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  1. There is no manipulation of match results, no code even exists and why would we even want to write that code.. not sure who it would help.
  2. The format of fmf files changed in fm21, which won't be backwards compatible with fm20 I'm afraid - the other way round should work though, not that it really helps you. sorry!
  3. 5 is the limit For Xbox One, 10 is the limit for Xbox Series S|X - this is matched on PC due to the crossplay requirement.
  4. Due to licencing we can only sell each years edition for a year and bit, so FM20 has been taken off sale now.
  5. Guessing you are using editor data files? I can't see that name in our database.. so I'm guessing editor data has that name in it, which then gets picked up for the name pool.
  6. There is not, xbox edition is the game we make for xbox, xboxs cant just play normal PC games
  7. Oh yeah absolutely I'm not saying they cause long term issues, but thing is most people would not necessarily realise the issue was caused by the skin in order to change back.
  8. I'd say the opposite is true generally, skins have much more scope to cause issues in the game than logo packs etc. From having to debug issues with skins
  9. If you don't mind a bit of command line (or installing a tool (not tried that myself)) you can use symlinks to make the folder appear as its in both locations: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/
  10. Yeah I don't disagree with you.. I don't think we are really understanding each other - I am talking about a cost / return perspective
  11. I just mean people are asking about buying faster RAM / supprting motherboards, and the value of thats different to you already having 3600Mhz RAM you'd bought but clearly it didn't come configured correctly if it was only running at 1800. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy 1800Mhz RAM (if that even exists), but then also I wouldn't recommend 3600 generally either as the cost/gain isn't that great. 3000/3200 is probably more of the sweet spot last time I checked.
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