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  1. You can set lots of stuff including CA + PA, attributes.
  2. Did you turning caching off in the preferences to install logo/facepacks etc and forget to turn it back on again afterwards?
  3. They cannot be changed afterwards, no.
  4. Did you possibly install custom graphics etc and then not retick to use caching? That would explain slow startup
  5. Can you try lowering your graphics detail level and see if that improves t he situation please?
  6. To clarify the exe name is just fm.exe, if you set it as fm17.exe that wouldn't get picked up
  7. 4th gen ipad

    That is not a supported device I'm afraid
  8. In the match preferences section you can try setting the frame rate lower, the lower frame rate it has to produce the less work it does and so less heat hopefully.
  9. No, as Kubi said you need to wait for the FM17 editor, the FM16 files need to be upgraded by the new editor before they can be used within the game.
  10. It will, but it is risky, as quite a lot of stuff will be broken and can occasionally lead to crashes, best waiting for skins to be properly updated for FM17
  11. This. Same sh*t different day
  12. Fm and Antivirus software?

    The former yes the latter would just kill performance I think
  13. This should be fixed in the next update, it was bugging me playing the game too
  14. This should already be fixed for the next major patch.