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  1. Yeah I wouldn't expect an i9 to really help in FM, unless you are setting the whole world to full detail anyway.
  2. I was the perosn he spoke to indeed. Ascertaining why one processor is faster than the other isn't a simple business, there are a lot of variables but one thing that interested me is that the PC at the top of the pile was the one with the fastest RAM as well, FM tends to be quite RAM bound as it is a massive database and that certainly could be helping.
  3. I don't have any recent ones this has been in the game for many years now and I've not tested since then, as I said it not a big improvement, simply because the QME is so fast anyway
  4. RE: QM As I said its such a light load you probably wouldn't even notice it using task manager, but trust me it does happen. Yeah deadline day is the aspect the shortlist threading helps most with.
  5. Actually the quick match does run on multiple cores the same as full matches, its just that its so fast it makes very little difference. Some aspects of AI shortlisting are also multi-threaded and the larger the save the bigger difference that can start to make.
  6. Even up to maybe 30 seconds after the save has finished isn't safe, it depends on how quickly Windows finishes writing the data to the disk. I'm afraid there is nothing we can do. You will have to go back to the previous save you had I'm afraid.
  7. I'm afraid if you had a power cut during or just after a save that game will be lost - the way Windows works it buffers the data in memory before writing it to disk, so if it powers off before it gets to chance to write it out that data is completely lost.
  8. I looked into this after reading this thread and was surprised it has changed, it turns out it was a mistake - it had been changed to 22 mins rather than 15. For the 18.3 patch we will change it back to 15 minutes - sorry about the confusion.
  9. Ok that is interesting - why did you untick that? Were you adding on graphics etc? You can reset the preferences by deleting the preference and cache folders, see how to do that here
  10. In game editor

    In preferences there is an option to hide it, but not truely disable it - that has to be done on game start
  11. The crash is in the graphics driver. Please try updating your graphics card driver from AMD
  12. The crash is in DirectX11 - I'd try updated your graphics card drivers. You could also try switching to DirectX9 mode by adding the command line option to FM in Steam: Go into Steam and right-click on the game. - Select 'Properties' - Click 'Set Launch Options...' - Copy the following into the dialogue box: -renderer_direct3D9
  13. I can't really see anything unusual in the output there. Have you got any custom add-ons installed ? (Skins, logos, facepacks etc) If so try removing them.
  14. Please try changing your graphical detail level in Preferences to Low (or very low) as these use a lot less memory - as you have 32bit Windows you are quite limited on how much memory the game can use.
  15. Game speed, yes you should seem some improvement - I didnt't see the sort of slowdowns you said but there was some sluggishness in processing that I have improved.