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  1. It's the 2nd of March on your first screenshot, and Player injury was end of Feb on the 2nd image, so I'd imangine the transfer window is closed in regards to permanent transfers. You'd be able to get a Emergency Loan player to cover, but Permanant transfers are only for the transfer windows.
  2. Hi, and welcome to the forum. I think my first memory was CM back in 96/97.. I played Spurs or Rangers back then. 1 and 2 are a good start. I'll refrain from spoilers on who to look out for\keep an eye on for now, you'll find them when you play the U23's in pre-season 3. Always worth setting up, and I too, hate this part. But I get\have\develop good set piece takers, and target my best headers, which gets me a few extra goals each season, some in my third season have been worth the extra points. 4. I also take on training for all 3 squads. But very OCD, and much more aimed at developing a certain play style and squad, so it's all tailored. For someone new, Just try basics out, and see how it goes - There is a training thread in the top of the tactics sub-section that will be of use if you are stuck - If you want to do training, take a good look at that and ask anything there as well. 5. You can go to staff search and filter for staff for U23\U18s: Edit search will be new search at first. I further refine that by attribute filters - DDM, WWY + the 3 goalkeeping stats for example. I then drill those numbers down until I get the better coaches.
  3. A fix for attendance during the second half:
  4. In previous saves, I did nothing. I had a lot of U18\U23's injuried, so toa mange it, I rested them. As a result, they were slower to develop. Since this time, and promoting the better players to U23's, more have developed, That may also have more to do with my Training managment, and Tracking of development. I use a custom view that works for me - In general, for me - 2 stars = U23's. 2.5, I track a lot more, and I'll not fear them being on my bench if covering for injury. The exceptional train with 1st team and are Mentored (Only IF required), whilst making them availible for the U23's matches. All those based on ratings and are Irregardless of age. 3 Stars, is normally first team squad. IF I already have minimum players (Take MC - 2 x starters\ 2 x backup\1 who can fill in, + 1 Prospect over 18), I'll loan the young player out. If they are clearly good enough, I'll keep and develop
  5. How do I upload these? I recorded a goal during a game, which I planned to upload, but I can't see a thing when I review the video, or watch the exported file.
  6. In that case, first thing to note is although you want not so much crossing, yet have 2 roles that cross more - W-S and FB-A. This is where I'd start. Son also has cuts inside and moves into channels - 2 PPMs which make him naturally play as an IF. Add to that the Long shots stat, and I'd want him closer to Kane for support and an extra goal threat. In the first case here, I'd change Son to an IF-S and PI Trippier to run wide with ball (If it's not already coded in). This means you only change one role, and not too much. Just as crucially, you'll be able to see if Son\Kane can link up to help both be a better goal threat. Watch the next 5 games on full if you can and note what you see them do. In the Screenshot I posted Earlier on MEZ\AP play, I had 25 images from 3 matches. (Reduced to 9 due to basically the same positions). If your happy with that, you could experiment with Trippier as an WB-S, although you should pay attention to the increased starting position this will create for him (It may require tweaks to the right CB, or DLP to assist defensively). Kane is extremely hard to get as Main scorer, so I've evolved to making him an all round goal threat (Utilizing his vision to create assists). Hence why he's a CF-S or DLF-A for me - But please note that both of those options change the other roles around him.
  7. With Eriksen\Dele\Rabiot in Midfield, then I'd add the be more expresive vs the teams you struggle to break down they all have the technical\mental stats for it. I've kept the Half Back Role - They sit deeper than a DM-D and offer a other passing option. I agree with above that it looks like lacking an Identity. IMHO - That tactic will look to cross a lot, but who to? Kane will drop deep in DLF-A, Eriksen kind of has that trait (comes deep to get ball) already, leaving Dele as the main supporting attacker, who along with Kane, who will be deeper than normal. If we factor in pace as well, it's something that Dele\Kane\Eriksen don't have - One of my frustrations early on was as quoted earlier: The above happened with Son\Moura as IF-A Roles (Aimed at bringing them both closer to link up with Kane. Lamela did a really good job as an IFS, which temporarily fixed that issue for me. (I then Fleeced a Chinese team who took him for £19M+ some add-ons (Inital offer was only £5M) allowing me to buy Zivkovic). I'd suggest identifying how you want this team to play. As Per above the lack of pace is a bit of an issue with wingers, as the other players struggle to get up in support quick enough. I wanted to try this as I've always liked the layout and theories that @Experienced Defender lays out - Bear in mind this was aimed more at a progressive passing game, which is something I planned on trying after a 4-5-1 tactic on my last save created some crazy dominating games (as well as some shockers which exposed mistakes!). Just always remeber that a simple change to one role is likely to have a knock on effect to another. Since I assesed roles and their combo's\knock on effects my tweaks have been much better. I.E don't change Kane to as CFS just coz I did and had it working - Bear in mind my tactic at the time was very close to the origional here.
