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  1. I mean I'd probbaly still get A as doesn't seem worth the increase in price though.
  2. Not sure what I'm missing here, that processor meets the min spec fine, looking it up it is faster than than the Ryzen in fact
  3. Be surprised if they were synced really, can't you use the red button to get the 5 live commentary anyway? they should then handle the sync for you
  4. I miss Barry Davies so much
  5. Matterface is constantly reaching for a line to make him famous for years to come, but hes just really bad and gets it all wrong he went on about something like do whatever you want tomorrow at the end of the semi.
  6. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/AMD-Ryzen-7-4700U-vs-Intel-i5-9300H/3699vs3448 Ryzen seems to win despite being a lower power chip, possibly may have more issues with thermal throttling. In reality I don't you'd notice a big difference, so may come more down to price.
  7. Yep that is default mac behaviour or you can change it in system preferences to be the buttom right hand corner of the track pad (which is what I do!)
  8. Tempted to add Grea***h to auto moderated words in a post so we can stop talking about this boring s**t
  9. Normally massively BBC but this year its a bit split, because of Rio, Jenas the lack of a Motty or Davis is bringing them down. Lineker, Cesc the positives so far. ITV Pougach is poor, Matterface is terrible, but I do Enjoy Keane, Vieira, Hayes and McCoist is just comfortably the best co-commentator, but no doubt they;ll assign him to the 'lesser' games rhough. So a mixed bag from both sides. Mick McCarthy is a miss
  10. I'm not really sure why Steam is spyware, its just a store? Sorry you don't like it, but the reality is virtually every PC game comes via some storefront and has done for roughly 15 years, it is the only viable way for developers to release games.
  11. I can solve this pretty easily 1) No quick fix 2) Even at SI we don't have the setup to build 03/04 anymore, not impossible but certainly a large chunk of work 3) Legally we can't release cm03/04 even if there was a reasonable incentive to do this.
  12. Yes, amount of fans is a factor, how "hardcore" the fans are is factored in too
  13. Really stretching my memory, my instinctive feeling is that it was FM 2005 (first FM) but I'm not 100%, it might be one either side.
  14. As long as you are playing FMT, yes.
  15. Thats not actually true anymore, as of 21.3 But the xbox game is Football Manager Touch, so you would need to play FMT on Steam to be able to play against the Xbox version
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