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  1. Darian Males now plays for FC Basel on loan from Inter. I think he must have made the move before the winter update was finished.
  2. Thanks for coming back to me, much appreciated. Hopefully it's an easy fix for the SI team.
  3. More examples of ghost goals since the latest update in only commentary mode. Monaco v Lille.pkm Dijon v Lille.pkm Nantes v Lille.pkm Universitatea Craiova v Lille.pkm Nice v PAOK.pkm Lausanne v Nice.pkm Nice v Olympiacos.pkm Nice v Fenerbahçe.pkm Nantes v Nice.pkm Ponferradina v Nice.pkm
  4. Yeah totally agree, I've been winning games 3 and 4-0, yet the opposition has had 8 clear cut chances but when I watch the highlights I see nothing that suggests they've had anything close to that amount of CCC. Seems that long shots that go over the bar are being counted as CCC. Before the update the issues was that there wasn't enough CCC, you could beat teams 5-0 but it only shows that your team had 1 CCC, now they've going the opposite direction and there's too many CCC. I can't fathom that out, you would like to think someone in SI would have clocked this, it's a pretty obvious error
  5. I had a player sent off in the 53rd min. After that the commentary bar disappeared and this flashing black bar appeared in the place where the commentary should have been. Is there any chance someone from the team can acknowledge this because I've reported the same issue with players getting sent off before and the commentary bar disappearing. Also, I've lost count of the amount of posts I have sent in relation to ghost goals. What's the point in asking players to submit discrepancies with the game if you're not going to bother to acknowledge them? I would rather be told you cannot
  6. What's the chances of the issue around ghost goals getting fixed? This is ruining the game. Also, the number of clear cut chances has increased big time, before the update there was hardly any now it's went the total opposite way. All these games attached are examples of goals being scored in the last min of games on the only commentary mode. Nantes v Nice.pkm Ponferradina v Nice.pkm Lausanne v Basel.pkm Napoli v Basel.pkm Trabzonspor v Fenerbahçe 2.pkm Trabzonspor v Fenerbahçe.pkm Trabzonspor v Gençlerbirliği.pkm Ankaragücü v Trabzonspor.pkm Trabzonspor v Kayserispor.pkm Trabzonsp
  7. I am currently managing Nice, if you look at the post-match analysis header it says Nice 2-1 Lille but underneath it says Lille 1-2 Nice. The game was played at Lille so the header at the top should mirror what is below.
  8. If you look at both profiles and look in the position box it doesn't circle around the players natural position. Dolberg's natural position is a striker but the circle indicates it's AML and Ndoye is a right winger/inside forward but for some reason the circle on his profile shows a AML which he cannot player.
  9. More evidence of ghost goals happening Safe to say this is a major bug! Trabzonspor v Atlético.pkm Trabzonspor v Sivasspor.pkm Gençlerbirliği v Trabzonspor.pkm Konyaspor v Trabzonspor 2.pkm Trabzonspor v Beşiktaş.pkm Trabzonspor v Antalyaspor.pkm Fenerbahçe v Trabzonspor.pkm Beşiktaş v Trabzonspor.pkm Kayserispor v Trabzonspor.pkm Akhisarspor v Trabzonspor.pkm Konyaspor v Trabzonspor.pkm Fatih Karagümrük v Trabzonspor.pkm Borussia Dortmund v FC Bayern 2.pkm Borussia Dortmund v Bayer Leverkusen.pkm Köln v Borussia Dortmund.pkm Borussia Dortmund v Hertha BSC.pkm FC Bayern
  10. Yeah I feel your pain, what you need to do is after every match save the match and create a post like mine and attach all the matches that the ghost goals have happened into your post. The Sports Interactive team need as many examples as possible in order for them to locate and fix the faults.
  11. More examples of the above happening. Always in the second half of games, vast majority happen in the 90th min. Trabzonspor v Antalyaspor.pkm Fenerbahçe v Trabzonspor.pkm Beşiktaş v Trabzonspor.pkm Kayserispor v Trabzonspor.pkm Akhisarspor v Trabzonspor.pkm Konyaspor v Trabzonspor.pkm Fatih Karagümrük v Trabzonspor.pkm
  12. Anytime I get a player sent off the bar in the commentary only disappears. So you can't read what is happening in the game, the only thing that changes is the scoreboard. FC Bayern v Borussia Dortmund.pkm
  13. Erling Haaland signed for Dortmund in 2020, says in his Bio it was 18/19 season. His league and goal appearances don't tally up either. I am playing 21/22 season but for some reason in his bio the games and goals played in 21/22 in the league do not update.
  14. This game is an absolute joke. I was winning 2-0 and in stoppage time Bayern were giving 2 goals. Absolutely no details of how they scored, just that 2 goals were added onto the scoreboard. How's this possible? This bug is making the game unplayable. Borussia Dortmund v FC Bayern 2.pkm
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