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  1. Thanks Mons. Further to Neil’s reply below I’ve figured it 👍🏻
  2. Same for me. Continued saved game from public beta to winter update. Currently in March 2022. I no longer have a full German squad of players. All greyed out ones as described above instead
  3. Installs are alledgly BIGGER than first suggested 😁 Disc Installation PS4 - 99 GB installation space Xbox One - 107 GB installation space Digital Installation PS4 - 99 GB installation space with an additional 50 GB for the installation process Xbox One - 107 GB installation space
  4. Launch trailer released tomorrow at 3pm + digital pre loading to begin on Friday.
  5. Yep.... and no Neymar’s! First world problems
  6. Anyone know if there’s going to be SBC’S in the World Cup mode? I have 2 duplicate Messi’s and nothing to do with them.
  7. The above is for a free to play weekend. You can only play til Sunday.
  8. Capacity iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus 32GB £33.45/mo. £39.45/mo. 128GB £38.45/mo. £44.45/mo. 256GB £43.45/mo. *Iphone 7 Plus 256GB is £49.45/mo. Wouldn't format for some reason The above prices include AppleCare shows the Apple U.K. yearly upgrade plan prices
  9. Madden NFL 17 trial is available from EA Access Hub if anyone is interested
  10. Does anyone want a code for Deus ex: human revolution!? It's backwards compatible for Xbox 1 as well
  11. Next preview update bringing out some useful features. Out now for preview members.
  12. I've added a working link direct to the witcher 2 in my previous post: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Product/The-Witcher-2/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8024e4d0855
  13. New Xbox One Backward Compatibility Titles In addition to adding a few new titles to the backward compatibility list, we’re also going to start releasing titles as they become available rather than a set monthly launch date. What this means for you is that you won’t have to wait to find out the latest titles; we’ll release whatever is available, when they’re available, once each title has received the engineering and publisher stamp of approval. New Xbox One Backward Compatibility Titles Content Title Content Type Publisher Status Aegis Wing Arcade Xbox LIVE Arcade NEW Age of Booty Arcade
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