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Football Manager Specific Playing Styles

Want to tell a tale of your winning (or losing) exploits? Or perhaps fancy yourself as a manager who can take on the bravest challenges?


  1. FM Career Updates

    This forum is for users to let others know how they are getting on in their own games with regular updates throughout their seasons

  2. Challenges, Sign-Ups & Experiments

    This forum is for challenges, sign-ups and experiments.

  3. FM Online

    FM Online is to discuss and organise Football Manager network games in FMC, Versus and Full Mode.

  4. FM Stories

    “Welcome to FMS - the Internet's oldest and foremost forum for Football Manager fan fiction. We're the place where literature and Football Manager combine to produce a different kind of 'Theatre of Dreams' Whether you're trying your hand at an epic piece, setting up an hilarious sign-up game, or simply weaving a narrative through your latest or greatest experiences in the game, we welcome all who either love to write, or love to read what other people write. Please visit the FMS House Rules & FAQs first as we do have some forum-specific rules in order to keep our stories accessible and easy to read. We hope you enjoy your stay and find encouragement and entertainment in our corner of the internet!”

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