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  1. I've had the exact same thing happen to me in last nights session. Upload the pkm's of the games they happened in along with the time stamp of the goal time it happened.
  2. For sheer out and out skill? Hmm, no, even in FM terms those two in all the years I've played FM never have found stats like those two players had. As for scoring ability absolutely ranks up there with them, but you ask him to pass a ball he'll most likely trip over himself. He's all about that poacher instinct, in the right spot, finding those through balls type of striker. Kylian Mbappe is the current FM world beater in terms of World Player Of The Year Awards in my save having amassed the same 8/10 so I would liken him to Mbappe in all honesty, pace and that good eye for finishing when foun
  3. 8 in the last 10 years from 2033 to 2043. There's nothing that stands out from his attributes, good finishing, good pace and off the ball which ultimately as stated my play style is team based so he had a pretty reliable team around him from good wingers to a very unselfish strike partner (and the ME helped... but certainly didn't define his success). He was the very quintessential Advanced Forward even if he is 5'9
  4. Conor Devers for me in my current save is the only thing holding me to this save, I want to see just where he ends up. So far since purchasing him from Leeds having finished the previous season before purchasing 36 in 43apps this caught my eye and I had to buy the Irishman on that impressive season for a Leeds team in 2033/34 season mid table and a striker able to get these stats put in to my team winning leagues and flying high. So far since his arrival he has gone; *(League Goals)Overall* (50)80, (51)92, (43)73, (45)88, (52)70, (37)58, (30)54, (24)66, (42)65, (48)68 in ten seasons, mana
  5. Refunds are from the shop you initially purchased the game from. SI don't refund directly unless of course you purchased from them.
  6. I've never tried it but yes you can lower a players age, so in essence they will stay in the game for as long as you keep remembering to alter the age... in theory, again, never tried.
  7. Daz2205


    Staff tab > Responsibilities > Match > "Backroom staff arrange friendly matches for first-team squad" third option down under friendly matches.
  8. This section is for ME bug reports, posting feedback on the game can be found here. 👍
  9. Not gonna lie, that would be a game changing feature to be able to practice and invent movements and tactical plays with the pitch broken up in to squares and area's you want certain things to happen.
  10. Even when in doubt, always helps 👍
  11. 🤣 the three tabs top left in eye line of the striker position, click the first one 👍
  12. This section is for bug reports, not chit chatter. Discussions can be had in the appropriate sections of the forum.
  13. Sounds like a technical issue than a match engine issue. Might have better luck in the technical issues section.
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