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  1. Disciplinary for poor performances. By this under 6.4 and ideally lower. right click and warn\fine for poor performance (I do the latter on sub 6.0 ratings). I have some sqaud fillers that have jumped up massively due to this. BTW when they complain on this, it may be worth asking if they need mentoring, or are even worth keeping. (complaining could be a sign of a bad personality that could stop them reaching potential) You can also targte this partially with Endurance training, and or some of the Training types. Telling them they were poor and warning\fining, so long as justified wo
  2. Well, this is a bit furthure on: +3 to his concentration whilst being trained as a Raudamentor. Current focus is on passing. Determination and work rate came up via poor perfornamce warnings. Meanwhile - Each UK youth intake period now takes me over a weekend to get though hunting for players. It's a simple look through each clubs youth intake looking at a specific attributes, especially any areas my U18s\youth preivew\intake might be weak on. This guy stood out, and to be this good at 16 with 5 star rating still is frightening.. Poached as soon as I saw him from Southampton
  3. Just to add my own here This is 2024, and I've fleeced many teams when seeling players, and haggled like we had £1 when buying players lol! Levy would be proud... So to explain - Play out of Defence is not on. That's more about counter attacks. 2 x CD-D even though they can play the BPD role helps in keeping more simple play from them. I should change one to a BPD as they have good passing and could then hit a ball over the top for one of my Fowards to get onto. CM-D and DLP-S is there with the goal to control the middle, and recyle the ball. Standard LOE allows Front 3 to
  4. Presets tend to be full over over-kill. Example: Play Out of Defence. this will tend to make the Goalkeeper Distrubute to centrebacks, Full-backs, and Playmakers. So why if you have that, do you need to tell him to pass it shorter and to the centre-backs when the instruction above tells him to do that anyway? Tactcics from a blank slate are good. ROLES and DUTIES are crucial in how a tactic plays. For example, having a lot of runners in a control posession preset can give options, but also goes slightly against control posession - That's pass, move, pass move. Not pass, Run past 2-3 playe
  5. Kane is very hit and miss as a AF-A. I'm in 2024, and Scarlett has devloped massivley in my save. He performs that role very well, down to Balance, Agility, Pace, Acceleration - All of these are lacking in Kane. I tried to get a goalscoring, creating Kane once, but in FM he's much better linking play and creating. He'll still score, but maybe a CF-S\A is a better role for him. Kane has also assisted a fair few times, dropping into the IF role (Due to injuries) and the AMC. I'm training him as a MC now, just ot keep him a bit more (He'll be an epic creator from there). If you went bac
  6. The 4-2-3-1 - you've already mentioned part of the issue - Players competeing for the same space. You've got Dele, Kane, Son and Bale all looking to get into the box, with Ndombele feeding them, as welllas the ne good crosser in Regulion. Dele as an AM-A is goin to drive towards the box, so little room to create. Kane as a DLF-S in that would allow him to come deeper and create a bit more for Son\Dele\Bale. I'd still look for a different role on the right to add some variety. It's a one-dimiensional attack as it currently is. Your stale attack will be down to a lack of variety and movemen
  7. IRL does not transfer to FM. I wish it did, but i've never seen Kane even attempt some of the worldie Goals\Assists he can do IRL. You need to be a bit more realistic in that regard. That also applies to FM vs IRL when it come to a 3 vs 1. If they defend close, Kane's FM Physicals are not that good to get away from them. 1 Dimensional in that both Full-backs have the same role. the 1 Winger gets forward and the the other just crosses. There's 1 target in the box. There's only 1 route to the box, and limited players attacking the box. I play the full version on PC, have never pl
  8. Cut backs - Kane is set for this, Dele is waiting to feed someone vs getting into the box for the cut back due his AP-S role. Even then. it's the same 2 players, which can then be man marked (Even more so with the extra defender in that zone from the opposition). As someone who plays Spurs - Don't play a high line in Season 1. Toby and Dier are not made for it. YES, you have Sanchez who can cover, but that's 1 player with only an ok concentration attribute for that role. Stopper\Cover can also negate the offside trap, so they are not ideal to be tagged on together. If you play high L
  9. For this, I go to Training - Rest, and then I set this: I then set the Training Intensity to "Automatic" for all players:
  10. The day after a match at least - Yes. Image 1 is a test of the same as what you have: Image 2 Below is with the rest. So, for me - The fact that you go from a "normal" condition to a "Greatly Increased" is worth the rest IHMO. Over a long season players can get tired being trained non-stop. One of th best ways to manage and check this, is via looking next to the heart icon and seeing the fatigue level, when that goes to low, players can tire a bit more. It seems to sit a low for a while and thenm go to fatigured, or starting to get fatigued. THIS is where the
  11. B would normally be presented as "Unhappy with the QUALITY of the attacking coaching" - This is what I got when I was releasing\hiring coaches, and temporarily had a 1 star Training rating. That was fixed hiring better coaches for that area. A - Maybe, but not as likely, just depending on the player - for example, it's unlikely to be a defender saying this, and it makes sense to put Midfilders\attackers and maybe attacking full-backs into there - dependant on their attributes\requirements and how that fits into your tactical sytle, of course. Missing answer C would be my go-to on th
  12. Will do - Although I'm a slower player than most here. FYI - The Raudamentor Role also trains concentration, so the below player will get 6 months minimum with that role + the training scehdules which have now been modified to have a few set piece modules that train that: Not seeing it yet, by my HOYD went crazy about this guy in the last intake. I do keep a lot of players that most would throw away - Star ratings are not always what they seem, and I have host of players who will sell for good money, and can step in in the short term
  13. Noticed this alot in my save as well. Lots of single digit concerntration players inclusding some with the lower side of that (4-6). I sort all trainging out for all 3 teams, so I'll also add the Set Piece - Defending corners training to try to improve this (It'll be in the day before a match). Like you, I also have a lot of attackers training as Shadow Strikers to mitigate. I've got this up by 2-3 in a few players over the 2 years I've had them (so overall it's gone from 7/8 to 10). I'll post again on this when I see how a AML with 4 for this stat comes along, it's still way too early in
  14. Squad of 20-23 normally after about 4/5 seasons Depending who i can get rid of.... Main first team play most (Maybe 75% of matches), but I'll rest and rotate vs "weaker" teams, or play the 2nd in postition\Fringe Youth stars vs Lower league teams. I'll also sub at 45\60 minutes, if any specific players are on the edge and need a rest - Example if they've just come back from internationals, and\or are tired (Hover over the heart icon) the day before a match, these players will normally only play 60 minutes max. I'd rather get the result and bring them off early, vs bring them on because we need
  15. That's 1 way, but you can also add the U18\U23 players to the maint training unit. Next, have the AM put the mentoring groups together. Personally I still tweak this as not ALL players need mentoring, or moving, so do this sparingly and only when needed - Too big a group can be not as effective. He'll then add the players into the mentionering groups, and the players stay within their relevant sqauds: Below is my Current Goalkeeping unit, Siggeirsson is in my U23 squad, The other 2 are the 1st team Keepers.
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