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  1. OK, 1 - By adding a player that has low determination, there is a chance (NOT a guarantee) that it will increase, if he's in a group with higher determination. 2 - You also don't have to put the same player roles in the same group - So you could put the young winger in another group with the goal of avoiding these traits. (I put my Holding midfileders into a Defender based group for this). 3 - If your sqaud all has high determination (Or the squad he falls into has higher), the there is a chance this could also increase his determination I think SI's goal was to make this not as much of a banker\gaurantee that it has been in the past, in saying all that, there is also the chance that no matter what, he might not increase determination as much as it used to in the past.
  2. This is a known limitation in the Match engine currently: It's caused by lack of movement from the front 3, especially strikers. It leads to the only passing option being out wide, and so that's how a lot of goals are scored. the other option can be counter attacks, as the opposition comes forward as they leave space in behind to exploit. One of the others is apparently BBM's arriving late, and having space to hit a long shot. This has a huge knock-on effect to the AMC role as well, as the lack of movement around them gives no reason to pass into space, or into a player that is normally surrounded. They are working on it, and I'm on the Public Beta release, but i'm in pre-season, and have not played enough games to see how it's playing out since the last update. (I've had 2 updates to it during pre-season - Just my luck) The public beta will have a newer match engine (It's a Beta, so if you did look at it, be aware there could well be bugs! - I work as an IT tech, so i fully understand Beta play risks). The main, full release will require much more testing before release - from what I've seen\read, it's not quite there yet so it's not likely to be imminent. Regarding changes, it's rarely going to take affect over 1 match, or 20 mins. The changes take time to develop and learn\adapt over a few games (Games always trump training for these effects to show), so take it slow on changes, maybe 1-2, leave it for 4-5 matches, then again. Specifically regarding the current retail engine and tactic, I'd advise to post it here for more specific advice but: IF we consider the lack of movement issue combine that with work ball into box, and shorter passing (Both on control tactic), then there will be no-one running into space\moving enough to create passing options for those key\passes\combinations to work as we'd like. Finally - If you are noticing the lack of movement is an issue, the ultimate best place, is to log it in the bugs forum, and to upload PKM's to provide the evidence - Not fobbing anyone off, but the only real way it can be sorted is if SI look at the code, which is in a PKM. It's also something i will look at doing myself If i get time to play this week.
  3. plcarlos

    Stupid bids

    Not really in this case - He's been offered out a few times. I've just saved, so if it kicks in again, I'll upload then.
  4. plcarlos

    Stupid bids

    Ok - At that time, he was not listed. but offered to clubs. It's more the point that the only wanted me to pay 80K of his wages. For a bid like that the counter was: £30M non negotiable in 3 installments (Cover wages), Usual after 30 games\10 internationals, and bumped initial to £50M - Give me a insulting bid I negotiate the same right back They withdrew bid on that, and he's not crying as yet.. Actually wants to stay and fight even though i have 3 players in his position (Son, Sancho, Youth intake), which i told him when he came to ask why being offered out
  5. plcarlos

