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  1. Deadly from free kicks. not ready for the first team yet
  2. Has Tim Ronning had a bump looks really good now never really seen him before
  3. So the ones I’ve signed so far are Jordan Larsson Sydney van Hooijdonk Emil bohinen Onni Valakari luca Oyen and loaned Freddie woodman
  4. Gutted Bobby Clark didn’t make the cut looks like a real prospect
  5. I found a couple as well. Henry Wise Mitchel bergkamp Joe Van de Sar Harvey Nevile Ettien Eto'o Elliot Lee Ísak Bergmann Jóhannesson
  6. So I’m going to start a Celtic save and bring in Jordan Larsson and Sydney van Hooijdonk to lead my line. What other ex players sons have people found in the game fancy signing some for my reserve team.
  7. new Games ive started maybe 7 saves and hes taken over the club probably 5 times
  8. i get taken over by the same guy every game i play with newcastle David "mike ashley mk2" Dishon.. put the club in loads of depot to buy it and lowered my money from transfers to 20%.
  9. also think this was fixed in the last patch doesn't work now
  10. Happens to me it says in the notification you get it’s because I didn’t have a certain staff. Pretty sure I did though. You need to have a head of youth development, under 18 physio and under 18 keeper coach
  11. Keith Groeneveld Dion McGhee Joe Lynch Henri Ogunby Stef O'Connor (takes big money for wages)
  12. Considering not much changed in the lower league structure wise ie promotions relegations (because the FA are absolutely useless I’m a South Shields fan 😂) will you be doing the file for fm21
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