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  1. Match Engine I don't want to go into details here, it's simply the best ME ever IMO. Kudos to the ME devs. Match UI and UX Uhoh... I just want to highlight the 2 most frustraing match user experiences: - I miss at least half of the yellow cards, minor injuries, substitutions during a match, which is a big no-no. Something really has to be done with this, I have no idea how this passed UX testing. Information like this should catch the eye. In previous FMs you have already got it, now this is a step backwards. - We are not able to see a lot of information during the match,
  2. In the example below, according to the match stats, Henrique has 4, Fabregas 7, and Ben Yedder 5 key passes. But when i look at the key passes in the analysis, Henrique has 3, Fabregas 5, and Ben Yedder 2. Montpellier v AS Monaco.pkm
  3. When selecting a tab - in the example below, the analysis tab -, the text is not visible. I assume it is because the text and the background colors are both white.
  4. I'd love this one. I've been trying to recreate this kind of movement for years now, the closest I could get is playing my FB on defend duty instructed to sit narrower, and the DC on the far side instructed to stay wider, and also setting the team's width to Narrow/Very Narrow.
  5. Let's play a game! I'm going to show you 10 chances from my last 3 games, and guess which three of these chances resulted in goals. #1 | #2 #3 | #4 #5 | #6 #7 | #8 #9 | #10 . . . . Aaand I bet most of you guessed it right, it's the last three: #8, #9, #10. A shot from distance (the scorer has a long shot ability of 10) and 2 indirect free kicks. All the other missed chances ( I know not all of them are great chances, but chances) were shot by players with good finishing ability (finishing, composure, technique, de
  6. Usually I am optimistic, I've always been succesful playing FM since CM02/03, overachieve, win titles, creating tactics that produce some good football, etc. But despite my good results, the ME can really take the joy out of the game. The things that I list below are the most frustrating parts of the ME and are not in an acceptable state IMO. If some of the events below would happen now and then, that would be perfectly okay, unexpected things happen IRL, but the frequency of these events occuring are highly unrealistic in the ME: Too many scorchers from distance scored by players
  7. Thank you for your response, but unfortunately I am unable to select them. In previous FMs I was able to select them for my first team when they were registered for the B team. After finding this on the forum, my guess is that my B team plays in a non-playable league (I did not load the Spanish 3rd division), and that's the reason it is bugged (at least bugged in my opinion).
  8. Currently I manage Real Betis. When I would like to choose players from my B team to play for my First Team in La Liga, I can't select them, because they 'cannot be registered for next match'. This suggests they should be registered for the First Team. But If I know right, La Liga rules say that a squad can have 6 players registered for the B team, and on the other hand, when I register a player for the First Team, they cannot play for the B team. And I don't want that, I want them to play for the B team, and I would select them occasionally for the First Team. There are plenty of real lif
  9. Fluidity still has a slight effect (altough it's effect is not as significant as it used to be), it is not just a label. It affects Creative Freedom, fluidity increases Creative Freedom. A fluid formation has the same amount of Creative Freedom as a flexible one coupled with 'Be More Expressive', if you set up 2 tactics next to each other, you can clearly see fluidity's effect on the tactical familiarity panel. So, basically, in terms of Creative Freedom: Fluid = Flexible + 'Be More Expressive' Structured = Flexible + 'Be More Disciplined'
  10. I think it would be a great feautre to have the option to let my Assistant Manager or a selected coach to set up the set piece routines. I think it would add to the reality as I'm sure there are managers who delegate this part of the game to someone who is specialised in set pieces. There could be a new staff attribute for setting up set pieces, or a set of already existing abilities could influence this (eg. Tactical Knowledge, Judging Player Ability and maybe Data Analyzing).
  11. I wanted to try my ideas in action about implementing Klopp's Liverpool's into FM, so I just started a save with Liverpool and I think I got the positioning of players spot on with a flat 4-3-3. The tactical familiarity is still far from perfect and I only played 1 match against Man City (won 2 - 0), but if you look at the pictures below, it looks promising. Defensive shape RL vs FM You can see that the defensive shape is pretty similar, however the gap between the forwards and midfielders could be narrower in FM, I will try lowering the LOE or/and highering the DL. When Pool de
  12. IMO in a patient, short passing approach it is more than welcome to have a player (a good passer) in midfield who is ready to make more risky, penetrative, longer passes. However, you have to take into account many things, not just player traits, because a lot of things can encourage players to make more direct passes, and if all of these things stack up, it may lead to too many risky passes, you have to strike a balance. The following things (I may miss some) encourage longer, riskier passes: 1) There are player traits that suit this: - likes to switch ball to other flank - tries kil
  13. I've watched a lof of liverpool games paying particular attention to their defensive shape, and I think that they definitely play with a flat midfield 3 with three man in the CM strata. In the heart of the midfield, usually Fabinho, acts as a deep lying playmaker (maybe not a playmaker but definitely a role that comes deep to get the ball), often dropping deep to get the ball when the team are in possession. In possession he is the deepest of the midfield three, playing like he was playing in the DM strata, I think that is why most people think the midfield consists of 1 DM and 2 CMs. But when
  14. Example: I put one of my players - valued 9M, clubs already interested in him - to the Unwanted List, and instructed my Director of Football (who has good attributes) to sell for half value. My DOF said that my player failed to attract offers for half value (4.5M). Then I took charge of selling this player, and offered him to clubs for 10 million. And voilá, clubs offered me 10M, and I could sell him for more than his value. I really would like to use a DOF in my gameplay for these purposes, it would feel more realistic, but TBH, a DOF is currently useless for selling players. Sho
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