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  1. Thanks so much for your help, invaluable in figuring it out
  2. Well I'm working on a code fix to stop it happening, if my fix is good we'll try and roll out as quickly as we can given testing / other fixes etc.
  3. I think you can go Scouting > Assignments > Players > multi-select -> cancel assignment in the top right hand corner
  4. I think so, I'm not really sure of the details, its not the area I've worked on, but I think it is related. Can you try and cancel the player reports and see if that fixes it?
  5. Have you scouted lots of players? The type where they are watched in matches
  6. Ok, was just a guess ha! I think I am getting closer to the real cause.
  7. Do you have the netwok server option enabled (allow friends to join your game) set to friends or everyone?
  8. Thanks hopefully that will help me narrow it down, investigating now
  9. ok so it is going up, still not anything like I'd expect to be able to cause it to crash though Can you try lsof -c fm > out.txt As close to it crashing as possible and then attach the out.txt prodcued to a post here and I can have a look to see if anything stands out from the files it has open.
  10. well that really makes no sense at all, because I can reproduce that issue here but I have to get to 7000+ open files (artificially - it should never get anywhere near that in normal circumstances) for it to reach the limit, I was assuming people with this issue somehow it had a massive amount of files open, but you don't that seems like a very normal number - unless somehow when you continue its flying up but it seems unlikely. Can you try and see if you can run the command between pressing continue and it crashing? Thanks for you help.
  11. Please see this post if you are comfortable using terminal to put some information for us
  12. What is with Arsenal?

    Well only one bit of that was true, he did have a season ticket which he hardly ever used, he is not an Arsenal fan. He goes to Watford home and away.
  13. Might be worth trying both just before and just after
  14. Can you please see my two posts here
  15. If any one feels comfortable opening up a terminal window, if you get this error can you type in before you get rid of the error dialog lsof -c fm | wc -l That will print out the number of files FM has open. Please let us known the output If the number is very big, say over 500 can you then do lsof -c fm > out.txt That will create a text file in your home folder with all the files FM has open, can you attach that file to a post here please.