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  1. Thanks, all of those will be taken into consideration. Just on Gameiro - his most recent ACL injury in September happened after the cut-off date for injuries to be included in the game, which is at the start of August. The full FFA Cup qualification wasn’t added because the time & resources it would have taken the coders to implement wasn’t justifiable for non-playable teams. If we are able to get NPL comps made playable at some stage in the future then it might have a greater chance of being incorporated.
  2. Choi & Regan aren't in the squad as they're Injury Replacement Players and unfortunately we don't have a way to properly include IRPs. Dugandzic is an oversight though, thanks for highlighting this. Thanks for the update on the WBSA, those clubs were added to the database as part of a feature request to include the full FFA Cup qualification process to the game but it was not approved, there aren't any plans to add the rest of the clubs from their leagues at this stage
  3. Exactly, I've got no idea about whether it'll be made playable or not but it can't be added to the database when there's literally no concrete information about it
  4. Here's some stuff on the Hellenic Cup, the Richmond they mention here isn't Richmond SC, it's some other amateur club North West Prelims: North West Main: South East Prelims: South East Main:
  5. Great work. If you're still looking for more leagues to add I'll suggest the Goulburn North East Football Association League:
  6. Great work, would you be able to add the Gold Coast Premier League when you get the chance?
  7. I can't wait to give this a try when i'm home from work. A fair bit of work has been done trying to improve the state leagues over the last year, especially the Vic and SA leagues. A-League obviously is the priority but we do what we can. If anyone here picks up on things to fix/improve/change with the state leagues and their teams please PM me.
  8. I hadn't seen this before, I'll have to check Adelaide's weather settings and see if something needs to be changed. Pity it came up a day after the data deadline, if anything needs to be changed i'll log it as bug and fingers crossed it can be done for the upcoming patch
  9. Just a couple of tips i thought i could add: You can offer Muscat a new contract at the start of the game, he will ask for about 300pouund a week less than he is currently on and will only ask for a one month extension so it makes sense to do this. Also, if you dont rate Muscat as coach, he will accept a playing-only contract, rather than a player-coach deal. Also, if you load the Italian leagues, down to serie b (although i havent tried with serie a) you will get italian clubs that will make offers for Pace and LaVerde if you offer them out, making it easier to dispose of them rather than waiting until their contracts expire. I think this would work the same with marinovic and lujic if you had the croatian and serbian leagues loaded but havent tried it. Buying/Loaning Josh Rose for the first season is a handy signing. Greg Owens is available on a free at the start and is worth getting
  10. Name: Brian Woodsanchez Date and Month of Birth: 04/08 Nationality (no more than 2): Uruguay and Paraguay 5 attributes @ 20: Handling, Reflexes, One on Ones, Pace, Positioning PPM: Hits Free Kick With Power Foot: Right
  11. Surprising that i'm still leading overall. I reckon a move from Arsenal would be ok just to freshen thing up a bit, so close to the Aus caps record too. I wonder what will happen when all these players become washed up, whether they'll retire from the quality clubs they're at or whether they'll sink into the lower leagues? kutgw neuro!
  12. so close to my 100th international
  13. crummy season for me so far
  14. After a lengthy spell I've finally found my shooting boots! Or at least one of them.
  15. Wow, i'm going consistently well the last few seasons. Has anyone else overtaken Alex Tobin as most caps for Australia or is my target still to get 88 caps? Also could i please see a screenie?