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  1. It also depends how you play the game if you run more leagues in full detail more cores becomes important, but on default settings it is less so.
  2. Well yeah if you overclock it perhaps, but I wasn't aware we were talking about overclocking, but the Ryzen at stock has a higher single core perf, its not just clock speed the defines single threaded perf.
  3. that is the single thread rating though, I'd expect the Ryzen to be faster tbh
  4. Not that I am aware of, unless Microsoft certified it without our knowledge, but I doubt it!
  5. You cannot, presently get a full league licence, EA have an exclusive deal. It does provision I believe for a company to do 2 individual deals, which is the territory we are in here.
  6. Yes it has be Steam-Steam or Gamepass-Gamepass as the networking infrastructure is provided by each service
  7. This is true, its pretty common now - most new games only support 64bit, we had very few players still left on 32bit and those users were affected by a disproportionate amount of issues due to the legacy OS & hardware and trying to fit a massive daabase into a 2GB address space available to the game.
  8. The status beiung blank seems like a bug, best raised in the bug forums and then someone from our QA department can have a look.
  9. I'd say its more likely that your graphics card is struggling to render at 4k more than any issue with the TV itself. WHat are your PC specs?
  10. Yes they use the quick match engine No that doesn't mean only reputation matters and it doesn't mean no developlment will take place.
  11. Computer Type: PC CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X @3.7Ghz (Stock) / 4GHz (turbo boost) RAM: 16 GB DDR4 @2933 MHz OS: Windows 10 1809 X64 Storage: SSD - PCIe M.2 SSD - Samsung 970 Evo Benchmark A: 3 min 03 sec Benchmark B: 5 min 44 sec Benchmark C: 7 min 01 sec Probably a good idea to mention which Windows 10 version as I have, as really each release is more like a traditional different version, or akin to a a MacOS point version - and certainly could affect performance. It would be good to have a test with more matches in full detail as well, as this really tests the multi-threading and thus multiple CPU cores much more.
  12. Might be worth checking in the nvidia control panel (if you have a nvidia) and check FM isn't using the integrated GPU - someelse else reported this had happened to them.
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