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  1. Omg i never think of that hahah i will do it with my Bilbao save so whole Spanish national team will be Basque. I will do the USA save also.
  2. The save us uploaded by name Clubworldcupbug.dat
  3. @Aiden Wren now since the game is way too easy my rules are: 1. I can only sign domestic players. (Except the players under rule number 5). 2. You can only sign domestic stuff. 3. I can only sign players that are 21 years or younger. (Except the players under rule number 5). 4. The moment the player is 26 i must sell it (goalkeepers have no limit they can stay till retirement). 5. Can sign total of 5 players that are age 30+ but they can only play for reserves and be used for tutoring players. (They can be of any nation but under no circumstances they can play) 6. You cant upgrade facilities. You play with what you have unless the board upgrade it on its own, but you can raise the stadium capacity. This is the one i play now. If it is still easy i will then try what i read somwhere. You can only sign domestic and only on free transfer and bosman.
  4. In every release of the game i go first to Liverpool and play 2 seasons. That is my team to try the new edition of the game since the first FMM. Like you i dont like English and Spanish leagues because they are waaaaay easy. I like Holland league with either Vitesse or Az Alkmar. Thats the second i play after i test the game. After i get bored i play A. Bilbao. After that i play all other leagues but with my rules as the game is easy on itself.
  5. So i am in my second season as A. Bilbao, i won the Champions league and i play Club World Championship. All is ok except out of the blue there are 2 random clubs from Albania ?!?! WTF? Why are they in CWC when they cant even qualify for Euro league?
  6. @James Akintayo not only that but my B team always choose only 3 subs for game not 7 as it should be. Should i upload the recent save here or should i open this as new post on forum?
  7. My friend are you speaking about the MOBILE version of the game or computer version. I have both and in computer version i know its possible but the question is about mobile version of the game.
  8. @Marc Vaughan dear Marc that still dont answer my question. My question was does only retired Basque players respawn as Basque regens or there is a chance that other Spanish and/or French players respawn as Basque regens? Will there be chance that Pique or Ramos... Show up as Basque regens once they retire or only players that are already Basque when they retire they will be respawn as Basque regens? Also will some French will spawn as Basque regens so that we can have another Laporte or no? Thank you in advance for your reply. I guess this will interest many people because Bilbao is one of the challenging clubs to play in the game
  9. I upload it the name is ZootBilbaoReserveTeamProblem.dat
  10. Same thing happening in my Bilbao save. Even if i change my B team manager its still the same.
  11. I am planing to start a long save with Atl. Bilbao. But i would like to know, since regens are all retired players respawn does any spanish regen have a chance to be basque or only retired basque players will show up as regens. To be more specific if Pique or Ramos retire is there a chance they will be spawn as Basque regens or no?
  12. Ups sorry about that. But really thank you for reading my post. Any toughts on it? And also please give me a team in Welsh league to try in your honor
  13. I did not find option anywhere where i can set my character favorite tactics. It is always set at 4-4-2by default even tho i never use that tactic in game.
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