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  1. @Knap The Money 451 and 4231DM tactic appear to be your best defensively, both conceding very few goals. Are these tactics still working well?
  2. @knap Is the 4-5-1 still working, or do you have an updated 4-5-1? Looking for something with a DM and either IF's or W on each side and one striker in the middle.
  3. Hi Knap - I'm using the first 442 listed on main page. Is there any special instruction as to who takes corners? A lot of the time I have a corner, the opposition defence clears, and I have no defenders back at all. Hence the opposition has a free run on goal.
  4. Away games are really spoiling the enjoyment for me in FM19. Does anyone have a good tactic or tips to how to get a result? I seem to be drawing a lot, 3-3 mainly, with the opposition only having 3 shots on target. It's happening a lot and becomes infuriating.
  5. Hi, I'm starting unemployed and looking for a tactic for English League 2/League 1 level. Can anyone point me in the right direction for one? Thanks!
  6. I've won absolutely everything (twice over) with Arsenal using the 4-5-1 formation. It's so solid as well if playing with fast defenders. I have used a mix of 4-5-1 and the 4-2-3-1 if struggling to find a break through. This is by far the best tactic I've used in this years FM. Well done Knapp!
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