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Is there any benefit to refusing the U23 league invitation?

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As per the topic, is there any benefit to refusing the invitation to join the U23 league (playing in England, not sure if it applies elsewhere, too)?

I tend to loan out most of my players when they hit 18 but are still not good enough for the first team. That tends to leave me with almost nobody in the U23 team, and so they do terribly in the U23 league. Would there be any benefit to refusing to join the U23 league, and perhaps just schedule some friendlies for the U23 team when you need match fitness?

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Don't do that.  Use the U23s to keep fitness levels up for your senior squad members who don't get much match time.  "Make available until match fit" I think is the option.  Or just make them available for the U23s permanently unless you need them for an upcoming match.  Senior players playing in the U23s can also help get the U23s better results.

Loaning out can be a good thing but keep in mind you lose all control of player development if you do.  Use with caution.

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Defintely keep As above useful for match fitness.

Also good to promote the U18's that are clearly too good for that squad and take up playing time for others to develop, or alternatively, the Over18 player who's got potential, but clearly not really good enough for a loan.

I keep the latter players until 19 in that case before loaning them out to League 1/2 or above, or selling.

Having senior players help the U23's get better results can also aid the development of the U23's as well - Better ratings = better growth. Of course, Training\coaching\facilities play a big part at that age as well.


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