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  1. Hi @HanziZoloman, I'm sorry for the late reply, I was pretty busy. I have finished my first season with Újpest, I am happy with the results, we finished 2nd in the leage, 6 points behind champions Ferencváros and 11 points above third placed Fehérvár FC. We were predicted to finish 6th (there are 12 teams in Hungarian Division I). We also reached the final of the Hungarian Cup, where we lost to Ferencváros. An interesting stat: our team had the highest number for average possession (56%) in the league. I'm glad to hear that you are doing well in 2. Bundesliga, it feels great that thi
  2. I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you'll have better luck next time with a different team!
  3. Hi @HanziZoloman and @Djeon36, I think that many different approaches to training can work. I can share my approach, but bare in mind that this is just my personal preference. I like to create a training schedule that is realistic in my opinion, I have read about real life training schedules, and I created mine based on what I read and what I liked the most. So, when I create a schedule, these are my principles. Let's assume that we start training on Monday and the matchday is Saturday. on Monday the players are not fully recovered after the last match, their condition is not 10
  4. I only have one preference, for the left winger I prefer a left footed player, that way he can shoot/cross first time more easily when he receives a through ball, he doesn't have to take any time to move the ball to his preferred foot or cut inside. But a right footed player could also work there, a right footed player would work a little differently, it has its pros/cons. For all the other roles in the attacking and midfield areas I don't have a specific preference, it really is situational, every footedness has its pros/cons. There are situations when I wish my player was left footed, b
  5. Yes, a good CF can be crucial. At Valencia I had quality players for CF and TM positions, my top goalscorers were those 2 strikers, then my left winger who scored the 3rd most goals. In my Újpest save the amount of goals are roughly evenly distributed between the srikers and the wingplayers. The F9/TM combo score less goals themeselves but can create more chances for the attacking wingplayers. Note that my strikers here have really bad finishing attributes (9 and 11, also bad composure). The F9 drops deeper and my left WM-att can attack the space behind him, or if the F9 has the ball,
  6. Thanks! The roles of the CBs are really up to you, they could be switched. I had my right CB as a BPD because my right footed GK tended to pass the ball to the right sided centre back, and I wanted that defender to bring the ball out fo defence (or occasionally pass it long to the TM) and a BPD is more likely to do so than a regular CB. If my GK was left footed then probably I would have my left CB as a BPD. I encourage you to experiment with striker roles, it could work. At the moment I play with a F9 and TM. If you change one of your stirkers duty to attack, then the defensive shape bec
  7. Thanks! Yes, PPMs are crucial, and sometimes I switched the mentality to Attacking, I think that could encourage the srikers to make more forward runs. In some games I still wished my strikers would make more runs behind. If I did not have strikers with good PPMs, then against sides that do not defend deep I think I would abandon my 2-support-duty-strikers-rule and play one of them on attack duty. I did not test this on lower league yet, so I can't really say what other role could work in place of the Complete Forward. Without further testing, in lower league maybe I would also
  8. Just a quick update, if you are interested in who can be your top perfomers, goal scorers, etc. in a system like this, I've just finished my season, so here are some numbers: Average ratings According to the ratings, my best berfomers played these roles in my system: Winger-attack IW-support Target Man Complete Forward Fullback/WB-attack top 5: Marco Asensio: Winger-attack, sometimes IW-support Maxi Gomez: Target Man-support S. Esposito: Complete Forward-support, sometimes Target Man-support Odriozola: Fullback-attack/WB-attac
  9. Thanks! About the central midfielders... I can imagine many midfield combinations that could work, even a simple CMs + CMs with the right traits or PIs could work I guess. When creating the central midfield combination, I usually follow these principles: At least one of them should be instructed to hold position - to provide cover in case we lose the ball. At least one of them should be a relatively creative, good passer who can create chances or switch the ball to the other flank. At least one of them should be really hard-working. Of course these are just suggestions
  10. When playing against 2 strikers it makes sense to distribute to your full backs, on FM20 or FM19 I remember that I used to instruct my GK to distrubute to the FBs, or to a DLP, because sometimes there was enough space between the 2 srikers to pass to ball immidietaly to the DLP. However on FM21 with the players at my disposal I don't particulary have any issues against 2 strikers, so I rarely change distribution - but in La Liga I very rarely face any formation with 2 strikers.
  11. Hi @blackmoix I can share the tactic that I use with Valencia, you can find the link below. But I would like to remind you that Opposition Instructions are also important, and this tactic was created to suit my Valencia squad, for example I have forwards with suitable traits, I have multiple left footed wingers, that's why I use an IW on the right and a Winger on the left, etc. And I still make small changes from match to match. When starting a new save with a different team, my tactic would not be the same. My intention with the guide was to show you the basic principles for a successful,c
  12. This sounds like a great work around! I have mentioned in an earlier response that I wish to have a forward on attack duty who would defend like a forward on support duty, and your work around is a good idea for this. In possession two support duty strikers can have it's downsides when you don't have the right players for it, I am lucky to have complete forwards with the appropriate traits. Btw if anyone has struggles using two support duty strikers, a 4-4-1-1 defensive shape (for example one striker on attack duty and the other one on support/defend) is really great for counter attackin
  13. 1. Next to my DLP I wanted someone who is really aggressive when defending in the middle of the pitch and tries to win the ball back actively, generating counter attacking opportunities. My BWM also works well with the counter press TI, I've seen some highlights when we lost the ball high up the pitch on the left side, but my BWM pressed immediately, winning the ball back or forcing the opposition to an aimless long ball. But I don't always use a BWM(s), sometimes I use a B2B, I guess a CM(s) could also work. As I have mentioned in the post, I am quiet flexible with the roles, there are a lo
  14. Thanks, really good question! This is where the limitations of FM comes into play. In my dream FM, I would like a striker role that in possession would act like an attack duty striker and would constantly stretch the opponent's DL, but out of possession would track back like the support duty strikers. Another solution would be to have separate duties for in-possession and out-of-possession. I experimented a lot with support duty strikers and it turned out that out of all the striker roles with a support duty, the Complete Forward might be the most attacking one, especially if he has at
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