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  1. Nope, I just went off what I look for in a player depending on the position I'm playing them in. Sometimes if a 5 star wonderkid pops up but can only play attacking centre mid, I'll decide whether I turn him into a striker or centre mid and see how he gets on. Some CAMs play great in the wide positions as well. I've always played FM like that. Sometimes turning very good ball playing centre backs into defensive mids etc. I also just let my assistant crack on with training, but I do the individual training stuff for myself.
  2. I got promoted in my first season with Forest, won the Championship with V4... Also doing pretty well in the PL, the results are just a bit all over the place. It's definitely better going forward, but a bit bonkers at the back! No real complaints, because we're still overachieving. I just feel V3 was better defensively.
  3. Gone a bit pear shaped with V4 I'm afraid... Switching back to V3!
  4. Decent start with Forest with V3... Struggling to score a bit in recent games, often I'm absolutely dominating team and only getting a single goal. I blame that on FM19 though, not the tactic!
  5. It was superb in the first season, but the 2nd season I'm struggling to score. Getting beat or drawing with poor teams, and getting spanked by top 4 sides. Very odd. Improved the team as well.
  6. Anyone else struggling to score in the first half?
  7. Is there a particular tactic you would recommend for the Championship of lower level PL sides? I've tried to use these for Forest in the Championship and I'm getting absolutely dicked. Conceding 3-5 goals a game.
  8. I'm struggling a bit in my Norwich save Knap. Out of all out 4231 tactics which would you recommend the most at the moment? I'm on FM17.3.1.
  9. I tried this for 10 games and even though I seemed to create a lot of chances I also conceded A LOT of goals. More clean cut opportunities for the opposition than I've ever had using the original tactic. No idea why.
  10. 5 of the losses were with another version, I can't remember which. I also won the FA Cup and CL.
  11. This tactic is an absolute **** take. I've scored 80 league goals in 25 games! Spanking everyone left right and centre.
  12. The start to my 3rd season in the PL with QPR has been.... Erm... Interesting! All over the shop... 26 conceded in 15 games already but managed to score 33 goals! Madness...
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