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  1. Have a look at this. Than think about what's wrong. https://community.sigames.com/topic/414887-the-4231-explained/
  2. I use a system very like yours. Generally Control/flexible. All of mid 3 have same role and duty. On the left flank I use IF-a and IWB-s combination to use them with MEZ. The idea behind the using IWB, cover the space behind the MEZ and having a passing option there. On the right I have an IF-s and WB-a combination with AP on MCR strata they look like fine. I think AP and IF enjoy to passing together, create space for WB. On the top, I have a DLF-s or CF-s depend to situation. I also think the roles link play very well with others. Especially when I use DLF. On the other hand, sometimes I feel there are lack of support in penalty area. That encourage long shoot as you imagine.
  3. I don't see much trouble with the role in my tactic. IWB do what it has to do with a right tactical set-up.
  4. yes man, I said I will keep on eyes your suggesstions. Thanks again
  5. rninejr- Team cohesion nearly full. About match training, it would be different by match to match. And, thanks for your suggestion. I am agree with you about some of them and not agree with you about some of them. But they will be considered.
  6. Guys, I guess my second setup, which is look like Luis' Barcelona, is kinda completed. Now, I am work on last tweaks. I think, we will analyze it after a few days
  7. Man I found AP(a) on the flanks with roam from position looks like what Messi is doing IRL. It may not be same as much as RL, Idk yet. But I am working on it
  8. I mentioned, I was gonna try analysis other 85 min. of the match. We saw what happen during the 5 min. of the starting. Now, you can see what I mentioned about passes stats of my MCL player (Montolivo). Also, I mentioned that I did not play other 85 minutes of the match. Actually when I was writing about this 5 min. , I did not play even 1 more sec. You can see that above. So, stats and my observations tell me we could be OK but issue about my MCL and AMR player's passes stats. I have to admit, I did not expect that much issues about my MCL player. I was thinking wrong ! We will see how I was wrong. BTW, I did not know what to do fix this issues yet. So, I may need your suggestions there and your suggestions will be welcome. Before I start the analyze, I wanna mention that I am not sure about analyze the whole game in here. Because I did some tweak for the second half. But we will see what happened during the first half. Especially when they did score. For the whole game, I just wanna mention about general stats. Here you are ; They were kinda lucky, though we were not good enough. Now, Let's see how they scored their first goal. We were build fast here after their set-pieces. My MCL player, who is in red circle, has the ball. Alper, Hasan Ali, V.Persie all of them running there. Hasan Ali has attack duty for it. Also, Alper and V.Persie should be in up front position due to my formation. It is kinda what I told them. But when Montolivo lose the ball, you can see what happen there; Hasan Ali was out of position there. You can see opened space for their AMR player. And he was running there. Next photo you will see how he scored; CCC and goal. Now, I wanna mention about their second goal. Ozan has the ball there. Montolivo is unmarked in the space. But before he arrive the ball, let's think about what he can do with ball. May he be in situation without any option to pass ? Let's see; He is in the bad situation right there and he will lose the ball. Then that's what happen ; They circulated the ball easily, we were not good to press them. And Negredo dropped back to get ball. The ball recieved him. He kick it. Amazing goal, top stuff. You can say here ; No way ! It can not happen. But look at him how he is free. No one pressing. And he scored amazing goal. I don't know what to do here. But I guess, if we did not lose the ball, our defence was not catch that unbalanced. Let's see their last goal. I won't comment for it. I just share 3 photo. ; That's how they scored their 3 goals IMO. I don't know what would you think about that. Now, I wanna show you something; I mentioned about my AMR player's Diego's intercepted passes before. Now you can see Gökhan(DR) is avaible for pass. But Diego pass it out. Until this photo, I did not notice. With this photo, I think about it. Why he can't pass to Gökhan ? Then, I thought that it's a big match away from home. He is not that avaible for AMR position. Also, match was 1-0 situation for this moment. But I thought one more think too. He use his RIGHT foot. And like this situation, he try to pass using his LEFT foot. Because of his position. He cut inside and pass the ball with left food. Sometimes, things can happen because of that simple detail, can't it ? I guess, it does not mean FM has a problem IMO. Now, remember I mentioned above DLP(d)-CM(s) can not act like I want. DLP drop back anyway. But I was not sure CDs spread out like I want. Also, I mentioned CM(s) didn't drop back to get ball as much as I want. I guess, it can be another example for it ; CM(s) was not in there like I want. And Back 3 is narrower than I like and Souza became kinda unnecessary player for there.