    Stupid bids

    He wasn't at the time, is not though. Should him not being on the list casue that though?
  6. Seriously? Offer half asking price, and then ask me to pay his wages.... Of course, as i negotiate this so compensate, they'll pull out and i'll have a player moan at me for rejecting a fankly insulting bid.
  7. I think I'd struggle with Sissoko making him work. More likely a reflection of FM Sissoko getting a bad rep from RL Sissoko - The article below summed up a lot of my thoughts on Sissoko: (I put link in spoiler just to limit chat on matches, and try and keep to FM)
  8. Fair enough - I've never actually looked at those stats for a comparison - That's quite intersting - He was one of the newgens I found floating around, so he's completely random. These have always had strange attribute spreads, but yes, this one looks extreme, so i completly understand why it could look like an edited player I actually never even took note of his Technical attributes - I'll sign a Goalkeeper on Goalkeeper traits only - Exceptions will be the 4\5 star rate newgens i sign at the start - I got a lot of these, as the spurs team in 19 needs a lot of depth adding - One area is Goalkeepers, so I tend to hunt for Keepers I can develop. On avereage, I sign 2 free as gambles, and 1 more know - This kid is the only gamble that's paid off I completely agree that i've never seen those attributes on a Goalkeeper until this kid appeared and developed. I don't even know what his CA\PA are, So i'm also questioning the scout report that says he's 5 stars with those stats already.
  9. Nope - Haven't even purchased it. He's made insane progress since I got him. His Personality was the same from day 1 as well, I put him in the U23's after 6 months as the U23 personalities were better, and he's been added to the first team GK Training unit. BTW - this is his second year at the club, Enlgish Second nationality was an added bounes. It takes a weekend for me to scout\trial Hundreds of the youth newgens that are availible on day 1 - This save, I got a bunch who look great. (6 out of the recruited 15, I trialed 125 payers overall). I also send the first 2 seasons replacing\upgrading the staff for the best i can get. (Much harder this year though). I thought the Technical stats were a waste when i got him, until I saw this. Scouts rate him as Championship Level now. I just wish I could workout how to bump his decisions a bit better
  10. I did a lot of poaching of the free newgens on day 1 - This guy came up, i think He's arguably perfect for this challenge: Only thing, I'm a bit worried about his low decisions for goalkeeper
  11. I also spend a few hours trialing as many of the free newgens at the start of the game - It's looking good this save, as a few are in my U23's now, and may well get cup time. - I took 75 on trial and kept 40 of them. I warn for a 6.3-6.0, Fine below that. This applies to all squads and all matches - I'll not be keeping the defender who scratched his head after getting a 6.1 after coming on as a sub, and giving 2 penalties away, and was shocked to be warned. I've not yet worked out the correct ratings to do this in training - Only the 9.50-10's get praised ATM. Straight Red is a fine. Second Yellow is a warning first, then fines each time after. As a spurs fan, I will not recruit staff\players who have history at a rival team - That applies to - Phyisio\Coach\Scout even. I will pick as many negative press answers as i can - Wenger has gone to PSG in my current save and likes me - I'm desperately trying to break that and reverse it.... The last one is probably a little bit over the top.... Oh, and I build a list of disliked managers who criticize me - Wayne Rooney went on it once on one of my longest saves (Homegrown intake challenge) - He criticized me for having a homegrown squad...
  12. I like a lot of the mentoring, It's something I spent a lot of time tweaking - As has been said - the assistant manager does a good job of this. I had lot of dead wood to clear out, and a LOT of players i brought in (I was ridiculously lucky with Newgen recruitment, so 20+ players in). It's improved a lot of them in general, and a my youth\U23 teams are significantly stronger for it. the one thing I'm wondering - It's lead to a few too many runs with ball PPM's being transferred. This was in my MC group i had created. Now, most i'd like to not do that, to hold position. So is it possible to A) unlearn this trait (I know i can ask, and will when i'm at home tonight), but just as importantly - B) NOT have the player learn this the players in question are still developing, so it's actually beneficial to be in that group for the time being
  13. plcarlos

    FM19 Mentoring

    It's aimed at being more realistic, and i think it is. The previous mechanic allowed us to create super teams, and tutoring 1-1 was easy. We could argue that it was almost overpowered. Here's how i see it now, and I'll use the fact I support Spurs as a real life example The First team is established, and train together. The best U18's get game time for U23 squad if doing well, and can get moved up in doing well - So far almost exactly what FM does. Now at Spurs, we have KWP, Skipp to name a few that are training with the first team squad. We can achieve this in FM by adding them to the training units. Just because they are there, does not mean they will all make it, otherwise we'd have a player dubbed the English-Messi tearing the league up right now. Same goes for CCV, who has been dubbed one of the best defenders we produced since King.. This also should serve to show that just mentoring, or training with a squad is not a guarantee in real life, so why should it in FM? The first team jump should be for those we are looking at pushing for a place, or who we bring in during an injury crisis - again, very much like real teams do. Current save, I've got 3 players we could put in this bracket, but they all can come on and get game time to relieve a main player when i have injuries, or fatigue. The rest are in U23\U18 squads according to ability then age BTW - I've created mentoring groups for all 3 squads in my save, and I've seen some great results - So you don't actually have to bump them up all the way to first team squads to get the benefit. As my reserve\youth get better players and better personalities, this will only grow. I've seen a lot of personalities grow, determintation growing and a few PPMS transfering - just int he U23's alone. There is one frustration with me on mentoring though, which is the passing on of negative traits, such as dwells on ball. I can confirm this is something I've not trained, and I manage the individual training.
  14. plcarlos

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Bazunu has a pre-defined move to Man City in game now
  15. Well, 1st intake time - From day 1 I hound the board for youth coaching to max it out ASAP. So this kid just came in: