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  1. Do you think it is possible to play 3-4-3-0 without a striker and succeed? Any link or guide to play 3-4-3 variants would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I meant lines representing the partnerships.. completly gone after the full game..
  3. It was there on the beta version of the game, suddenly disapperead on the full game.. any solution to this?
  4. I could not find new role Segundo Volante to choose from in DM strata. Is it a known bug?
  5. Tinkerman84

    How does FM perform on a MacBook Air?

    macbook air experience - good cpu performance, average 3d performance macbook pro experience - very good cpu performance- better than average 3d performance..
  6. I think Beckham was intercahnging roles between Wideplaymaker and Wide Midfielder.. When Gary overlaps he was cutting inside and was more of a creative outlet, when he didn't he was a playing wide for a great cross..
  7. Tinkerman84

    Unable to sync my games with cloud

    I am also unable to see my saves in my other other computer ( which is macbook). Is there a OS clash between a windows save and a mac save? If not why am i having issues with it..
  8. Tinkerman84

    Football Manager 15 Deals

    will there be an acces to beta version before the release if you buy from cdkeys.com?
  9. Assume you have this squad and managing Fiorentina: Neglect the GK, Defenders: Santon, Vergini, Rancoglia, Savic, Tomovic, Compper, Pasqual, Cuadrado Midfielders: Luca Marrone, Aquillani, Anderson, James Milner, Ambrosini, E. Capoue, Joaquin, Ryder, Attackers: André Schürrle, Giovinco, Rossi , M .Gomez , What formation , lineu-up, roles& dutys, and tactical would you choose as your plan A with this bunch of players?
  10. xactly the vision i am after :-) how ever i failed to succeed so far in FM 14..
  11. I experiment to man mark opposing full backs, but i completely lost my attacking scheme.. we couldn't get past the opposing half and always had 11 players behind the ball. All i wanted was my strikers drifts wide when without ball and track back at least to our own half a little.. Also i want them to run digonally to central areas when we start to attack. which i couldnt manage
  12. Thank you all for your suggestions, i will try supportive duties and and man mark opposing full backs and will bring you feedback :-)
  13. this would also help to make the central midfield play closer to each other in my opinion..
  14. Also i am wawre that both Burak and Drogba are not the best tacklers , ı don't specifaclly want them to tackle or win the ball, at least their presence in wide areas without ball and pressing in wide areas would help to neglect the diadvantages of playing this formation.. Mancini is trying to do this which makes a like 4-1-2-3 without ball adn 4-1-2-1-2 while attacking..
  15. Cleon thnaks for details but this screenshots are from last years, this year recently with Mancini, Gala try to open wide Drogba and Burak to flanks while possesion is lost leaving Sneijder centrally.. and when the ball is won back, they move diagonally to central areas again while sneijder is bringing the ball forward to combine the duo..