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  1. Saw it at the midnight opening in a double bill with Infinity War and absolutely loved it - can't wait to see it again at some point.
  2. Fox have the X-teams and characters, plus the Fantastic Four and all related characters (Dr Doom, Galactus, Silver Surfer etc). I've read in multiple places that their licencing deal means that they can have a period of up to 8 years to begin production of a new FF/X-Men film before rights revert back to Marvel unless a deal is made, so the earliest Marvel could even use any of the characters in existing series wouldn't be until well into the 2020's. Universal have Namor and Hulk (for solo films, Marvel can use him for team-up films like Avengers or Thor: Ragnarok). Sony have Spider-Man and
  3. Check the small print on the leaflet with the code; depending on the blu-ray, you should be able to download from iTunes as well as Flixster with the same code. That was the case with my Ted blu-ray anyway.
  4. Got through a few more films recently: Lifeforce - utterly batshit mental sci-fi/horror film from the 80s about aliens who are the basis for all vampire myths who come to Earth and cause a zombie apocalypse in London. Surprised to see a younger, but still bald, Patrick Stewart in this - did he ever have hair? Super 8 - I remember a lot of people picking this as their film of the year when it came out and I can't see why. It's a good film, but not something I'm exactly eager to see again. Then again, I never liked ET even as a kid and seeing as this film is trying to replicate that kind of mo
  5. Oh, the ending absolutely made sense for Moore and Seyfried's characters. I just thought that the complete absence from the ending of the catalyst for the whole plot was just a little odd and made it feel like Neeson's character was unimportant. Incoming crap analogy alert!!! It would be like Lord of the Rings ending with the heroes defeating Sauron and his armies without destroying the ring. The characters would still have gone through the same development and experienced the same events with the good guys coming out on top, but the reason they did all of it didn't matter. And surely that m
  6. I imagine he would've been more involved in the ending if he had been available and I think that's why the ending felt a little flat for me; everything Julianne Moore's character does throughout the movie is because of her husband and yet he's nowhere to be seen at the climax. Saying that, it could well be that he wasn't supposed to be too involved at the end and was supposed to feature more earlier on. Either way, the ending still lets down what was until then a very good film.
  7. Two more movies from Lovefilm watched this week: Limitless - fun enough to keep me interested until the end and Bradley Cooper is enjoyable to watch, but De Niro seems wasted in his role and the ending is a little unsatisfying for me. It either needed to go a lot darker; end earlier and leave things up in the air; or go on longer to see what the final outcome for the main character was. Chloe - didn't have any clue what this was about when it arrived and have no memory of why I had it on my list to watch, but enjoyed it in the end thanks to the great cast. I didn't particularly like the endi
  8. Watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on an IMAX screen earlier and it was absolutely fantastic. The villain is paper-thin and the plot is pretty much there to just get you from one action set-piece to the next, but when the action is this fricking good, you just don't care. It looks incredible on the huge screen and I can't imagine seeing it any other way now - the sequence in Dubai alone just cannot be as impressive on a regular screen. Every blockbuster-type film should be made for IMAX now. Also saw the 'prologue' for The Dark Knight Rises before MI:GP started and that looks great to
  9. Watched Source Code earlier in the week. Enjoyable fun with a decent enough premise although I agree with critics who say it feels about 5-10 minutes too long. General opinion when it was released was that it was better than average, but not by much. Personally, I enjoyed it and think it does a good enough job setting up the new Hulk and distancing itself from the Ang Lee version. It's nothing great, but still fun.
  10. Been working my way through a backlog of movies from Lovefilm recently: True Grit (2010 version) - great performances from all involved and fantastic to look at, but there seemed to be something lacking that just stopped it short of being a great film for me. Sucker Punch - so-so film, but I do love my ladies who kick arse, so enjoyed all the amazingly-designed fantasy sequences where there girls kick the **** out of everything in their way. Unknown - wasn't exactly sure that I was going to like this with a lot of people comparing it to Taken (which I didn't like), but is actually a much b
  11. Watched Spun last night - that is one bloody surreal film to watch at times. Quite enjoyable though and had some very funny moments in it. Also saw The King's Speech and The Fighter recently - enjoyed the former more than the latter, but both were good.
  12. Watched The Social Network for the first time recently and thought it was pretty great. Then again, I love Aaron Sorkin's style of dialogue thanks to The West Wing, so was almost always going to like this film. Also saw The Lion King 3D last weekend. The 3D is pretty pointless, but it was great to see it on the big screen for the first time.
  13. Saw Real Steel yesterday - cheesy, schmaltzy and cliched and yet so much fun at the same time. Really enjoyed it. Edit: Oh, and the robot design and fight choreography was excellent. The Transformers films could learn a lot from this.
  14. From what I remember reading about Salt when it came out, it was actually written for a male lead character and they simple gender-flipped the main character and their partner. Being honest, if they hadn't done that, I would've had zero interest in seeing the film as I would've just seen it as a Bourne rip-off. Female Bourne though? That got me interested. Will do. I blame Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley and Buffy Summers for my love of female action heroes - my holy trinity of female lead characters.
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