  8. Will update more tonight: Season 1 - 2nd to a Liverpool that smashed everyone, and only lost 2 games. Had the most bizarre champions league with Vs Real Madrid, which was mainly down to them shooting themselves in the foot with Injuries\fatigue\fouls (Goal #1 was a free Kick). FA Cup which was less me, vs more of big teams being knocked out. One key thing I've not seen: Dele\Erikesen linking up and switching play, or Dele getting played in Tactically what I've changed: Dele to a Mez-S - has made him more involved. I'd like more, so may move him to the right side of midfield (the amount of positions Tousart got into that a player with better attacking stats would have done better with.....) - Yes, I'd have to address the Right back role if i did that. Left full back to FBS (Occasionally IWBS) - Mainly as we lacked width and an attacking option. Left AP to IFS on occasion (Mainly when i get more counter attacks) - When we had a counter attack and Kane has the ball centrally, the right pass was to the Right wing - To an open IF-A who had more space, and defenders moving left.... Instead the ball went to the AP on the Left, the same direction the defenders were going to and would therefore congest. A Switch to the other flank would have fixed that, but continually failed to happen* *Overlap right - Mixed on this - I took this off with the aim to reduce 70% Attacks going to the right - But another reason it was not working is that I did not see Dele\others attacking the box from the left.... Crossing still sucks in that if a player gets the ball to feet, they take the ball in-field, and get blocked. where the ball is passed in front of them and they run onto it and cross, that works, and creates chances (Header, or the clearance to Midfield runner). Shorter passing to standard - Something that i should review, but I always see an issue where players hold the ball up, and don't go forward, or pass, allowing opposition to get back into position. I'm not talking counter-attack here, but I'd like to see something a bit more progressive. This may well be down to the use of the AP\DLP - Do these have a tendency to hold up the ball sometimes?
  9. At Attached is what i meant when referring to Mezzela... But as the role is also described as a half-winger, I still can't see him as a Mezzela... One thing i've noticed way too much with the Mez\AP combo was this: As we can see the Mez\AP are both in the same space. This is 2 of 9 images from 3 games, and did not include all of the situations This created a reduced down passing option, and Dele was no-where near a threat in the box. Son\Moura were more of a relase than a threat. Improvement 1 was the IWB going to FBS - This added some depseratly needed width on the left, and variety. I didn't to risk the left flank with an IWB attack\or overlap left. Improvement 2 so far is Dele as a B2B. This makes him more involved in play (It was previously the BWM doing most of that), and he's got into signifiacntly better attacking positions. Finally, Kane as a DLF was Changed to a CFS. This has him as more of a goal threat. He was often being ran past by Son\Moura who then had to pass it backwards to him. As a CFS, he still gets involved in build up, and has got a few more goals now.
  10. @Experienced Defender Ndomble, I'd play as a Playmaker (DLP\AP). I think he's well worth showing as an example that somtimes the Role ratings should always be assesed on Atributes, rather than set in stone.... Mezzala?!! with 7 finishing\8 long shots, no thanks.. Primarly purchased as Winks has Injury issues to consider, and he fit budget\wage bill (I'll sort that later on in the save with other sales). Tousart - Half back\BWM for me, Currently Training Passing (First Touch I'd like to be a bit better). Now this does leave me very light in MC Runners... Although if needed, maybe I could use Eriksen there short term if needed.. (Son would be an IF Left wing for link up, with Sit Narrower) Moura\Lamela on the right (Role undecided as yet) Lack of Funds and a host of players I always move on make Season 1 a huge challenge
  11. Nice - I see what your aiming for. I'd love to get Kane as per the real life version, but it's hard to replicate in FM for me (Creator when deep, yet still a major goal threat). How has Parrott come on? has he had much game time in your save? In mine, he's way off first team, so I'll be looking at Son as emergency backup if Kane's injured. In another save (upto 2022) Skipp developed very well. He developed into a sitter, rather than a runner IMHO. (Maybe he can be specifically developed into something else this time).
