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  1. Have they just signed a contract? In a lot of these cases, I've seen a player have no interest in the 4-5 months after a new contract has been signed. If youth, and a true "smaller" team (I'm talking lower leagues vs poaching from promoted Prem teams) you might be able to get a player on trial, and then they will be more willing to negotiate
  2. Define what you want from the assistant manager, their key attributes, and in the options, you can remove suitable\interested in U23\first team, leaving only U18 coaches. I rarley search for specific roles, I go on thier stats, then personality\preferences... U18's For me, I search by WWY\MM, DDM + 2 coaching (Ideally Tactical + Tactical Knowledge), Finally JCA\JPA. I factor in that youth coaches are not as good mainly, so I'll set WWY higher, and set the rest at 14-13, and filter down. I tend to have more luck poaching a youth coach into this role - Most coaches are looking for a step up, not down
  3. We are listening - The question I answered is the OP's - how do we all deal with players being sent off.
  4. Warning for a 2 yellow. 1 week fine if they do it again. When a player tackles badly, and attempts to chop the opposition in half, I'll fine 2 weeks regardless - Dynamics can do one in that case - You were a disgrace and let the team down, and you know it... Simple really - The one's who don't understand why they were fined are not the players i'm gonna keep.
  5. Same here - I keep most, even the ones i know won't make my squads Mainly trash most at 0.5-1.5 ratings. Players in the U18's can develop 2 ways - Training is one, but Personality is a huge aspect, and I've seen bad players increase significantly in season 2 after the personality of the squad impacted them vs next to no progress in year 1 of intake. I also keep a lot due to squad management for the younger teams - The U23 Manager\Staff are incapable of managing players fitness, so will always pick the best, and then i need players to fill in for them. This is compounded by the FA's inability to schedule U23\U18 matches safely (far too many match schedules such as U23\Rest\U18\Rest\U23\Rest\U23\Rest\U18). The only way i found to get this, is to bring players that are no-where near 1st team level, and make them Available for U18\U23 matches (This post also reminds me to raise this as a bug when I have enough data to post as an issue)
  6. They always moan about this, so it's arguable to ignore.. Bailey always moans about this the most, so i checked a few things - 1 - Personality is ambitious (I've had mixed trainers from this). 2 is the most relevant to others - ANY form of training that involves Strength will have these players moaning about this - so even Just basic Physical, and some of the Gengen Press sessions.
  7. Just a slight bug... This is somehow NOT a goalkeeper error... Unfortunately. After I uploaded this, I clicked on the wrong button, which started a new encoding, for which I tried to cancel the encoding which caused this: So my only option was to crash out of the game.. FYI - I was not able to tell the keeper he made a costly mistake My keeper then got a 7.1 rating
  8. So, the basic way I have mine, is Top Countries\Leagues. Most will already know these. IMHO, A scout working 1 country should have more time to check\recheck than if he has 4/5 to check. Saying that, I still have at least 1 roamer, 1 in EU, 1 in South America. I also want to build a homegrown team - So it's always worth me scouting the U23's/U18's I debate myself if it's worth sending a scout looking for a Hot Prospect. Feeder clubs can play a part, although Brexit seems to mean I just get UK clubs now. That's fine though - Filter by Facilities (Youth Rating, Facilities, Coaching etc). So the main way to do this now, would be building the scout network through: Better Scouts + Improving world Knowledge Improving scout knowledge on the main countries we know produce good youth Better Rep Better Facilities Bigger Networking (Affiliates) Bar that - Hours will be spent looking through the youth intake days, and then re-scouting post season (Because in FM19, I've found that new signed contract = not interested at all).
  9. I rarely search, as I use filters. DDM + attributes for training each category. DDM+Attacking+Tech at 14 or above = a 4 star or higher attacking technical coach.. As the search result numbers get higher later in the game, I'll look at some other attributes (Mental, MM etc) Working with youth is added for U23's, and U18's (Although were looking lower numbers on the filters here). I further filter U23\U18 by personality, and AM\Managers by playing style\formation tendencies... (Worth adding, that I do focus on youth players, and focus heavily on this area). It still takes me 2-3 years though - I play as Spurs, so increasing rep takes time, which is also a factor, some won't be interested at all. I've also noticed a lot more staff can be more loyal to the clubs now, so it's been harder for me to poach some of the better one's, as you offer a contract, and they can sign a new one at existing club. Randomly - I'm also biased with a refusal to recruit anyone associated (playing or coaching careers), with certain clubs, regardless of quality. Later in the game, if a manager stays, I've found staff to be even more loyal to the manager, and will not move at all.
