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  1. Wait a minute!? All those years Arsenal talked about having a gold trophy, and it wasn't even a full-sized one - it's a miniature Subbuteo cup instead?
  2. Hmmm.... I have doubts. Also, I love Gunman - genuinely good poster that adds something to the forum
  3. Sounds like Holland said he was crap at Werewolf, and he had a strop and walked out. It happens.
  4. Lampard? Gerrard? Carsley? Come on, these are all worse then Southgate. Maybe Southgate is just as weak domestically, but these guys at best will match Southgate's achievements (and probably do much worse)
  5. So we're backing Southgate? I mean, if it's not Potter, Howe or a foreign coach it's probably a step down isn't it?
  6. Agree, can't remember who made the point on twitter last night. But when Sven & Capello were managers it was a different era - almost a novelty to have foreign managers in England. It's now normal, we've got the team spirit we now need the best manager. That's why I'm happy to keep Southgate if push comes to shove because I'm fearing a worse English manager taking over.
  7. This is the only tournament I've genuinely wanted England to do well, so maybe he's won me over (I not anti England, I'm just equally in love with the comedy of losing as with the glory of success) Love you Gareth
  8. I think this is a really good clip highlighting what Stones is good at, we need to stop playing him as full back at City now Walker is back fit. Also shows Rice doing nothing as per usual.
  9. TBF he could have done exactly what Henderson did as well (run around a bit) so it would have worked.
  10. Southgate needed to make a call of who to bring on from Sterling/Rashford and couldn't so messed up the whole dynamic by bring both.
  11. I wouldn't be opposed to keeping Southgate after this tournament. He got the first 11 right, bad changes in this game but sometimes that happens.
  12. I think Southgate's subs were poor, but you can't be right all the time. Taking off all creators is just weird, one of Sterling/Rashford and AT LEAST one of Foden/Saka/Grealish sure
  13. Lay off to Walker piledriver, ref blows before reaches goal
  14. Awwwww.... a Maguire half volley... I believed. Bottled it
  15. Takes off all our creators, goes full on crosses, doesn't bring on either of our best two crossers.
  16. As my dad used to say (about City, before they got good) Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
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