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  1. I'll post my Tactic tonight, Very simple 4231. Only got 2 in - Papetti (Loaned out), and Badiashile, as we had £13m only to spend So Much to get rid of\upgrade....... There will be a fire-sale in the first few seasons. I'm looking forward to some of the youth players, a few have had a boost (Scarlet, Circkin...) Devine in particular looks like a MC that gets hard to find later on in the game (Ever noticed that the regens tend to be DLP's vs Runners?), Skipp is looking good as well. Cirkin is a player who will do a job beyond his rated ability (It's not all about stars ratings!)..
  2. Why is aggression ever mentioned as a attribute targeted in training sessions. Is it right that no matter what, it can NEVER change?
  3. Instead of going to a higher mentality, I'd Break it down and tweak a few TI's (ONE at a time): If the issue is defensive sides, they will sit deep, so where is the space? It'll be out wide, and in front of their defence.... Options - Remove counter\Drop the LOE down a notch\remove pass into space You could try streching the play, either by going wider (Narrow to Standard), or by ammending the roles in the wide area's (Dependant on players attributes of course You could also try to let them out a bit, either by Dropping counter-press\reducing pressing urgency\Lowering tempo.
  4. Dele is doing well for me as an AMC-S\AMC-A, depending on who's up top out of Kane\Son.. Dele has the get forward trait, so I don't consider it mandatory for him to be on an attack role to get into the box. Allows more options. The other tactical option it can give me is dragging players out of the way for someone else to attack the open space Kane also does well in this role, and has great attributes for that role, and traits for it. In that role he's playing more as a feeder for another Striker\Wide players cutting in. Pre-update he was feeding Troy also for fun in that role (AMC-S,
  5. Lookng at the goals you've shown: Rushing out - 6 - That Keeper is not really going to rush out as much as a better keeper. He looks to be in a good position, so the issue getting to the Leeds goal could be more to do with Agility\Anticipation IMHO. But as many have said, never look at just the keeper, defending is done as a team, not 1 man.
  6. You can add the youth players from U18\U23 to a training unit, and have the assistant setup mentoring groups. With this, I am able to leave the U18\U23 players inthe respective squads, yet have some mentoring, whilst they stil get the U18\U23 training.
  7. To a minor extent only, but could be off-set by league reputation (Prem vs Swiss) As you've only just got to the Champions league, your rep could be that you are still a low rep team in that. Get to and out of the group, and that would increase I imagine.
  8. It's not about the Money only: Watford are based in a more competetive league, with a higher reputation, and may even have a higher reputation that your team (Based on Premier league rep vs success), the level of players\coaching\training all needs to be considerd as well. All of the above and more are factors in why players might move. Has your team made progress in Europe to increase your reputation, or is your Treble a domestic one? (Not meant to minimise if it's the latter, but that will only benfit local\national rep vs Worldwide rep)
  9. Albeit in a different team and setup, Kane has played and scored for me as a DLF-S, DLF-A. He's also fed faster Strikers when I played him as an AMC, or AML (IF-S), (IMO, also another option for you with Rashford\Greenwood) He's not really quited to a role that requires Pace, or dribbling, as it's not his strong suit. Personally - and based heavliy on his profile, I want Kane to be on the move (Roaming), linking up play, playing others in and getting on the end of crosses (Pick up ball, feed winger\full-back and run into box) etc. In your 4231, you have 3 out of your attacking
  10. Comes Deep to get ball - I failed to get this to be learnt by Harry Kane of all players, and his Determination\work rate are more then adequte. I did get this to be trained on a younger striker, who failed at First Touch of 13, 14, but suceeded when his first touch hit 15. Assuming the same marker, it could be the same threshold that is holding the player learning a flat throw, although his personality could be a factor in learning traits as well - Get him in a mentoring group ASAP for that. I'd love the criteria for Traits to be a lot less rigid, and I'll put that up as a feat
  11. Hover over the heart, you'll see a drop-down with some info, as an example player, Son had a full green heart icon but was Tired after he came back from internationals. However, you can't really tell the level of tiredness. As has been said, adding injury risk is an option. I have that and also match load on a custom screen I've created and labelled as "squad health" One of the best ways is to use the medical centre to see what the physio's etc think. They are the experts in that area after all In saying all of this, it's still best guess. Your medical team is only as good as th
  12. B over C. B is Technially better and Physically better then C. The differnece in the Airial ability is the game changer for me, He should be better at defending corners, nabbing crosses etc B is also better playing out of defence, which is a instruction you've mentioned that you'll have (C's First touch and throwing could be an issue with that) Bear in mind that we can only see the attributes, whereas the coaches rating will can also be based on Personality, International Experience, Dressing room fit, Home Grown\Registration criteria etc. The coaches might also have the on
  13. In short, He's Tired. When I play my players who have this status, they are likely in the red at the end of the match, and will need subbing off. That's also considering I play a tactic that is not at the same level of intesity that you have there. Also, I tend to think of it as the Pre-Fatigue stage. If I play players who are tired at the start of the match, and do this a few more times, they end up fatigued. I personally manage this status by subs bench at most for that player, and the rotation player plays that match. This also used to happen with Son (Who was mainly tired post in
  14. Had a similar issue on LLM saves. I believe its a bit to do with your\club reputation, so the players themselves might not want the move as they might want to be with better players, rather than be the best player etc... When my LLM saves got to the Championship, I was able to get Prem Loans. At League 1 I had to rely on Championship level teams.
  15. Preset tacticts are quite poor, but reagrdless, IMHO whatever you want to do should always come down to the players you have, and if they are suited for it. As a player who manages Spurs myself, we have the following intital squad issues: SLOW defenders - Therefore, we are not suited to a high line intially. Winks\Ndombele have poor natural fitness, making the need to rotate high in a high tempo system, this interupts cohesion etc Ageing Keepers, who need replacing High Pressing up top? Look at Son's Aggression\Bravey, and Bale's Teamwork\Workrate.. It depends on what
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