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  1. Hello, When I’m picking my XI for the next game, I’m not sure what information I should take into account. So I wanted to know what you think and hopefully we could also have an official answer as some of those questions remain mysteries (while it shouldn’t). So, imagine two identical players with only one of the thing below different (by a lot), what impact do you think that this difference would have on his performance on the pitch (in the next game) ? From “0” (has no impact) to “10” (has a huge impact), what would you consider: 1) Attributes (let’s begin wi
  2. Hello ! I wish there was a possibility to change our players positions on the "our team formation panel" that appears between highlights during matches. Also, in the same optic, it would be nice if, on the "opposite team match panel", we could see the icons of the Opposition Instructions and be able to change them from here. The less we have to quit the match screen to go to "Tactics & Subs" = the most immersive = the best Thanks...
  3. Hello ! I wish we had the possibility to compare 2 scout reports of the same player at different moment to be able to track if a player is improving or not. I want to see the atributes and "personality" changes. It would also be useful if we could do it to our loaned players. Thanks...
  4. Hello (sorry for my English), For me, the “next opponent scout report” should be a really important tool to prepare for a match but, now, I don’t really enjoy them. First, information is spread between too many places… “Team report-Next Opponent”, “next opponent’s Team reports”. And, second, it’s too many stats and not enough “human interaction”. Are scouts in charge of this IRL, not the Assistant Manager? Anyway, they don’t just put a bunch of graphs on the manager desk, they probably deliver their reports in person explaining things with their analysis tool to show examples. I woul
  5. Hello ! It would be nice and time saving if we could select many players and praise/criticize them all in one action. Especially for training performances. I understand that it's not the most realistic but... it's a game and it's also supposed to be fun and clicking every game week on every player to praise/criticize them one by one is quite boring ! Thanks
  6. I understand that praising a player woulg improve his morale so make him more likely to perform well. But does the training rating have an influence on players performances directly ? Better training rating = more likely to perform better ?
  7. Hello, I just had a game where I wanted to reduce the opposition playmaker influence. I asked my ream to tight mark him in the Opposition Instruction. They didn't seem to do it because he seemed to roam freely in every extended highlight I saw. No one marking him when he approached and entered the box. Is the instruction working for you and, if yes, what is it suposed to do ? Thanks...
  8. Hello ! I like to watch my games in full match and toggle between normal and high speed with shortcuts. The problem is that, when I do so, the sound and text are advancing faster that the display of the game. That's pretty annoying because you can hear the sound and watch the text flash for a goal before it happens. It kills the "suspense" ! The only way to synchronize it back is to pause the game but, then, the display jumps to where the sound and text are which makes me miss a bit of the action. That should signify that the problem comes from the display and not the text/sound ! Th
  9. I would like to be able have a graph (or something else) that would indicateme the changes in the personality of my players, the same way as other attributes in the player "Development"- "Progress" panel. Thanks !
  10. I often look at my next opponent's past matches to see how they play. It would be useful to have the possibility, in addition to the highlight size choice, to chose what type of actions we want to see (only corners/freekicks, and/or build-up plays). Thanks !
  11. Hello, My assistant manager always suggests to select players because they "performed especially well in training lately ..." but would it really make them more likely to be good during the next game ? Should we take the training rating into consideration while picking our starting XI ? Thanks...
  12. So you think that form doesn't exist ?! That's not a good thing for me ! IRL it seems like it does exist and some player have ups and downs on periods. So, if it does not exist, what's the point of giving us the rating of the last 5 games ? Is there something like a "random form of the day" ? Are players impacted by how they're performing during a game ? Are players more likely to be good in second half if they were in the first ?
  13. I understand that to replicate real life tactics is complicated but I hope that the game will go in this direction to give us more options in the future. I guess that the problem is that some users don't want it to be too complex and the other difficulty is to make the AI use it properly so the game doesn't become too easy for people who are good at it ! So let's be patient and cross our fingers !
  14. I would like to have the possibility to block passing lines to an opposition player. From the second half of the Italy vs. Spain game (Euro semi-final), when the spanish had the possession, there nearly always was a player between the ball carrier and Busquest (most of time Insigne). Liverpool and other teams used the same type of instructions against Messi. In FM, you can only ask to mark a player which positioned our player between this player and the goal or to press him but it would really be useful to be ale to block passing lines. It seems to be often used IRL against playmakers. T
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