  9. EDIT= Also for first picture, you use a control mentality. The mentality try utilise when opportunity arrive. Your team was camping at the opposition's half. But Pardo has no simple pass option in front of him. When he look at the around, he saw 1v1 situation in the penalty area. And if F9 can win the ball and play with your other CM(s), CM(s) can even score. So the player who has the ball already has creativity, he may think there is nothing wrong to try it.
  10. Hard to say anything without whole setup but I see something there. For first picture, I generally use a F9 role without using any real runner like you. I don't know it is true or not. But I thought F9 tent to act real nine because he thinks there is nobody to leading box. So especially with creativity, he can take control himself. It is just an idea I did not try yet. But I guess it can be happen because of that. You will be welcome to correct me. For second picture, you use a playmaker in very fluid shape. He has full creativity. And I remember Saul has triess killer balls often PPM. He saw the run and play with it. It does not sure he is in offside or not.
  11. Thank you RTH We lose this 3-0. It looks like nice win for them. It is nice win anyway. Though we were not good, they were kinda lucky. While we were kinda adventurous, I have to admit that they had very fast especially in the final thirth. I wanna analyze it for the next post.
  12. Prozone stats; I think I can see 2 things here. Their 'passes-defence' stats and my 'passes-attack' stats. It can tell me that I did not press well when they try build-up from back. Also, it can tell me that we did not link play at the thirth phase. The most of intercepted passes came from my AMR. It can be happened cause of his risky passes setting, though retain possession reduce risky passes. But he has creativity by his role and duty. Or, it can be happened cause of my forward's roaming. Or both. I need to keep on eyes there. My AMR position is the player who has the most recieved passes. Also, I did not use DLP role for the MCR position. But my MCR player has recieved pass more than DLP(d) and AP(s). It can be happened cause of that he is the link player for my 3 playmakers. I noticed, my DL player has not recieved even 1 passes. Plus, my AML player has recieved just 1 passes. It can be happened cause of my AMR player's role. Also, my AML player's PI can be part of it. Finally, I think there may be something wrong with my AMR and MCL players' passes.
  13. I have an opinion for this post. I remember Cleon said, he always watch at least 5 minutes of the starting on full. I am gonna try analyze this 5 minutes. What can be happen ? How will we play ? After rninejr's comments, I decide focus on my second set-up which is more like today's Barcelona. He said how I am norrower and this is not the only way to be successful with possession. Of course there is a lot of way to be successful with possession anyway. But this is why I decide to focus on my second set-up. I hardly recommend you to read Branko Nikovski's Barcelona analysis (you can find it my first post). So with this great article's help and rninejr's comments, let's see how I decide to make my set-up; I already use control mentality in my second set-up. I eliminated 'shorter passing' TI to improve width. I thought I need to reduce the tempo for having the possession. I added 'lower tempo' instead of 'shorter passing'. I already use 'close down much more' , 'retain possession' and 'stay on feed' TI in my second set-up. I kept them. Also, I have another different setting here, I don't use D-Line setting. Control mentality already has kinda high D-Line. I was not sure to increase it so I kept it as default. That's things on the paper. Let's look at role; I chose FB(a) instead of WB(a). I have two reason here. 1) I use DLP instead of HB. You know what I think about Busquets role in today's Barcelona. I am not OK using two attacking wingbacks without a HB. I thought FB(a) is attack minded because of his duty as much as WB(a) so he can be very higher anyway. But without a HB I can not trust two WB(a)'s defensive play. 2) I thought I can use 'stay wider' PI for