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  1. FM20.2.3Wulf442DLKnapP101ECFA This with the mentality set to cautious. I very rarely leave it on attacking, most games at home I have it to to positive. If they are a top 6 side then most of the time I have it on balanced or cautious.
  2. So I'm using PreachinBlues and actually doing well with Everton, but I'm getting an horrendous amount of yellow and red cards which is hindering results. How can I stop this?
  3. So this is considered the best post patch now? FM20.2WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSSFM20.2P102ECCC
  4. Bizarre why this happens so often with these patches. It's incredibly frustrating.
  5. I'm Spurs and using: FM205WULF4141SPKnapP101ECFACC.fmf League table before Liverpool game: Then this happens: All gone a little bit weird with the new patch as well, since I played today. Struggling to score, but have 10-20 shots on target most games, where the opposition have much less but score very often. Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. I'm having a lot of success with the 41311 with Leeds. If it wasn't for this type of nonsense, I'd be winning a lot more! FM20 still a joke in this department. AGAIN!!!
  7. Fantastic to be honest. I won the league and Europa with it with Leeds!
  8. I'm happy to test something with my overachieving Leeds side, as long as I can utilise these players and positions
  9. I tried the 4132 tactic with my CL and PL winning Spurs side and I really struggled. The worst result being a 3-1 away loss against Wolves. Fine at home, but it wasn't giving me the results I needed away from home. I'm actually struggling a little bit to find anything that works consistently after the latest update on FM20.
  10. Where is the tweaked 4132 for FM20 @knap? Struggling with the latest FM20 update.
  11. Crikey, this is working even better than the 4141! Scoring loads. Defensively not quite as solid, but I'm scoring a lot more goals and winning easier away from home too.
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