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  1. what skin are you using
  2. he aint real mate started a new game with finland loaded and he aint there
  3. loaded editor and he aint there you sure this kid aint a regen??
  4. Post your staff as well especially your scouting team
  5. I've got terry Mac as assistant, David platt as attacking coach, Thomas caeres as defensive coach kept cathro signed the best fitness coaches I could as the Ines we had ain't that great also signed phill cannon and some guy from Blackburn as under 23 coaches both have 14+ for attaching and defending coaching as well as good mental stats
  6. Ask board for more coaches I got an extra 2
  7. Where's Julio arca gone from South Shields still there in real life and bossing the league would still do a job in north/south
  8. just updated still says beta when i launch
  9. has the Mac 3d game engine crash been sorted???
  10. My coaches are jap Stam as defence David platt attacking rene mullenstine shooting also have solano and Brian laudrup as youth coaches phil cannon from Blackburn as my head of youth also have Clive Allen Michael Johnson and a few others everything is 4.5 star plus Franco tancredi is a great keeper coach
  11. Harry McGuire from Sheffield United is great on 14.3
  12. De jong has performed well for me in advanced forward role with ben afra and giovinco on the wings in inside forward role I bought de jong in January after he scored 12 goals before January ( only issue now his loan history has vanished now I have him permanently!! Player of the season so far is Gylfi SigurĂ°sson unreal as cm advanced playmaker 10 goals 9 mom
  13. Ben arfa scored 22 in my first season from AMR as an inside forward set to attack
  14. Any recommended assistant managers
  15. Joop hiele 5* gk Jeffery talan 4* attack/shooting Paul winsper 5* fitness