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  1. Theres no difference between the demo and the full game (aside time limit) so if thats working fine it is fine
  2. The demo is the best thing to test as KUBI said, but I'd imagine it will be fine
  3. The trouble is you have a very high screen resolution with only an integrated graphics card, I have no idea why they sell laptops with a screen like that and no discrete GPU because if you try and play any game at that resolution that card is going to struggle. You culd try dropping the resolution in Windows to 1920x1080 and I'd imagine you'll be able to play in at least medium, possibly high you'd need to try it
  4. See this post in the editors hideaway On how to import - if you have any issues I'd ask over there as they will be best qualified to help you out.
  5. The cpu is very low performance, I think the game would struggle - it *should* work but cetainly no guarentees or how playable it would be
  6. With the limited memory you can use on these devices we simply can't have unlimited games I'm afraid.
  7. Have you installed any thirdparty add-ons? Logos / player pictures anything like that? If so try removing them
  8. So this only happens with your custom database? If so can you upload the editor file so we can have a look at it, details here Please let us known the file name uploaded.
  9. When in a match both client / server will be doing a fair bit of work as it has to play all the highlights etc. In general game processing nearly all the work is done on the server.
  10. Best logging it in the mac technical issues, but I've not heard of this before.
  11. I just asked Ov for you, he said C and maybe a few bits were C++
  12. The scales Apple and Microsoft use are different. Microsoft show it as dividing 100% between all the cores your CPU has. Apple shows it as 100% per core, so if you maxed all 4 cores you'd get 400% CPU which wiould just be 100% on Windows
  13. The update is out already, please give it a try and let us know if it is better
  14. EdL

    Game keeps freezing on same date

    I'm taking a look at your save - you have a lot of scouts (70+), I don't think this should really be possible in the game normally? Have you used something like FM RTE? The number of scouts seems to be what has triggered the issue. Also the reputation of the premier league is 976 out of 200 - which also makes me think some sort of editing, and is likely to cause other things to go wrong. I'll do my best to get the save running again but with this sort of unexpected data things may not behave as they should.