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  1. Just had 2-2 draw then went into the press conference and states that I was defeated. I haven't drawn many matches in this career so can't say if this message appears often. See attached word doc Draw.docx
  2. littledragon84

    Players bio's error

    Summary: Career stats and bio's don't match Description of Issue: Seems this issue is relating to players who went out on loan last season and have either returned to their parent club or signed for the club who they were at on a permanent deal. For example Eduorad who plays for Celtic, his bio states that he won the league and Scottish Cup last season which did happen, but reading his bio it states that he's not yet played a league game for Celtic. You can't pick up a winners medal in the league if you haven't played for the club. The other screenshots attached are mainly missing the number of goals scored at the club before there loan moves. Moanes Dabbur his appearances on his bio looks fine but there's no mention of the league goals that he's scored. I think he scored over 20 last season the Austrian league. This has to be a bug, it's no coincidence that all these guys have had loan spells at some point in their careers. Players bio's.docx
  3. littledragon84

    Players bio's

    Hi Glenn, Thanks, for your message. I have seen a few bios that don't match the career stats for the players and have noticed that the players that I have checked have had loan spells at other clubs then returned to their parent club. Rogic and McGregor are 2 at Celtic. Moanes Dabbur at Red Bull Salzburg is another (in his case it appears that it's the goals scored that are missing from his bio, I think the club appearances may be in line with his career stats). I don't have his screenshots just now but I could get them later and attach them. Cheers.
  4. littledragon84

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    Yeah no worries at all.
  5. littledragon84

    Players bio's

    Summary: Bios for Calum McGregor and Tom Rogic Description of Issue: I am currently the manager of Celtic and was reading the biographies of my players. The bios for both players do not reflect what is showing on their career stats. The bios for both show them having played less games and scored less goals too. Steps to Reproduce: Start a new game and go to Celtic and both players and you'll see from the number of games and goals scored in the careers section does not tally up with their bios. The career stats will be fine, it's just their bios need updating. Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: See attached word doc below with the career stats and bio's for both players. McGregor and Rogic.docx
  6. littledragon84

    Players bio's

    Hello I'm not too sure if this is the correct place for this post. I've noticed that some players bio's have errors. I am not sure who updates the bio's for players. For example - Dabbur who plays for Red Bull Salzburg it lists his games played but no sign of his goals in his bio.Daniel Bode who plays for Ferencavos in Hungary his bio stats that he won the league in 2016 and 2017. He only won it in 2016Tom Rogic and Calum McGregor who both play for Celtic their stats info doesn't match their bio info. McGregor's bio states that he's played 44 games and scored 6 goals but if you look at the career stats you can see he's played way more games and score more goals too. It's the same with Rogic, his bio says he's never scored for Celtic but he has. I did note that Dabbur, Rogic and McGregor have been out on loan at some points in their careers, it seems when they return to their parent clubs then the number of games played and goals scored for their parent club is incorrect or not even shown in their bio's.
  7. littledragon84

    [Russia] Data Issues

    Fedor Chalov bio isn't up to date. It just states that he's spent his entire career at CSKA but doesn't include the number of games that he has played and the number of goals that he's scored. Can this be updated please?
  8. littledragon84

    [Hungary] Data Issues

    When you check Daniel Bode bio it states that he won the league in 2016 and 2017 that's incorrect as Honved I believe won it in 16/17. So for Bode it should just read that he won the league in 2016. Are you able to update the players bio?
  9. littledragon84

    [Austria] Data Issues

    Hi, Moanes Dabour's bio doesn't include the number of goals that he's scored for Red Bull Salzburg. Is there anyway you can add that onto his bio to reflect his stats please? You can see he's played 47 league games but no sign on his goals scored. Also, is there anyway that I would be able to update a players bio? Dabbur.docx
  10. littledragon84

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    Are you able to tell me how to update players bios because I've noticed a few errors with some Celtic players. If you look at Rogic and McGregor the stats don't add up. With Rogic bio it says he's played 44 games for Celtic and no goals but he's played way more than 44 league games plus he's scored numerous times. Even if you look at his profile from 14/15 onwards to current he's played a lot of league games and scored goals. It's the exact same for Calum McGregor. I know there is the editor data but does the players bio's appear on there? Maybe it is there I just couldn't see it. I think what's happened with McGregor is that his 16/17 and 17/18 stats are missing from his bio. If you read his bio it shows that he's played 44 games and scored 6 goals. I've attached his total stats. McGregor.docx
  11. littledragon84

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    That's cool I can understand why he wouldn't be in. I reckon he'll be in next years. Yeah you're right about Odegaard, I remember seeing the tweet with his dad granting them permission. Also meant to write in my last message. When you check some of the bios of the players the appearances and goals don't tally up. Calum McGregor's bio says he's only played something like 44 league games for Celtic but if you look from season 14/15 onwards he's played way more league games and scored more goals too. Edouard is the same, he played and scored in the league last season but if you start a save with Celtic his bio won't include last season's info.
  12. littledragon84

    [Russia] Data Issues

    I've added the kits into the game however for some reason CSKA kits won't show. Is there any image rights issue with CSKA that they won't allow their kits to be show. The kits work for every other team in the Russian Premier League and I have the used the correct club number for CSKA when creating the kit.
  13. littledragon84

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    Just noticed that Boyata is leaving Celtic at the end of the season in my Celtic save. I know there's a chance he'll go next summer but I don't think it's been announced that he's definitely leaving. The young wonderkid Karomoke Dembele can he not added into the game? I know he's like 15 or that but a few years ago they added in Martin Odegaard when he was at Stromsgodset and he was 15
  14. littledragon84


    For some reason some widgets always need moved for when a new match begins. It's odd because some widgets remain in the place where I have placed them yet others don't. Is anyone else having issues with widgets?
  15. littledragon84

    [Russia] Data Issues

    Just noted that the dates of the beginning of the season are incorrect. I started a new game with CSKA and their first league match is like first week in July. I had a look at their real life fixtures and their first league game is the last weekend on July. As CSKA had various players at the World Cup, I will be playing my first few league games without my best players because they're still on holiday.