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  1. I think the fact that the system worked for a grand total of 20 minutes out of 180+ against Everton and QPR shows it doesn't work, or at least requires a hell of a lot of work to be successful. I'm not having a go at Ramsey, he just can't play that position and we had players on the bench who can. Our best results recently have been because we've stretched opposition defences by having two wide players and being able to attack from all directions. The system used today and against Everton keeps us too narrow and limits our approach play, which is the same problem that saw us struggling when we had no fullbacks. I don't think it's a coincidence that our two worst performances recently have mirrored the same issues that plagued us before we went on the winning run.
  2. Just can't understand why Wenger set the team up as he did. Why leave Gervinho, AOC and even Benayoun on the bench and put Ramsey on the left? Especially as Ramsey has been struggling for form this season. It's the same set-up that we struggled with at Everton and this time it's cost us thanks to Vermaelen playing like he did in the San Siro and us having no cutting edge going forward.
  3. Just watched the highlights and the commentator's "BASE CAMP!" after our second goal, plus Neville's "Bingo Time" after AOC won the penalty both just classic Partridge-esque moments.
  4. Great result today considering the abysmal performance. Szczesny man of the match for me - without his numerous brilliant saves, RvP's goals would've meant nothing.
  5. That was superb. Have to say that today was the happiest I've ever seen the fans after a match. Not even good results when going for the title before the usual collapse got everyone smiling as much as they did today.
  6. I second this. It really is horrible. Are we trying to convince RvP to stay by putting the Dutch flag on the sleeves with those stripes? Why not just go the whole hog and turn the red into orange too?
  7. Well, he did also score a rather nice penalty at White Hart Lane in the 5-4 game.
  8. Just want to compliment Arteta and Coquelin for their performances today. They won't get the same headlines as RvP, AOC or TW14, but both did their jobs well and have a level of consistency we could do with across the squad. Coquelin in particular certainly seems to be showing serious potential as a very important player in the future considering how well he's done so far while being played out of position; he has the tactical and positional awareness to maintain a high standard in an unfamiliar role and has generally been very good when actually played in midfield too.
  9. One thing that a few of us were talking about at the game was that we wished that the financial situation at the club was more transparent in terms of how much there is to spend on new players. If there isn't any money, then we could actually judge how well Wenger is doing on limited resources and a lot of the anger/frustration would subside and we could judge how he is doing on the resources available. If we do have money to spend, then we can blame Wenger more directly for not using that money to rectify problems in the squad. Right now the board keeps saying we do have the money so Wenger is getting loads of stick, which may well be deserved.
  10. I think the only way the AOC substitution would've worked is if he had actually cramped up and the crowd, seeing something wrong, wouldn't have minded the sub then. Taking him off when there was nothing visibly wrong and with AOC looking the liveliest player on the pitch just made everyone assume it was a tactical sub and expect things to go wrong, which they unfortunately did.
  11. I do, but I went from 12-15 during those seasons and was at school with a hell of a lot of Spurs fans and very few Arsenal fans. The football was utterly, utterly ***** and I felt embarrassed at the entire country getting to see just how bad we were during the two cup finals against Sheff Weds, but the fact that the wins kept piling up as ammo to use against those Spurs fans was enough for me at that age. And I agree about the 94/95 season being the worst. That was just a horrible season. My abiding memory of that season (bar Nayim) is sat with my brother and dad at half-time in the freezing, pouring rain at the home game against QPR (who my dad supports) and being thoroughly pissed off. John Jensen scored, but so did Gallen, Allen and Impey as my dad is all too keen to remind me.
  12. 1991 - won the league by 7 points (despite having a couple deducted for the ruck at Old Trafford) and losing only 1 game 1993 - won the FA Cup and League Cup 1994 - won the European Cup-Winner's Cup 1995 - okay, we were **** in the league, but still made it to a second consecutive European final 1995/96 - signed Dennis Bergkamp, one of the greatest Arsenal players in the club's history and probably the last signing I was stupidly excited about. Ooh, scary. Fergie would have rebuilt United and overtaken us in a few years anyway. Unlike Wenger, he keeps adapting bloody brilliantly to the changes in English and European football.
  13. Problem solved, Chicha_14 is a hero and many thanks for the help, thread can be closed.
  14. Well, even if it doesn't work, thanks for the effort.
  15. I was unsure whether to renew my season ticket for this season, but did it in the end purely because it was the club's 125th anniversary and am now regretting that waste of money. It's been downhill with the squad quality and style of football ever since the unbeaten league season and Wenger's stubborn refusal to change his approach is costing the club dearly now. If he can't deliver at least fourth place this season, then he should walk away in the summer. Saying that, I have no idea who we could get to replace him. I would like to defend Ramsey a little though. While he is undoubtedly awful right now, if we had everyone fit (hah!) or if Wenger had brought in enough quality in depth, then he probably wouldn't have played even half the number of games he has so far this season. I don't think it's just the physical fatigue getting to him right now.
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