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  1. Considering not much changed in the lower league structure wise ie promotions relegations (because the FA are absolutely useless I’m a South Shields fan 😂) will you be doing the file for fm21
  2. Endo from Union Berlin ain’t in the game
  3. Gonna go with Newcastle in the beta, going to do what the muppet in charge can’t do and get the best out of ASM, Wilson and Fraser. If only the FA had done the correct thing and it would have been a South Shields save in the conference north but the less I say about the the better.....
  4. Pretty sure they’ve released a beta later than 7pm as well.
  5. I don’t get the bandwidth thing. Surely everyone sutting at home in lockdown is destroying the bandwidth watching Netflix, Amazon and all the other streaming stuff. Dropping the beta ain’t gonna make that much difference.
  6. I love this just got the game and loaded all players from england just to see the shields team huge fan of the club take my kids to watch every opportunity i can. My mate is also the current captain so a bit biased love the detail you've gone to with adding Sam Hodgson And Will jenkins on in the data base. Great Effort
  7. Just got the game after taking a break from playing. (Had every version since the Amiga) what recommendation do you guys have for staff for Newcastle sacked nearly everyone but looking to bring new blood into the club. Made some signing brought Vincent abubaca in from Porto for 7 million and pione susto for 12 million which I’m really happy about. Also brought milosovic the Swedish cb on a free. Loving the game so far
  8. If your strategic with your spending you can easily get that amount. I sold diame for 9 million colback for 7 million saucer for about 10 million and Gayle for 12 million. The. Just structure your sales spread the cost over 3 years for most of your transfer fee I just spent 18 million on dembèlè 2.5 up front the rest over three years in total I’ve spent about 55 million bought Justin klivert and pione sisto for wingers and David’s santon for left back got sturaro on loan with a 6 million fee agreement
  9. So if I start as South Shields will they have the current squad or will they all be regens???
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