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  1. Thanks, do you have source for his weight or was it word of mouth? According to his profile on the MV website it's 78kg but I know that could be outdated by now
  2. Thanks, because Celtic are the "main club" in that relationship only the Scottish research can add those affiliations, could you please post this in the Celtic/Scottish thread so they are aware of this
  3. He's actually still playing for Essendon Royals:
  4. Jas Keranovic (28106532) currently does not have his Full Name set, could you please add Jasmin Keranovic as his Full Name. He is also missing his Height, which is 6.05 feet according to the source provided. He doesn't have any positions set either, could you please add GK, Rating: 20. Source:
  5. Please post in the Oceania thread for players at clubs in New Zealand competitions
  6. Hi Nick, you may already be well across this but just in case you hadn't seen it yet: DJ Buffonge (28107002) should have Montserrat added as a 2nd Nationality, as his brother plays for their national team so in theory he'd be eligible too. Other less official sources for this would be: Apparently his Full Name should be Darren Raekwon McIntosh-Buffonge too. Source:
  7. All New Zealand data issues should be posted in the Oceania thread, thanks.
  8. Hi, I've noticed a very minor error with Tom Cleverley's Player History. The game currently has last season's entry at Aston Villa appearing as though it wasn't a loan stint, when obviously it should be. I assume either the loan box hasn't been ticked or the Leaving Fee has been entered as 0 when it should be blank instead.
  9. Thanks, I'm not sure at this stage how well we can get that situation represented in the game, with the ASBP not playable and the inability to have the NZ winter leagues run as a single year season & the ASBP as a cross-over year season (same problem with Australia and the NPLs not being able to run on a different season type to the HAL) but I'll do my best. The feature for a country being able to run two different types of season is something I've asked for several times and I''ll keep asking for it because it would be so crucial in the game in terms of being able to represent the way the A-League and other Aus. & NZ leagues work and interact with each other. I'll untick the "No Youth Fixtures" for WP Reserves, I'll also review the ratings entered for WP and their youth production to make sure the academies are considered and accounted for as well as possible.
  10. Hi, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Unfortunately we haven't been able to find an official reference for his height so it is currently blank in the db and the game will generate a random value when it starts up. Until we have a solid source we won't add in a height for him but if you or anyone else reading this is able to find one please let me know.
  11. I'm not sure, the Watford researcher is responsible for Zaineddine so it's best to ask in their thread
  12. Thanks, hadn't seen this news and will get it updated at the earliest opportunity
  13. Hi Frank, I noticed this one because some Australian players and staff have joined the club very recently so I wanted to check with you about the naming of the club for Negeri Sembilan (Short Name: N. Sembilan) (ID: 135362). According to this article, the club changed it's name in December 2014 to NS Matrix, although I'm relying on google translate here so I could have missed some key information: It also looks like the club is widely referred to as NS Matrix, by itself and by others, e.g.: Should the name of the club be updated in the game? Thanks, Brendan
  14. Yes, he technically is still contracted to Perth Glory as shown in the game. Roma changed their mind about signing him and made some sort of deal with Roda & Perth so that Perth would send him on loan to Holland.
  15. Exactly, I've got no idea about whether it'll be made playable or not but it can't be added to the database when there's literally no concrete information about it