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  1. The scales Apple and Microsoft use are different. Microsoft show it as dividing 100% between all the cores your CPU has. Apple shows it as 100% per core, so if you maxed all 4 cores you'd get 400% CPU which wiould just be 100% on Windows
  2. The update is out already, please give it a try and let us know if it is better
  3. I'm taking a look at your save - you have a lot of scouts (70+), I don't think this should really be possible in the game normally? Have you used something like FM RTE? The number of scouts seems to be what has triggered the issue. Also the reputation of the premier league is 976 out of 200 - which also makes me think some sort of editing, and is likely to cause other things to go wrong. I'll do my best to get the save running again but with this sort of unexpected data things may not behave as they should.

    KUBI is correct I'm afraid the GMA 950 is (some way) below the minimum spec for the game. You should be able to get a refund from Steam (or retailer if you didn't purchase via Steam)
  5. FIFA rules state you can't play for a nation until 5 years, so he needs to wait another two. It does look like a bug that the news item hasn't informed you of that though
  6. I'm afraid to say your PC is below the minimum spec on the graphics card and the CPU, you can request a refund for the game or you'll need to get a new(er) machine.
  7. The upgrade to 64bit is free as far as I can tell from what I know and what that article says: So you have to do a clean install but the same product key will work for 64bit. You don't need to get another 4GB RAM either, the game should run ok on a 64bit / 4GB RAM machine.
  8. Hopefully it was just a bad driver and future ones will fix the issue
  9. Yes you can - if you go to the FM menu -> Preferences -> Online Game Preferences -> Change "Allow users to join your game" setting appropriately (and adjust any other network game based settings you want) > Confirm
  10. Yeah I wouldn't expect an i9 to really help in FM, unless you are setting the whole world to full detail anyway.
  11. I was the perosn he spoke to indeed. Ascertaining why one processor is faster than the other isn't a simple business, there are a lot of variables but one thing that interested me is that the PC at the top of the pile was the one with the fastest RAM as well, FM tends to be quite RAM bound as it is a massive database and that certainly could be helping.
  12. I don't have any recent ones this has been in the game for many years now and I've not tested since then, as I said it not a big improvement, simply because the QME is so fast anyway
  13. RE: QM As I said its such a light load you probably wouldn't even notice it using task manager, but trust me it does happen. Yeah deadline day is the aspect the shortlist threading helps most with.
  14. Actually the quick match does run on multiple cores the same as full matches, its just that its so fast it makes very little difference. Some aspects of AI shortlisting are also multi-threaded and the larger the save the bigger difference that can start to make.
  15. Even up to maybe 30 seconds after the save has finished isn't safe, it depends on how quickly Windows finishes writing the data to the disk. I'm afraid there is nothing we can do. You will have to go back to the previous save you had I'm afraid.