  12. Agreed - I also look at attributes\traits as well over the "full green" which i was guilty of before reading up on here. Hence Ndomble - I've not got him as a BBM due to poor Finishing (7) at the moment. Admittedly I've not looked at what else he could do just yet. Primary Tactic at the moment - Not had much time to try the variations so far - Winks has been injured, then immediately injured again. Tousart has done well in BWM role, so I'm happy with that. I'm a bit behind so far, as I'm still setting the club up (Staff\Training), I've made the mistake of not setting up Set Pieces (Almost cost me as Jan took a throw in, which lead to a 1v1, which Lloris saved) Which is Tonight;'s other Task, along with planning Training a bit more (Something i always play with as i like Developing players more than buying top players) I'll post those screenshots tonight
  13. I fired up a new save, following the thread Experienced Defender created as possible tactics for spurs. This save is more about tactic testing and only buying players for that (vs going after the best of the best). I've sold - Wanyama (Always gets Yellow\Red's for me), Aurier (Never rated and Long-term he whinges), Vorm, Lloriente In are: Tousart, Ndomble, Tierney, Raya as backup Keeper Tousart covers the Half-back\BWM role recruited as per the above, Tierney overtakes Rose\Davies. Still only 3 games in, playing the 4-5-1(4123) in the thread, but I'll watch and adapt accordingly based on players\performance etc.. I'm top after 3 games, but a Huge chunk of that is Luck with other teams having key injuries\fitness issues, so I've had my first team vs opposition with 4-5 key missing, or limited. @Carlf788 nice going - Although i can't forgive you for selling Kane, at any price - I rinse teams for my top players if i ever sell them. I set Kane to £200M, and reject all offers below. The only players I sell in and around asking price are the whingers, or the players I replace. I'm curious on your wings setup - The reason being knowing both players, they are much more natural swapped - Moura as a winger, right wing, and Sancho as an IF Left wing.
  14. Wanyama Left (Part of fixing the wages in the club (We are on the brink in game, so need to move on a few). I will try that on the the BWM Role if I use that and Tousart gets a yellow. Completely agree that players need to fit the role (Ndomble is a DLP, not a Box to Box, so he'll not get played in that role). Tousart was purchased under that, as I feel he can play the Half back\BWM role. (Again, Limitation on transfer funds drove a lot of my recruitment). I've created my own issue with a lack of a natural runner bar Dele in the MC slot, but it's on my Jan window list, where I'll look for a Sissoko upgrade. I'm only 3 games in, and so were now only just both maxed in familiarity, and Fitness, so I'll watch even more over the next game. DLF-A will be my fist change and will monitor it there. We've just had Arsenal\Watford\Chelsea, so not exactly easy games for me to test, and deceiving as Injuries\Fitness played a huge part in my results. I've always liked your layout of these threads, hence why I'm trying this one - I don't like changing much until I've had at least 4/5 games to see how the last change has played out
  15. @Experienced Defender Re-laoded on a new save to try this, as my 4-5-1 had mixed results. I'm only 2 games in on first season and will update as we go on. 1-0, 2-0 A few issues that I'm monitoring: Left side attacks so far - When we counter, we have the dribblers in Moura\Son - but they run past the attack\midfield. Eriksen is a potential issue here with comes deep to get ball, so that may play a part in that. That's compounding an issue with Trippier, who's being closed down (No targets in the box). I'll keep watching for now. To add - Tousart came in, Wanyama out - Wanyama has been a Yellow\Red card machine for me a few times, and becomes a high risk. Tousart can play both BWM, of Half back - He has plays short simple passes, so I omitted the BMW PI as a result. Tierney is in as well, Raya as back-up Keeper, KWP is backing up Trippier (I've not really rated Auirier, so he always gets sold!). Ndomoble in for Sissoko. Leaves me light on a runner in CM, but that will be a target in Jan window.
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