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  1. 6 weeks give or take a couple days till release date - if I remember rightly features last year were beginning to be revealed about 3ish weeks prior to release, I'd say things are chugging along as expected. Patience... we've waited this long
  2. AH! Success! I changed the line <record from="Nameoffileinfolder" to="graphics/pictures/club/IDofyourteaminthegame/logo"/> to; <record from="Nameoffileinfolder" to="graphics/pictures/team/IDofyourteaminthegame/kits/home"/> That seems to have done it. Thanks again for your help, couldn't have done it without your help, very much appreciated!
  3. Appreciate the help but alas I think I've got to admit defeat here. I've followed everything to a T and yet it just doesn't seem to want to change. Tried for almost an hour now redoing everything over and following closely. Maybe this database can't be changed.
  4. Does anyone know how to add custom kits to a custom database team? I downloaded the lower league database and wish to add a custom kit to the team I’m managing but can’t seem to find out how. I’ve always been able to add kits to existing clubs from the downloaded kits and logos ect but I can’t seem to find anywhere for custom database teams. Any suggestions?
  5. I've downloaded the custom lower English league database and I'm currently playing with Hatfield Town who I have gotten all the way up to League 2 and I've always said to myself once I get to this league I'll add a custom kit for immersion's sake.. heh. However I've reached a stumbling block as to how to actually go about adding the (yet to be created) kit to the actual game its self as I don't have the foggiest where to add it. I have all the regular Premier League kits/trophies ect as standard. So my question is; How to I add kits to teams that have been created through a custom databas
  6. Have you tried reinstalling two more times, you may eventually win 3-4 after scoring one more goal after reinstalling the first time. Might help your situation.
  7. In-game (DLC)/pre-game editor(free). Third party real time editors (potential cost).
  8. Just finished the 2044 season, 4 clubs inc 1 national job and currently with Liverpool for 13 of those years. My manager is aged 69 so a couple more seasons as the all conquering legend that is I (puffs chest out) then I'll retire him and just carry on with either his son and do a LLM or just use that save to edit the living heck out of it! Or start a new save with the yet to be tried out transfer updates.
  9. I remember the camera angle where you can move left and right like a swivel camera but I rarely used that but overall the camera angles currently in are decent. Tactical analyst one that’s some times used on Monday Night Football show that was implemented couple years back is ‘ok’ but this VAR offside view should definitely be considered. Allowing mods to camera angles might be a feature request that could happen, who knows. I’m not entirely sure the depth of modding that is possible in FM, aside from skins, in-game editors and databases, due to its hard coding and complex structure. Woul
  10. It’s not currently an active camera angle to view a match in but I do hope it gets enough attention to be added in FM21, it’s genuinely a good angle.
  11. If you have the in-game editor on both FM19 and 20, select the players you wish to carry over on to FM20 by clicking on the in-game editor in 19 on a players profile and select "Export Attribute Template" - that will create a folder outside the game called "attribute templates" - drag and drop that folder into your FM20 folder, load FM20 select any player you want to "change" by clicking on their profile selecting "Import Attribute Template" and that will change your selected player to the attributes of the player from FM19 - Once you've done that, alter the players CA/PA to reflect that of th
  12. Only through the pre-game editor if you want history, stats ect. However you can add attributes by exporting those from FM19 with the in-game editor, copy paste the folder to FM20 and import to any player. I’ve done this with a few players from 19 who I really enjoyed, just create a new history for them and see if they can become the player they was in a former life! 😆
  13. Goals are in abundance for me, but I'm rather advanced with a save so regens are somewhat the usual overpowered sort. Currently have one of my two strikers sitting on 53 in 53 having 31 in 31 PL games with 7 to go. I've played a flat 442 for the past 4/5 seasons and the same striker has been hitting, 22, 34, 19, 26 in the past 3 seasons.
  14. I can change each schedule by left clicking rather than right clicking. But right clicking I do also get the same options for all tabs.
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