seasoning as well? On International years, I pre-season at home, the other years, I tour USA\Asian Countries. I run my saves for over a decade, club stature always increases.
  11. Ruban Diaz cost me a touch over that (£47M), but has been awesome. I've had a few saves where i've failed to Tutor Sanchez, so He's one I sell. I've noted bad trainer\complains over contracts a lot. Lenglet got unhappy with game time, and I picked him up for £17.5M second season (Jan Window). If he's not picked up yet - Pavard (£31.5M release Clause) Or
  12. End of Season 1 Post update part 1 - I need to edit\clarify a few things later: January saw a few sales - Jan went in a transfer that took 2 weeks to negotiate for Value (£40M + i think) to Juve, which caught me off-guard But 32 and declining post injury - Lamela went, as did Wanyama (To China) Jansen, - I'll edit with prices tonight. In came Pellegrini - £27M, and Zivkovic (£20 - Installments TBC), Everton (£18.5M) For the future, Max Aarons - KWP has a few down sides, and Aarons was higher rated, He's done well, and I got him cheap (£10M + installments) and Clarke (£7.5M + Loan-back). Skipp went to Brighton for game time, which kicked him on a lot... (I'll Post later) The control possession i was not happy with, so tweaked a Tiki-Taka 4-2-3-1 Won the league by 4 points. the competitiveness of the league won me this, I was able to not lose and beat most of the rivals, whilst not dropping points against the lower teams who they all dropped points to. Won the FA cup after countering Man City! Went out in the Champions League to Bayern on away Goals 0-0 away, 1-1 Home - Gutted on this, as I played this really well, and Kane spurned 2 Clear chances to score in each game. Pre season So far - Rose has gone for £30M rising to £40M... Dier went for £54M to PSG. Gazzaniga went for £2.5M + the Board gave me £50M = a nice amount for me to spend for once: Pau Lopez (£16.5M) - Needed a better backup Keeper, Also Lloris is 32 now, so just in case for now... Rabiot - FREE! An upgrade on Winks in the DLP role + Stronger Depth Jovic - Release of £40,5M - High Potential Rotation Striker I still have £60M and Just got £31 upfront rising to £51M for Chiesa - Just waiting time now. PSG came after Kane with £154M, but of course no... I had to promise Champions League. Plans - Sell Moura... as i need the money, and With Chiesa, He'll not play, and I have players after contracts. If i could, I'd like Sancho and Militao But i wont have the funds (Dear Mr Levy time...). If I sell anyone else, Maybe Winks - which i'd like to avoid - But Skipp played 15 games and has Kicked on Massively, and Rabiot\Tonali can fill in that role. Again - Just so i can get some funds in I tweaked the 4-2-3-1 Tiki Taka further to increase passing range and tempo a touch higher - working well so far, and a few goals have gone in playing better.
  13. Very nice! So, I play mainly a youth save - Still in my first season: This guy came through: Although, I've never dealt with a Mecenary before:
  14. Youth have their own schedules, which you can leave to the U18 Manger (Maybe HOYD, not sure). I do manage mine though, which is purely in an attempt to develop the youth players as per what I want them to grow to, in my case extra technical work, or adding Keeper training every now and then. I set Training for Main Squad, and Youth on a monthly basis, start of the month trying to make sure I cover all items (Def\Tech\Attack\Physical. BTW - Check out the Training and mentoring thread, you'll find a ton of answers there as well
  15. @Phil Dunphy - Sancho for 9M Euro's? Is that typo, or last 6 months of contract? I'm about to hit the first Jan window of the Post update Save - MC and Wing are main issues, But i have just £17M. and hope to raise more by selling - Ideally Wanyama\Jansen (Wanyama is not even training well, let alone the 15 times he lost possession i noticed - that's in 6 games). 2 player I'd look at are Pelegrini (£27M release clause) and Everton (£18.5M transfer listed) to cover the MC\Wing. Tempted to Sell Jan - He's injured in mine, and has taken a big decline, so is 4+ games to get fit, is 31 and I have Toby, Sanchez, De Ligt, Dier for DC. I gave Toby a new contract to get rid of that £25M release clause. If i could replace Lamela, I would but funds this season will probably not allow that, selling would leave me light there as well. I'm still playing my usual style - Heavily focused on youth - Skipp has been called up, as temp relief for Gedson (after a run of 4/5 games). But the others a not really ready to push on yet, My plans for a 4-2-3-1 went out the window when Lamala\Son got injured leaving me with Moura only for the wing.. So I went to a 4-5-1 Control Possession (But Higher tempo vs slow). It needs a lot of work, and I may well post that here later. LLoris Trip\KWP, Toby\De Ligt Jan\Sanchez, Tierney\Rose Dier\Tonali Gedson\Dele Winks\Eriksen Moura\Lamela Dele\Son Kane\Son\Dele Son has been poor, as a Winger, or an IF (Which i play him as) Dele did surprisingly well as a Makeshift Striker. Kane now has the build-up\link play I've always wanted from him, but not enough Goals. Only a few so far, half way though, but a few more tweaks will help. Gedson\Dele Score a few in the BBM role from outside the box. I'm not worried about that, as it's not long shots, it's player running onto the ball after it's played into space for them. Dele Causes a nice bit of Chaos as a RDM on the Left wing fed by Trip\Moura (Of course, that CM side will be set to Def when i do that). Eriksen has the wrong PPM's for this system, Hence wanting a more forward thinking MC, and He'll go out to the Left wing. Or AMC if i go back to the 4-2-3-1. So Far, I've lost 1 game (Bournemouth), and sit 2 points clear. I got some lucky draws vs City\Liverpool\Man Utd.
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