them if I want anyway. According to Nikovski's article, Alves generally stay wider more than Alba. So I use 'stay wider' PI for my DR player. Also, you can see I chose CM(s) for Rakitic's role. I mentioned I think him as BBM. But I thought again. I agree he is more roaming then Xavi. But I guess CM(s) is more roaming than DLP(s) or DLP(s) is more static than CM(s) cause of 'hold position' PI. So I thought it does not have to be BBM. It can be CM(s). He will run when necessary. He may not run as much as BBM. But he won't hold position as much as DLP too. Plus, BBM can catch out of position more than CM. I though it is not what I want (remember defending as 4-4-2). Anyway, I wanted to try it. There is one more thing I wanna mention. I have 'stay wider' PI for my AML. According to Nikovski's article, that's what Neymar doing generally. So we can begin analyze it. The first thing caught my attention ; My DR is already running through opposition's half while my AML, ST, AMR players keep opposition's players busy. I may see he will overlap enough if opportunity arrive during the other 85 minutes. Also, I have a norrower triangle in front of DC-DC-DLP triangle. They are gonna try build-up from the back. I have a kinda high D-Line here. Also, keep attention from my AMR and AML. You can see my AMR higher than my AML. IF(s)-AP(a). We will see what happen; My AML move back faster than my AMR to keep his defensive position. We keep defensive shape kinda 4-4-2. AMR is doing what I want from him here. He keeps his move slowly. Then we won ball back. Opposition's DL player try to win it back from us. So he left his position. And my AMR player stay alone at opened space. The player, who has the ball right there, will play with him. That's what I want and that's what Barcelona doing sometimes. Next, we will see what happen because of 'stay wider' PI of the my AML; He arrive the ball wide position and he is beggining cut inside with ball. Opposition's MCR and AMC players try to reduce his space and press him. Then my DLP stay alone at the opened space. He will play with other flank (as you can see below we are 3 players -2 of them unmarked- in there). When ball arrive to the other flank, I wanna show you something. Look at the my AMR player. He is in red circle too above picture (Diego-AP-). And look at the my DR player. He is the nearest player to the halfway-line (Gökhan-FB-) AP(a) drop back to get ball. When he get the ball, opposition's DL player try to pressing him. Actually, opposition's MCL near to my AMR. But Diego get ball at good place. And he kinda move away from opposition's MCL. When it happened, opposition's DL player decide to reduce his space. Then my overlapping DR player get the ball at opened space from Diege. I think that move is not just about Diego and Gökhan. My AML is wider to confuse opposition's DR, my DL keeps busy opposition's AMR, my ST is higher to keep opposition's DCs busy. Opposition's MCR is busy with my MCL player Montolivo, their AMC player is busy with my DMC player. And their MCL player is kinda out of the game thanks for my AMR. Finally, their DL player think he has not another option but reduce my AMR player's space. Let's see ; I can tell you, DLP(d)-CM(s) combo is acting as I want. DLP can open space for CM. I am OK with it. But let me tell you why I love HB on right there. When I use HB, I see my DC players positioning themself wider area with trust to HB's move. You can see below, how DLP can open space for CM and how CD players narrower than I want. ; You noticed other red circle in front of CM's circle. They are AML-AMR-DR (from left to right). AML stay wider on the left flank. AMR sit narrower and drop back to get ball. DR offer wide option on the right flank. Their positions provide an opportunity for my MCL (Montolivo) to include himself to the build-up phase. Here you are after few sec. ; I believe, our players on the flanks will not allow them to be compact. Though, it happened because of their desire to attack to me or team shape. It is the beggining of the match. 5 minutes. Next part, we will see prozone stats for this 5 minutes
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