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  1. Thanks @Aussieliverpool, I'm satisfied that Makarounas definitely should have Greek & Italian nationalities added (with further confirmation here: ). Do you know of any other sources to confirm that the others definitely have a parent or grandparent born in those countries (or were born there themselves)? I know it's more likely than not that they should have those nationalities & it can be hard to prove but ideally we do need a more solid source than transfermarkt or just a mention they have heritage from a certain country with no specifics on how far back in their family tree the heritage is from. Transfermarkt often seem like they go on where a player's name sounds like their family is from, i.e. they used to have Pakistan as Rashid Mahazi's 2nd Nationality rather than Kenya
  2. Jamie Hoyland (2004500) is currently a scout at Everton: The article says he's been there a couple of months but no definitive start date, there's a mention of already being at the club back in October 2016 but reading between the lines he's likely been there since before Dominic Calvert-Lewin joined: Tony Grant (2004258) is also mentioned in the first article as being a scout, this is also referenced here: Damian Matthew (2004841) is also mentioned as being a scout for the club too although I haven't found any other verification for him joining but his LinkedIn does confirm he has been working as a scout most recently:
  3. When Nathan Holland (28100154) is transferred over to West Ham he needs Barbados added as his 2nd Nationality:
  4. Jacob Young (28110967) should have Australia added as his Second Nationality: Could you also add to his Player History: 2015 - Cockburn City - 0 apps 0 goals (Youth) According to this source his D.O.B should be set as 06/03/2000:
  5. Also, for Adam Luca at Europa Point, he is missing the appearance data for his 2015 entry at Sorrento FC, that should be 13 apps 3 goals
  6. Sean Eve, also at Europa Point has some incorrect/missing Player History too, his history should be: 2016 (Order 1) - Sutherland Sharks - 0 apps 0 goals (Youth) 2015 - Marconi Stallions - 0 apps 0 goals (Youth) 2014 - Sydney University - 0 apps 0 goals (Youth)
  7. Dakota Askew (89054824) has incorrect Player History entries for 2014 & 2015 entered. His Player History should be as follows: 2013 - Olympic FC - 0 apps 0 goals (Youth) 2014 - Olympic FC - 1 apps 0 goals (Youth) 2015 - Brisbane Strikers - 0 apps 0 goals (Youth) 2016 (Order 1) - Blacktown City - 2 apps 0 goals Sources: http:/
  8. Laurence Stewart (28110558) has joined Everton as a Scout on 15/11/16.
  9. Martyn Glover (28048787) has joined Everton as Chief Scout on 15/11/16
  10. Seems like scheduling conflicts are an issue for the Roar in the ACL again. I will remove the instruction for Robina Stadium as the Managing Director directly says they're actively trying to avoid using that option but would be interested to hear people's thoughts on whether the ground availability is likely to be an ongoing issue in future or if this year & next year are flukes - obviously Suncorp is their preference but do we think that will regularly be a viable option for them in the ACL? If not, would QSAC be the next best option to enter as their alternative stadium given the direct quote that it's their 2nd choice & having a concert there on that date is a one-off schedule clash that would be unlikely to repeat?
  11. Lewis Hornby (29091258) at Kettering can have Fraser Hornby (28111384) added to his Favourite Personnel, Rating: 20, Reason: Brother, Permanent Ticked. Fraser is also a Scottish youth international so I would assume Lewis can have Scotland as his 2nd Nation as well, although I don't have a better source than his transfermarkt profile for that
  12. Hi, there's a bit of info in this article on Fraser Hornby that could be added if you haven't seen it already: The initial fee for his transfer from Northampton should be £65,500. Northampton will be due £150,000 per every 10 league appearances, up to 60 games. They would also be due £100,000 every 10 league appearances between 60-100 games. Lewis Hornby (29091258) from Kettering should be added to his Favoured Personnel, as his Brother He is also missing Player History entries for 2014/15 and 2015/16
  13. Thanks, he is actually not an Australian citizen yet ( although it is likely he will be soon
  14. Thanks, could you post that one in the South Korea thread as he's under their responsibility