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  1. He doesn’t really play much. Always ****ing injured. Thank god!
  2. Guy totally flattens him miles away from the ball. Pen for me
  3. Injured himself hitting the ball hard...
  4. Freshening up the awfulness?
  5. All those people calling for Rose over Young have gone quiet...
  6. This is the same Young that had Salah in his back pocket...
  7. It’s also Belgium’s...
  8. Only Bairstow and Root can be excused from that shambles. A jolly day out is how we treated it. We could have walked that from over 17 but we try to flay everything and got caught out. Why is Billings in that team? He’s not got past single figures in his last six one day innings. someone tell me what Bayliss does other than sit and look miserable? Yet another example of our country being chokers as soon as we’re favourites for anything - football, rugby and cricket.
  9. The thing is that this is not a surprise. Or shouldn’t be!
  10. JJ72

    Day thread

    Just food?
  11. No agreed. I hadn’t realised I’d put the uncropped version up. Thanks.
  12. You’ll need to hide the old picture then as you quoted it!
  13. JJ72

    Day thread

    I'd stay out of it. It's between your mum and dad. You could find yourself in the middle of it. What if he admits something to you and not your mum, what are you going to do then? If your mum has suspicions then she needs to act on those not you as a proxy. However hard that might be for you.