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  1. (This an assumption, and needs to be proved, but worked in the Swiss league when only 1 team from 1 lower division is promoted) If you want to promote just the champions of each of the four, it should automatically work if you set the promotion as zero, because what I think is happening is there are already 4 teams hard-coded to be relegated from the Bulgarian second level (even though it is showing as zero), so if there are four sub-divisions in the next level there's effectively already four teams hard-coded to come up (again, even if it is showing visually as zero), so it would automatically take the champions of each. (if you wanted to do something more complicated with play-offs etc, then probably the advanced editor would be the only route until they fix it) I have raised your original issue as a a bug (I had the same issue but searched first to see if anyone had raised it) and SI have already replied to say they are looking into it, so I presume its not on purpose and will be fixed
  2. https://community.sigames.com/forum/722-pre-game-and-in-game-editor/?do=add See this issue here
  3. I think there is a bug in the editor, I'm getting the same error in the Swiss league when adding the third level (except it is 1 promoted from lower division not 4) However: If I change promoted teams to 0 rather than 1, it validates (and when I tested in game, the 3rd level team was successfully being promoted) But if I change to advanced editor and try to validate, it doesn't validate This makes me think the issue is mainly cosmetic, and rather than 0, what it is really saying is the number of promoted teams from whatever level you add to the out-of-the-box structure is already pre-defined by how many teams are relegated from the last level of that out-of-the-box structure. So I will raise a bug, but unlsd, in the meantime I bet if you set promoted teams to zero it will work
  4. Linked to the below, but not quite the same, for the last couple of FMs every regen at all the Liechtenstein clubs has Swiss as second nationality: This shouldn't be the case, Liechtenstein is not a region of Switzerland like the Basque Country for example, it's a nation in it's own right
  5. Hadn't really though about the last two as kind of go against the ethos of FMT, but now someone mentions it, I agree these are two things I miss from the full version that I'd like to see in FMT. In the same vein, I get how the aim is to reduce the number of clicks, but I also miss getting a news item when players leave the shortlist. And a wish list post wouldn't be complete without a request for a pre-game editor
  6. Lucas, is this only available after official release then?
  7. Similar for me, and I'm sure it was 4 or 5 stars for FM16 Also, Downloadable content- presumably not available til release date? Shame if so, as wanted to start a game as national manager too
  8. I agree with the OP on this I understand why the auto-save option is there, but it used to give the option to cancel as well as save when asking for the file name, which means no extra clicks, so don't really understand why this was changed And whilst it may not be the biggest of issues, if you don't ask, you don't get!
  9. Yes really, Lusitanos is the Latin (?) name for Portugal. Anyway, interesting read. Always like these Andorra, San Marino and Liechtenstein challenges. Hopefully SI will allow the league editor for FMT in the next version so I can try one myself, just find it a bit too cumbersome to play the full fat game these days. Now you're national manager by the way, there is a positive side to losing your best players abroad, as they will develop far better for the national team.
  10. Shame there's no editor again, but are there any new out-of-the box leagues to partially compensate? (I never understood why the Gibraltar add-on through Steam was not for FMT too, being an official SI update) And I saw a thread about some new African national competitions (ANC for domestic based players being one): Can anyone confirm if these are present in FMT as well as the full fat version?
  11. You're correct with the squad screen resetting all the time when the a custom view is created, and it is really annoying. I've raised it as a bug
  12. When the number of teams to be promoted or to go into a play-offs for the parent competition is not divisible by the number of child competitions, the ability to easily choose best runners up from across the child competitions involved. e.g. the swiss fourth level has three child divisions. Eight teams enter the promotion play-offs from these divisions, being the top two in each division plus the next best two teams from across all three divisions. Try as I might, I have never been able to get this to work. This may be possible to do anyway with some combination of the advanced rules (if anybody knows how, please tell me!)
  13. For me, three things would make it almost perfect: 1. Ability to ask board for youth facilities and junior coaching to be upgrading as we can for training 2. some editor capability to at least set up new leagues (I appreciate opening up player and team edits can interfere with the unlockables) 3. One thing I hate is playing against teams full of grey players, particularly at international or club continental level. So it would be nice for some of the advanced database options to be available (such as load all international players and load players from clubs in continental competition). To pre-empt the answer that the FMC ethos is about a faster game therefore this would slow the game down, the current solution is to load at least the first division of all countries, which is surely slower!
  14. As a general approach which may help, I would do everything possible first in the normal editor, make sure that is verified (indeed you cannot switch to advanced until it is), and then make the changes that require advanced editing
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