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  1. Goals are in abundance for me, but I'm rather advanced with a save so regens are somewhat the usual overpowered sort. Currently have one of my two strikers sitting on 53 in 53 having 31 in 31 PL games with 7 to go. I've played a flat 442 for the past 4/5 seasons and the same striker has been hitting, 22, 34, 19, 26 in the past 3 seasons.
  2. I can change each schedule by left clicking rather than right clicking. But right clicking I do also get the same options for all tabs.
  3. I've been saying this for a while and they are in the pile of things to work on for future editions. Hopefully FM21 we will see them implemented a lot more because I for one would love to see more as its part of how I like to set up my team in their play style. It's definitely lacking.
  4. You automatically manage both should you be approached for a national job aside your club job. A second tab above your sidebar with your national teams flag and club badge will appear so you can switch between the two jobs.
  5. There isn't one, if I'm following correctly. If you have installed custom graphics then you delete your "graphics" folder that you create for using custom logo's and then should go back to stock badges.
  6. Has anyone noticed VAR being used for mistaken identity, direct red card? I’ve had a couple where a tackle has taken place inside the box and a corner was given after a check.
  7. I’ve had this a couple updates back and reported it also, I found the keepers setting on set-pieces were “stay back if needed” I clicked the option to have “none” and it kept him in goal. Check his settings in set-piece tab
  8. There is somewhat of a minor element of this in-game already, or at least what I would consider as mental health - struggles, feeling unsure on things ect and that's feeling home sick when a new signing wants to return home, that in someways means the player isn't coping well mentally and is allowed X amount of time on leave. Adding to these features wouldn't be that difficult only in the manner in which you approach them but finding how to incorporate in to existing features would add another realism even if it has absolutely no impact other than perhaps a question in an interview - "X player has been expressing on social media lately feeling home sick and has been granted leave, how do you feel this would affect the player/team?" sort of thing.
  9. It is the main version for both beta and ‘retail’ (opt out the beta the same as you opted in if you did) and you will have the latest update still, and save games are carried over.
  10. Data Analyst view is slightly more tilted whereas this one is more top down, that's the view when there is a VAR check from 2D view - also one i quite like to be honest. I'd like to watch this camera angle.
  11. Yeah it is a tad quick, I have noticed and has annoyed me on countless occasions. You aren't alone.
  12. Strange as in strange mechanic/game play wise? This is the team in question, I believe I added the Portuguese league around 29/30 season and this was the year the players generated and was able to see the current transfer window. (Ahem excuse the blatant 1K transfer to my club... testing the uh.. bug.. ) PA of this current squad ageing from 21-28 are around 130-145 and the players sold (those generated, transfer listed ect) were around 156-170 (two at 170) being Marco Silveira and Marco Joaquim who was at the time taking the league by storm putting their former club top of the league. Teams league decline as you can see, 14 on the spin, come January losing 8 without winning in 12 from mid Jan transfer window.
  13. Certainly can. I’ve actually not long finished a season, I’ll see if I can deliberately reproduce it tonight. The particular team in question on my save who had both the worldies was walking the league, come the transfer window they sold everyone and never won a game since 😅.. still they got a nice chunk of change from selling!
  14. I too added a league, Portuguese league to be precise and saw a club have two world class players of 170+ CA in a team full of on average 120CA. Both players transfer listed, both players generated with no history other than the year I added the league and aged 27/28 but this was sometime ago for a save file but I too have found this as well.
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