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  1. Anybody? I have a game on hold while I wait for an answer.
  2. How do I cancel a training camp that is in place when I start managing a team?
  3. I have started a second attempt with Dorchester http://i.imgur.com/sent5Sl.png http://i.imgur.com/o5vsIhK.png
  4. Really struggling, 1 win from 13 matches. So I go on holiday for the 14th match and see if the assistant can do any better, we win 6-1, LOL.
  5. 3 games, 4 red cards and a fine for 8 yellow cards in a match http://i.imgur.com/uBX9fzI.png 1 draw, 2 losses. Terrible start
  6. 3 red cards within the first two matches including 2 in one incident that gave away a penalty. The second one came when one of my players already on the yellow got a second yellow for abusing the referee for giving the fist red card.
  7. I don't think have as bad a problem as Corby, apparently they just went and sacked a castle, that is bad discipline.
  8. I am in Managing Hendon Profile http://i.imgur.com/f8J2PrL.png
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