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  1. I believe this is being caused by something other than a data issue, of course he was set as an MV player in the database I submitted but the game seems to be having some issue extracting him as a player & non-player - I will follow up with SI to see if there's any fix available
  2. Thanks, Bautheac has been set as being on a Marquee contract because he is being classified that way by Brisbane this season, the wage that is being generated by the game is way too high currently, I have suggested a much more reasonable figure so hopefully this will be able to be fixed up asap, there are a couple of other players that this issue is affecting so have made suggestions for them too
  3. Hi @apet, I just wanted to check, do you know if that figure for Ken Ilso is in Ringgit or USD? I'm curious because he's playing in Australia now and might help give us a ballpark figure for estimating his wage demands
  4. Thanks, I'm not sure that's a data issue, you would probably be better to post about the issue in this section if you haven't already: https://community.sigames.com/forum/644-dynamics-and-interaction/
  5. Some of them yes, some of them not yet. I appreciate the feedback and have tried to get as much done as possible
  6. Thanks for your post, a couple of things have been done to fix the issues around the salary cap & squad registration - the most obvious ones would be that James Troisi still had a Full-Time Contract set rather than a Marquee Contract & that the instructions to have De Laet & De Jong's loans classified as Marquees weren't working properly & I believe that issue has now been fixed.
  7. The Pacific Games is a unique tournament since it became the Oceania Olympics qualifying tournament as well, this might help explain it, from the 2015 tournament: Since some of the teams are non-IOC members and therefore ineligible for the Olympics, there are two separate knockout stages: one to determine the winner which qualifies for the 2016 Olympics, and one for determining the Pacific Games medalists. The eligibility for each knock-out stage depends on each country's status in relation to the OFC, FIFA, the IOC and the Pacific Games Council So in 2015's tournament, Tahiti finished top of their group and qualified for the Pacific Games Knock-Out Stage but they're not IOC affiliated and therefore Vanuatu, who finished 3rd in the group, qualified for the Olympic Qualifying Knock-out stage instead of them. In the other group, New Zealand topped their group their group but they're not Pacific Games Council affiliated so they only qualify for the Olympic stage while New Caledonia finished 2nd but aren't IOC affiliated and only went into the Pacific Games finals. PNG finished 3rd in that group but managed to qualify for both knockout tournaments. It could be something for the League Specific Issue thread in terms of who displays as Title Holders but it sounds like the tournament has functioned as it is meant to (unless they've changed the tournament rules since 2015).
  8. Thanks, the injury for Champness won't be added as it occurred after the start of pre-season which a game-wide policy. Given the circumstances of Koutroumbis' situation though I believe a medical unavailability will be added for him
  9. G'day, I've started at save with Coleraine and as part of a squad cleanout I've noticed a possible data issue for Ruairi Hassan (52071639). I can't see any sign of him still being at Coleraine post-2015 and it looks he's now playing Gaelic football for Limavady Wolfhounds so he could be one to set as uncontracted and nfe?
  10. Yes, the rest are for the NZ/Oceania researcher to request
  11. Thanks, the moves for McHenery, Jennings and Minniceon have been requested, Alvin Singh is actually Mt Druitt Town Rangers instead of APIA though: http://websites.sportstg.com/team_info.cgi?action=PSTATS&pID=197536574&client=1-10179-150721-478051-26142099&ocompID=478051
  12. Unfortunately I can't predict the outcome & future contract details of every triallist that goes to an A-League club. The databases had already been submitted to SI by the time the transfer happened so the transfer request goes to SI and they're trying get requests done for every researcher, unfortunately this one didn't get done for the beta and as I said, it will be done for the full release.
  13. @reg22 would be the best person to discuss that with, he is the HR for NZ/Oceania as well as the researcher for Wellington Phoenix
  14. I believe the cut-off is Wednesday UK time which is some time on Thursday in Australia. At this stage though, with the requests logged needing to be made centrally by the guys at SI for all countries in the database, we'd need to prioritise the issues that directly affect the A-League the most. That said, I do appreciate the help with NPL issues so if it can't get done I will make sure it gets done for the next data update. Just to also note, for any new players being added to the database we ideally want as a starting point: Name, Date or Year of Birth, Nationality/ies, Position/s. There's no real maximums or rigid criteria for CA/PA of A-League players & you try to call it as you see it but as a really rough guide a CA of between 90-105 is where a majority of A-League regulars would fit in but there's always exceptions to that.
  15. The reason it was separated is because the NPL competitions are unplayable leagues we can't set their season schedule to run at the time it does in real life. Countries are only able to have their Season Schedule set as Cross-Over (e.g. 2018/19 like the A-League) or Straight (e.g. 2018, 2019 like the NPLs) but not a combination of both for different competitions like Australia does. Since the NPL competitions would be running at the same time as the NYL & HAL seasons it would cause a pile-up of fixtures with players being selected for multiple games per week etc. Another issue is that some staff have one role with the HAL or NYL side and another role with the NPL side and that can't be properly implemented either. All the HAL/NPL affiliations should have 'Players Moved Freely' ticked, I will double-check to see if there are any that haven't had this ticked
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