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  1. For sure players performances depend on their attributes, physical conditions and morales but what else does impact them ? I'm wondering if recent performances impact next one ? Are there good/bad form streaks ? If a player received good ratings in the last 5 games is he more likely to play well in the next one ? Also, is there a link with between their match and training performances ? Are they more likely to perform well if they have good training ratings ?
  2. I would like to have the option to tell my players to cut the passing lines to a certain opposing player like Liverpool did yesterday with Messi. It was clear that they always tried to have at minimum one player between the ball holder and Messi to avoid him to get the ball and do its magic. Actually, in FM19 you can man mark or press but you can't do something like that.
  3. While watching a match on the pitch screen, it would be really useful it the opposition instructions icons could be added on the formation widget. It would even be better if we could change those instructions from here !
  4. Even if I really like the idea of those briefings I don't understand what they do now ?! For me, they should work as the match preparation did in previous versions. That means, if I understood it correctly, they made little boosts on some tactical aspects. It should be the same with those briefings. If I ask my players to focus on high pressing it could give a boost on attributes that are needed to to do it well. If we ask to be careful of an opposition player, it should be done better than if we don't mention it. Naturally as players can't focus too long , the more information we give the less effective they would be. But, we should be able to tell them to mainly focus on one thing wich would be more impacted.
  5. I just want to know if the pre-game meetings have an impact on how well my team will apply the tactics if I insist on certain aspects or if those meetings only do something to players motivations ?
  6. It would be nice to have an "official" answer by someone who knows because we can only guess !
  7. Now that the training has been revamped and that we have weekly rating on how our players do it, I would like to know what this ratings really mean ? If a player has a good rating, does it mean that he's put a lot of effort into training or that he performed well during it ? Sometimes you can be good without doing your best and sometimes you're doing bad while trying hard ! In fact, I would like to know if it has an impact on players form and how they could perform during their games. If a player has a high training rating, is he more likely to perform well in the next game ? Should we take this into account while we're picking our first eleven ? And, if yes, should we take a player with a good training rating to reward him for his efforts or because he should perform better than if he had bad ratings ? Thanks in advance...
  8. I'm very pleased that the training module has been reworked because, for me, it was probably the weakest part of the game but I still have some interrogations about it: - In the FM show, they say that there will be a weekly report on our players training performances but will our assistants tell us if our players gave their best (motivation, determination) or did they perform well ? Sometimes you give all you have but still perform like crap ! Will we have informations on the commitment of our players and/or on their forms ? - Will there be a relation between training and matchday, especially concerning form ? We should be able to know which player performs well during the week, who is "on fire" and who is full of doubts ! We should have an indication on who's going to perform well on matchday. In relation to my first interrogation, I would like to be able to pick a young player in my first team because he worked hard to encourage him but I also would like to pick him simply because he's in great form and outperformed his older teamate during the week ! Really hope that these little things could be in the game...
  9. Hi ! I think that AI managers don't rotate or don't rest enough their players because, most of the times, I play against a team that's has a lot of players who are below 85% of fitness in the beginning of the game... that makes it easier to win games !... I don't think that the AI uses rests from training when needed... what do you think ?...
  10. No possibility to have access to the pre-game editor now ?... I need it to be able to begin my game as I need to add lower divisions in the league I want to play in !...
  11. It would be nice if we could have some "official" infos about how these meetings are supposed to impact our players !... If they do anything, do they "only" impact their morales or do they have an effect on how they'll apply the tactic and the instructions ?... Is it just a "cosmetic" feature or does it really have an impact on the gameplay and, if so, how ?... I don't want to take time on these meetings if they don't have any effect !... Thanks...
  12. Hello ! Could we have a topic where people would only post their impressions on the beta ? What do they like ? What do they don't ? No discussions... only small "reviews" !... It would be great, thanks !... So let us now how you enjoy the game so far...
  13. That's exactly my point !... I don't care if the game is very realistic or not but, in this case, I think that it would really add something to the gameplay. Something like the way EA's Fifa series handles players conditions during the game could force us to be more subtle tactically.
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