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  1. No, as Kubi said you need to wait for the FM17 editor, the FM16 files need to be upgraded by the new editor before they can be used within the game.
  2. It will, but it is risky, as quite a lot of stuff will be broken and can occasionally lead to crashes, best waiting for skins to be properly updated for FM17
  3. I've had a look at your crash dump file, it appears this dll Dx9Interceptor.dll *C:\Program Files\amBX\Gaming FXGen\x64\Dx9Interceptor.dll Has injected itself into FM and caused a crash, if you remove / disable that it should solve your issue (I'm not suire exactly what that software is/ does)
  4. This. Same sh*t different day
  5. The former yes the latter would just kill performance I think
  6. This should be fixed in the next update, it was bugging me playing the game too
  7. In the IGe menu for the team you'll find an option called something like "use licenced kits" if you tick that you'll get them back
  8. This should already be fixed for the next major patch.
  9. No it doesn't, just coincedance, it was enough work coding the editor itself I don't know where I would have fitted in the time to sabotage your game as well
  10. Ok reading the other thread it was raised, I obviously never heard of it! still it sounds very odd anyway, hopefully it has been fixed by the sounds of it.
  11. Yeah I'd never been made aware of this and there should be no reason that was/is the case. So if it can't be reproduced please give us the save via the bugs forum.
  12. We made some optimisations this year which will have a bigger impact with larger savegames, which explains what you are seeing there.
  13. You are best logging it over in the bugs forum, if you give us your savegame I can take a look and see if anything out of ordinary is going on. But generally that doesn't sound particularly slow to me
  14. It wasn't super full as expected but the mass security operation underway (which there was no prior warning of as far as I'm aware) massively delayed people getting into the stadium, good job I got theere quite early for once.