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  1. I'm not really sure why Steam is spyware, its just a store? Sorry you don't like it, but the reality is virtually every PC game comes via some storefront and has done for roughly 15 years, it is the only viable way for developers to release games.
  2. I can solve this pretty easily 1) No quick fix 2) Even at SI we don't have the setup to build 03/04 anymore, not impossible but certainly a large chunk of work 3) Legally we can't release cm03/04 even if there was a reasonable incentive to do this.
  3. Yes, amount of fans is a factor, how "hardcore" the fans are is factored in too
  4. Really stretching my memory, my instinctive feeling is that it was FM 2005 (first FM) but I'm not 100%, it might be one either side.
  5. As long as you are playing FMT, yes.
  6. Thats not actually true anymore, as of 21.3 But the xbox game is Football Manager Touch, so you would need to play FMT on Steam to be able to play against the Xbox version
  7. There is no manipulation of match results, no code even exists and why would we even want to write that code.. not sure who it would help.
  8. The format of fmf files changed in fm21, which won't be backwards compatible with fm20 I'm afraid - the other way round should work though, not that it really helps you. sorry!
  9. Due to licencing we can only sell each years edition for a year and bit, so FM20 has been taken off sale now.
  10. Guessing you are using editor data files? I can't see that name in our database.. so I'm guessing editor data has that name in it, which then gets picked up for the name pool.
  11. There is not, xbox edition is the game we make for xbox, xboxs cant just play normal PC games
  12. Oh yeah absolutely I'm not saying they cause long term issues, but thing is most people would not necessarily realise the issue was caused by the skin in order to change back.
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