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  1. Can't say I agree with that, if it's proved anything this test it's that decisions is an undesirable attribute compared to every other one desired by a role because of how much CA weight it has.
  2. Furthermore SI are the kind of company that would (hot)fix such an issue if was seen to be true (see the recent scouting costs issues), so let's let them investigate it and see shall we?
  3. Please see post here https://strikerless.com/2017/12/16/fm18-labs-we-need-to-talk-about-decisions/ Basically the lower the decisions was the better the team performed in the test.
  4. Would just like to say a big thank you to SI for putting out such a quick fix for the scouting costs rather than have us waiting potentially another month. It's the small things like that which keeps people buying the game year in year out.
  5. I don't think you realise that any player scouted to 100% currently (whether by instruction or automatic) is incurring costs of 800ish per player, on top of scout wages and on top of package costsand this is hidden. Check you finances I game and you may be in for a shock!
  6. If that's the case and the scouting costs are correct and we should be more prudent in terms of when we scout then fine I'll adapt how I play the game. But that's not how we've played the game for the last 20 years, so some feedback from SI on how they envisage scouting should work now would be great (whether it's working as intended or indeed a bug to be fixed)
  7. Not meaning to be blunt, but is the game even playable with the current scouting issues? I have no interest in investing time into the game if LLM is broken. Is this "under review" as in looking to be fixed next patched?
  8. Ownership type?

    Huge bump but if I wanted to add a sugar daddy with minimal chance of leaving over day 30 years would foreground sugar daddy for member owned no elections be the best bet?
  9. Staff responsibilities. Your assistant is managing the friendlies but you can change this
  10. Managing your teams rivals

    I could play as United without fuss when City weren't in the same division.
  11. From memory the inverted wing back role was the "Leighton Baines role" when he was at his peak. It's nothing to do with Guardiola's occasional interpretation.
  12. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Has Pogba got another game straight after this or something?
  13. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Hey, Aidan is the racist one remember!
  14. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Was expecting that within two posts (hence the close up being included), poor show Ackter
  15. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    I'm only half watching on laptop on mute and keep assuming Sissoko is Pogba until I see the shirt number/close up