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  1. Yeah this is usually it the console needs time to upload the saves, unfortunately as far as I'm aware no where on the xbox does it make clear the progress of uploads, probably as its assumed it will generally be so quick as not to matter
  2. Hi, I'm looking at what is happening here, it shouldn't be doing the profanity check for password entry.
  3. Its more about the generation of the cpu than if its an i5 or whatever - the CPU you listed is roughly 5 years old. (As well as being a u model which are ultra low power, so naturally quite weak)
  4. Nope not in this situation, thats more of American term
  5. Same thing but only for games the player has played in
  6. Only thing I can think is probably that your xbox hasn't had time to finish uploading the saves to the cloud by the time you shut it off, but we have no control or visibility on when it starts uploading or how long it takes. I guess most games have relatively small saves so MS don't worry so much about it, but for FM as the game is a big database our saves are rather larger. This also depends on your internet upload speed too of course.
  7. What you are seeing is the intermediate file that is written out in order to upload the data to the cloud, so it is all cloud based. This is per MS guidance that every user saveable item should be using there cloud save API. The skin for xbox edition on Windows is different to the skin for xbox edition on xbox btw.
  8. As has been said you need to switch it out of S mode in order to run Steam and FM.
  9. Well we are all remote right now, but normally I'd be in the office. If you are a junior I'd expect when things are back to normal we'd probably like to have you in the office at least a 2/3 days a week as it makes mentoring a lot easier. Still worth applying and asking about possibilites.
  10. As you know C++ have you considered applying for a job at SI? https://www.sigames.com/careers Let me known if you do, we have lots of vacancies.
  11. no need to duplicate will just confuse things, closing this off as its a pointless argument.
  12. Guys cut it out. I told Blackwolf what to do, please create a support ticket but arguing amongst yourselves is pointless
  13. Best logging a support ticket https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/requests/new Its certainly not normal for the game to use 9GB, I've never seen that perhaps it is something specific going on in your save game - sdo if you can provide that it will help. Also mention a member of the dev team asked you to report it. Also if you are using any custom skin or add ons try removing them to see if it makes any difference.
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