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  1. I've cleared the cache and preferences and it's all the same. I haven't written any criticisms because it was a hat-taking game, but this year's is a lot of steps back in terms of gameplay (one that doesn't happen one bug happens another), next year you'll have to think about it a lot if it's worth spending the money and time on this game.
  2. Another data, on fm18 and fm19, I have no problem, color or error when leaving games.
  3. I already did that, also uninstall my drivers and reinstall it (the last one is understood), the latter I have done manually and also through geforce experience and nothing still gives me the two problems the color and the error when exiting.
  4. No, the error does not affect the saved ones, what I notice is that in 3d viewing the heads of some player are like shaking the color of the hair (it is difficult to explain), I do not know if this error affects the game itself.
  5. Every time I go out of football manager 20, gives me the error Football manager 2020 20.4.1-1363262 (staging), problem event name: BEX64, module name with errors: nvwgf2umx.dll, I tried to uninstall the nvidia driver and put the last and nothing, I also tried to remove the cache folders and preferences, check the integrity of fm.exe, but nothing, no longer do , I'm desperate.
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