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  1. It might be better if in the public beta build, but the best bet is turning g-sync or free-sync off for FM in the graphics control panel, as it would be of no added benefit for the game anyway
  2. Please try the public beta, this build contains a potential fix for this issue:
  3. Please try out the public beta it contains a potential fix for this issue:
  4. Please try the public beta build there should be improvements to this issue:
  5. If you are getting out of memory issues going into a match please try the public beta
  6. Not wouldn't be worth it unless you wre playing loads of leagues in full detail and even then I doubt it would make a huge difference
  7. Have you adjusted the amount of full detail level matches in the Detail Level screen? If you (for a test) start a new game is that faster or is the issue linked to this specific savegame?
  8. If you report it in the bugs forum and upload your save with steps to reproduce (i.e. what filters you are using) we can take a look why it is slow and see if there is anything that can be optimised.
  9. It's a very weak graphics card I'm afraid, so you'd likely need to play on Low or Very low to get a decent frame rate
  10. As far as I am aware the extra Arsenal assests are distributed as DLC item not a different product, can you check your DLC for the game?
  11. Well we have processed all matches in threads since cm4... but if you don't have a lot of full matches to play its not particularly noticable, as the quick matches are very quick.
  12. That is potentially to be expected, when running on battery the laptop will use the integrated graphics card rather than the nVidia 1060 which likely will be a lot weaker, so you will likely need to lower the graphical detail level when running on battery.
  13. Basically its going to depend on cooling, if it can and its needed to it will stay towards the top end frequency and its fine, but if its overheating then its going to drop down and will thottle performance, also if you are only running on battery it's going to scale back more to try and save battery. So it is variable - in itself its not a problem, but also it could be - ideal sitauation is playing plugged in and on a cooling tray type thing you can get for laptops.
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