  10. So, after a game where Kane playes badly. I'm asked this question. The issue i have here - At 55 Minute's. I'd made 2 subs due to knocks. At 62, I took of Tierney, who'd decided at this point it was better to head the ball to the opposition than out of play, or somewhere\anywhere better. At this time Kane's rating was 6.7. I'm only allowed 3 subs - Can you teach the media this? Can we get an option that says "I'd already used all my subs, for the other underperforming players" or something All the time, I get this question, but not one of those answers are valid. The closest auto response would be - I had to make changes to other area's of the field or seomthing
  11. Are you sure about this part? If a player is unhappy, and has the marker, we can't speak to him. There's no variation on Unhappiness. At this state, it's a guarantee that we can't speak to the player. IMHO this should be questioned: Scenario - Player x is complaining at not getting games. Training reports are low, and the player above him is playing better = both are valid reasons for not playing this player. Player x discusses this with Manager - We tell them we are not happy with training\and or player y is playing better. Player x does not agree (Despite ratings in match\training and stats such as tackles\passing being better in the other player), and goes off into sulk. I've not included the team meeting with the players backing the player, as that's easy to solve. Player x is then unhappy, and we are stuck with a player who's training drops even more (4's\5's). Yet we can't speak to this player to get his head down and work for the chance to play. We bust the player down to reserves, and we can only answer that particular question, not tell him that until he trains better, or has decent reserve match performance for reserves, we won't play him.. The ONLY way to fix this issue at the moment is: Sell the player Play an under performing player.. Shouldn't we have more options here to actually Manage these players? Simply put there are many real-life managers who will not play a player based on poor training. I'd like to do the same, and be able to affect them to improve.
  12. As per above - this can happen 3 ways: Mentoring is 1 Social Group is another Good relationship with a teammate is another I am tempted to log it as a bug myself - as it takes away a lot of my ability to create players based on what i want to create. One thing i will add here - I think that attributes count a bit more in the ability to train\untrain\pickup traits: Dele can't untrain dwells on ball due to low decisions - I personally believe this has to hit 13\14 before I can do that Chiesa won't learn early crosses, as it''s deemed a trait for inferior players - It's almost like being told "No! you are NOT allowed to created variety in the way your wingers play!" I've also got CM players with high dribbling that get runs with ball through centre, but I want them as holders (The other traits add well for this), but the coaches warn me against that and it fails due to the trait suiting the attribute. @Ein 3 - Bravery - can indeed go down after an injury, but it restores back post injury, and I'm not 100% on this it could be indirectly trained via certain sessions, although that would be marginal i imagine, maybe it could go up by 2/3 overall. I don't know if it drops further overall (I don't keep many injury -prone players). 5 - I manage spurs - Poch slates me as tactically inept a few times, that's despite me beating him over 3 seasons, 8 games including cups, and using 5 tactics.. This is also despite him liking me overall...I ignore this. Managers storm out if they don't like a question randomly. It's a part of the game that has had little attention, so I amuse myself by making my own enemies (I'm Desperately trying to get Wenger who likes me at the moment to hate me - Spurs fan, so i can't have him like me!)
  13. Yes - the way I've noticed this the most is via Mentoring groups - But as said good relationships could impact as well. As a result, I'm careful on picking who goes into Mentoring groups (I don't want all my midfielders to have runs with ball through centre). While the AM can doa good job for mentoring, it's worth checking for issus such as this.
  14. I've tried to untrain this, my coaches state: "This is a trait that suits player for who decesion making is not good." So i train other stuff - He's currently final third to try to up those decisions I think the cut-off may be 14, as you can then train dictates play If you look at other players with lower decisions, some of them have it. Raya had this during his spell as Backup Keeper (Decisions of 8)
  15. Natural fitness definitely can imporve, and it's further improved by training such as Endurance, and other pysiscal training: (Image is just a random youth intake newgen BTW, so porbably not gonna show in peoples saves) Agression can also be trained by Overall, and some defensive sessions, but I've also not seen this increase (Edit - Default skin, I'm just messing around with colours via preferences ATM...)
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